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Luz-chan 10/19/05--
Just updating to let you know that we're still alive. College is expensive as heck: I have to save up for some books that are required in some classes. In addition, I've also been busy with other stuff, too (too personal to talk about them). However, I do plan to finish my reviews over the weekend, and post them up. Sorry for the delay!

Luz-chan 10/4/05--
Finally! A real update: I've actually started on my manga review for Chobits. I read the whole series over the weekend, and now I'm writing a review for it. I might even write a review for Adolenscence of Utena, since I seen the Japanese version over the weekend as well. Expect them up in a few days!

Luz-chan 9/22/05--
Hard to believe that a whole week---and 2 days---has passed. I'm going home for my quarter break (which, unfornutely, lasts about a week), then it's back to school for me. On the other hand, I plan to make some more wallpapers when I get back...and probably get some of my friends to submit something for MA. See you in a week or so!

Luz-chan 9/13/05--
Well, it has been almost 2 whole weeks since the last layout. All of us have been busy, especially me (you wouldn't even believe the workload that was fallen onto me). I'll try to put up a wallpaper or something in a few days.

Luz-chan 9/2/05--
I know I said that I was going to change the layout this week. However, I was busy with schoolwork and all. Plus, I have a life: I'm not glued to the computer 24/7. I'm done with the "collage" at least; all I need is Meiko-chan's approval.

Got Meiko's approval, and changed the layout. I was going for an autumn look, and I hope that's it's easy on all browsers. On another note that's not related to MA, the MA staff will like to wish everybody in America a Happy Labor's Day, and also---donate to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You can go to the American Red Cross for more information.

Luz-chan 8/29/05--
I'm thinking of changing the layout sometime this week. I might do this one or something else. I might even do a survey or something for our lovely viewers out there. On another note, Meiko-chan and I are deciding when exactly is MA's birthday; I'm planning to make a banner or something. Speaking of birthdays, Meiko's was yesterday, so if you want to submit something to her, you can simply email her.

Meiko 8/27/05--
Yea, I'm here, belive it or not. Much thanks as always to Luz for her dedication to this site when I am such a slacker... I've got some fan fics that have been submitted to me over the summer that im gonna try to get up in the comming weeks. Expect more updates soon! Thanks again Luz!

Luz-chan 8/23/05--
Okay, I got a real update this time: I've deleted "I LUV U" from the Videos section, and replaced it with my latest AMV: "Serene Memories" from Inu Yasha. It's in low quality, though, and if you want to download the high quality, you'll have to be an member and download it locally. Same thing for "I LUV U": you have to be an AMV member in order to download. To make it easier for the people, I made it into a zip file, so you'll need WinZip to unzip it and Windows Media Player to see it.

Luz-chan 8/1/05--
Nothing much here. Just thinking about the multimedia section: should we "update" it, since Dragon Ball GT has been dubbed. I'm thinking of asking Meiko, since she's the host, and I'm just the co-host. In a way, we can add some more space to MA by deleting old files and somewhat. Oh, yeah: I'm also writing an update on Full Moon wo Sagashite and Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (the manga).

Luz-chan 7/27/05--
I uploaded another wallpaper to MA. This time, it features Rei, Shinji and Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion, found in the Eva Wallpaper section.

Luz-chan 7/22/05--
Finally! A real update! Sort of...I've uploaded my first wallpaper under the property of MeikoAnime. It's a Card Captor Sakura wallpaper, and it can be located here. I'm working on some other wallpapers, like one for Inu Yasha and Fushigi Yuugi, and I might broadcast them here.

Luz-chan 7/20/05--
I know I said that I was going to update MA with some reviews, comes first. That means more homework, more projects, more stress. I know, I know: sounds like a load of fun, doesn't it? Anyway, I'm just letting our lovely viewers know that yes, we're still here; just busy, that's all. Not to worry; I'm working on some wallpaper as we speak, and I plan to upload them before the week is out.

Luz-chan 7/6/05--
Hope everybody had a Happy 4th of July. I know I did. Anyway, just a minor update: I updated the News Stand with some additional news. One of them centers around the series Naruto.

Luz-chan 7/2/05--
Just want to say that TokyoPop has already dubbed Marmalade Boy, and it's on DVD. Also, I'm working on the Faeries' Landing manga review, as well as Yu Yu Hakusho. I'll post them later.

Luz-chan 6/29/05--
Okay, we're really lacking updates here. Not to worry, though: I plan to write a manga review on Faeries' Landing and update Hot Gimmick. Expect to see those, as well as a few other things---I hope---in a few days.

Luz-chan 5/5/05--
Well, I did it: I updated the multimedia pages, and fixed a few technical errors on the pges (e.g. Miyazaki's name was spelled incorrectly on the Wallpaper section, and some other stuff). I plan to submit some wallpaper of my own, only under the property of MeikoAnime.

Luz-chan 5/3/05--
Okay, the new "layout" is up. Hopefully it's easy on the eyes for all browsers. I also updated some of the pages (except the multimedia pages; I'm probably going to do them later), as well as deleted an old link and upated Dewdrop Garden's link (it's on the Links page. Maybe in the future I can make a real layout...but this will have to do, I guess. After all, it's quite simple, yet effective for the visitor.

Luz-chan 5/2/05--
It's official: we're changing the layout of MA with a picture from Fruits Basket ("Furuba" for short). Hopefully, we'll have it up shortly...

Luz-chan 4/28/05--
Again, gomen nasai for the lack of updates, but college isn't easy like high school. Plus, I don't have time to watch anime. However, I am determined to get a head start on them at least. I'm thinking of redoing the layout, but only with Meiko-chan's permission. I might create a summery layout with Fruits Basket or something. Just have to show it to her first...

Luz-chan 4/13/05--
Man, I didn't realize that it has been almost a whole since the last update. Gomen nasai, minna, but Meiko-chan and I were busy with our lives. Nonetheless, expect a few reviews up in a few days...hopefully.

