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Chapter Five: Meet the Bandits (No need for Nuriko and Tasuki)


Everyone stared at Hotohori and Nuriko. Everything was happening so fast. Angel stared at Hotohori

“O.K now what the hell is going on?!”, I shouted out loud. “Nuriko lives in my palace”, Hotohori said. I looked closer at Nuriko. Something wasn’t right about her. She didn’t seem like the type to be a Seishi. So far all of Miaka’s Seishi were men. Than it hit me. Nuriko is really a man. I decided to talk to HIM about it later. I’m sure the others didn’t know. “Welcome to the gang”, I said standing up to shake Nuriko’s hand. “Thank you Angel”, he replied. “Wow this great! Now all we need is 4 more!”, Miaka said excitedly. Nuriko looked around at everyone. His gaze stopped at me. I wondered if he could sense my energy. I gulped. He made that I know your secret face at me. I felt a sweat drop form on my fore head. “Well now that we’ve all met I’m hungry”, Tamahome replied as his stomach growled. “Thank God for Tamahome”, I said to myself. “Than let’s go eat”, I said walking toward the door. Hotohori grabbed my hand. “What are you doing?”, I asked him quietly as we walked out the room. “I am not permitted to hold your hand?”, he asked. I blushed. I heard Miaka awww.... in the background. I swear when we’re alone I was going to kill her”

The sun began to set over Konan. The street lights were turned on. And the city burst with life in the middle of the day. Angel, Hotohori, Miaka, Tamahome, and Nuriko walked the streets of the city.

The city was so beautiful at this time of the day. I held onto Hotohori’s hand tightly. Miaka hung on Tamahome’s arm. Those two were meant for one another I thought. Nuriko walked by himself so I let go of Hotohori’s hand and jumped onto Nuriko and put my arm around his neck. He smiled. I’d thought you’d like some company”, I said teasingly. Nuriko laughed, “Yea I was getting lonely all by myself”, he said putting his around my neck. I looked at Hotohori to see if he was watching. he was, but he didn’t seem to mind Nuriko hanging on me because Hotohori had no idea that Nuriko was, in fact, a guy. I laughed to myself. If only Hotohori knew that Nuriko was a man. he’d be in defense mode the whole entire night. “So when are you gonna tell the others about your secret?”, I asked looking at him. “How did you know?”, Nuriko asked shocked. “I just knew. It wouldn’t make sense for you to be the only girl that is a Seishi and thus far they are all guys," I replied sounding like Washu again. I wondered what they were up to.

Back at the Misaki residence

“Where could Angel be?” Washu thought to herself. “She’s in Konan”, a deep male voice said softly. “So did you plan that or did it just happen?... Nevermind I know you planned it”, Washu replied to the voice. “You can still use your link with her to communicate. I know how worried you can get”, the voice said as it laughed lightly. “Well I won’t use it. She needs to find out on her own. Besides when I tried to tell her about it she lost it. I don’t want to cause her anymore pain than you already have by not telling her the truth!”, Washu said raising her. “Don’t be angry with me Washu. I thought this would be easier for me and her. I want her to know the truth and I thought by taking her to Konan would be easier”, the voice replied sternly. “And what of the boy?... Hotohori? Was he part of your plan as well?”, Washu asked angrily. “No, I only did what Tsunami will do with Tenchi and Ryoko. They’re paths were meant to cross and become one. Just as it will be with Tenchi and Ryoko. I have only made it so that they meet. Whatever happens will happen,” the male voice said. “And when do you plan to reveal yourself to her and tell her the truth about who and what she is? She is my daughter too and I care about what happens to her. Unlike you. You’ve never been a father to her”, Washu retorted. “I know this, but you have to understand I am a god as you once were and I have a duty to play my part,” the voice replied trying to reason with Washu. “You also had and still have a duty to her own daughter and yet you’ve denied her this since the day she was born! What kind of father are you?!”, Washu shouted. The man lowered his head. “I suppose I am a terrible father”, said the man sadly, “But I will try my best to become apart of her life. I am sorry that I caused you and Angel so much grief. It was not my intention”. “She’s 16 now. Well 2000 years old now and you’ve missed those years, but I believe that you still have a chance for REALLY be a father to her”, Washu replied lowering her voice, “I only hope that you tell her soon.” “I will do my best Washu”.

