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The Nimamon Saga

Chapter/ Episode


Nothing seen here has anything to do with seasons 1,2, or 3. Any digimon talked about here are not the same ones from the series. All of the characters here were made up by me. Nimamon (Who is a digimon but just looks human sometimes incase you’re confused... think of arukenimon and mummymon... one of those deals) and Josie were created by me for RPGs and if I ever get a scanner I’ll put up their pics so you can get a better Idea of what they look like. Enjoy!


A mysterious man sits in a dimly lit room staring at a map of the digital world on the wall. “My conquest of the digital world is almost complete. There are only a few areas left to conquer.” He says to himself. A creak is heard from across the room and the mysterious man jumps at the sound. A pointy eared digimon peaks his head in though the door. Trembling he asks “Mr... uhh... Nimamon... sir.... we have been getting some strange readings from the east. It seems some portal of sorts has opened there. I have some the readings here sir... would you like them?”
“DO NOT waste my time with this nonsense Veemon! Get out of my sight!”
The small Digimon jumped at the sound of this digimon’s voice and quickly shut the door. “Stupid Digimon! Doesn't he know I mustn’t be bothered by such information? I have important work to do!”
Veemon returned to the intelligence room of Nimamon’s HQ. Tapirmon sits at a computer staring at a screen that kinda looks like a seismograph with lines going up and down.
“So Veemon, how’d he take it?”
“I don’t think he even heard what I had to say, or if he did he didn't care. He just threw me out of there faster than you can say pikachu.”
“Figures, i know this mission is important, but with news like this... why, everything we’ve worked so hard to achieve could be for naught. We don’t know what this portal is for but it certainly can’t be anything good.”
“mmmm...” said Veemon in thoughtful agreement.

The Digiport

“Josie! Come here and lookie what I did!” A small voice is heard yelling down to the water from the beach. Josie turned to look to the direction from where she heard her name called. It was her 4 year old sister, Michelle. She sighed and pushed her way through the water back to the shore. When she got up to her family’s spot she grabbed a towel and walked over to her sister
“What did you drag me out of the water for?”
“Look at how big I made my sand castle!”
Josie forced herself to smile and say that it must be the most beautiful castle she had ever seen, even it it was just a pile of sand. She walked back to the blanket and pulled out a bologna sandwich. she stared at it with a doubtful look.... bologna..... what exactly is it made of, she thought to her self. She took a bite and shook her head.... bologna ..... she put it down on the paper plate next to her and placed her hands behind her to lean back. One hand landed on a stone. She jumped at the touch of the stone because it was not hot like the sand around it, it was actually rather cold. She picked it up. she thought to her self; what an odd shaped rock, I’ll go wash it off and give it to Michelle, she seems to revel in stupid things like this. Josie walked back to the waters edge. She placed it into the water but when the sand washed off she realized that it was not a rock, but a strange looking electronic device with a small screen and some buttons, something like she had never seen before. She tried pushing some of the buttons, but to no avail, the screen remained blank.
“hmmm... well I think I might keep this. It’s rather intriguing even if it doesn’t work.”
She held it in her hand and she walked down the beach. Se closed her eyes as she walked just feeling the warm sun on her face. She opened her eyes finally realizing that she would sooner or later smack right into someone traipsing around like that, but as she opened them,she realized something was drastically wrong! She looked about her and realized she wasn’t in Kansas anymore, or should I say California.
She gaped at the lush green surroundings that were NOTHING like the sandy beach she had been at just moments ago.
“Did I pass out or something? Where is everyone? I must be in a dream, but I’m not even sure I imagine something like this place in my wildest dreams”
For this place, although it looked quite similar to places on our earth, it was different..... just a different feel to it that one could only know if one were there, seeing it for oneself. Not knowing what else to to she saw a large rock and sat.... pinching herself hoping to wake up.


