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Chapter Seven: The Evil Plan is put into Action| (No need for Mitsukake)


Angel and the others venture outside to find the other Seishi. The sun rises high above Konan. Angel walks with Hotohori through the woods as Amiboshi watches closely from a distance.

‘I must wait for the right time’, Amiboshi said to himself.

“I hope we find the last seishi”, I told Hotohori. “I hope so too”, Hotohori replied back.

Meanwhile Soi watches Miaka in from the sky waiting for the right time to release the demon Back at Yui’s palace.

“Everything is falling into place my queen”, Nakago said to Yui. “Perfect. I hope that this plan works Nakago, for your sake”, Yui said coldly. “Of course. And you will have what your heart has desired all this time,” Nakago replied calmly. “Yes, Tamahome will be mine”, Yui replied smiling, “You have served me well Nakago and you shall not go unrewarded for this”, Yui reminded him. “Thank you your Highness”, Nakago as he disappeared into the depths of the shadows.

Back in the woods Soi waits.

Miaka falls to the ground as she trips over a fallen down tree. “Perfect”, Soi replied as she released the evil spirit. It attacked Miaka and before she knew it she had been over powered. Miaka began to scream out in pain. Tamahome and Hotohori heard this and headed toward her direction. Another stranger in the woods heard Miaka’s cry and headed toward her direction. I stood in the middle of the woods waiting for Hotohori to come back and just than I felt someone watching me. I had had this feeling for sometime now. “Hello”, a voice spoke. I turned around. “Who are you?”, I asked sternly. “My name is Amiboshi and your’s is?”, Amiboshi spoke sweetly. “My name is Angel” I replied smiling. “Such a beautiful name for a beautiful woman”, he said slyly while smiling. “Thank you”, I replied blushing a light shed of red. I heard Amiboshi laugh lightly. “She is beautiful”, Amiboshi thought to himself. “So why are you out here all alone?, he asked me sweetly. “I’m here with a couple of friends”, I replied. “I saw you with a guy. I hope he’s not your boyfriendâ€?, Amiboshi said slyly moving closer toward me. I backed up against a tree until he had me cornered. He pinned me up against the tree.  Amiboshi moved closer to me so that our faces were inches away. I felt my cheeks burning with a dark red color. He smiled at me than quickly moved in closer until our lips met. I couldn’t help myself. His kiss was so soft and gentle. He moved his arms up and put them around my waist. His touch was just as gentle as his kiss. Just than before I caught in the moment I heard a voice call my name. I jumped from Amiboshi grasp. “I gotta go”, I said as I began walking as fast as I could. “Wait” anytime you need a friend or just wanna talk come back here to this exact spot . I’ll be waiting for you”, he replied slyly trying to kiss me again. “OK, Thanks, but I gotta go, bye”, I waved to him as I took off. “Perfect”, Amiboshi replied to himself as he disappeared. I ran in the direction I heard Miaka scream from. Before I reached there I saw Hotohori carrying Miaka. “Is she O.K?”, I asked concerned. “She’ll be fine. For some strange reason she tried to drown herself, but thanks to Mitsukake she didn’t”, Hotohori replied calmly. I sighed with relief. I saw Mitsukake coming toward me. “Thank you so much for saving her life. Which means you must be the last seishi”, I said an one breath. “Yes and your welcome”, he replied than continued walking.

In a near by clearing Soi met up with Amiboshi.

“So how did it go?”, Soi asked as she landed on the ground. “She fell for me of course. I like her. Maybe after this Nakago will let me keep her for my own”, he replied slyly. “You and your little fantasies”, Soi said rolling her eyes. “Well let’s get going”, Soi replied as they both disappeared.

Everyone waits in silence as Miaka rests in safely in a room. Hotohori sits by her side and waits for her to wake up. Angel waits in another room far from everyone else as she thinks about the currents events. Meanwhile Miaka begins to wake up.

“Miaka?”, Hotohori replies as she opens her eyes. “Hotohori”, Miaka says with happiness. The blanket wrapped around her naked body falls down. Hotohori blushes and looks away. Miaka pulls the blanket back up. She soon began to cry. “What is wrong?”, Hotohori asked softly moving closer to her. By now the evil spirit had left Miaka. They looked into each other's eyes. Before they knew it Hotohori’s lips made their way to Miaka’s.

I walked down the hallway to the waiting room. Everyone had fallen asleep. I decided to check on Hotohori and Miaka. I opened the door gently and what I saw before me was not a happy scene.There was Miaka, my friend kissing Hotohori, the man I thought I loved. “What the hell is going on!?”, I yelled. At the sound of my voice they pulled away. “Angel, let me explain”, Hotohori began, but I wasn’t listening. My anger had taken control now. “NO!!!! I don’t need to explain shit. I see everything is clear now!!!”, I screamed loudly. “Angel please”, Hotohori begged but I had had enough. “Don’t give me that bull shit. I thought you loved me, but now I see the truth! It was all a lie!”, I screamed as I felt tears forming in my eyes, but I wouldn’t let them see. “Angel it wasn’t his fault”, Miaka said. I stared at her with hate in my eyes. I walked toward her slapped her as hard as I could. A light blue, glowing hand print was left on the side of her face. By now everyone had heard the commotion. Nuriko put his arms around me and pulled me away from Miaka. She held her hand to the spot I had slapped her. Hotohori tried to move closer to me but I used my power to knock him against the wall. “No more of your games, Hotohori!!!”, I yelled as a sharp wind current tore through to room. My eyes glowed a bright blue. I felt complete darkness take over me. I formed a small yet dangerous tornado inside the room. My energy created lightning inside the room. I used an energy blast to blast through the wall and I took off toward the woods to find Amiboshi.

