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Sailor Moon

Writen by: Meiko

A review of Sailor Moon based on mainly the S and SuperS seasons seen on Toonami:

Many sites all over the internet are obsessive over the series that really started making anime popular in America. I remember watching Sailor Moon back in 5th and 6th grade (what is that.... 1995? 1996?), rather unknowingly while awaiting my beloved Garfield at 6 or 6:30 in the morning (why canít I wake up like that now?). I donít really remember thinking much about the series either way back then, probably having no idea of itís significance. Much later with the discovery of anime, and then Toonami, I began watching the series again. An episode here, an episode there, a pretty nice show. Nice little battle scenes, comedic relief, fun little attacks and and transformations and of course the little Ďromance thingí. Then it left Toonami for a while and I was left with this idea that it was a great example of anime and of course one of the first parts of my former site, KAD. Its image galleries were rivaled only by Digimon.

Then it came back to toonami. I was extremely excited when I heard the news. I sat down to watch, but the only reaction I came up with was laughter. Not your ha, that was a witty little comment laugh, but your rolling on the floor and in between bursts of uncontrollable laughter spluttering Ďthis is good anime?í. I am a very patient person, and so I waited until the next day to watch it again. As I watched, I thought to myself.... Wait, is this the same episode as yesterday? No, I guess it isnít. But after watching many an episode, I realized that the same thing happened in every episode. That is, someone would be having a problem (one of the senshi or other) and the villains would pick on that person to steal their 'Pure Heart Crystal' or to find out if they had a golden mirror that would lead to pegasus or something. Of course Sailor Moon and Sailor Mini Moon were there to save the day and the villains would invent some random obscure creature to fight them. Then Sailor Moon would show her incredible ineptitude at fighting evil as she would easily be foiled. Then of course, Tuxedo Mask would show up to save the day by throwing his rose at the enemy. Then Sailor Moon and Mini Moon would say their little spiel and the monster would shatter into pieces, and the day was magicaly saved. Give me a break!

I guess my problem is I just canít stand filler episodes. If you watched the first few episodes of the season and the last few episodes of the season, it could be a decent show (if you can tolerate Serenaís absolutely obnoxious voice in the dub) But there is really no point that I can find to watching anything in between, unless you are looking for an excuse to watch bad anime. Perhaps I am being presumptuous, I have seen very little of the earlier seasons, and nothing of the supposedly great sailor stars, read none of the manga and I have only seen the toonami dub, but this is my reaction to what I have seen of S and Super S.

I realize that I am probably insulting millions of Sailor Moon fans by this review, but if you don't like my review, write your own and send it to me, I would be happy to post it! That what this review section is for. If you think it is a great show, and can write a review on why you feel this way I will be all the more grateful to you. Send it here. And make sure you read the rules on the reviews main page.

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