“I’m bored, Joey”
“No kidding, Amy, you must be the most boring person alive!”
“Hey! I resent that!” yelled Amy, giving him a good smack over the head.
“Hey! Hey! You know I’m only kidding, hun! Well you want to uhh... watch a movie?”
“You only have three movies, and we’ve watched them all 6 times!”
“No! Not true! I have four and we’ve only seen Aladdin twice!”
“Uhhhh.... how old are we Joey? Don’t you think 14 is just a little too old to be watching that stuff?”
“Hey! speak for yourself, I’ll never be too old for cartoons!”
“Whatever” said Amy.
The two sat in silence for a while before Amy finally spoke up. “How about we go for a romantic stroll?”
“Uhhh...*sweatdrop*... sure.... why... not?” Joey replied with a nervous laugh.
“Back to my house because it is getting kinda late and my parents told me to be home at a decent hour.”
“Oh, yeah sure”
Joey jumped up and grabbed her coat and her pocketbook for her.
“What do you keep in this bag? Rocks? It must weigh 15 pounds!”
“Oh, just a few little things.... you know for emergencies”
“Oh... uh.... yeah” He said as he handed it to her.
The two stepped out the door and down the steps. Amy grabbed Joey’s hand as they walked and the two walked hand in hand along the road towards her house a few blocks away. Joey looked over to the side and something caught his eye. He asked her to hold up a moment. She stood there looking up at him expecting something, a kiss, or an I love you or.... something... but instead he took her hand and pulled her towards some trees.
“Oh, Joey, you’re a sneaky one” she said giggling.
But instead she saw him bend down and pick something up off the ground.
“What do you make of this?” He showed her two shiny devices with a screen and a few buttons
“I don’t know, Joey, some little kid's toys, just leave ‘em” she replied rather annoyed that this was the reason he had stopped them.
“Here we’ll each keep one, they’re kinda neat looking don’t ya think?”
“Uh... Joey...” She said, pushing the buttons, “They don’t even work, look, nothing”
For indeed the screen was blank no matter what buttons were pushed.
“Well maybe the batteries are dead. C’mon we can check ‘em out at your house”
“Whatever” she replied
They began their stroll once again and all of a sudden, in front of them, something looked strange. They both stopped short. Everything was getting fuzzy.
“Joey.... do you see what I see?”
“I don’t know, what do you see?”
“It’s getting fuzzy... and greenish looking too.... I can’t even see the houses that were there a minute ago.”
Joey reached out his free hand while squeezing Amy’s hand so hard that if she hadn’t been so scared, she would have accused him of trying to break her bones. As he touched the air where it got fuzzy, the two were pulled in. They found themselves in a lush green forest. they looked around and then looked to each other.
“I’m really scared, Joey”
“It’s ok, I’m here”
“Well isn’t that comforting” She replied sarcastically. “Well what now?”
“Well what else to do? We explore”
Amy nodded her head and the two walked off into the forest.


As the two nervously walked through the woods,they looked ahead to see something rather unexpected. There was a girl sitting on a rock who looked more deathly afraid then they.
“Should we talk to her?” asked Amy
“Yeah, I think she might be in the same situation as we are” replied Joey.
Amy nodded her head and the two continued on to approach the girl. As they got closer they noticed that she wasn’t wearing much.
“Uhhh... is she.... naked?”
“No, but the poor thing is just in a bikini! She must be cold, the wind here isn’t exactly warm”
They approached her and seemed startled to see some one else there.
“What do you want?” Josie said, hugging her knees to her chest as the two approached.
“It’s ok, My name is Amy and this is my boyfriend Joey. How did you get here?”
“Why should I tell you?” Josie replied defensively.
“Well we just got sucked into this place, we just want to know if you know how to get us back to where we came from” Said Amy.
Josie relaxed a little realizing that these people were in the same position as she was.
“I was just at the beach! I closed my eyes for just a moment and I opened them and here I was! I just want to go home!” Josie began sobbing uncontrollably
“It’s ok, we’re gona get home just fine!” Amy said trying to calm this poor girl down, although somehow doubting the words she had just said.
“I’m sorry,” Josie said sniffling, “I don’t even know you, My name is Josie, by the way”
“Well Josie, lemme give you something that will probably cheer you up a little” Amy put her hand in her pocketbook, her arm clearly went into the bag much further than how deep the bag should have been, for it was not a very large bag.
“Ah, here they are! A nice tee-shirt and jeans for you”
Josie looked at Amy a little strangely, and then at the bag, but thanked her none the less, for wearing a beachwear in the forest is not exactly comfortable.
“Joey, turn around so she can change”
Joey obeyed and Josie pulled on the clothes. Josie was still crying and she wiped her nose on her shirt. While Amy was trying to calm Josie down, Joey heard something interesting. It sounded like a tiny voice.
“Guys, hush up for a minute, I think I hear something”
“Joey, be a little more considerate, this poor girl is sacred out of her mind and your worried about little noises” Amy replied automatically, but then after a moment thought, said “Wait, what kind of noises?”
“I don’t know....” He nervously replied
All three sat nervously waiting for something to happen. Then they heard the voice again.
“Was it just me or did it sound like my name?” Joey asked
“Yeah, kinda.... but I think it sounded more like Josie’s” Amy said
“Yeah.... is there someone else here too? It almost sounded like my sister” Said Josie.
All of a sudden through the brush a pinkish purple fuzz ball came bounding out. “JOSIE!” It cried out in its tiny voice
Josie jumped up and began to back away. The fuzz ball stopped.
“Josie! What’s wrong?” It asked
“Wha.... what are you?”
“I don’t know, I think I’m a digimon, but I do know my name is Demisorimon”
“Yes! Why do you look so scared? We’re friends!”
“I’ve never seen you before in my life... just get away from me!” Josie began to back up again as she said this.
“I’ve known you all my life! I think of you when I wake up, when I eat lunch and when I go to sleep... and then, when I’m asleep, i dream all night of the two of us going on adventures and laughing and playing and... well... I never dreamt that meeting you would be like this” And as he said the last part she noticed that its eyes were welling up with tears.
“How....” Josie started, but she could not stand to look into those eyes anymore, she walked up to it and picked it up gingerly and gave it a hug to comfort it. “I’m sorry...” She uttered, feeling inside of her that this little fuzz ball was right, she felt it now. There was something between them that she could not describe but she knew that their destinies were linked somehow.
“It’s ok, I forgive you” said Demisorimon “OH! hold on!” Demisorimon said leaping out of her grasp.
Demisorimon bounded back in to the brush and a few moments later with more small monsters.
The two stared rather confusedly at the little monsters. Then the two monsters jumped in to Joey and Amy’s arms almost simultaneously.
“Hi Joey! My name is Minomon!” Said the kinda caterpillar shaped monster that jumped into his arms.
“Amy! I’m so happy to finally see you! My name is Nyraromon” Said a yellow cat eared monster with a tail.


