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By: Angel

Type: Crossover

Featuring: Fushigi Yuugi, Tenchi Muyo

Summary: Angel D’Angelou begins her new life and adventures when she moves to Tokyo and meets Miaka. She meets and makes new friends and finds love where she least expects it.

Chapter One: Good Luck Angel


The sun shone through the pale blue painted window. A cool breeze blew through the window. Angel’s long light brown hair with beige highlights blew shiftily in the winds current. She stirred as the sunlight entered her room and shined onto her face.

     Another goodnight sleep interrupted I thought to myself. I opened my eyes slowly as my surroundings came into view. I was laying down in my bed for the last time. I was moving into the city tomorrow. I was really going to miss my friends and family. Ryoko phased through my bedroom floor. “What’s up sis?”, she said sitting on my bed. “Hey Ryoko”, I replied sitting up, “Tomorrow is the big day”. “Yea I know and I’m gonna miss you so much”, Ryoko said sadly. “I’ll always come visit when ever I can and you and mom can always come and visit whenever you want”, I said hoping to cheer her up a bit. “Besides Tenchi will be coming back when I leave”, I said smiling. Ryoko’s face lit up at the sound of Tenchi’s name. “I guess but I’m still gonna miss you”, she said hugging me. Me and Ryoko have been close ever since I moved in with her and the rest of the gang when I found she was my sister and Washu was my mother. “Ryoko you’re choking me”, I replied gagging. “Opps” sorry bout that, she said smiling. “Ryoko, Angel it’s time for breakfast!!!”, Sasami yelled up the stairs. “BREAKFAST!!!”, we both shouted as we both phased through the floor and right to the table. “It’s good to see you two so excited”, Sasami replied. Me and Ryoko smiled has Sasami handed us our food. We both dug in. Everyone was used to our manners by now. Ayeka looked from her plate to make a comment, but Sasami reminded her that today would be my last day with everyone. For the first time in a while Mom decided to have breakfast with us. “Good morning little Ryoko and little Angel”, she said has she sat down next to me. “Good morning mom”, we both replied quickly before returning to our plates. Washu smiled. “Angel when you’re finished I’d like you to come to my lab”, Washu said. I gulped my food down hard.”Why?”, I asked sounding nervous. “Just come” for your poor mother”, she replied. “Oh ok”, I said before getting up to follow her to the lab. We entered the lab. It was cold and dark but with a snap of Washu’s finger we appeared in the my favorite part of the lab, the study hall. There were so many books and videos and comfortable chairs where you could just relax, not to mention the Jacuzzi and large entertainment center that sits in front of it. I knew that we came here to discuss something deep or else we wouldn’t be in my favorite room. “O.K Mom, what is it that is so important that you have to bring me here?”, I asked turning around to face her, but Washu had already changed into her bathing suit and was relaxing in the Jacuzzi. “Come on in and join me”, Washu said patting the warm water. I quickly changed into my light blue bikini and phased into the warm, welcoming water. “O.K now what is it that you wanted to talk to me about?”, I asked relaxing into the water.”It’s... It’s about your father”, Washu lowered her head down. I stared at her in surprise. “I don’t want to have this conversation right now. I’m leaving tomorrow,” I replied sharply. “Angel I need to tell you something”.   I covered my ears so I wouldn’t have to hear Washu anymore. ‘I hate him, I hate him’, I said to myself. Until finally I couldn’t hold it in any longer. “NO!!!”, I screamed. With a wave my hand all the water in the Jacuzzi violently speeded toward Washu. The giant wave washed over her and before she knew it the water stopped and I had disappeared. “Angel”, Washu whispered as tears formed in her eyes. I quickly phased outside the house and flew toward my favorite hiding spot, the place where I could get away. I landed on a near by tree. My normally light brown eyes had changed to their true, original color, light blue. Soon rivers of tears were pouring from my eyes. ‘Why would she bring him up now that I’m leaving. She knows that I don’t know anything about my father or who he even is’, I said to myself.


 Meanwhile inside Washu’s lab, tears of sadness flowed from the green eyes of the red haired genius. They silently dropped to the cold, hard floor. She felt awful about what happened and felt guiltily. Just than Washu felt Ryoko enter the room.