Meanwhile in Konan

“So Angel why haven’t you told anyone about your powers?”, Nuriko asked. “I don’t know. It really isn’t a big deal because you and the other Seishi possess powers too. I guess it’s time to come out of my shell”, I replied. “Well I think you should tell them”, Nuriko said. Just than I heard Miaka screaming.  I ran up to where she had been walking when I was lifted up from the ground by some guy. He had orange hair. “Let her go”, Hotohori stated calmly. “I don’t think so”, the bandit replied. I looked over to the left to see Miaka hulled over another bandit’s back. “Come on Tasuki let’s get out of here”, the other bandit said. Suddenly the two bandits took off with me and Miaka. I screamed for Hotohori. He followed closely behind us running as fast as he could. Tamahome and Nuriko were behind him. I could’ve used my powers but I didn’t. I didn’t want the rest of them to know just yet. Before I knew it I was hurled to the ground and Hotohori  and Tamahome were in battle with the bandits. Moments later the battle was over. The one bandit named Tasuki was captured, but the other one had escaped. I noticed a strange energy force coming from Tasuki. “Wait, he’s the other Seishi”, I replied. Nuriko searched Tasuki for the symbol and he had found it. “Well, well, well. Looks like our one of us”, Nuriko replied releasing Tasuki. “That doesn’t mean I have to be nice to you”, he said with a smirk. After Tasuki introduced himself all 6 of us headed for a restaurant. We got in free since Hotohori was with us. I watched Tasuki as he ordered a drink. I than ordered some nice warm sake. “So you drink too huh babe?, Tasuki asked slyly while smiling at me. Hotohori looked so mad. “Yea I do and so what?”, I asked smartly. “Oh a sassy one huh? Well I like my woman sassy”, Tasuki replied grinning. Miaka began to blush which really pissed off Tamahome. Tasuki’s grin widened as he looked at Miaka. “Well it’s to bad you DON’T get many women”, I said smartly. “Well don’t we have a mouth. You know it could be put to much better use”, Tasuki replied laughing. I saw Hotohori reaching over to punch Tasuki but before he could I punched him while adding a bit of my power right in his the face. Everyone looked at me with shocked gazes on their faces as Tasuki hit the ground. He too was shocked. “Serves you right you little asshole. I won’t sit here and take your bull shit!”, I yelled as Tasuki got up from the ground. “Who the hell do you think you are?! Nobody hits me like that!”, he replied. “Well next time watch your damn mouth!!!”, I screamed so loud that it silenced everyone even Tasuki. He stared at me for a moment than a grin crossed his lips. He put his arm around me. “You are true bad ass. Not fucking bad. I didn’t think you had it in you,” he said laughing. I laughed along with him. “Sorry about your nose. Guess I went overboard”, I replied. Everyone stared at us. “O.K someone explain to me what is going on?”, Tamahome asked. “Well all true bandits and outlaws test each other by arguing to see if they are really bad at heart”, I explained sounding like my mom again. “It's tradition”, Tasuki added. We both took our seats and began to eat.


The sun had set and the busy streets of Konan had died down. The wind blew lightly as the gang went their separate ways inside the palace|

 Miaka and I went into the bath house. The water was so nice and relaxing. It reminded me of when Ryoko and I took baths. We talked and cracked jokes. I began to miss her and everyone else, but I was glad I came to this new world or else I wouldn’t have met Hotohori. I pulled out some sake I had saved. “You want some?”, I asked Miaka before I began to drink it. “No thanks”, she replied. “Come on” just a little cup?”, I urged her. “Well, O.K” maybe just a little”, she said as I pulled her a cup. Before we knew it one cup turned to two, two turned to five, and five turned to ten. When we finished the bottle we both staggered back to our rooms. Well, at least we thought so. Miaka ended up going into Tamahome’s room while I accidentally went to Hotohori’s. I opened the door and as I did my towel dropped off revealing my beautiful light brown body. Hotohori turned around only to find me standing in the doorway naked. He quickly turned around while blushing a bright red. “Angel what are you doing?”, he asked softly. “What am I doing? Why are you in my room?”, I asked shuddering. “This is my room.”, Hotohori replied softly. He walked over and picked up my towel and handed it to me. That’s when he noticed the sake bottle in my hand. “So you’re drunk. No wonder why you ended up at the wrong room”, he said taking the bottle away from me. I wrapped the towel around my body. I still felt a little tipsy and before I knew it I passed out.  I used powers to flush the sake out of my system while I was asleep. My vision came into focus. I noticed I was laying down in Hotohori’s bed wrapped in his robes. I felt movement next to me. I looked over to the right and saw Hotohori watching me. “Do you feel better?”, he asked leaning over toward me. “Yea,| thanks”, I replied. “I’d better change”, I said getting up. “O.K than I’ll leave so you can get dressed,” Hotohori replied getting out of the bed.

