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Chapter Nine: Attack on Konan (Angel’s  Revenge)


Angel sat around the table with Seiryuu’s seishi planning her revenge against Hotohori.

”I plan to attack Konan head on”, I replied. “Without any plans to attack a certain spot? That’s madness. You just can’t attack Konan head on”, Ashitare replied. “Perhaps you cannot, but you forget, I’m a goddess. They wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on me even if they used their strongest army”, I boasted. “Well it is your decision”, he said folding his arms. “I have heard that Yui wants Tamahome. What if I personally hand delivered him to you? I would be taking away Miaka’s love and also completing part of our plan to take over Konan” I suggested, “Do we have a deal?”, I asked looking at Nakago. He smiled. “Genius. I like the way you think”, he replied still smiling. I smiled back at him. “How come Angel gets to have all the fun?”, Suboshi said folding his hands. “Because I’m smarter than you”, I said teasingly. Suboshi suck his tongue out at me. I saw a warm smile crack across Nakago’s lips.

Later on in the evening Soi and I went to the bath house. “So how’s it feel to finally be bad?”, she asked. “It feels just like old times when I was a space pirate”, I replied relaxing in the warm bath water. “Hello ladies”, Amiboshi said settling down in the water. “You’re lucky that we wore our swimsuits this time cause if not you’d be dead by now”, Soi replied opening one eye. I felt Amiboshi move close to me. “I missed you”, he said before he kissed me. Soi ignored it as she relaxed. “Don’t you think its time I put my plan to action?”, I asked him breaking the kiss. “It’s up to you to decide. Nakago for some reason trust you more than he trusts any of us”, he said. I phased out of the water and into my battle outfit. “Than I better get to work”, I replied as I phased away.

Back at Konan Hotohori trained for when he would face off with Angel

“Angel”, Hotohori whispered, “I’m sorry”. Just than the ground underneath of him began to shake. “What could be happening?”, Hotohori asked just before he saw a energy blast go by and crash into a building.

I fired energy blasts in every direction. “If I suffer than so will all of Konan!”, I shouted loudly as the citizens stared up at me. “Angel! Stop this!”, I heard someone yell up at me as I hovered over Konan’s city streets. “Well look who we have here, the back stabbing bitch and her dogs”, I replied coldly looking down at Miaka and the rest of the seishi, “I see one of your dogs is missing,” I said referring to Hotohori. “Angel please don’t do this. These people haven’t done anything to you”, Miaka pleaded. “This is a war and innocent will get hurt”, I said coldly. “Angel!”, Hotohori called up to me. I turned and saw him standing on the roof of a house. I waited a moment before firing a powerful energy blast. It missed him. “Angel please don’t make me do this”, he said pulling out his sword. I began to laugh. “What do you plan to do with that pitiful stick? This is what you deserve!!!”, I screamed firing another blue energy ball. He dodged it. The other seishi stated to move in closer to me. Before they could attack Amiboshi appeared and fired a blast at them. “If any of you move you’ll be meeting Suzaku sooner than you think”, Amiboshi replied. “Now Hotohori you will suffer just as I did”, I said forming my energy sword. It was much like Ryoko’s. I attacked him head on. He was quick but not quick enough. I swung my sword as it’s energy synched  Hotohori’s robes. I pushed my sword forward as it rubbed against Hotohori’s skin. He screamed in pain. “How does it feel?”, I asked as an evil grin crossed my lips. He longed forward and injured my side. I didn’t flinch one bit. I would not loose. I screamed as a fired a blast at him. He flew across the street and hit the wall hard. “Angel”, I heard him whisper my name while barely standing back up. “Shut up!!!”, I shouted firing another shoot. Hotohori flew against the wall again and again he stood up. “If you won’t die than I know someone who will”, I said pointing my finger at a row of houses. A surge of power flickered from my finger as I shoot a huge energy blast. “Angel! NO!!!”, Miaka shouted as the screams of the citizens filled the air. Amiboshi floated over to me. “She belongs to me now Hotohori”, he said wrapping his arm around my waist. I smiled. “You’ll pay for that Amiboshi”, Hotohori said coldly. “Before I leave there is something I came to get”, I replied turning toward where Miaka was. “If it’s me than you can take me only if you promise not to hurt anymore people”, Miaka said stepping forth. "Miaka? no!”, Tamahome said. “I don’t want you, I want the one you love”, I said trapping Tamahome in a shield. “Angel please”, Miaka begged. “Sorry Miaka, but you brought this upon yourself”, I said disappearing with Tamahome.

Me and Amiboshi appeared in front of the other seishi. “Welcome back”, Soi said. “How did it go?”, Tomo asked curious. “It went just as planned”, I replied as Tamahome appeared in the shield. “Good job Angel”, Suboshi said clapping. Just than Nakago walked in. “I am very pleased and so will Yui”, Nakago said staring at Tamahome. “We wage war against Konan starting now. Each of you will go to a different part of Konan and completely destroy it, including the people there,” Nakago replied coldly. “Angel you will come with me to attack the inner city. I’m sure Hotohori will be there with his army”, Nakago said looking at me. I nodded my head yes. “Good than let us go”, Nakago said as everyone disappeared.


Hotohori gathered all of Konan's army members to prepare them for a full waged war. Miaka and the other Seishi went to find Tamahome and stop the other Seishi. In the afternoon Angel, Nakago, and Soi arrived in front of the army to began the war. Hotohori was in the front line.

Hotohori stared at Angel before he ordered the army to attack.

