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Naruto - That is My Way of the Ninja!

By: ChichiriAXS

Hello all. I'm back! I know you all missed don't have to disagree that much! Anyway, recently I have seen a great anime called Naruto, based on the manga. The story revolves around a boy named Naruto who always lived his life with no friends or family. His entire village looked down on him his whole life. The reason for this is that he was once an enormous fox beast that ravaged the land. Only through the sacrifice of a Hokage (remember this word) was the fox able to be sealed into a baby, this baby being Naruto. Naruto has been in basic ninja school for way too long. He has failed three times and is on his fourth attempt. Even through all this time, we find Naruto can't even make a simple, hollow clone of himself. Once again, he fails his exam. As he sees all his classmates earn their titles as ninjas, he begins to feel desperate. Tricked by one of his instructors, Mizuki, he steals a scroll with all the ninjutsu (or magic techniques) of the village from the Third Hokage (the ruler of the village). Before the instructor grasps his hands on the scroll, Naruto takes some time to try to learn a technique in it. Of course, everyone in the town knew Naruto stole the scroll and were looking for him. Another of Naruto's instructors, Iruka, who was very fond of Naruto, was able to find him. The only problem, Mizuki was trying to steal the scroll. Mizuki was able to wound Iruka. It seemed as if he was dead. Naruto, filled with anger, did the technique he had been reading in the scroll, the Shadow Clone. This clone has an actual physical shape, so it can hurt someone. Naruto was able to make hundreds of these clones, all set on kicking Mizuki' finish the sentence. They beat him successfully. In the end, Iruka wasn't dead. He saw Naruto's skills and decided he could graduate with the other students and receive his fire village forehead protector (holds lots of symbolism throughout the story). That's the entire first episode.  

As the story goes on, we learn that there are four levels of ninja: genin, chounin, jounin, and hokage. They are simplest to greatest in that order. Naruto and his graduating class are genin. All those who passed are to go on to further training with jounin instructors. Naruto is paired with Ichiha Sasuke, who becomes his rival and Haruno Sakura, his crush. Led by Kakashi-san, they must overcome obstacles and eventually get ready for the Chounin exams, which lead into a lot of trouble for the main cast. Of course, the show wouldn't be called Naruto for any reason. We see what effect the fox demon sealed inside him has on Naruto and how he is able to grow stronger through it. That's all I'm going to say about the story because I don't want to give too much away.  

This is definitely one of the best anime I've ever seen. It is filled with tons and tons of action. The best part of the action isn't the fighting itself (even though it's awesome too), but the different techniques and tactics the different ninjas can think up of. It is completely amazing how as you get along in the story, you find yourself guessing what tactic each opponent will use. It's absolutely amazing. Though there is so much action, this anime doesn't forget to add great plot twists and events that help you connect to each character and their story, even the villains. Plus, some of the characters are absolutely hilarious. An anime that can do all that is almost perfect in my mind. This anime can connect to almost all anime fans, those who love action, those who love great story lines, those who like a great laugh, and those who love to build a relationship with the characters. Don't let the first ten or so episodes fool you. At first, they're mainly comedy episodes to build a background. As it goes on, it gets really good, especially when Naruto's team enters the Chounin exam.  

I have to admit, I haven't seen all of Naruto. The reason I haven't is because it is still airing in Japan. I got the first seventy episodes on E-bay for about forty dollars, and the quality was amazing. The next season of Naruto started a couple of weeks ago. I did some SHHHHH-illegal action. My friend gave me the downloads of episodes 71-74 on a CDRW. They were amazing quality, perfect really, even better than the DVD's i had boughten. Japan is up to episode 77, but I haven't gotten those last three yet. If you would like to acquire Naruto, you can buy it on E-bay or download it if you don't mind that whole situation. It is definitely an anime to see. If you have any questions on this anime or any of my other reviews, contact me at  

Until the light shines through.

MorningBelles's Comments: Well, Viz has licensed Naruto, and is now airing on Toonami. I've seen a few episodes of the English dub, and in my opinion, it's okay. I like Sasuke's voice (he's done by the same guy who did Haru in Rave Master) and Sakura's voice. Naruto...give me time. Although an old woman did his voice, she made him convincing by making him sound like an actual 12-year-old. Another good part about this: they didn't cut out much out of the anime at all; in fact, they kept in some blood, and even Naruto's Sexy Technique (don't recall the entire name, but he transforms into multiple sexy female versions of himself). Overall, the anime is really cool.