Luz-chan 3/17/05--
I just want to say: Happy St. Patrick's Day, everybody! I'm writing a review for Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, so expect that up in a few days. To celebrate Irish Day, here's a banner featuring Sailor Jupiter:

Image hosted by

Luz-chan 3/11/05--
Hello, everybody. Well, I updated the Fiction Stack with two new fanfics: the fics that were entered into the Fanfic Contest. The fics: "Carpe Diem" and "White Arms." Check them out!

Alucard 2/28/05--
Greetings everyone. I just put up another review of mine (This ones for FLCL) and i fixed a broken link to Adam's Akira review. Oh, and I corrected a mistake on the info page (it's Legand of Dragoon Meiko, not Dragood :-p)

Meiko 2/28/05--
Hey great news!!!! We have a new staff member!!!! Alucard has joined the MA staff as our newest reviewer! Expect to see lots from him, I told him if he wrote us lots of reveiws, I'd give him him cookies... and now he's written 4 reveiws already! Two are posted now. There'll be a staff profile added soon, we'll let you know when that happens. *dances in circles*

Alucard 2/28/05--
Hi everybody. If you haden't already guessed, I've become a staff member :-p anyways, I put up another one of my reviews (this ones for Gasaraki) I have three other reviews already wrote that should be put up in the next few days (by either myself or Meiko.) and I'm sure your just dying to know what they're for lol well, they're for RahXephon, FLCL, and the last is for an old SNES game called Actraiser 2. I hope you like them, and expect to see many more reviews from me in the future! Oh, and i'm a horrible speller. And although i try to have all my work spell checked, you might notice a few errors from time to time :-p.

Meiko 2/27/05--
Well a little good news and some really bad news. Good news first. New review, by my buddy Alucard, its for the anime Saikano. Go check it out! Now for the bad news.... The $5.00 a month to pay to keep ads away and bandwidth here was a bit much for me... paying for college sucks... so we're back to ads, and my image galleries aren't down yet... but there's only one way to get to them now.. so they're not so readily availble for people to go in and use up all my bandwidth.... so, if you want pics, and cant find the link, let me know, i'll direct you in the right direction. So untill some fan of my site decides to pay to keep this site ad free... sorry folks, but we're all going to have to suffer.... thats all for tonight... But expect more reviews from Alucard soon, he has promised me more! Ja ne!

Meiko 2/23/05--
Thanks Luz as usual for updating, and today, folks, we have some exciting news. We have a new affiliate! Listen to the Stars is a newbie Sailor Moon site. I don't usually endorse starter sites, but I think this one has potential and I encourage you all to check it out! She's got some music, fan art, profiles and it looks like a lot more on the way!

Also, Luz and I are reviewing the Fan Fiction submissions from the contest. If you missed the deadline, don't worry, I'll be accepting entries untill the results are anounced, so send those fics in! Expect the results this weekend!

Luz-chan 2/14/05--
Okay. First off, I would like to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to everybody! *hands out teddy bears, hugs and chocolates* Spread the Y around, everybody. Second, the deadline for the fanfiction contest was yesterday. Meiko-chan and I are in the middle of judging. Expect the results in a few days or so.

Luz-chan 2/7/05--
This is freaky: Meiko-chan and I are updating on the same day! Usually, it's the other way around: I update, and then she updates. *shakes head* Oh, well. Anyway, I've deleted "Glaring Dream" because I have a higher quality here (note: you have to change the extension to .mov, though, in order to see it). Not only that, but I've also updated the Poetry Book with some of my poetry that I've written sometime last year. Three of them are anime-related (including a poem from Inu Yasha called "My Only Destiny"), and the others are related to life...sort of. Check them out!

Meiko 2/7/05--
I am extending the deadline for entries into the fan fic contest until 2/13 (if its a little later, dont worry). So send your fics in!

Luz-chan 1/28/05--
My Inu Yasha review is finally finished (sorry for the delay, but I was busy with homework and projects), and I've uploaded my latest amv (in smaller quality. If you want to download the high quality, sign up at It's called "Glaring Dream," and it features Yu Yu Hakusho. Download it here.

Meiko 1/18/05--
ATTENTION!: Anouncing MeikoAnime's first ever Fan Fiction Contest! From now untill Febuary 5th 2005 we will be accepting entries. This is our way of encouraging more fan submissions since they are one of the most popular features on our site! The winner will receive our (not so) prestigious MeikoAnime Fan Fiction award and all the glory of having your fiction imortilized on the internet! Send entries to Meiko at Hope to hear from you soon!

Meiko 1/17/05--
Thanks as always to Luz-chan who keeps updating when I'm not around! But anywaz, for a real (small) update, I have a new review! its for my new favorite manga Kodocha So go check it out!

Luz-chan 1/12/05--
Okay, first update of the new year. I've gotten a head start on my Inu Yasha review, and it will be up shortly. That, and I've updated the "Pic of the Week," since it's been awhile (what, 3 months?)

2004 Achieves

Luz-chan 12/31/04--
Well, it's our last update for the year 2004. It has been one heck of a year for everybody, what with what's happening all over the world, especially the recent tsunami waves (we send our sympathies and love to those who had loved ones over there). Nothing much here (I'm still working on the IY review, along with some others, so I'm probably not going to put them up until later.) Until then, have a Happy New Year!

Meiko 12/16/04--
Great News! We now have a new affiliate! AnimeSpiritZ is a great site for infor for several series, including Naruto and Fruba! Check them out today!

Luz-chan 11/30/04--
Nothing new here. Just want to update so people don't think that Meiko-chan and I have died or something. I mean, I know it has been awhile since either of us updated, but you know us college students: we're too busy most of the time. Nonetheless, I'm working on my Inu Yasha review, so expect that in a few days or so...

