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By: Adam

Manga is a lively art form stigmatised by bad story lines, bad voice acting and lack of originality. ‘Oh My Goddess!’ does little or nothing to change this state of affairs, but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. What this series does have is high sentimentality, brilliant drawing and healthy humour.

I purchased the DVD mainly to improve my Japanese and it was fun to watch it without the subtitles, although I tended to only pick up on things like, ‘Daijobu’ (It will be alright) and ‘Migi e magatte kudasai’ (turn right please), but that’s more a comment on my progress in Japanese rather than the production itself, so we’ll leave that alone.

With the subtitles on, a really typical, mundane manga plot is revealed: a young boy, Morisato Keiichi, is having problems with his love life and all of a sudden in bursts Miss perfect, this time in the form of a goddess, named Belldandy (or Berudandi as you’ll hear repeatedly from old Keiichi-san). However, one girl is not enough, oh no, they have to have the crazy sisters too. One is a funk filled gal named Urd, who attempts to unite Belldandy and Keiichi in episode two, a ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the other is a quieter, but equally weird, girl called Skuld. So you end up with a situation abit like ‘Love Hina’, with all these crazy girls and a guy whose all like ‘ooh’ ‘ooh’ what should I do?’

This brings me on to my next point; way too much manga has a real perverted kinky thing going on somewhere beneath the surface. For instance, one of the girls comes out of a porno tape and we’re always getting close ups of breasts and legs. I’m not complaining, but there’s something masturbatory about all of it. If they’re going to do pornographic stuff do it properly- that’s why they made hentai right? Not that I’d know about that...

In conclusion, ‘Oh my goddess’ is a typical manga that provides that warm, fuzzy feeling but breaks no barriers whatsoever. Mata ne.

MorningBelles's Comments: Ah! Megami-sama is only 5 episodes long, and have a series called "Adventures of Mini-Goddesses", but the movie makes up for Adam's comments. No porno tapes anywhere. Plus, I happened to like the relationship between Belldandy and Keiichi. Very cute. I'm not sure about Urd, but Skuld is cool. I mean, she builds things. Almost like Washu from Tenchi Muyo, in my opinion. Again, the series is so-so.