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Disclaimer: I do not to own any of the characters in the Digimon storyline. I wrote this story only to entertain other people and I will not make any profit from writing this.

Digimon: Digital Monsters

Written by Cameron Morning

Part I

Chapter I: The Introduction

(This introduction is for those who don't know anything about the characters in Digimon, so if you do, go to the next chapter, but if you don't….well you know what to do.)

This is Gomamon, A Digimon that is a friend of Joe, he digivolves to a more powerful Ikkakumon, then he changes to Zudomon, and his attack is Vulcan's Hammer.

This is Salamon,and this Digimon is a friend of Kari, and she digivolves to Gatomon, and her ultimate form is Angewomon. She has an unknown attack.

Agumon,he is one of the most powerful Digimon on the team, that's because he and Gabumon can warp digivolve into War Graymon (Agumon) and Metal (gabumon) which are Mega Forms. Agumon's attack is pepper breath, and gabumon's attack is blue blaster.

Gatomon,she's a champion form, she's small but don't underestimate her or she'll turn you into her next scratching post. Her attack is lighting paw, I'd tell you what her digivolved form is, but I already did when I was telling you about Salamon.

Chapter 2: Kidnapped.

Inside an underground laboratory, two evil Digimon worked on an almost successful experiment.

"Is everything done?" The mysterious female asked as she turned to another mysterious male.

"Yes, my sweet," he answered.

"Great…and for the last time, stop calling me that!" She responded. She turned back to her creation, "Now all I need too is get the information from your female counterpart, then when you awake, I will send you to destroy her and the Digidestined. HA HA HA HA HA!" The wicked Digimon laughed with evil satisfaction.

The creature opened its eyes for a second and if you looked hard enough you could see an evil smirk on his face, in total agreement with his master’s wishes, and before his eyes closed he looked down and noticed that he was in a tube. In one of the beautiful parks in Kyoto city the Digidestined were beginning to worry about one of the Digimon that was still unconscious. Kari, Tai’s little sister, was the one that was most worried. Because it was her digimon, Gatomon, that had gotten hurt. She was worried wondering why, earlier that morning, a needle hit Gatomon and took some of her blood making her weak, then knocking her out. A few hours passed and Gatomon didn’t wake up from her beingunconscious, then after nearly a day she woke up, dazed, but okay. "What happened?" She asked weakly. "I have no idea, but I’m so glad your okay!" Kari answered relieved.

Then out of nowhere, "HA HA HA." two mysterious voices laughed. "Huh…(gasp) oh no not you two again!" Yolei exclaimed.

"Yes, were back." Arukenimon said.

"Me too." Mummymon said. (Note to mother: He’s not a real mummy, all Digimon are all made of Digital computer pieces.)

"We need to get that data." Arukennymon said.

"Leave it to me, SNAKE BANDAGE!" Mummymon yelled. Then strips of bandages came out of his arm, and grabbed Gatomon and pulled her into his palm. They ran to their lab, but the Digidestined followed them. "Stop them!" Arukenimon yelled to Mummymon like she does on a regular basis.

"Oh no you don’t!" Davis yelled back. "You ready Veemon?" He asked anxiously.

"Yeah!" Veemon answered back with the same anxious tone.

"Digiarmor energize!" Davis yelled. Then a bright white light shone.

"Veemon Armor Digivolve to…" Veemon yelled. Then the same bright light surrounded Veemon, and when the light touched him you could hear a whistling sound. Then Davis’s Digiegg of courage and Veemon combined into…"Flamedramon, the fire of courage."

"FIRE ROCKET" Flamedramon yelled. Then fireballs came out of his claws. The fireballs hit both Arukenimon and Mummymon, but he didn’t drop Gatomon.

"Gatomon is too weak to brake out herself, they need help, ready armadillomon?" Cody asked his digimon. "Yeah Cody." Armadillomon said. "Digiarmor Energize!" Cody yelled. (Before I finish, the only reason I’m repeating this is because all five of The Digidestined, Yolei, Cody, Davis, T.K., and Kari, all have different Digieggs.) A bright light shone, then the same bright light surrounded Armadillomon, "Armadillomon Armor Digivolved to..." Armadillo and when the light touched him you could hear a whistling sound. Then Cody’s Digiegg of Knowledge and Armadillomon combined into…"Digmon the drill of Knowledge." "ROCK CRACKIN!" Digmon put his two drill arms into the ground, then it split in halves making Mummymon fall in.

(Before I finish, the only reason I’m repeating this is because all five of The Digidestined, Yolei, Kody, Davis, T.K., and Kari, all have different Digieggs.)

"We have no time for this, quit playing and lets go!" Arukenimon yelled.

(Probably for the millionth time.)

"Okay, ready Patamon?" T.K. asked.

Davis interrupted "No, don’t digivolve yet. Save your energy!"

"Oh, okay." T.K. said with a sigh. Davis finished: "Flamedramon, me, Cody, and Digmon will go after them, the rest of you follow us, come on Flamedramon."

"Alright, hang on!" Flamedramon said as he ran towards Arukennymon and Mummymon extremely fast, and jumping in the process. "Alright Cody, close your eyes and hang on." Digmon said. He drilled he’s way under ground.

