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Part II

By Cameron Morning 

On the last, Digimon: Digital Monsters, Casomon the new villain of the story and the clone of Gatomon defeated the Digidestined badly.  But when the Digidestined escaped his claws, they met more kids like them. So let the Second and final series of this story begin.

Chapter I

 "Who are you?" Davis asked.
      "Yeah! And how did you know of the fight we had?" Yolei added.
      "Well, to answer the first question, I'm Akira Tomishi, the leader of this group 
and this is my pal Terriermon. And my crest is, the crest of power." Akira said.       "I'm Shiko Tomishi, Akira's sister and this little guy is Kokomon. And mine is the
crest of assistance." Shiko said.       "Iria Sairo's my name, computers and other electronics are my game. And I'd
like you to meet, Salamon. And last but not least, the crest of nature." Iria said.
      "And to answer the second question, we heard an explosion and came to check
it out, and when we saw the hole we were shocked at what we saw. We
saw all of you guys being almost destroyed by Casomon." Shiko said.
      "Wait a second, why didn't you" Shiko interrupted Kari.       "Like I said, we were shocked." Shiko said.       "Okay, we give you that. But why were you so shocked that we were getting beat
up?" Cody asked.       "Because, one digimon beat you all. One Small Digimon at that." Iria said.       "Hey, I'm small and I'm at the champion level." Gatomon said upset.       "Sorry if we insulted you, Gatomon." Akira said.       "Well, I kinda agree with Iria, and the weird part is, that Casomon is smaller
than Gatomon, but not much smaller. Arukennimon must not of gotten enough
information, or DNA for the exact size." Yolei said.       "Yeah. Okay, so we've got all the talking down. So let's get down to business.
How are we going to defeat Casomon? He's to strong for us." Davis said.
      "I agree with Davis!" Kari said.       "You do! (Whoa, it's the first time that girl actually agreed with me. Maybe this is
good start, maybe we'll get married, maybe) Davis was interrupted by Kari.
      "Don't look into it to hard, I just agreed with you, not made a commitment with
you." Kari said.       Davis was embarrassed; he thought that Kari was agreeing because she loved
him, (Like always).               

Chapter II: A plan is made. (Hopefully.)

      "Alright, let's get down to business. Matt e-mailed me on the digi-terminal that
he called Joe, Mimi, Sora, Izzy and Ken, about the problem, and they all agreed
to help us. And a new kind of strategy is what we need." Yolei said.  
      "I agree. Just attacking with brute force isn't going to help us to accomplish
anything but get thrashed. T.K. said.       So Matt and Gabumon, Joe and Gomamon, Mimi and Palmon, Sora and
Biyomon, and Izzy and Tentomon all came to the Digital World with Davis's
help, and making (actually, trying to make a plan.) to stop Arukennemon's
most evil plan ever. "So that's the whole story, eh?" Joe asked.       "Yeah, and the worst part was, that we didn't even put a scratch on him." Yolei said.       "Did you actually hurt him, or just hit him?" Tai smiled.       "Well we hit him, but we just didn't hurt him." T.K. said looking at Patamon.         "I was the one who attacked him, as Pegasusmon." Patamon said.       "Well, I have a theory." Joe said.       "Well don't leave us in suspense, tell us already." Davis exclaimed.       "To cut a long story short, I think that because Casomon is made of Gotomon's
DNA, he can't be hurt too much by any other Digimon. But" Joe explained.
      Joe lowered his head.      "What's wrong?" Kari asked concerned.      "If another Digimon does hurt him, and only an very powerful Digimon, it might
effect Gatomon in the same way. " Joe said with an hopeless look on his face.
"So if one of us destroyed Casomon" Davis said.       "Yes she'll die." Joe said.                  

Chapter III: The final battle of The Digidestined. Part 1

     (Back at the lab where Casomon was born.) "How could you of let them
escape!?!" Arukennimon yelled flaringly mad at Casomon.
     "Forgive me master I let my guard down." Casomon pleaded, (idiot do you
actually think I would lose to the digidestined so easily? My time will come, so I
will be able to destroy the digidestined and Arukennimon, heh heh heh.)
Casomon thought.        "Well don't let your guard down again or else." Arukennimon said.             "I have an idea." Casomon said.      "Well don't leave us in supense" (POW) Mummymon said being back jabbed by
his so called sweetheart.              "OW!!! Why did you hit me?" Mummymon asked.       "Because no one talks to Casomon but me. His one and only master." Arukennimon said.       "But I'm partially his master too." Mummymon said a little upset.       "Don't tell me you're stealing my creation."       "(She's such a pre-Madonna.)" Casomon thought.       "Well what is your idea Casomon?" Arukennimon asked.        "Well my idea is" Casomon whispered the rest in Arukennimon's ear.         (At the park where the digidestined are.) "That's the plan we weaken Casomon
long enough so that Gotomon will be able take him out." Davis said.         "Did we tell the other digidestined Shiko, Akira and Iria?" Kari asked.         "No, wait a minute where are those three anyway." Joe asked.          "Oh no, they've gone to fight Casomon, if they destroy him Gotomon's
finished." Veemon said.                   "Then we gotta go after them, quick!" Gotomon said.          Will the digidestined catch their new friends and tell them what would happen
if they destroy Casomon, and what is Casomon's plan, find out on Part
2 The final Battle of the digidestined, the longest, and complete final
chapter of Digimon: Digital Monsters Champions of the digital world. And
Coming Soon only if you E-mail me, Digimon the Third season with Takato,
and Guilmon, Henry and Terriermon, and Rikia and Renamon. And an all-new Villain.