“Hey Washu, what’s up?”, Ryoko said just than she noticed Washu had been crying. “What happened?”, Ryoko asked concerned. Using their mental link Washu played the events in her mind as Ryoko watched silently. Washu began to cry again. “Washu I’m sure she didn’t mean anything by it. She’ll get over soon, just give her sometime”, Ryoko said trying her best to comfort Washu. Ryoko held Washu in her arms as she cried aloud, releasing all her pain she had bottled up for so long.

Angel’s hair began to blow in the wind as her blue eyes glowed in the night. As she stared up in anger at the sky the light breeze that blew quickly changed to a harsh, sift current that tore through the sky. Right above the tree Angel sat on a violet storm appeared out of nowhere and blew rapidly in the night. The trees blew in the wind and debris circled the tree.

Ryoko phased outside of Washu’s lab when she heard thunder. ‘Oh no, Angel’, Ryoko thought as she quickly phased outside and flew off into the direction the wind was coming from. Soon enough Ryoko arrived at the very heart of the storm. “Angel stop this!!!”, Ryoko screamed, “Angel, Angel!!!”. As I sat there on the tree I heard a faint voice calling my name. It was Ryoko. I was so caught up in my anger that I had lost control over my power. I felt the power of Ryoko’s gems trying to move closer toward me. I could hear her calling my name, but I couldn’t see her. I had been swallowed up my anger that I couldn’t see anything, just darkness. I felt the rain pierce my light brown, caramel skin. It was so cold. “Angel”, I heard my name again, but this time it was Washu. “Mom?”, I asked questioning the voice. “Yes it’s me sweety, I’m sorry that I upset you. If you don’t want to talk about it than we won’t. I thought you would want to know the truth. But if it means causing you so much pain we can forget about the whole thing. Just stop the storm”. “Mom I’m scared. I can’t see anything”, I replied beginning to panic. “Just follow my voice, Angel”, Washu replied screaming over the howling winds. I began to move toward Washu’s voice as she repeated my name over and over until I could feel the power of Ryoko’s gems near by. Just than the raging wind ceased and the storm disappeared as I found myself in the safe, comforting arms of Ryoko and Washu. I felt tears forming in the corner of my eyes but I tried to hold them back. “It’s O.K Angel. You’re safe now”, Washu whispered softly in my ear. Soon the tears I had tried to hold back came streaming down my face. I felt Washu brushing my hair as she rocked me back and forth. “Let’s get you home”, Ryoko said softly as she lifted me up. I put my arm around her neck as we flew off to the house. Washu was already waiting on the porch and had blankets for us. She threw a blanket around me. As we entered the house it was pitch black and very quiet. Washu leaned over to the wall to turn on the lights and as she did everyone jumped out of their hiding spaces and yelled surprise. I was so surprised. I screamed excitedly. “Thanks you guys”, I said as I sat down on the couch. Sasami had made all my favorite American foods: fried chicken wings, french fries, hot dogs, mac and cheese, and my favorite desert: cheesecake. “Wow Sasami, you’ve really outdone yourself”, I replied hovering over the food. “Thanks”, she replied giggling. “But before we start the party there is another surprise”, Yosho said