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Chapter Three: The Adventures Begin (No need for Tamahome)   


The sunlight shone through the window. Angel, Miaka, and Yui awoke to the sound of a annoying alarm clock going off. Miaka instantly got up and so did Yui. They began to get ready as Angel slept on. Ayo-oki was awoken by alarm clock and began to meow loudly to wake Angel. Angel opened her eyes. Her vision bury for she just had awoken from a dream.

I opened my eyes as my vision became clearer. I had just woken up form the weirdest dream. I had to tell someone about it. Miaka and Yui came in to wake me up but I already was. “You better get dressed”, Yui replied. I hadn’t told them about my power yet, but I would later. “O.K”, I said getting up. I went into my room and locked the door. I quickly phased into my navy blue tims, tight, dark blue mini skirt and dark blue, white, and baby blue halter top. I opened my door and saw  Miaka and Yui at the breakfast table. “I gotta tell you two this weird dream I had last night”, I replied sitting down. “O.K”,Yui said. “We’re all ears”, Miaka replied stuffing a rice cake in her mouth. “I was surrounded by fire and a giant phoenix appeared and turned into a man. He called me his little angel. Than he disappeared. When he disappeared the fire froze and another man came into view. He was naked and so was I. He wrapped his arms around me and told me he loved me. He had the most beautiful hazel eyes and long light brown hair. Than I woke up”, I said running out of breath. “Wow”, Miaka replied still eating rice cakes. “It sounds like something about your past will be revealed and you’ll find your true love”, Yui said seriously. “That’s what I thought it could mean”, I replied shocked. “Hey we’e gonna miss the bus”, Miaka said stuffing one more rice cake in her mouth. We all ran out the door and headed for the bus stop. We barely made it. As I walked onto the bus everyone grew quiet. “Hey babe”, a guy with blue eyes and blonde hair replied. I smiled slyly and sat down next to him. “What’s you’re name”, he asked slyly. “Angel”, I replied seductively. “You look like an angel, my name is Gene, Gene Matthew”. I talked with Gene awhile than I went to go sit back with Miaka and Yui. “Wow you’ve got guts”, Miaka said as I sat down. “Yea he’s the coolest gut in the school”, Yui added. “I’m just gifted”, I replied laughing. We all burst out into laugher as the yellow bus pulled up in front of Orange-High. Miaka, Yui, and I had all the same classes. At the end of the day we met at the library to work on a project we had due. We looked through all the sections with old texts and scriptions. “Hey you guys look at this old book I found”, Miaka said calling me and Yui. As we sat down Miaka began to read the first paragraph. “What does it mean?” I asked. Just then we were sucked into the book and transported into another dimension. We landed in the middle of nowhere in what looked like a dessert region. “What happened?”, Miaka asked dazed. “I think we were transported inside the book into another dimension”, I replied sounding like Washu. Just than 5 ugly guys appeared. “Well, well, well look boys. We’ve found a couple of cuties to sale on the slave market”, the leader replied to his gang. “Oh no you don’t, I said moving into the defense mode. “I like this one, she’s sassy”, he said moving closer. Before I could kick his ass a guy who looked to be around 18 with teal colored hair appeared. “Who the hell are you?”, one of the guys asked. He didn’t speak, he just attacked. Soon enough they were all laid out on the ground. “Thank you”, Miaka said looking dreamily at the guy. He looked at me as if I were to say thank you. “Yea, whatever”, I replied smartly. He smiled at me and I rolled my eyes at him. I turned toward Yui who had began to disappear. “Yui!”, I screamed. “Miaka! Angel!”. But it was to late, she was gone. I turned back to the guy. “Can you help us find a place to stay the night?”, I asked him. “Well you’ll have to pay me first for saving your lives than pay for helping you”, he replied. “What the hell are you?! Some tour guide?!”, I yelled at him. “Well if you don’t want my help I’ll leave”, he said turning his back and walking away. “No wait!!! We need help!!! Don’t leave us out here!!!”, Miaka yelled after him. I could survive this weather but Miaka wouldn’t last 30 minutes without water. “O.K wait!!!”, I yelled as ran up to him with Miaka trailing behind me. “I digged into my pocket and took out a small back pouch. I reached in and pulled out 2 dimonds. “I’ll give you both of these for saving our lives and for helping us if you do”, I said. He pulled out his hand  and I let one dimand drop in. “You’ll get the other one after you assist us,” I replied. “You’re very smart”, he said smiling, “By the way my name is Tamahome and you two are?”. “I’m Miaka”. “And my name is Angel”, I replied. “Well looks like we’re partners for today,” Tamahome replied as he started walking. Miaka walked close by Tamahome as they talked and I walked behind them. I liked being alone, all myself, ‘And so my adventure begins’, I said to myself.   