Luz-chan 10/23/04--
Well, I've uploaded 3 "wallpapers" from the series Kanon. If you're confused, here's a good site: Falling Snow. In the meantime, check them out!

| Mai | | Makoto to Mishio | | Makoto |

Luz-chan 10/19/04--
Yet another review of mine. This one's to Princess Mononoke, directed by Miyazaki of Spirited Away. I'm also planning to write a review on Inu Yasha, since I've seen the majority of the episodes on Adult Swim. In the meantime, check out Princess Mononoke!

Meiko 10/15/04--
Its been almost 24 hours since my last update, but anyways... very exciting news! I finally put up an Inu Yasha image gallery!!! I have gotten sooo many comments about how little Inuyasha stuff I have so I thought maybe this would help my site hits! And of course Inuyasha is a pritty good show too.. I've been watching it recently subtitled at my anime club which has been lots of fun! Well, enjoy!

Meiko 10/15/04--
OHHH.. Im tired, but I finaly put up the new layout theme. I think this one is much easier on the eyes than the last one. Expect to see the Inu Yasha image gallery up in the next week or so... and more too! *cross fingers*.. if you are very astute, you will see that the fan fics page has been reorganized... go check it out.. someday when i find motivation I will do the same to the lyrics page. oh, someday.. well, have fun exploring the site! ja ne!

Luz-chan 10/11/04--
Finally! My Hot Gimmick review is completed! *fanfare* J/K. It's up online now, and I've rented Cowboy Bebop: The Movie. Soon as I see it, I'll write a review on it.

Meiko 9/18/04--
As promised, I have updated! and a good update it is too... or at least if you like fan works. I added two of my own Fan Art PLUS a new Inuyasha fan fic written by one of my friends here at school for some contest. Its pritty good, go check it out! Hopefully i'll get to work on some more reviews soon.. I know, I know, I keep saying that but I really do intend to. If you want to write any reveiws for the site, I would be more than happy to put them up! Read the rules and send them to me!

Meiko 9/12/04--
Ok, finally a somewhat signifigant update.... I put up one new song in the mutimedia gallery. A song from Gravitation called Rage Beat. Thanks to Luz-Chan for that one... Expect more updates soon...

Luz-chan 9/7/04--
I've gotten a head start on the manga Hot Gimmick. It's not done, but I'll try to finish it later (my time's almost up, anyway).

Meiko 8/29/04--
GOMEN GOMEN! Please accept my apolgies for my unexpected 4 month hiatus. To make a long story short, I haven't had the internet all summer, but now that I'm back in school, its all good again. Classes start in a day, so, providing that my classes give me a little free time in my schedule, I'll be doing more frequent updates than I was last year. Some things that will be coming soon (Cross fingers.. I know I make a lot of promises) Manga review for Kodocha (my new favorite manga.. its better than marmalade boy and you know that means alot comming from me since I have a shrine in the works...) Possibly reveiws for Serial Experiments Lain, Kare Kano, and maybe some other stuff that I may watch this year in anime club. I will definatly get working on more image galleries since those seem to be my biggest hit. If anyone knows where I can download anime .rm files like the ones in the download section of this site, let me know, the ones up there have been up for probably over a year at least. Always looking for new staff, affilates and FAN SUBMISSIONS!! Haven't seen any of those in a looong time. And last, but certainly not least, a very large thanks to Luz for doing some of that matenence stuff that I too often don't get around to. ja ne!

Luz-chan 6/15/04--
I updated a few broken links in the image galleries (for instance, an image of Utena and Anthy was deleted, and I've forgotten about it), and left 2 comments on Ah! My Goddess and Pretear. I'm also working on a manga review on a series called Hot Gimmick. Even though I've read the first 3 volumes of the series, it's very interesting and funny at times. Oh, and I have updated the Links, since some of them were broken, and put up a few new ones.

Meiko 5/7/04--
Ok, ok, I know it's been forever since I updated last, but I haven't forsaken my site yet. As of yesterday I am done with school for the next 4 months (unless I decided to take a summer class of course...^_^)Today I put up a new review and.. belive it or not.. a new image gallery! Both are for a newer magical girl series called Pr�tear. Go check them out now! I am keeping up with my studies in Javascript and hopefully within a month or two you can expect a more dynamic layout using my new skills (muahahah) and within the next week or two, I would expect new reviews for Read or Die and for Marmalade Boy the TV series.

Luz-chan 4-20-04 --
Sorry for lack of updates on my behalf. Like Meiko-chan, I am also busy with schoolwork, as well as working (I work at an amusement park on weekends and holidays), and moving to North Carolina. I updated the News Section, and that's about it.

Meiko 4/5/04 --
Im sure you don't belive me, but I really havent forgotten about the site. Schoolwork is just so overwhelming and then there's that whole college life thing in general. But.. today I do have an update. ChichiriAXS has returned to us, writing another review, this time for Naruto. Go check it out.

Meiko 3/11/04--
Well, there's not much to say but I am teaching myself javascript so that I can hopefully make this site more dynamic. I'm going on vacation for a week, so don't expect any updates from me for a while. Maybe Luz-chan might if she's around and has anything to say. Its beek a slow month for the web world. Ja ne!

Meiko 2-14-04--
Hey, look, since Valentine's Day is over, i figured I'd take down the "love" site layout and make a new one... that one was getting pritty old. I'm still deciding if the colors work or not, so if u like it or dislike it, let me know! chau!

Luz-chan 2-7-04--
If anyone has noticed, I've deleted "Evolution of Hidden Powers." Why? Because it has been up there for a long time; besides, I've put up a new amv: Water Lily", a dedication to Ami Mizuno aka Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon. If you want to download "Evolution," simply sign up at " you have to wait 2 weeks to prevent spamming, it's worth it). In the meantime, have fun downloading!

Meiko 1/31/04--
Believe it or not, I actually did some work today on the site! I updated the Image Galleries I added pics to about half the pages there. I also added a new gallery for Evangelion, its kind of small, but I havent seen alot of the show, so u know how it goes. I also fixed a few things, like the fact that there was no link to the image galleries from the index page... which is kinda a bad thing cuz images are very popular. I think that will help my sites hits right there. I also updated my info page because it was a bit out of date, since im in college now, and it was all my high school info. Well, im impressed with myself, so leave some guestbook entries and send some more submissions! ja ne!

