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Luz-chan 4/29/08--
So much for those "few days." Then again, I have been busy with my personal life as well as job-searching (not so easy with the economy currently and all...) On the plus side, at least I got a general layout up for MA at the new site and am working on the content (since we have so much content, we decided to use PHP, and that might take awhile to get everything up. Nonetheless, we're aiming at getting it up (since Jo-Anna's going to teach in Korea, I volunteered the work).

Luz-chan 4/9/08--
It's hard to believe that it has been almost 2 years since MA has been last updated. Meiko-chan and I have been EXTREMELY busy with our separate lives and stuff (she went to study abroad while I had college and work). However, I have officially graduated from college and one of my best friends got her domain and giving us free hosting on it (in regards to Elly, we never got the problems that arose situated, so it was a lost cause for us). However, I will try my absolute best to move all of MA over to the new domain in a few days or so...

Luz-chan 8/4/06--
Here are some good news, people: we finally found a host for MeikoAnime! I'm so excited that we get to move; however, there's a 28-day trial to try it out. So we're currently in the moving process. Our hoster is Elly and she has an amazing site. We'll be over there completely in a few days, hopefully.

Luz-chan 7/17/-6--
Well, there was one minor change to the Video section: I deleted "Serene Memories," and added "Distant..." to the section. It's a zip file, so you need Winzip and a Real Player 9 to view it. We have also been talking about redoing the video section, because the anime shown there has already been licensed. If you have any suggestions for what kind of anime to post, please email us.

Luz-chan 7/16/06--
It's been awhile, people, and while both of us are busy, as usually (I believe Meiko-chan is still studying abroad), I have been looking for somebody to host us. I sent in a few applications, and I plan to make a complete new layout for MeikoAnime, and it'll still be a table layout. Just a little bit better, though. One more thing: I've recently created a new Inu Yasha amv called "Distant..." and it's encoded in Divx. For those of you who are not members, I have an indirect link to YouSendIt, although when you download it, I suggest that you download the Divx player to view it.

Luz-chan 4/13/06--
Man, time sure flies by when you're having fun. Ironically, school has taken up my time, and Meiko-chan's currently studying aboard. Nothing much, but I am working on some reviews for DearS and Howl's Moving Castle---and maybe Miami Guns, since not everybody knows about that show. Speaking of reviews, I updated the Hot Gimmick review. Also, we're thinking of moving MA to a bigger server, one that offers plenty of bandwidth (that was our main concern), as well as one that supports the template that Meiko put on this site. If you have any suggestions, please don't hesitate to email us, and we'll check up on it.

Luz-chan 2/10/06--
I am happy to say that the Desktop section has been re-organized a little. In addition to putting the wallpapers in a separate directory (makes it a little easier), I also added a Marmalade Boy section to it. Actually, it was already there; just never on the site itself.

Luz-chan 2/6/06--
Well, it's that time again for a layout change. This time, since Valentine's Day is about a week away, I figured that we'll give you viewers a nice and simple (yet again!) layout. Last year, we had a Card Captor Sakura layout, only it was red with Sakura and her friends. This one features Sakura from the second movie, and is soft and easy. I updated all the pages but some of the multimedia pages (they're on Angelfire), so I'll try to update them tomorrow.

Luz-chan 1/16/06--
The first update for the New Year. Too bad I was busy with other stuff, like homework and minor adjustments, like a new roommate. Anyway, there's a piece of good news for MA: we joined a webring, the Anime Music Video Connection. It's a minor step for MA, but hopefully we'll get some people to come here and enjoy themselves here. If you have any fanfics, reviews, or fanarts to submit, you can email either Meiko or me. Just look at the Submission rules. In addition, I've added some comments to the Naruto review, and gotten a head start on a review for Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie. I'll have that, as well as a few more reviews, up in a few days.

Luz-chan 12/26/05--
I hope that everybody had a Merry Christmas yesterday. I know I did. Well, my last AMV for the year is up for download. It's a little late, but then again, it premiered before Christmas. The amv is called "A Present from Full Moon," with footage from Full Moon wo Sagashite, and if you want the info behind it, you can go to its video profile. For those who are not AMV members, you can download it from here. It's a MOV, so you'll need QuickTime to watch it. Enjoy yourselves, and have a Happy New Year from the MA staff!

Luz-chan 12/5/05--
Well, people, my latest AMV, "Mermaid Mermaid Revolution," is up for download. If you're familiar with Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch, then you'll love it. If not...well, you can still enjoy it (I am not 100% much with it myself, but still...). It's in a zip file, so you need Winzip and Windows Movie Player. MMR.

Luz-chan 11/29/05--
Finally! A real update. I made my first Sailor Moon wallpaper (only it's to Sailor Mercury, the "sailor of love and intelligence"), and uploaded it to MA. Check it out in the Desktop section.

Luz-chan 11/22/05--
Konnichiwa, minna! (Hello, everybody!). Mei-chan and I are swamped with schoolwork, as well as other things, but we are thinking of the site. I plan to write a few reviews over my break, and upload them when I get back. In the meantime, I wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.

Luz-chan 10/31/05--
Hello, people! Today's Halloween---my favorite time of the year---and to celebrate, here's some candy for you all! *hands out candy* In addition, I also made a Halloween banner to accomadate this special event. It features Misha (I think) from Pita Ten. I hope you enjoy it, and have fun trick-or-treating!
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