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Fushigi Yűgi OVA

Writen by: ChichiriAXS

Hello, everyone. It's me again. Earlier I did a review on the Fushigi Yűgi series, and I think it would be cool to do it on the OVA's now. If you don't know what that stands for, it means Original Video Animation. There are nine episodes to the OVA's that I've seen. Some more are coming out or have come out, but I've yet to see them. Anyway, the last episode of the first nine is very long, more like two episodes comprised into one. It continues a while after the season finale of the Fushigi Yűgi series. Miaka and Yui both look different. First of all, Miaka has her hair loose. Yui has longer hair now, too. Yui and Tetsuya are an item, and Miaka and Tamahome are still together.

Although it seems everything is fine and is going good for the cast, weird things start to happen when the grave of the Genbu no Miko (Priestess of Genbu) begins to disappear. As Miaka, Tamahome, Keisuke, and Tetsuya visit the grave with the grandson of the Byako no Miko one rainy day, something happens that shocked me. Someone (I won't tell who), is surrounded in a light. That's right! But what's this, a green light! You have to watch it to see it.

All I can say about the OVA's is that they are much, much different than the series. First, the animation is better and clearer, which is a plus. That's not very important, though. The OVA's are much more serious than the series. Miaka, who always finds a way to lighten the mood is mostly serious here. There is some comic relief, but not much during the episodes. After each episode there is a little funny clip of the Suzaku and Seiryuu gang doing stuff. I guess it helps you not go crazy during the OVA's with all the confusion there is. And when you do figure it out, you'll go crazier because of what's happening. Another great thing is that the smaller characters that usually aren't given much attraction are given some.

Even though the OVA's are serious, I still think they're great! You can get the nine episodes that I've seen in one package at AnimeNation, for $67.48. If I ever get to see the other OVA extensions, which I really hope I can get, I will review those as well. As for now, bye and enjoy your Anime.