Meiko 1/25/04--
Alright, there have actually been a few updates in the past week since I updated... I just posted a new Fruits Basket gallery and I am working on getting more galleries up, there is just so many other things to do around here (... like my new addiction to Legend of Dragoon... amoung other things like school work and friends) I also just posted a new review for Akira. See, I really am trying to get back into the swing of things. Alright, ja ne!

Meiko 1/12/04--
Thanks Luz-chan for updating! Anyway, I'm back at school, and I put up two new submissions. A new fan art by Gian and a new review for Oh My Goddess by Adam. See, I really will update when people send me updates... I bet you all didn't belive me. Plans for the future? Well, continue to get image galleries online again, and keep working on my Marmalade Boy web site, I've now read the whole manga series and seen the first season of the anime. Keep the submissions comming, I am always happy to see them! Ja ne!

Luz-chan 1/3/04--
I noticed that Meiko-chan hasn't updated in over a month, and I don't blame her. There's no new submissions. However, I'm working on a manga review on a series called Penguin Brothers. I've read all 5 volumes, and it's really fun to read. Other than that, I found a host for my "huge-file" amvs. The recent 3 can be found here (I called it my "school blog," and you can find out why). A Happy New Year for everybody, and I might make a new layout for MA in the near future. Who knows?

2003 Achieves

Meiko 11/16/03--
oh, I have been so busy lately I haven't been updating.. also because there isn't much to update. If someone were to send me say some submissions.. like fan art, fan fics reviews... anything.. then I would have an excuse to make time for this site.. but since no one seems to even care to send me a comment, I don't feel so inspired. But, tonight, I have found the time and inspiration to put up a new image gallery... Blue Seed. I havent watched this anime in sooo long, but I had the pics from way back in the day from KAD, so I figured I'd put them up anywaz. I think I'm going to write a new review when I find some time on the series Fruits Basket, which I was just recently introduced to and was able to watch every episode (which for some reason I can never seem to do with anime series). The anime club here at St. Michael's College is great, I've gotten into so many more animes.. we kinda do a nice sample of everything. Today we watched the first volume of The Twelve Kingdoms, which was awsome! I highly recomend it to anyone who is a fan of Escaflowne. And also we watched the first 2 or 3 episodes of Gravitaion.. wich.... was.. interesing... I'm not used to watching much shonen-ai, and second of all, the subtitles were so bad it was hard to translate the subtitles into readable english while still watching the show. I'm sure otherwise its a great series. Well, I hope to get some more updates asap! ja ne

Meiko 10/22/03--
Well, I haven't updated in a while I know, because I just have so much work to do, its unbelivable. But I have not forgoten my beloved site. I wanted to say a few things. First of all we've reached 60,000 hits wooo hoo! But you'd think with so many hits, I'd be getting lots of fan submissions, comments in the guestbook, and loads of e-mails like I used to get when I was running KAD back in the day. So send me some submissions.. some art, a fic even a comment would be most appreciated! Well, hope to hear from you soon!

Luz-chan 9/24/03--
Added one new review for Fooly Cooly. Go ahead and check it out!

Meiko 9/23/03--
Added two new reviews, one for Spirited Away and one for a series called Read or Die, go check them out!

Meiko 9/6/03--
BIG NEWS TODAY. This account has just been upgraded to 'Pro', its costing me $5 a month, but I get 5GB of bandwidth a month, which will stop all these shut downs due to bandwidth overloads. I have restored what little I had of an image gallery when I first set up this account , and I will work on them some more in the next few weeks. Well, have fun exploring the "new" image galleries! ja ne!

Meiko 8/31/03--
Well, I am officially a college student now... I'd like to say that that will mean that I will have more time for updates (cuz ya kno, classes are over at 2 on somedays, and other days they dont start till 1) but I guess we shall see how that all works out. well, ja ne!

Meiko 8/22/03--
I posted two new fan arts today... but not much else is new.. one of these days I might do some actual work on the site... I want to try and get some bandwith so i can actually put up a real image gallery like back in the good old days when tripod actually gave you enough bandwidth. well, ja ne.. i wouldnt expect any real updates from me for a while, I am starting college at St. Michael's next week!

Luz-chan 8-22-03--
I added some DB/DBGT news to the News Stand, and working on my Tokyo Babylon review. Who knows? I might add it when I get the chance.

Luz-chan 8-7-03--
I changed the Pic of the Week, and added my latest review: Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden. Go check them out!

Meiko 7/31/03--
We have a new affiliate, Outlaw Star 3 A great site for anything you want to know about Outlaw Star. (And to answer your question, he is a fan of the uncut version, aka, not the toonami version) Go check it out now!

Meiko 7/16/03--
I dont know where I found the inspiration, but I have put up a new theme for this site. Let me know what you think. I still havent decided if the two shades of red clash or not. Well, give me some feedback, and send me some submissions!

Meiko 7/5/03--
Well, probably for the first time in months, I made some real updates! I revamped the downloads section. Took down some files, put up new files, and there are lots of new wallpapers! I also put up one new fan art by Yvonne. Have fun exploring the new downloads! Let me know if any links are broken!

Meiko 7/1/03--
Happy first of July everyone, I have some actual updates... sort of... today. I just put up a new section for news, so go check it out. Also, I was pleased to accidentally happen across Blood Soaked and Honor Bound, one of my favorite web sites ever, but I thought it had been wiped off the face of the net for good, but I found it! hehehe. So go check that out if you are a fan of Utena! Well, I guess that is it for today... hopefully there will be some more updates soon! ja ne!

Meiko 6/26/03--
I've been so busy lately, I never even noticed that Luz-chan updated! I just came here to appologize for no updates lately... between work, cleaning my house for my graduation party, accidentally half crashing my computer, friends, and laziness, I haven't really updated in almost a month... I still have Ayhelen's fic sitting on the back burner, it needs to be read over and put up but i can't seem to muster the energy to do it! Well, I hope I find some time soon to update, and send me some reviews and fics and arts for me to post! well, ja ne!