I phased into my light blue, skin tight nightgown that Ryoko had got me with the matching robe. A knock came at the door.| “Are you finished?”, Hotohori’s voice came from the other side of the door. “Yes, come on in”, I said. Hotohori’s eyes almost fell out his eye sockets. “So, like what you see?”, I asked slyly. Hotohori blushed a bright red color. I laughed and walked closer to him and put my arms around his neck. I kissed his neck softly. I felt the heat from his body as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. He pulled back to look into my eyes. I saw Hotohori gasp. “What?”, I asked. “Your... your eyes... they’re blue!”, he replied shocked. I ran to the mirror and looked at my eyes. They had turned their true form. Than I felt pure energy surge through my body. I felt myself transforming into my true form. “No, not now”, I thought to myself. I watched trough the mirror as my white, feathered wings sprouted from my back. A blue light glowed off my body. My eyes began to glow. “Angel what’s happening?”, Hotohori asked. The transformation was over. I felt tears form in the corners of my eyes. But I wouldn’t let Hotohori see me cry. Just than I felt his hand touch my shoulder. My knees weakened under me as I collapsed to the floor. Hotohori caught me under his arm. He looked at me sincerely. That’s when I couldn’t take it anymore. I let the tears that I had held back for so long release from my eyes. They poured down my face like a waterfall. “It’s O.K Angel. I’m here”, Hotohori whispered in my ear as he held close in his arms. So much pain, living in the dark, all alone. I had finally released it all. All the hurt from my past that I kept bottled up had finally caught up with me. It felt good to have Hotohori there by my side.

Washu sits in her lab watching the events unfold in her mind with Angel. Tears of happiness find their way out of the genius’s eyes.

“That’s it Angel. Let it all go. You’re free now.”

Chapter Six: Meet the Bad Guys (No need for Chichiri and Chriko)


It was early in the morning. So early that the sun had not risen yet. To the south of Konan dwelled the dragon god Seiryuu’s country, where unspeakable evil lived. Inside the palace dwelled Konan’s worst enemy. Nakago, Seiryuu’s most dangerous Seishi. Sitting upon the throne was Yui, Seiryuu No Miko.

“I have gotten wind that Suzaku’s daughter is traveling with the Miaka and her Seishi. Her heart can be easily persuaded to join us. It should be simple because she once was evil herself”, Nakago informed Yui. “Do what you must in order to complete our plan. I want Tamahome, and have him I shall. Do not fail me Nakago”, Yui replied in a low, cold voice. “I will not, my queen. If we can persuade Angel to join than we should have no problems with Suzaku and his Seishi. She doesn’t even know who she is and what great power she possesses”, Nakago said. “Good. Than this means she will take care of the Seishi, but remember I want Tamahome alive”, Yui said. “Your wish is my command”, Nakago said as he disappearing into the shadows. “You will mine Tamahome”, Yui said as an evil grin cross her lips.

