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Final Fantasy 7

Written by: Dragon Dreamer

This game is very old indeed, about 5 years to be exact. So, this game isn't exactly new. The graphic on Final Fantasy 7(FF7) are awesome(well, thats what happens when you play it on the PS...wicked cool graphics) . FF7 comes included with everything a well-based RPG should come with. Awesome graphics, a phenominal story plot, hunky main character ~_^, and a bodaciously hot super-villian ~_^.


That's Sephiroth. The well-rounded, most hottest poly-grammed being in all of FF7...of course, that's just my opinion. The whole idea with Sephiroth is the classic good guy turned bad...VERY bad. Hm..lets see here....he tries to DESTORY (not take over...destory) the world....he likes all the classic things a cool villian should like (fire, wicked swords, etc..). Okay, okay. He is not the ENTIRE point of the game, but most of it.


FF7 comes in a set of 3 disks (which get annoying to change out after each disk is complete), and a little booklet thing that tells you who and what everyone does. It also tells you how to use the controler and what button does what (like you didn't know how to use a controler...). In FF7 you get to drive! and ride cute little ostrich looking things called Chocobo's.


The average price for a used game is about 17 to 20 dollars (depending on where you go) and new is about 30 or so...kinda expensive, but worth it.  

  If you don't have FF7 and you have a PS, go out and get's well worth it.

Webmaster Meiko's comments- I haven't played a whole heck of alot of video games, but of the 4 or 5 RPGs I have played FF7 is my fav. I just did a little research online- because FF7 is so 'old' it is getting harder to find. But depending where you shop, you can get a good price for it--even new. At you can buy it for $15 new, and its about that in other smaller sites I've checked out (compared with $50 for FFX new)! So if you have not experienced the wonder of Final Fantasy VII like over 6 million people around the world have, go out now and buy it!!! For more info on this great game check out- Final Fantasy VII- The Complete Guide