Luzchan 6/21/03--
It's been awhile since the last update. I came back from North Carolina yesterday, and I'm tired. I noticed that Meiko changed the Pic of the Week. Ironically, I was about to change it myself. Oh, well. *shrugs shoulders* I added chapter 5 of Shippo no Hatsukoi. If you want to know what happens next, don't worry: I plan to write chapter 6 either in July or when school starts. Maybe when I get my iBook back. Even though I don't have it down on paper, I'm visualizing the entire fic, almost as if it's an episode. I'm also visualizing the planned sequel, Michiko to Meika. But---*sweatdrop* Got to finish what I started.

Meiko 6/3/03--
I put up three new fan arts by Ayhelen and I put up two new poems by Gravity Zero. He should be sending me some more chapters to Sepherata core soon as well! thats all for now. Check out what I have so far for a Marmalade Boy site. Just two pages are up so far, but when it's done it's going to be the best MB page on the net (not hard to do, since i've only found about 5 worthwhile ones, none of which are still updated.) If anyone can think of a good name for the site, I'd be happy to take suggestions.

Luz-chan 5/28/03--
I updated the Ami-chan no Hatsukoi review, and made a change to Ayashi no Ceres. I also added chapter 4 of Shippo no Hatsukoi. I'm working on editing chapter 5, and brainstorming slash writing chapter 6.

Meiko 5/24/03--
Ha ha... once again, me and Luz update at the same time and don't realize it! haha... anyway, I just came on really quick to put up two new fan arts. Another by Ayhelen, and one by a new artist named Chimera. Check out Chimera's here on Fan Art page 3 and check out Ayhelen's here on page 4. Well, last week and this week have been and will be non stop for me, so I'm not sure when the next time I'll be updating will be. I'm actually gona go take a nap now. I'll get up Ayhelen's fic asap.

Luz-chan 5-24-03--
I added the first "4" chapters of Shippo no Hatsukoi. I uploaded the files yesterday, but I didn't get a chance to edit them until today. I just need to edit chapter 4 and 5 Monday in school---maybe (I have to go to school to make up for the sniper. D*mn him). I'm not sure what Meiko's doing, but she has been busy lately, so I'm updating. If you have any fan fics, art, or other stuff to submit, please send them to me. I also made another "music video". It's called "Evolution of Hidden Powers", and you can check it out here. I think it's as good as "I Y U", which is still in MA's video section. I plan to make another one in the fall. In the meantime, check out Evolution of Hidden Powers!(I'm not good with titles).

Luz-chan 5-22-03--
Well, I updated the Fushigi Yuugi lyrics. I also uploaded my Inu Yasha fanfic, Shippo no Hatsukoi, though I may not work on it until tomorrow or this weekend or something. For all you Rurouni Kenshin fans, Cartoon Network has announced that they will show the new episodes(aka the conclusion) on June 9th. So mark your calendars, people. In terms of MA Graphics, I added Inu Yasha, Chobits, and Ayashi no Ceres, as well as updated CCS.

Luz-chan 5/19/03--
Hi again! I'm updating again. Not that much, though. All I did was change the Pic of the Week. I've recently joined a Sailor Moon roleplay forum. I'm playing Kichiko, the Neo-Sailor Mars. You can find it RPG Land. I also got the CCS section on the Avatars section of MA Graphics. Now I'm working on Revolutionary Girl Utena and Inu Yasha(I'll have to upload the rest of the avatars to my account before the school takes my iBook up, and I don't have a computer at home). In the meantime, check out MA Graphics!

Meiko 5/7/03--
Well, I didn't really update today, but I am rather proud of myself that I finally fixed (like 6 months later) my centering problem that was all over the site. Everything was left aligned and I knew why, but i couldn't figure out how to fix it. But i figured it out. I kinda made up my own html and it worked. Well, anyway, I'll be getting those fics up soon. ja ne.btw, Luz is working on an avatars section for the site which is looking awsome so far! Keep up the good work Luz!

Meiko 5/5/03--
Hey, this is pritty cool, Luz and me are working simultaneously on the site! Tonight I got up ChichiriAXS's newest review on 3X3 Eyes, so go check that out. I also added three new fan arts by Ayhelen. I am having less and less work to do for school, so expect more updates soon. I have 2 new fics to be putting up, one by Ayhelen, and one by Luz. Fics take a little longer than other things tho.. well, ttyl, I'm tired!

Luz-chan 5/5/03 --
I changed the Pic of the Week. This time, it's Ayu and Nina from Ultra Maniac by Wataru Yoshizumi(the mangaka of Marmalade Boy). It's her latest work, and it premired in the Ribon magazine in 2002(I think). Anyway, I only read 2 chapters of UM, and it's funny. I also added three of Miyako-chan's fanart to the Fan Art section.

Luz-chan 5/2/03 --
I'm updating for Meiko, since she's busy with senior stuff---I assume. I'm open to submissions as well as ideas. I changed the Pic of the Week. That's about it. If you have any suggestions, email either Meiko or me

Meiko 4/30/03 --
Well, today I just put up three new fan arts from Ayhelen. She seems to be on the ball about submissions, why aren't the rest of you otakus out there? Luz also updated yesterday too, she posted her review of Ami-chan no Hatsukoi , so check it out. I put up a few Fushigi Yuugi Lyrics, so check those out. I am planning on updating the lyrics section some more and the downloads section too, soon, so if there is anything you want to suggest for me to put up, send it here:

Meiko 4/19/03 --
A few new things to update today. I just put up three new fan arts from Ayhelen, they are really nice digimon pics. You can check them outhere. And yesterday I got the 5th Marmalade Boy manga! hehehe.. I read it so fast! It is sooo good... If you are looking for a good manga, pick up Marmalade Boy! Jusk know that it is very shoujo... hehe... well, I'm home this week, so expect some more updates soon! ja ne!

