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Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden

   By: Luz-chan

When I first saw this, I was star-struck. Since I'm a big fan of Fushigi Yuugi, and since I haven't been seeing any new FY episodes lately, I watched this OVA at a friend's house one day(she'd gotten it for Christmas--lucky her). Eikoden is actually the third OVA, and it takes three years after the TV series.

Eikoden centers around Miaka and Taka(Tamahome's reincarnation), and a new character, Mayo Sakika. Miaka and Taka have gotten married, and Miaka's 3 months pregnant. Mayo, who love Taka, has discovered the Universe of the Four Gods while walking home from the wedding(it was pouring down rain, and she was jealous). Mayo opens the book(the next day---you have to watch it), and enters the book, becoming the new Suzaku no Miko(Priestess of Suzaku). The only bad thing about it is that Miaka collapses into a coma in the real world. Not only that, but her unborn baby is missing---almost as if she was never pregnant. Taka returns to Konan, where Hotohori's son, Boushin, is the current Emperor, and Konan is in danger. Taka sets out to find the remaining Suzaku Seven in order to summon Suzaku and save Konan.

Only 4 of the Seven were reincarnated(Chichiri and Tasuki has not been reincarnated), and they are not up to their former capacity: their memories are forgotten, and they're little children(which is cute, especially Hotohori and Chiriko *LOL*). However, 10 years has passed in the book, since it's deteriorated(it was missing from the library---Mayo found it on the street, I think). The land dried up, and there's a sense of evil around: black birds flying around, and we see the Four Gods attack the Suzaku Seven. Can Taka and the Celestial Warriors save Mayo, Miaka, his baby and Konan? *I wish I can tell you, but that would be cheating.

The animation is AWESOME! That, plus the Four Gods are CG(computer graphics), so they're actually 3-D(at first, it look weird, but I got used to it after awhile). However, there's no romance between Miaka and Taka(it was at first, but---). Some action was tossed in, and the Warriors are soooo kawaii(I think I've already said that, but who cares?) Yui was in the story, as well as Keisuke and Tetsuya, and Houki(Hotohori's wife). Later on, we see what's the real deal with Mayo: she was lonely and wanted to be with Taka forever instead of Miaka(sorta makes sense), so in the book, she's married to Taka and carrying his baby. *blank look* I'm not going to get into the rest; just buy the DVD. Anime Nation has the DVD on sale for $26.98, so be sure to buy it.