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Fushigi Ygi

Writen by: ChichiriAXS

One day I was web surfing and I found a great site. It included many types of anime and manga titles, including Fushigi Ygi. Like many sites, it used quotes at the end of posts. Many of the times, they were Fushigi Ygi quotes. The quotes sounded so profound and serious. It seemed like something worth investigating. Although, with my lazy self, I never did. One weekend, on one of my brother's regular visits from college, he told me that a friend of his would let him borrow some tapes on an anime that had an odd title. All my brother knew was that it was something with a Y. That didn't narrow things down much, but the first things I guessed were Yu Yu Hakusho, followed by Fushigi Ygi. He told me the latter of the two rang a bell. I was very excited, how I never got to see any other animes except the ones on Toonami, KidsWB, and Fox Kids. So, he brought them over the next weekend. They were fansubs, but they were very well done fansubs. It included the entire series!

At the first second, I was enchanted from the opening theme song and animation. It was great. The first episode started off with a girl daydreaming about food, Miaka Yuki. She is the main character and usually the "damsel in distress." First thing I thought of was Serena/Usagi from Sailor Moon. I was way off. As the episode developed, she went to the library with her best, long time friend, Yui. She saw a vision of a bird at the library and was kind of entranced into a restricted room. Yui found her there and they notice a book called "The Universe of the Four Gods." As they read on they learn the plot of the book. It is an incantation and when the reader turns the first page, they are consumed by the book and the "girl" receives the power of Suzaku, to have her wishes granted. The two were dumbfounded as they are consumed into the book bya red light. They are suddenly in an ancient Chinese setting. Two men try to attack them; Slave Traders. A man with the sign of an ogre on his forehead saves them, but leaves because they can't pay him for his "services." Yui is sent back to the library while Miaka isn't looking. Now she is off to find the mysterious man to get Yui back. What will happen to Miaka on her journey? Will she ever find out that Yui is back home? Who is the mysterious man with the sign of an ogre on his forehead? I won't spoil it for anyone.

All I can say is that this plot won't last for long. It soon introduces Miaka as the Priestess of Suzaku, and the search for the Suzaku Seven, the warriors sworn to protect the Priestess. Also, the series is much different from what you'd think from the first episode. It is filled with love, hate, tragedy, and my favorite elements: comedy and action. Another thing I like about this story is that Miaka isn't your typical damsel in distress. She definitely pulls her own weight and can be found trying to fight every now and then. I suggest that everyone sees this anime, it's definitely my favorite, and I'm a guy. In those 52 episodes, you will go on a roller coaster of emotions and excitement. So, if you want to see the highest quality of Fushigi Ygi, I suggest buying the Pioneer DVDs. I did eventually, and they give you great options. They are kind of expensive though. At AnimeNation, the series, not including the OVA episodes, is $338.22 USAD. That is 52 episodes on 8 DVD discs, though. Trust me, it's worth it. I'm happy with mine.

Later on I will write a review on the Fushigi Ygi OVA series, for those who have seen the series, but not the OVAs. So, for those who haven't seen the series, it'll be a big spoiler.