opening the door. “What?”, I asked excitedly. “SURPRISE!!!”, Tenchi yelled as he threw his arms around me and gave me a great big hug. Ryoko looked at me, her eyes growing big. A huge sweat drop formed on my forehead. “I’m so glad you could make it Tenchi”, I said letting him go. Just as I did Ryoko phased behind Tenchi and wrapped her arms around his neck. “I’m glad you came”, she purred seductively in Tenchi’s ear. “You let go of him this instant Ryoko”, Ayeka replied putting her arm around Tenchi, “Tenchi and I were destined to be together”. “Oh get over it princess, Tenchi belongs to me”, Ryoko said pulling Tenchi away from Ayeka. A giant sweat drop formed on Tenchi forehead. “Come on now ladies, we’re here to wish Angel good luck when she moves. Let’s not ruin it,” Tenchi said easing his way out of Ryoko and Aeyka’s grip. “Yea, Tenchi is right”, Sasami said scorning Ayeka and Ryoko. Everyone laughed. “O.K let’s get this party started”, Washu said as Ludicrous Saturday played over the speakers. Everyone began to dance and sing the song. Other songs came on like Grindin, Hero, Full Moon, and lots more. After awhile of singing and dancing we all sat down at the table to eat dinner. I dove right in taking seconds of everything. We all sat around the table laughing and talking. Even Yosho came to join us which meant a lot to me. I thanked him for coming. Soon enough it was 12:00 a.m and Sasami had fallen asleep. I took her upstairs and tucked her in for the night. Tenchi  also hit the sack and Yosho went back up the shrine. So it was just me, Ryoko, Washu, Ayeka, Kyone, and Myhoshi. “So are you excited?”, Ayeka asked. “Yea, but than again I’m gonna miss all of you”, I said. “Well, we all brought a little something for you to take with you to remember us by”, Kyone said pulling out a gift. “Awwww, thanks”, I replied tearing up in my eyes. I opened Kyone and Myhoshi’s  gift. It was a 14k gold, crafted necklace that had best friends written in white gold. I hugged both of them tightly. “Thank you”, I replied. “O.K here is my present”, Ayeka said handing me a cherrywood box with a gold trimming. I opened the box. It was a jewelry box. Inside was a hand crafted juraian crown. It was similar to Aeyka’s. “Now you are apart of the Jurai Royal Family”, Ayeka said. “Thank you Ayeka”, I replied as we hugged. “O.K it’s my turn”, Ryoko said pulling out a bag. She handed it to me. I pulled out a silky, light blue nightgown. It was trimmed with lace around bust line and the bottom of it. I phased into it. The gown was skin tight and came up to my thighs. “I thought, since you’ll be moving into the city, you’ll have a lot of ‘company’”, Ryoko said slyly. I laughed,| “Thanks sis”, I replied giving her a hug. “And now it’s my turn”, Washu said. She opened up a portal and pulled out a cabbit who looked similar to Ryo-oki. “Her name is Ayo-oki. She is Ryo-oki’s sister and you’re her owner now”, Washu said letting Ayo-oki go. She hopped over to me and landed on my lap. “Hello cutie”, I said smiling down at her. “Meow”, she replied happily. “Thank you mom”, I said giving Washu a huge bear hug. “Well we better check in for now. Tomorrow is gonna be a big day”, Washu said. We all decided to sleep downstairs together since this would be my last night there. Everyone fell fast asleep. “We have a big day ahead of us Ayo-oki”, I whispered to the sleeping cabbit, “Good night”.