“Wha... What? It’s gone, that portal is gone!” Veemon suddenly said.
“What are you talking about? It was right there!” Tapirmon replied
“Well, it’s gone now. Look”
Veemon showed his charts to Tapirmon
“ya know,” Veemon said, “I think we need to check out what is going on over there, portals don’t just appear for no reason.”
Tapirmon agreed and the two sent a spy camera to investigate the area. What they saw shocked them. There were three humans and three little in-training digimon. Veemon got a sinking feeling in his stomach.
“Tapirmon, do realize how bad this is?”
“Yeah, there are some really funky looking Digimon over in the east.”
“No! Haven’t you ever heard the legends?”
“Yes, They say that when evil overtakes the digital world, there are creatures called humans that come from another world. They are given a Digimon and they restore the Digital world to the way it was. When I was just a kid I was always told how we needn’t worry because if anything bad happens, the ‘Digidestined’ will save us. They were like a hero to me!”
“I don’t see what you’re getting at....” Tapirmon said
“The problem is, the digital world must see us as a threat. I don’t know why, because we are only doing the digital world good, but those digidestined are going to stop us”
“We’re going to have to tell Nimamon about this problem...”
“yup, and guess whose turn it is!” Veemon said almost cheerfully.
Tapirmon took the video tapes and walked off grumbling to Nimamon’s office. He knocked at the door and a loud “WHAT!?!” was heard. Tapirmon slowly opened the door and stepped in.
“Nimamon. There are intruders in the east. We must do something about them, we believe they are going to try to stop us.”
“So go take care of them, why are you bothering me about it?” replied Nimamon agitatedly.
“Well, we believe they are very strong....”
“Show me, but quickly, there is much work to be done”
Tapirmon nodded and walked across the room and popped the video into the player. It showed the humans and their digimon.
“Are you kidding me? Is this some sort of joke? DO NOT waste my time again with this trivial information.”
“Sir, they are dangerous...” Tapirmon started
“Those humans have in-training digimon as their protection!!!!. Get out of my sight, if they bother you so much go and take care of them yourself, I should hope you two weaklings can take care of such pathetic digimon yourselves”
“Yes sir” Tapirmon gulped and quickly left the room leaving the video with Nimamon.
He returned to the intelligence room, and told Veemon what Nimamon had said.
“grrrrr.... he could of at least given us some digimon to fight with, We’d better be able to take on these Digidestined as well as he said.”
The two jumped into one of Nimamon’s jeeps and took off for the east in search of the digidestined.

‘This Can’t Be Real...’