Meiko 4/7/03--
Ah ha! I finally finished my english essay and my english book, so now I have no homework for the first time in about 2 months, and I can update! Ahh... I love fourth term of senior year! So tonight I actually got something done. I fixed up Luz's new play which is in the fics section called Kagome vs. Kikyo! The Barking Commands Contest and I put up the rest of Angel's newest fic (which she sent me a month ago.. more than that actually, but it is fairly lenghthy and I've had no time!) its called A Search For Love. But before you read it, realize that it is quite risque... I'd rate it R... I don't usually accept stuff like this story.. but the story itself is good and its very well written... well, anyway... I hope I'm not forgetting to update anything, cuz I don't know when the next time I will update will be

Meiko 4/4/03--
Well, I would update more tonight, but I have to get up early to visit St. Michael's College in Vermont tomorow morning... it's a 5 hour drive! But I put up two new poems by Gravity ZERO, and a new review by ChichiriAXS on Macross Plus.. go check them out! I will eventually get around to putting up luz's play and Brit's fic.. and whatever else I'm supposed to be doing along with all that.. You may notice I put up a new counter... unfortunately, stats4all is deleting all its free sites, so i went back to site meter from the old site. And also, Luz is now in the buisness of making anime music videos, and we have her first one up in our video section! go check it out, its pritty good! well, I hope to find some time soon to work on the site some more.. but I always have so much school work! bleck... but i am a senior in high school and i only have 25 school days left! eek!!! how exciting! well, ja ne, and ttyl

Meiko 3/24/03--
So much to update, and so little time to do it in! I still have yet to put up Brit's fic and Luz's play. Luz also sent me a music video she made herself, so I should hopefully be able to put that up in the next few days. Some big news! Miazaki's Spirited Away won best animated picture at the Academy Awards last night! How exciting, ne? Rurouni Kenshin is now on Toonami at 6:30. I have always heard that this is a great show, but I can never seem to find a spare moment to sit down and watch.. always working on school work... so much to do... research reports.. prom... being a high school senior really isn't all the fun it's cracked up to be!

Meiko 3/4/03--
I just put up ChichiriAXS's newest review of Kingdom Hearts. Go Check it out!. Comming soon, The end of Brit's Inuyasha fic. I would put it up today, but I've got so much make up work from the week I missed while I was in spain. One last note, YuYu Hakusho is now on toonami at 6 every night. Sorry I'm a little slow on picking up on these things when I'm in forigen countries and working my butt off for school, when I aught to be just feigning senioritis, seeing I only have 49 days left of high school.

Meiko 3/2/03--
Well, I'm home from Spain, and I've been updating a bit. We have some big news. We have a new staff member!!! ChichiriAXS will be writing reviews for us now on a regular basis. I also put up three new fan arts by ame-chan, check them out here. I also joined a new top sites, and I finaly put up a link to luz's site. Well, there's more coming soon, an end to Brit's Inuyasha fic, and some more chapters added on to afew more fics. I will get this stuff up as soon as possible. Well, enjoy!

Meiko 2/22/03--
Hola, Meiko here coming to you from Spain! I wasn't going to update while i was here, but I was bored, and ChichiriAXS sent me another great review, so I put it up. here is the link, go check it out. Its a responce to my Sailor Moon review that I wrote a few months ago. I was just waiting for a responce like this! Well, after you read this review, I know you will be so inspired to write you�re own review, and send it to me! remeber... At least a paragraph or two... and some objectiveness.. if that's a word. well, hasta luego, from spain.. or should I say Espa�a... jejeje... I can make a � jejeje... jejeje is the same as hehehe, because the spainsh have a different sound for the h.

Meiko 2/10/03--
This may be my last update this month, I'm leaving for spain for 2 weeks on saterday. Im so excited. But anyway, I wanted to say that toonami has a new show. .hack//SIGN . I'm usually pritty up on these things, but I've been kinda too busy to watch tv lately. I was watching toonami on saterday afternoon (cuz i have no life) and there it was. I had never seen the show before. It was so strange that after it was over i felt like I had to find out more! So I've been searching online for sites about it. Bandai has a really cool site. Check it out if you get the chance... I just loved the site itself.. I marvel at Flash... anyway, it will be playing on Cartoon network on saterday afternoons at 3:00 for the next 2 weeks, and then It will be moving into adult swim on sat. night at midnight I think.. or somewhere around there. If you are really interested, just check out the tv schedule on I also am in the works of making a new color scheme for this page, and I dont know if I mentioned, but I am working on a Marmalade Boy site too! well, Enjoy, and sign the guestbook! Ja ne!

Meiko 2/7/03--
I added some new wallpapers today, so go and check them out!

Meiko 1/5/03--
I have a new fan fic up called The search for Love by Angel. It is the first two chapters of an Inuyasha fic. Samthegamepro's next fan fic should be up by the end of the week. Today I got (and read) Marmalade Boy volume 4! I think this one is my favorite yet. The plot twists just get better and better! I love it! And there is rumor that Tokyopop may release the anime in the US too. I don't know if I will want to get into that or not.. there are 72 episodes to the anime or so and i certanly don't have that kind of money to be wasting on anime when I have to be paying for college in a few months! Besides, after reading the manga, I will probably start throwing things at the tv when they change the story from the manga. Well, anyway, it is late and I have school in the morning (bleh!) so I will be updating.... sometime soon... I hope!

2002 Achieves

Meiko 12/28/02--
Well, I finally got up Samthegamepro's fic. His other one will be up soon I hope. I am going to change the color scheme soon too...but this weekend I am going skiing in Maine. Happy new year!!!

Meiko 11/30/02--
Gomen for the lack of updates, i thought i would be able to update more this weekend but, alas, it has not happened. I did put up a new fan art of mine, check it out, I also put up the pic that i drew it from on the pic of the week. Have fun, and send me some e-mail and guestbook comments!