Chapter Four: All things are Revealed (No need for Hotohori)


The busy streets of Konan. People line the corners as they shop and trade. Children play in the middle of streets while the less fortunate work to provide for their families. As Tamahome, Miaka, and Angel enter the city seems to stop and watch silently as they gaze upon these new and strangely dressed visitors: Angel and Miaka. Men gaze upon the two has they pass by and women make scornful comments. Miaka overlooks this, but Angel on the other hand looks at them with her cold, heartless stare.

“These people really like to stare”, I whispered to Miaka. “Nah. They never have seen us before, that’s all”, Miaka replied friendly. “Well I don’t like it”, I said under my breath. Tamahome whined us through the crowed streets as he led us to a hotel to stay at. Miaka walked near Tamahome gazing at him with stars in her eyes. “She must really like him”, I said to myself as I trailed close behind them by myself. As we walked through Konan’s streets I noticed lots of bars and clubs. I’d have to check them out later. Than I thought of Ryoko, ‘She’d love this place’. Before we knew it we had arrived at the Grand Konan Hotel. It was huge. It must be where all the rich people stayed. It was a good thing I had those dimands in my pocket or else we would be in trouble. The hotel sat right next to the emperor's empire. “Wow Tamahome. This place is beautiful”, Miaka said grabbing his hand and pulling him inside. I swore that I saw him blushing. I smiled at the thought of Miaka and Tamahome together. They would make a cute couple I thought.

“Come on Angel!”, Miaka shouted pulling me out of my thoughts. I ran to meet her at the door. “Tamahome is making reservations and guess what?!”, Miaka said excitedly, “He said that he’ll take us all around the city for free and that he’ll stay in the hotel with us!”. “So you used some of your charm on him huh? Well you two will make a cute couple”, I replied teasingly. Miaka began to blush. “Hey you two, let’s go”, Tamahome called to us. “I’ll meet you two later. I wanna go check the bars and clubs”, I told them. “Are you sure? There are a lot of perves out there”, Tamahome replied. “I’ll be fine”, I said walking out the door. I wondered the streets for awhile until I found what I was looking for. A bar where all the bad asses hung out. I opened the door swiftly. As I enter the room everyone grew quiet. One man started howling like a wolf. I smiled my bad ass smile slyly in his direction. I guess they could tell by my smile that I wasn’t one to mess with and soon everyone went back to their business. I sat down at the bar counter and slammed my fist on the table and demanded a drink. “She’s hot”, I heard someone say. “Yea she acts like she’s a regular bandit”, another said. “What can I get for you?” “The name’s Angel”, I replied. “Alright Miss Angel, what can I get for you?”, the bar tender asked nicely. “The best that you’ve got here”, I replied slyly. “Alright, but it’s your funeral”, he said joking. I smiled at him. “What’s your name?”, I asked as he made my drink. “Henry”, he said handing it to me. “Well Henry” bottoms up”, I replied gulping down my drink within 2 seconds. “Thanks”, I said paying and leaving the bar. “Come back soon, cutie!”, a guy yelled. I turned back and smiled. I headed back toward the hotel, but I didn’t go inside. Instead I went to the hotel’s garden. It was empty, but I felt some strange energy nearby. I phased right to the center of it and walked around.

Meanwhile in Konan’s kingdom, The wind blew softly blowing the emperor's long, light brown hair. His hazel eyes seemed to be searching for something or someone. That’s when he saw a young girl walking in the garden.

“How did she manage to make into my garden?”, Hotohori asked, ‘I will go see what’s going on here’. Hotohori swiftly made his way into the garden and searched for the girl he had seen earlier.

I felt the energy coming closer. I grew really nervous. I turned quickly around to find a young man staring at me. He looked familiar. Than I realized he was the guy from my dream.

Hotohori stared at Angel. He had seen her before, in his dreams. “Could this be the woman I was destined to be with? Has Suzaku sent her already?”, Hotohori asked himself.