“So, uh, guys,” Joey asked the digimon, “Why are we here?, actually where are we?” “You are right here, silly” replied Minomon. “Minomon, I think he wants to know where here is. Joey, This is the Digital world.” Nyraromon said. “What is the Digital World?” asked Amy. “It’s.... it’s.... a world... that is digital..... I guess.... Well, I’m not too sure really” Stated Nyraromon. “Ok then, what are we doing here?” pushed Joey. “You’re here to play with us!” Said Minomon and Demisorimon at the same time. “No guys! They are not here to play! They’re digidestined! They are here to fight!” Nyraromon said. “FIGHT?” Josie, Amy and Joey said all at once confusedly. “Yeah, fight... fight the evil.” replied Nyraromon “EVIL?” they said in the same tone. “Yes, evil” stated Nyraromon as they all, digimon and digidestined, stared at her for enlightenment. “There is evil in the digital world. They are here to stop it. Haven’t you seen the armies of digimon taking over towns all over the place?” “Well... not really....” replied Minomon “No....” replied Demisorimon. “You guys are so oblivious to everything. They are here to put a stop to all this.” said Nyraromon. “Ok, So we got sucked in to this ‘Digital World’ and we have these ‘digimon’ and we are supposed to fight this ‘evil’. Is anyone else as confused as I am?” said Amy. “I wouln’t do it. I’m not fighting for you. This is stupid. I’m out of here.” Josie stated. She turned and started to walk away. Demisorimon hopped after her. “Come back Josie!!” The tiny Digimon shouted after her, but she refused to listen. She began to run. She could not stand this anymore. She had to get out of this horrible dream..... this nightmare. ‘If I just keep running.... I’ll have to wake up.... this can’t be real.... ‘ She said to herself. She almost had herself convinced when she tripped and fell. She found she was unable to stand again, her ankle was twisted. “Owww....Owww.... This hurts too much....” She began to cry again.


Josie felt something brush up against her. It startled her and she looked up. Through the blurriness of her tears she saw a figure in front of her holding out a hand. “Let help you up” a man’s voice said. “I....I can’t... I think I twisted my....ankle” Josie said between sniffles. “Trust me. Let me help you up” the voice said. Josie held out her hand and stood up. Her twisted ankle was gone. “You’re better now. You’d better get back with you’re friends, this is not a safe time to be wondering here in this forest alone.” “Wait, who are you?” Josie asked brushing away the tears feeling rather embarrassed now. “My name is Genai” he replied. “Did you get sucked into this world too?” Josie asked him. “No, child, I am a part of this world.” Genai said. “I know you have many questions. Where are we? The digital world is a sort of alternate dimension. Removed from your world, but not all that far apart. Why are you here? You are here to save us. The enemy that Nyraromon spoke off? His name is Nimamon. He plans to take over this world. You know deep down that you must help save our world, please do not leave us.” “I... how do we....?” Josie started, but Genai had disappeared with a blink of an eye. “JOSIE! JOSIE! Where are you!?” Shouted a tiny voice. “DEMISORIMON?” Josie shouted out. “Where are you?” The tiny digimon hopped out from some bushes nearby. “Josie! I was so scared for you! What’s wrong?” “I.... I am just so confused. I’m sorry to frighten you like that. I swear I wouln’t do it again.” Josie replied. They worked their way back to the others. They were very happy to see Josie back. When they asked her what made her change her mind she just said she had a change of heart. She did not mention Genai. “We must fight this enemy. This world will be taken over if we don't help” “But what can we do?” said Joey. A rustling was heard in the bushes. A voice was heard. “You can leave or you can die.” Everyone turned to see two monsters who looked ready to fight. All three digimon jumped up and looked about as ready to fight as three fuzzballs can. “Who are you?” Shouted Amy. “My name is Veemon, and this is Tapirmon... Now, If you know what is good for you you will leave this world- now.” “Nimamon sent you didn’t he? Well, if you were wise, you would go back to him and tell him to watch out because we are here to stop him. You don’t want to know what we will do to you if you don’t leave us alone!” Josie shouted, hoping they would not question her bluff. Joey and Amy stared at her confusedly. “What are you doing???” wispered Amy into Josie’s ear “and who is Nimamon?” But before Josie could reply Veemon shouted “I’d like to see you and you’re little in-training digimon defeat us!” “You’re on!” squeeked all three digimon. “No! Don’t fight them!” Shouted Amy. “You’re too small!” Shouted Josie. “You have no legs! ” Shouted Joey. Josie heard a voice in her head just then. It said: ‘take out the digivice... It is the key!’. Josie was rather confused but the only thing she had with her was that metal thing she found at the beach. She pulled it out of her pocket and it started to beep. “Pull out your digivices! Quick!” Josie shouted at the other two. They both stared at her but when they saw the metal device in her hand they recognized it immediatly and pulled thiers out. They all started to beep, and infront of thier eyes thier digimon were transformed into larger monsters. The three not so small digimon began to atack Veemon and Tapirmon. In a few minutes both Veemon and Tapirmon were on the run. They jumped back into thier jeep and sped back to HQ.