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This is a place for many people to write what they thought of any Anime, Video Game or Manga. I would like to have many different opinons on a wide variety of subjects.

Requirements for a review:
  • Well writen
  • At least somewhat objective (Don't send me that you love Sailor Moon because its the best anime and that Tuxedo Mask is so bishonen.)
  • A brief summary of the anime/manga/video game that you are reviewing.
  • Tell what you are basing your review on. (If you write a review about Sailor Moon, and you have only seen one season, tell your reader that)
  • DO NOT plagerize. Stealing other people's work is definatly not cool, and I can get in trouble for it!
  • Please send to Meiko at as plain text
If you want to write for MA as a staff member:
  • Send at least one review following the requirements above.
  • You must be able to write many reviews on various topics. (Don't sign up for this job if you only watch a few animes and don't plan on watching any more)
  • Must be able to commit the time to this job.