Chapter Two: The Big Day (Good Night Visitor)


The smell of breakfast filled the household. A light breeze blew through house carrying the smell toward Angel. Ayo-oki squirmed in Angel’s arms. Angel opened her eyes.

I smelled the food Sasami was cooking. I jumped up and headed toward the kitchen. “No breakfast until you get dressed and take a shower”,Sasami said, “Washu’s orders”. “That Washu”, I said grumbling as I phased into the onesen. I gently landed in the welcoming warm water. It was so comforting. Today was the big day. After a bit more relaxing I phased to my room. It wasn’t empty. all my old things were still in there and Washu had moved my new furniture and clothes into the house already, but the room felt so empty. I phased into my short, skin tight, jean mini skirt with matching jean jacket and a tight, white belly shirt that had “phat baby” written in baby blue. “Perfect”, I said to myself. I pulled my long, light brown hair with beige highlights out of its pony tail and let it flow down pass my shoulders. I phased downstairs to see everyone waiting for me. “Sorry I took so long”, I said sitting down. I grabbed some pancakes, bacon, and rice cakes. I dove into my plate. When I was finished everyone said their last good byes to me. Sasami cried and begged me not to leave, but I told her that she could come visit me anytime since Washu had put a portal in my room like the one Tenchi has. After a while she stopped crying and than I gave everyone a hug. “Call us as soon as you get there”, Washu said giving me a bear crushing hug. “I will mom”, I replied trying to breath. I called Ayo-oki and she turned into her spaceship form. She beamed me up and in a few moments we were gone. “Let’s go Ayo-oki”, I replied as we pulled off. In just a matter of minutes we arrived in Tokyo. The city was beautiful. I phased in front of the door to my home while Ayo-oki stood next to me. I opened the door for the first time. It was perfect. “Mom did a good job huh Ayo-oki”, I said. “Meow Meow”, Ayo-oki replied smiling. All my things had been placed neatly just the way I wanted. I opened the bath room door. A huge onesen was placed inside. “Thanks mom?, I said through our mental link. “Hey I’ve got an idea Ayo-oki, let’s go site seeing.”. “Meo meow”, Ayo-oki replied. We both headed for the door. As I locked the door I felt someone watching me. I turned around. ”Hi neighbor”, a girl about my age said. “Oh hello”, I replied smiling. “My name is Miaka. Nice to meet you!” “Angel, Angel D’Angelou”, I said shaking her hand. “Wow you have a cool name. Hey you want me to show you around?”, Miaka asked excitedly. “Sure why not”, I replied. We both walked down the cemented pathway and headed down the street. Miaka and I talked as she showed me around the city. Miaka was nice and friendly. I could tell we would become good friends. Later on in the evening we stopped by a restaurant. “Thanks for showing me around Miaka”, I said. “No prob. Besides we’ll be classmates and everything. I can’t wait for you to meet my best friend Yui. She’ll like you.”, Miaka said all in one breath. “Ummm| right”, I replied. After awhile it started to get late and I had to get home and get ready for school. Miaka and I caught a cab home. “Well I’ll see ya tomorrow”, Miaka replied heading toward her house. “O.K Miaka! Good night”, I shouted back as she disappeared into her house. “She’s nice don’t you think Ayo-oki?, I asked looking down at her. Ayo-oki yawned. I laughed at the poor tired cabbit. “O.K let’s get you to bed Ayo-oki”, I said as I opened the door. I phased into the nightgown Ryoko had brought me and into the matching robe. Just than the phone rang. “Hello”, I said into the phone. “I told you to call us or did you forget about us already?”,Washu replied. I began to laugh. “Hi mom”, I said still laughing. I witched to the monitor. Washu’s face appeared on the screen and Ryoko in the background. “Hey Angel. Sleep with any cute guys yet?”, Ryoko asked smiling. “Ryoko”, I replied blushing, “I’m only 16 and you know I’m virgin”. “You’re 16 in human years, but you know you’re like 2000 years old”, she replied reminding me just exactly how old I really was. “O.K O.K., I replied as a sweat drop formed on my forehead. “Well let’s hope that it’s soon because I want some grandchildren”, Washu replied. I began to blush an even brighter red. “Mom!”, I replied. Washu and Ryoko began to laugh. “Well good luck at school tomorrow even though you won’t need it”, Ryoko said. “Good night Angel”, Washu replied. “Good night sis, good night mom”, I said waving as I hit the off button. Just before I was about to phase into my room there came a knock at my front door. I swung it open only to see Miaka and another girl with blonde hair at my door. “Hey Angel. This is the girl I was talking to you, my best friend, Yui. “Hi”, she replied at the sound of her name. “Hi Yui. I’m Angel”, I said putting on my friendliest smile. She smiled back. I noticed they were in their night clothes. “Why are you guys in your night clothes?”, I asked. “Ummm, well my older brother locked us out my house and we don’t have anyplace to go”, Miaka explained a little embraced. “Don’t say another word”, I said silencing her, “You two are welcome here anytime”. I opened the door wider so they could come in. “Your house is really nice”, Yui said looking around. “Thanks”, I replied sitting down on the couch. “We can all sleep in the entertainment room”, I said leading them there. I opened the door, their eyes grew wide at how much room was inside the room. “WOW”, they both said at the same time. I pulled out the sleeping bags and sat them on the floor. We made ourselves comfortable and talked for awhile. “So Angel, do you have a boyfriend?”, Yui asked. “Nope”, I replied, “I just don’t have the time”. But I knew I was lying. The real reason was because I didn’t wanna get hurt by any guy. I never really fell in love with any guy before I didn’t plan on it either. “Anyway it’s getting late. We should go to bed now”, I replied snuggling under the sleeping bag. “Yea, you’re right”, Miaka replied. Soon after that Miaka and Yui fell asleep. “Well so far I’ve made two new friends and I go to school tomorrow. Not bad for the first day in the city huh Ayo-oki?”, I asked the sleeping cabbit as I pet her. Sleep soon got the best of me and I felt my eyes getting heavy.

Far in the distance of the room lurking in the shadows was a figure dressed in an elegant attire. It drifted over and hovered over Angel as she slept. “Good night my little angel”, the voice spoke softly.

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