"Did we lose them?" Arukennymon asked.

"I think so, also think it’s safe to do it." Mummymon answered.

"Alright." Arukennymon replied.

She pulled out a remote with a red button on it. She pushed it, and when she did a ball of light surrounded them. Davis and Cody were just about to attack. Digmon popped out of the ground. Flamedramon jumped over a large hill. "You’re too late, farewell Digidestined, AH HA HA HA." Arukennymon laughed.

"Oh no you don’t, guys destroy that remote, they won’t be able to teleport without it!" Davis said, jumping off of Flamedramon.

"Alright Flamedramon, you ready?" Digmon asked.

"Ready when you are!" Flamedramon answered.

"GOLD RUSH!" Digmon yelled as he shot his drill arms out.

"FIRE ROCKET!" Flamedramon yelled as fireballs shot out of his claws. And just when you think their attacks would destroy Arukenimon’s remote they disappeared, taking Gatomon with them.

"Oh no, Gotomon!" Davis yelled.

"She’s gone." Cody replied.

Chapter 3: A Birth of Another.

After being kidnapped by The Ugly Duo, Gatomon was helpless to whatever Arukenimon and Mummymon wanted to do to her. One hour has past when Arukenimon teleported Gatomon and Mummymon to their laboratory. "What are you going to me?" Gatomon asked fearfully.

"Oh be quiet!" Mummymon said.

"Huh (gasp!)" Gatomon noticed that she was in a large tube.

Then she was knocked out, but not after feeling a painfully strong electrical feeling. She tried to let out a loud scream but the pain was excruciating… too excruciating. She was tired, weak, and helpless. When she opened her eyes she saw Mummymon and Arukenimon looking anxiously at something that was on the side of her. She thought "What are they looking a…!" she was shocked to what she saw on the side of her in another tube, she saw another Gatomon!

Then both of them where dropped out of the tubes Gatomon got up and was amazed at what she saw. "It can’t be, I’m the only Gatomon." She thought. Then she said: "Who are you, are you a Digidestined digimon, and did Arukenimon and Mummymon kidnap you too?" He didn’t answer. "Well if that’s not what you are and they didn’t kidnap you, what are you, and who are you?" Gatomon asked. He was silent as the stars. "Answer me!" She said angrily. He smiled. Then Gatomon felt a powerful yet painful feeling, and then she noticed that she was flying through the air with a painful sore on her left cheek. She hit a wall and fell flat on her face. His voice sounded like your typical anime teenage villain voice: "That is what I am, and my name is Casomon.

"My master is Arukenimon and I’m a clone from you, my master also commanded me to destroy you and the rest of the Digimon and their Digidestined partners." Casomon said giving Gatomon information as well.

"A clone, how…" Gatomon stopped and remembered that needle that attacked her earlier.

"If you’re thinking about that needle, yeah that was I." Arukenimon said.

"Aw man, this ain’t good."

"You’re right about that, and after I’m done doing away with you, I’ll destroy your friends too, especially that Kari."

Then she knew that she had to win this fight or Kari would be killed, she held her breath and was ready to pounce when…BOOM the ceiling was broken and their was Davis and Flamedramon, Yolei and Aquilamon, T.K. and Pegasusmon, Cody and Digmon, Tai and Greymon, Matt and Garurumon, Sora and Birdramon, Izzy and Kabuterimon, Mimi and Togemon, and don‘t forget Kari.

Gotomon exhaled "Man, am I glad to see you guys!"

"Your reign of terror ends today Arukennymon right here, right now! Davis said heroically.

Chapter 4: A pointless battle.

"Pegasusmon, be careful where you aim your attack. Try not to hit Gatomon." T.K. said.

"Okay T.K. I will. STAR SHOWER!" Pegasusmon yelled. Then stars came out of his two angel-like wings, and smacked Casomon.

"Why you…CAT EYE HYPNOSIS!" Casomon yelled. Then his eyes shone a bright red and let loose powerful sleep waves.

"(Groan) can’t… stay… awake." Pegasusmon said weakly.

"Me… nether. (Groan)" Greymon also said weakly.

None of them could stay awake because: Gatomon has that same attack, but Arukenimon increased the attack power.

"This is pointless, we have to get out of here! Kari!" Gatomon yelled.

"Let’s do it Gotomon." Kari replied back. "Digiarmor Energize!" Kari said. "Gotomon, Armor Digivolved to…Nefertimon, angel of light. ROSETTA STONE!" She yelled. The stone came out of her back and hit Casomon also.

Before the Digimon were effected they grabbed their unconscious companions and all flew, jumped, and Dug their way out to escape


After their humiliating defeat, the Digidestined thought about how they where going to defeat Casomon. "Casomon beat all of us with one attack, how are we going to beat him?" Matt said.

"I don’t, but…huh… whoa, who are they?" Davis exclaimed seeing a new group of Digidestined and Digimon.

"We’re friends, we saw your defeat through a hole in the ground that we thought you’ve made, and thought we could help." Said a mysterious helper.

"They're Digidestined!" Tai also exclaimed.

Part II