“Everything is going according as planned”, Nakago said appearing in front of the seishi. “And what about Angel? If she finds out who she is before we get to her we’ll never be able to beat Suzaku”, Soi replied. “With a little ‘persuasion’ from Amiboshi”. Nakago smiled. “And what can he do?”, Tomo asked not impressed. “Angel is here for a reason. Suzaku brought her here so she could learn the truth and find the love she was destined to be with. If we convince her somehow that Hotohori is still in love with Miaka she’ll come running to us,” Nakago said. “And why would she come to us if she’s knows we’re the bad guys?, asked Ashitare. “Simple. We’ll send Amiboshi to meet her and become her friend. When he gains her trust everything will fall into place. She’ll come running to him and he will bring her to us. It is perfect”, Nakago finished. “Sounds like it could work”, Suboshi replied. “Perhaps. But if it doesn’t work?”, Miboshi asked, still uncertain. “It will.”, Nakago replied, “We just have to wait for the right moment”.

Back in Konan The sunlight shines through Hotohori’s room

I opened my eyes. I could barely see. I felt Hotohori moving on the other side of the bed. I felt much better after all that happened last night. I felt Hotohori move closer to me. I turned to face Hotohori. He wrapped his around around me. “Why didn’t you tell me?”, Hotohori asked breaking the silence. “I... I didn’t want you to think I was the kind of monster. I mean after all back in my world I destroyed so many innocent lives in planets. I have just pure evil”, I said ashamed. “But that’s not the Angel I know now. The Angel I know is sweet, smart, funny, and the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on”, Hotohori replied softly. He tilted my face so that we could kiss. Our lips met for just a short moment because Miaka busted into the room. “Sorry to disturb you two, but looks like we’ve found two more of my Seishi. While you two were asleep Nuriko and Tasuki went out and ran into them. Now all we need is one more”, Miaka said excitedly, They’re downstairs”. I got of bed and threw on my robe. Hotohori followed behind me as we headed downstairs. “Good morning Angel, Hotohori.”, Nuriko said. “Good morning”, I replied. I looked over Nuriko shoulder to see a little boy who was about 10. He was so adorable. “Is he one of the seishi?”, I asked pointing to him. “Yep”, Tasuki replied. “Hi. I’m Angel”, I said bending down and smiling at him. “Nice ass”, Tasuki replied whistling. “Nuriko bashed Tasuki upside the head with a shoe. “Hello Miss Angel. My name is Chiriko”, he said smiling. “Awww... aren’t you cute?”, I replied giving Chiriko a kiss on the cheek. He began to blush. “Hey, don’t I get one too?”, Tasuki asked slyly. “No, but you get this”, Nuriko said bashing Tasuki upside the head with a shoe again. “And my name is Chichiri”, another voice called. “Hi”, I said nicely. “Well now that we’ve all met can we go eat?”, Tamahome asked. “Yea I’m hungry too”, I replied. Hotohori guided all us through the palace and into the dinning room. There was so much food sitting on the table. I hovered over the food. “If only Ryoko were here”, I thought to myself. “Angel? Why are you floating?”, Miaka asked surprised. “Isn’t obvious? She has power just like us”, Tasuki replied. “Oh, but how?, Miaka asked looking at me. “I was born with them”, I said sitting down at the table. I started loading my plate as everyone else started to sit down. “Are you gonna eat all that?”, Chiriko asked. “I sure am”, I replied as I began to eat. Everyone watched as I wolfed down 10 helping of everything the cooks had made. “And now for dessert”, the chief said bringing in the desserts. “Wow”, I said as I filled my plate with all the desserts. I spent the next 30 minutes eating. “That was so good”, I said patting my full stomach. “Well I’m glad you enjoyed it the chief replied.

Back at Yui’s palace, In the thrown room it was almost completely dark if it weren’t for the dimly lighted candles. Yui face flickered in the dimly lit room. Nakago and the rest of the seishi sat around waiting for the right time to set their plan into action.

“It is boring just sitting here and waiting”, Tomo replied under his breath. “Have patience.”, Soi replied. “It’s not fair. Amiboshi get’s to have all the fun, Suboshi folding his arms. “Well I’m just lucky. Maybe I can keep her for myself”, Amiboshi replied slyly as he laughed. “You’re hopeless Amiboshi”, Miboshi said laughing. “Men.”, Soi replied rolling her eyes. Just than Nakago entered the room. “Our plan is going to be put in to action very soon. The first thing to do is have one of the evil spirits posses Miaka and everything else will fall in line”, Nakago said as he entered, “Amiboshi get ready to make your grand entrance”, Nakago replied as an evil grin spread across his lips”

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