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Angel Eyes Angel A Tenchi Fushigi Yugi crossover. Angel D’Angelou begins her new life and adventures when she moves to Tokyo and meets Miaka. She meets and makes new friends and finds love where she least expects it.
The Search for Love Angel Love sometimes can take on a life of its ownÖ That’s what 17 year old Kitana Joli is about to find out when she follows her best friend, Kagome into a well. *Warning* I would rate this fic R, so know what you are getting yourself into before entering.... (an Inuyasha fic)
My Entry to Moonsilver's Blood Chit Challenge Dana Sessamaru must give Kagome some of his blood to save her life.
Sepherata Core Gravity ZERO An original fic that kinda feels like an RPG
A Strange Day in the Life of Me Anonymity Nemo A multi-anime crossover. The title says it all.
Dimensional Distortion Samthegamepro A multi-anime crossover. The story of dimensional travelers fighting evil in various anime dimensions.
Dimentional Undertaking Samthegamepro- A link to Dimensional Disortion, this new book is filled with exciting action between two fighters, them both experiancing anger and love.
Digimon Digital Monsters Cameron Morning What happens when Arukenimon and Mummymon clone Gatomon.
Sakura's Diary Luz-chan Sakura goes to America and meets some new friends, but is still trying to keep up with her old ones. This is her diary.
Letters Between Hikari and Takeru Luz-chan The title says it all i think....
Just a Friend Mephisto Cardcaptor Sakura mixed with norse gods, what could be better?
The Nimamon Saga Meiko (Thats me!) A new evil has come to the digital world. A new bunch of kids must go and fight the evil Nimamon.
Kagome vs. Kikyo! The Barking Commands Contest Luz-chan A scenario from Inu Yasha. It's sort of like role-playing. If it's act out, it may take 20-25 minutes tops.
Shippo no Hatsukoi Luz-chan- Shippo sees his first "true" love in Meika, a fox hanyou. Unfornutely, Meika holds the key to her demon father's resurrection. Will their love be able to overcome this ordeal?
Carpe DiemFanfic ContestTen years after Digimon Tamers, a mysterious email begins a process of reconciliation that should have taken place a long time ago.
White ArmsYamisuiA Inu Yasha fanfic of remembering.

Fan Fiction Submission Rules

  • Please submit only fictions that you (or more importantly I) would consider PG-13 in nature.
  • Limited Profanity
  • Try to keep it under 30 pages in Word
  • Send MS Word or Appleworks6 files to
  • Let me know what name and e-mail address (if any) you want me to post with your fiction