Meiko 11/11/02--
I just put up a new poem, check it out here, this one is by Samthegamepro, the same guy who has a new fic up called Dimention Distortion It's really long, so as of yet I only have the first 2 pages up, there will be at least 10 or 15 more eventually... I just need to find the time to update, he has also sent me a shorter fic which I may be able to get up by the end of the week, if I can find the time and he will be sending me some more poems soon! well ja ne, its bedtime for Meiko!

Meiko 11/04/02--
I finally put up some new fan submissions! I updated Sepherata Core which is one of the oldest fics from KAD and I also put up a new one called Dimention Distortion. This is the longest fic I've ever seen, so it's gona take me a while to get up, between school and college application crap and other nonsensical stuff I have to do. Tell me if you find any broken links, i have been trying to fix them, but I don't know how successful I've been. Ja ne!

Meiko 10/27/02--
I just put up my newest fan art. Its kinda confusing so I will explain. It is kinda a colage of a scene from the manga, Marmalade Boy vol. 3, when Meiko and Nachan get found out and Nachan resigns and goes home to hiroshima. Meiko turns to Miki for the first time for help. The pic is on the third page of the fan art page.. Please forgive the broken links around the site, especially in the download section... this is what happens when i change layouts.

Meiko 10/25/02--
Finally a real update. I changed the layout... again. I got rid of the frames, so now, hopefully, we can get some higher search engine ratings! This is almost the same layout I had a KAD, but I do like it alot, so I went back to it. I think I put up my fic... if I did its here.. I am working on putting up a new fic by Samthegamepro. It's REALLY long, so I will probably put it up in sections... just because I am so swamped with school work and friends and college crap. Senior year sux. Actually, not that much I have a study for the first time in my life and I am doing a senior project on climate change in massachusetts. Yes that is where I live, when I am not online. So if anyone knows where I can get resources on polar ice cap melting or carbon dioxide levels in massachusetts, I would be more than grateful for the input!!! g'night... actually I think it is morning.... in one miniute. Must get up early to do a city year serve-a-thon! yay! oh, and by the way, I finally bought volume 3 of Marmalade Boy, (and volume 4 of ranma 1/2 for my friend *wink*) and volume 4 is already published... this is earlier than I expected because I thought tokyo pop was publishing the volumes bimonthly... oh well! I'm not complaining!

Meiko 10/20/02--
I think I will hopefully have a new fan fic up here! And while I'm at it, maybe I will finaly put up my fic too... I have written another two chapters or so...

Meiko 10/16/02--
Still not much to update... I need to start working on a new layout. I think I am going to scrap the frames for now and get back to tables. Wish me luck!

Meiko 9/30/02--
Still not much in the way of updates still. If someone would send me something... anything... I can update. In a few weeks I plan to put up a review of Sprited Away.. good movie! It is playing in Boston at the Boston Common Theater if you don't mind paying $10 to get in! ja ne!

Meiko 9/17/02--
Gomen, Gomen for the lack of updates again, but... again... I NEED SOME SUBMISSIONS...I am getting desperate here.... But anyway, what I came on to say was that I got a tip about a new anime movie coming to theaters soon. Disney has dubed Miyazaki's (he's the guy who made Princess Mononoke) Spirited Away and it is comming to theaters on September 20th. It wouln't be comming to the big theaters, but it will be in many smaller theaters across the country. In the Boston area I know that Kendal Square theater, Embassy Theater and Coolege Corner Theater. Coolege Corner Theater will be playing the dubed and the original subed version. (gee i wish i could see the subed version.... too bad its only playing late at night....) So thats the latest in anime news that I know about! Ja ne, and send me some submissions!!!!

Meiko 9/8/02--
Sorry for the lack of updates lately but the site's hits have gone down drastically and I haven't really gotten much in the way of submissions *hint hint* ^_~. But the reason I am here now is that I just want to state my anti-hentai policy. I have never really had to worry about this before, although I have always had one. This site will not premote hentai in any way shape or form. If you don't know what hentai is (those lucky few....) Hentai is the Japanese word for perversion. Please don't send me anything hentai in nature because it will not be put up on this site and your address will be promptly blocked from my e-mail address.

Meiko 8/27/02--
Just so you all know- my birthday is tomorow... so I am expecting all the cards and candy to start rolling in from all you adoring fans.. j/k.. I should have a new fan art up soon too. Thats all the news for tonight.

Meiko 8/25/02--
Its really early in the morining... to early... ok, its 9:30... but I woke up at 7.... I'm not a morning person and I like to complain. But for you the Meiko Anime viewer--this is good for you. I put up a new review on Fushigi Yuugi!I now have three reviews and there should be a fourth comming soon! very exciting ne? And there are three new fan arts up! Two of my own and one from Lil starlight. So check them all out! Luz gets her computer back for school on the 29th, so hopefully that will mean that the fashion show will be up some time in the near future! well, ja ne and leme go back to sleep..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

Meiko 8/23/02--
The results of the Video Poll are in! you voted for the Tenchi Universe Opening. I put it up along with the NGE Opening because I had some extra room and I like the song... I also put up a Trigun midi file. All of these are availible in the Audio Gallery! I also fixed some broken links in the Audio Gallery that have aparently been there since KAD but I never noticed them before (tisk tisk on my part!) Happy Surfing and sign the guestbook!

Meiko 8/21/20--
As you can see, the new layout is up! If you have any comments please send them to me in the guestbook or e-mail me! Other than that, nothing else is new today.

Meiko 8/19/02--
It's official! We have a new affiliate! DBZ Galaxy is a great page for Dragonball Z info! Character profiles, multimedia, and lots more! check it out! The new layout is comming along great! It should be up in a day or two!