“Who are you?”, I asked breaking the silence, “And why are you staring at me?”. “I was going to ask you the same thing. This is my garden. How did you manage to slip past the palace guards?”, the man asked. “Ummm... I just walked in”, I said. I knew it wasn”t the whole truth but it was close enough. “I see. My name is Hotohori. And what is your name?”, Hotohori asked. “My name is Angel”, I replied smiling. “Angel, that name suits you”, Hotohori replied smiling just a little. I felt my cheeks grow hot. I knew I was blushing. ‘What are you doing?!’, I asked myself. I shouldn’t be blushing. I was an ex-space pirate. Hotohori’s smile grew a little wider as he saw me blush. He too began to blush a lightly colored red on his cheeks. Just then one of the palace guards ran up to Hotohori. “Your Majesty. We’ve found her, Suzaku’s chosen one.”, the guard replied out of breath. “Your Majesty?”, I said shocked looking at Hotohori. “I’ll explain later, but for now come with me”, Hotohori said grabbing my hand and leading me out of the garden and into the palace. We arrived in the meeting room of the palace. It was beautiful. I saw Tamahome and Miaka sitting down on the chairs. “Hey Angel. How did you get in here?”, Miaka asked. “You know her?”, Hotohori asked shocked. “Yea, O.K excuse my language but what the hell is going on? And who the hell is Suzaku? And what does that have to do with Miaka?”, I asked confused by the situation. “I’ll explain”, Hotohori replied, “I am the emperor of this country, Konan. Our country is under the north part of the universe. This universe is under the ruling of Suzaku, a phoenix god. At this time our country is at war with another country who is part of the south corner of the universe and is ruled by the blue dragon god, Seiryuu. Your friend Miaka is Suzaku No Miko. She is the one who will save our country by calling on Suzaku’s name and he will grant her wishes. Along with Miaka will be 7 Seishi, Knights chosen by Suzaku to protect her and I am one of them and so is he”, Hotohori said pointing to Tamahome. “Well, looks like the secrets out”, Tamahome said standing up. He lifted his hair out of the to reveal a symbol on his forehead. “This is sooooo cool!”, Miaka said excitedly. I just looked at her. “So what do we do now?”, I asked Hotohori who seemed to know all the answers. “I don’t know. I suppose we rest for a week or so and begin to search for the other missing Seishi”, he replied. “Good idea”, Tamahome replied heading out the door. Miaka followed him out the door. “Those two are something else”, I said shaking my head. Hotohori looked upset at the comment I had made. “What? Did I say something to upset you?”, I asked sitting down on a chair. “No. It’s just that I had hoped... Nevermind. It’s not that important anymore. She’s seems to be taken by him, Hotohori replied sadly. “What are you talking about?”, I asked confused. Than I thought for second about what he had just said and I knew exactly what he was talking about. Now I was in a bad mood. I thought Hotohori liked me. I should have known better than to fall for him. He’s one of those pretty boys who don’t give a damn about anyone, but themselves. “You mean Miaka and Tamahome”, I replied smartly while I stared out the window. “I’m sorry if I offended you Angel”, Hotohori said softly. By that time I really didn’t give a damn what he was saying. “I’m sure you didn’t. You’re just like the rest of them.”, I said coldly. I guess he could tell I was really pissed off cause he moved closer to me. “Why wont you look at me?”, he asked sounding hurt. “Maybe because when I look at you, you remind me of all the other assholes who have used me!”, I replied raising my voice just a little as I continued to stare out window. “I’m sorry”, Hotohori replied in a soft, hurt voice as he lowered his head. I looked over at him. “Why are you hurt? I should be the one hurt. So stop acting like a bitch and take this like a man That’s what I had to do all my life. No one to love, no one to hold at night, nothing but darkness”, I replied as I remembered those days in space before I had found Washu and Ryoko. “Love is for the weak. And I’m strong. I don’t need anyone”, I said coldly. “How can you say that? Try living my life. My mother and everyone around me used me because I was the heir to the throne. I had no one to love and no one to love me. I took the throne when I was 14. I thought that when Suzaku No Miko came she would love me and we would live together forever, but that’s not the case. Suzaku has someone for me, Hotohori said. “And how do you know that?”, I asked harshly. “Because I’ve seen her in a dream”, Hotohori answered softly. Than it hit me. Hotohori must be the guy in my dream. “In the dream are you surrounded by frozen fire?”, I asked quietly. Hotohori looked up at me in surprise than his eyes grew softer. I looked into his eyes. They were a hazel. Hotohori moved even closer to me until our faces were inches away. I felt my cheeks burning a bright red. I bent my head down so he couldn’t see me blushing, but it was to late. He had already seen it. I heard him laugh a little until I felt the heat from his hand touch my light brown skin. He titled my head so that our eyes met. I felt him breathing as he moved closer and our lips met for the first time. It felt like it lasted forever, but it was only for 5 minutes. I pulled away reluctantly to catch my breath. I smiled slyly and I was rewarded as Hotohori blushed a light shade of red. I laughed than pulled him closer for another kiss. Just before we did Miaka burst into the room. “Guess what?...” She paused as she put together what was happening. “Awwww... how sweet”, Miaka said sweetly. “What were you about to say?”, I asked changing the subject. “Me and Tamahome were walking around when we ran into another one of my Seishi and now all we need is to find  4 more”, Miaka said happily. “Well that’s good news,” Hotohori replied. “Yea so who is it?, I asked. Miaka swung open the door.“Nuriko!?”, Hotohori asked surprised.

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