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Ami-chan no Hatsukoi

~by Luz-chan

I have been a longtime fan of Sailor Moon, and watched all 3 movies and the Super S special. However, I didn't see Ami-chan no Hatsukoi (Ami-chan's First Love) until the middle of March. That when one of my West side friends(I live on the East side---anyone who knows me at school know what I'm talking about) let me borrow the tape. When I first watched it, I didn't understand the majority of it(it was in Japanese with Spanish subtitles). However, the second time I understood it(I thank my 3 years of Spanish, along with el ayuda de mi amiga mexicana, María).

It starts out with Mizuno Ami waking up and greeting some doves at her window with a "Ohayo!. As the doves fly away, the sun comes up and some background music plays(I forgot what it's called). As Ami gets herself ready for another day of school, she narrates the basics about her: her name, birthday, astrological sign, blood type, her favorite food, etc. When she got to the school, though, things were about to change. When Ami went to her locker to put her don slippers on, she notice an envolope on her shoes. She takes it out and examines it. It turns out to be a love letter, and Ami dislike love letters. In fact, she broke out in hives, screaming.
After school, Ami and her friends discussed the love letter. Ami points out that everybody has to study for their last year in junior high, and everybody has a goody look on their faces. Ami whips out a magazine with all the high scores, and it turns that she, along with soembody alias "Mercurius"[Latin for "Mercury"], were tied for the perfect score. Ami assumes that Mercuriues was the new enemy, but Usagi thinks that Ami-chan's over-thinking.
While Ami studies harder and attend night school for extra "tutoring", Usagi and the rest sets out to find out who Mercurius is. I can't say who it is, though, because that would be cheating. *nervous laughter* However, I will say this: he looks like one of the characters(no, he doesn't look like Mamoru(Darien)! His identity reveals at the end.
The new enemy was a woman named Bonnone(it didn't say it in the movie because Ami thought that she was Mercurius, but I went online and found it). She has two ponytails, one yellow, the other purple, and her attack is--get this--Love Letter Attack. Basically, she's responsible for Ami's love letter. Ami transform into Sailor Mercury(the henshin looks really cool), and defeats Bonnone with "Mercury Aqua Mirage!"
The animation is all right, and the fight scene was awesome. Aya Hisakawa gives an excellent performance as Ami, and Ikura Kazue (Bonnone) sounded really convincing. I laugh when Bonnone tries to convince Mercury that she wasn't Mercurius. Unfornutely, Ami never met Mercurius, but she vows to try her best.