Chapter Eight: Secrets are Revealed (Angel’s Dark Side)


The phoenix god, Suzaku arrived at the palace.

“Lord Suzaku”, Mitsukake said bending down on one knee as did the others. “My dear faithful seishi I have terrible news,” Suzaku began, “I am the one who brought Angel the this place with Miaka. She... is... my daughter. I brought her here so that she could discover who she truly is” She is the first child born of two gods, myself and Washu, who is her mother. She possesses great power within her. She herself is a goddess and a princess as well. She is very powerful and it is her anger that awakens it, however this is not a good thing for us. If her inner power awakens with evil in her heart than she will remain that way forever. We must save her not only from Nakago, but from herself. She is very dangerous at this point and must be stopped”, Suzaku finished seriously. “It’s all my fault,” Hotohori said aloud. “I will stop her,” Hotohori replied as he rose to his feet. “Hotohori you are one of my most greatest seishi and the love of my daughter’s life. I can not endanger you or her”, Suzaku said in a serious tone. “Then let me do this, please”, Hotohori begged. “Alright, but Tasuki, Nuriko, and Tamahome will accompany you”, Suzaku replied as he disappeared.

The sun had gone down. The night was cold and lonely as Angel flew toward the woods. She finally made it to the spot where she had met Amiboshi

“Amiboshi where the hell are you”, I asked loudly. “I’m right here”, I heard his voice. “I’ve been waiting for you”, he replied jumping down from the tree branch. “Have you?”, I asked slyly. Amiboshi grinned at me. He moved closer toward me and cornered me against a tree like the last time. “Now where have I see this before?”, I asked slyly as I pretended to think. Amiboshi laughed. “Well it’s nice to see the bad side in you come out”, he replied moving closer to me until our lips locked into a passionate kiss. “Did you like that?”, he asked rubbing my thigh. “Maybe maybe not”, I replied teasingly before he kissed me again. “I need to talk to you”, I replied breaking the kiss. “About Hotohori? I already know what happened,” he said, “You cant trust people like him, Angel. But you can trust me and I know someone who can help you seek your revenge on him and Miaka”. “Seiryuu?”, I questioned. “Yes. I am one of his seishi”, but before he could finished I pulled away from him. “Where will you go Angel? Back to Hotohori? Ha, after all that he as done to you? I thought you were better than that”, Amiboshi said stopping me in my tracks. ”What makes you think I can trust you?!”, I replied harshly. “I haven’t lied to you about anything. I’d would never hurt you. I want to help you seek your revenge. Doesn’t that say anything?”, he said questioning me. I thought about it for awhile than I felt an evil grin across my lips. Slowly I felt the dark side consume me. I was back to my old bad ass self. “Angel don’t give in to the Seiryuu”, I heard a voice say. I turned around to face Suzaku. “And who to tell me what I should do?! You may be a god but you are mine”, I replied coldly. “But I am your father” Now I was really grew angry. “SHUT UP!!!”, I said as my eyes began to glow, “I don’t have a father!!!”. “Yes you do. I am your father. Washu tried to tell you but you didn’t listen to her. Angel you are my daughter. I brought you hear to tell you the truth. I never thought things would go thus far”, Suzaku explained. “You were never there for me!!! You’re just like all of them!!! I hate you!!!”, I screamed as Amiboshi came and stood by my side. “Amiboshi if you so as lay one harmful finger on her I myself will kill you”, Suzaku replied as he carefully watched him. Amiboshi laughed. “It’s over Suzaku. you’ve lost not only the war but your own daughter as well”, Amiboshi said smiling, “She is mine now”. “Angel, but about Hotohori? He still loves you. Do you give up on love that easily?”, Suzaku asked. “I don’t know what love is”, I replied darkly. “Say good bye Suzaku”, Amiboshi replied taking my hand as we disappeared. “Angelâ€| NO!!!”, was the last thing I heard Suzaku say.

Me and Amiboshi appeared in front of Yui’s seishi. “Welcome Angel”, I was greeted by Nakago. I remained silent as I looked around at people who surrounded me. I felt Soi place her hand on my shoulder. “Well now I’m not the only woman here”, she said smiling. I smiled back at her. “Angel before we plan anything you should know who you really are”, Nakago started. “I know who I who am. I’m Suzaku’s daughter, which makes me a goddess. So I’ll need my help to destroy Suzaku No Miko and the seishi,” I said coldly. “Will you help us?”, Tomo asked. I waited. The silence was so cold. “Yes”, I said sitting down, “I want my revenge”. “And revenge you shall have”, Nakago replied. “I want to hit them where it hurts”, I said as an evil escaped my lips. “Do you any suggestions?”, Miboshi asked. “As a matter of fact I do”

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