Meiko 8/18/02--
My sincerest appologies! for the past 36 hours or so you have been seeing a preview of a new layout I have been planing. You were not suppoed to see it, but I was trying it out in the wrong file and it apeared on nearly all pages! So if you saw a map image of Mihoshi at the top of almost all pages- that is why. The problem is now fixed. So you know, I am working on a new layout. I think I will be deleting the image galleries because I think they are just a tease- only haveing 12 or less pics in each. Expect good changes in the next week or so! Also, I beleive we are getting a new affiliate! More news on this topic comming soon!

Meiko 8/2/02--
Hullo all! There is a new fic up, it's called Just a Friend. It is very... original.... not that that is a bad thing at all... lets just say you've never read a fic like this one! I finally wrote my own review for the review section. Its about Marmalade Boy. Hopefully there will be more reviews comming soon! I will be going away next week again so please: if you e-mail me don't expect a responce untill Sat. the 17th at the earliest. If you don't want to wait that long you could e-mail Luz at But please as usual, send all submissions to me. If my inbox is full (I get alot of crap in the mail and I wouln't be able to delete it) just wait untill next week to send it!

Meiko 8/2/02--
I'm home! And I have made a bunch of updates too! I just added three more Fan Arts from those kawaii sisters Heide and Lil Starlight. Some people mentioned to me that I had some mistakes, so i fixed them- a title that was missing on a card captors song and a misstranslation on another song. They are now fixed. I took down the CCS gallery for now and put up an Utena gallery. But the most exciting news is that we now have a review!. I am hoping now that someone has broken the ice, others will send some in. I will hopefully write some soon as well, but I am no master of critique. Maybe a Marmalade Boy manga review. We'll see. Well, it's good to be back! E-Mail me sometime

Meiko 7/20/02--
I will be leaving on vacation for a week tomorow, so if you e-mail me don't expect a responce untill Monday the 29 at the earliest. If you don't want to wait that long you could e-mail Luz at But please as usual, send all submissions to me. If my inbox is full (I get alot of crap in the mail and I wouln't be able to delete it) just wait untill next week to send it!

Meiko 7/14/02--
I just put up a new fan poem called He Told Me He Loved Me... So go check it out. No one seems to be signing my guest book. I don't know if that means no one like the new site or what. So I would love you to death if you just signed my guest book! I know the site isn't spectacular yet, I need suggestions for something to make my site original. Something that will just be like wow to people and make them want to come back. When Luz gets the fashion show up that will be something, but she has little access to a computer this summer so it wouln't be up for a while! The reviews will be nice also when they get up. I found someone who is willing to write some reviews for me, but I want to have many different views and a broader variety of reviews. I may write some myself, but I would really like other people's opinions. So if you are interested in writing reviews or if you have some spectacular idea for my site, please contact me (

Meiko 7/12/02--
If this isn't your first time to the new site, you may notice that I changed the site a little. I basically just changed the color scheme, but it seems to have changed the whole site! I like it personally. Anyway, I just put up a new fan fic! It is called "Angel Eyes" I suggest you check it out, it is great! I also put up two new fan arts from Lil' Starlight. So check those out and enjoy the more... lighthearted.... theme.

Meiko 7/8/02--
Well, after being open for 24 hours or so, I got an unpleasant surprise of finding Meiko Anime closed because of 'excessive bandwidth usage'. I was slightly peeved, because I spent many hours making small image galleries that contained images that were.... well small.... and now this? sigh..... I took down all the galleries, but I put up two back for right now: CCS and DBZ. For the time being I will rotate the 6 I have and maybe add one or two more, but right now I can't keep 6 up, so maybe only 2 to 3 galleries at a time. I am working on getting up a new fan fic, a new fan poem and a new fan art. I must say they are all quite good, but it will be a few more days before they are up. Thank you for all your productive comments, I need all the comments I can get to make this site as great as possible! Anywayz, I'm sure that you are all interested in how I (and my friend) bought a Slayers tape the other day. It is very rare to see me buying anime, I usually borrow or rent or watch on tv. And then I found out that the international channel plays Slayers (subtitled!) every wed. night at 10:00 (est) and every sunday at 11:00. And for you DBZ fans in the slot before it both nights is DBZ (dubbed i assume) Well, that's my piece of anime news in my life thank you and good night.

Meiko 7/4/02--
After 2 months of me saying that it will only be a week or two more until the new site opens, this site is *finally* ready to open! We have some new fan works that will be up shortly along with most of the old fan works from KAD. I only have 6 image galleries up at this point. I should be getting an Utena gallery and a Tenchi gallery up soon as well, but as I said before, I don't have much bandwidth so if this site starts to get shut down, the image galleries are the first to go. Happy 4th of July to all and try to beat the heat. I know I am sitting here in 85 degree heat and probably 85% humidity.... ahhhhh...... hot...... need air conditioning.....*sweatdrop on the keyboard*

Meiko 5/16/02--
Well, we are almost ready to open to the public. I am still working on getting a button, if anyone will make a nice on for free i would be most appreciative! I have three galleries up right now. Lyrics are still not done. I think we should be able to open in a week or too, provided that I get to work on the site along with seeing star wars and working on my history term paper due in a few weeks. Still working on the submissions too.... sigh... well I still want comments-- E-mail me!!!

Meiko 4/29/02-
OK! the first update for the new site! Im so excited! I'm still working on a name for the site, I'm thinking just Meiko Anime, but I don't know..... The more I think about it the weirder it sounds.... I hate looking for a name for a site, I had the same problem for KAD, I spent weeks Cong up with good names, and well.... none of them were very good.... Kari's Anime Dream was the best I could come up with.... And here again I have the same dilemma! Well anyway.... so I don't have the same problems as I did at KAD, I am limiting all image galleries to less than 12 images, I don't want bandwidth probs and If i have any, the image galleries are the first to go! I have put up the FY gallery, and hopefully I can get some more up soon, but with this looming english report and history report, I cant promise much! I have started putting up the fan stuff, I have up Luz's Sakura's Diary, and I have up Cameron's Digimon Fic too. That's about all that is up now, I've got to get working don't I? well the guest book is set up now on the first page so go sign it and tell me what u think!