I moved my through the army killing anyone who crossed my path. Slowly I made my way toward Hotohori. I felt Nakago nearby and Soi. Blood spilled everywhere. My hands were covered in each soldier's blood. Just than I heard Soi scream. I turned around to see Hotohori removing his sword from Soi’s lifeless body. Nakago stopped battling and headed toward Soi. He didn’t even attack Hotohori. Nakago picked up Soi’s body has Hotohori attacked him. Nakago kept walking. I lowered my head to send my respects to Soi in her last moments than continued to battle. Hours later after much blood and sweat was shed Hotohori and I were the last to be standing. “So this is what it comes down to?”, he asked me breathing heavily. “Enough talk”, I replied forming my sword. We began the battle. Hotohori’s sword slashed through my skin cutting my arm. I moved my sword forward as it scratched his face. Blood leaked from his wound. We both swung our swords. A bright light flashed as our swords met. I saw Nakago watching in the distance. I formed an energy ball and lounged it at Hotohori but he dodged it. He ran toward me at full force with his sword. He missed. I formed a powerful energy ball and through it at him. He flew 10 feet away from me. Hotohori got up. He dropped his sword to the ground and began to walk toward me. “Angel, I love you”, he said coughing as he limped toward me. “Shut up!!”, I screamed while firing another energy blast. “Angel no matter what happens I will always love you. You’re the only one that was meant for me,” Hotohori replied still moving toward me, but it was obvious that he was in great pain from my blasts. “I HATE YOU HOTOHORI!!!”, I shouted still firing blast. Each one of them hit him but he kept moving forward. “I love you. Whether you believe me or not. I love you even after all this. There is no possible way that you can make me hate you”, he said still pressing on. I felt tears forming in my eyes. I tried to keep them from coming but I couldn’t. The tears streamed down my face. I fired another blast at Hotohori. “Angel. don’t be afraid to love anyone. Stop letting the darkness consume you. I know that you care for me as I do you. Let’s stop this madness now. Angel free yourself from the prison you created around yourself”. Hotohori kept moving closer to me. My energy sword exhausted. “Shut the hell up!!!”, I screamed as ran toward Hotohori. I swung my fists at him. I pounded on his chest as he tried to hold me. My tears began to flow more freely. “Angel it’s O.K. I’m here”, Hotohori said softly. That’s when I couldn’t stand it any longer. I broke down into tears. I stopped struggling as Hotohori held me in his arms. “You’re free, Angel”, he whispered softly. He lifted my head up so that our eyes met. “I love you”, he said softly. I began to cry again. All the pain, all the anger that I held in for so long was released. Just than Nakago took a sword and stabbed Hotohori in the back. “HOTOHORI!!! NO!!!”

Chapter Ten: The Storm Is Over (Angel finds peace) 


Hotohori’s blood dripped from his wound. The sword Nakago held in his hand hit the ground. It was stained in blood. Nakago looked at the scene before him than disappeared. Hotohori’s face grew pale as he fell forward into Angel’s arms...

Hotohori’s blood leaked onto my battle suit. Fresh new tears made their way down my red hot cheeks. “Hotohori you can’t leave me, not now”, I said holding him in my arms. He began to cough up blood. “Hotohori!!! You can’t go!!! You can’t leave me. I... I love you!!!”, I cried out hoping that somehow my pleas would save him “I love you too Angel”, he replied softly. “And no matter what I will always be with you.” “You can’t go”?, I whispered. “Good bye, my angel”, Hotohori said before his eyes closed slowly. I screamed loudly while holding him in my arms. I felt the others behind me. Nuriko walked up to me and pulled me away from Hotohori’s lifeless body. He held me close and allowed me to drown his clothes in my tears. “He loved you very much and he knew you loved him. He was a good man and his spirit will live on in our hearts”, Nuriko said hugging me close. I couldn’t say anything. I mouth was dry. The only thing that escaped my mouth were slobs of sadness. “We will avenge Hotohori”, Tamahome said placing his hand on my shoulder. “Tamahome!!!”, Miaka cried as she ran into his open arms. “I love you”, she said hugging him. “I love you too”, he replied holding her close. “How did you manage to escape?”, Chiriko asked curiously. “Angel let the shield down to let me escape. I was here the whole time watching from the sky where she held me captive”, he replied. “Angel”, Miaka called my name softly. I glared at her. My stare was full of nothing but hate for her. She gasped than lowered her head. “I’m sorry. I never meant for any of this to happen”, she said sadly. “You never meant for any of this to happen but it did. And now there is no way to undo the damage”, I replied coldly looking at Hotohori’s lifeless body, “What has been done cannot be unwritten”. “I... forgive me”, Miaka asked. I stood up and looked at her. I showed no emotion on my face what so ever. I turned my back and walked away. “Angel!,” Miaka called to me but Tasuki stopped her. “I wouldn’t push her too far Miaka. She’s been through a lot. I’m sure she’s going after Nakago now. That look she gave you. That’s the look of a warrior and when you see her give that look that means stay away cause I’ve got business to take care of”, he said. “He’s right”, Nuriko said, “She isn’t mad at you any more she’s just preparing to face off with Nakago”


I sat on a rock that stood in the middle of a river. “Angel..”, I heard a voice say. I turned to face my father. “Yes, father?”, I asked softly. “That’s the first time you ever called me that. I want you to know I respect the decision you made and will be with you when you face off against Nakago. Hotohori will be watching also”, he said. At the sound of Hotohori’s name my heart skipped a beat. “Tell him that I do this in his honor”, I replied turning back to my meditation. “Good luck, my daughter”, Suzaku’s voice whispered through the wind. I opened my glowing eyes and transformed into my goddess form. White feathered wings sprouted from my back. My eyes turned light blue. “Nakago, you will pay”

Nakago awaited Angel outside Konan’s gates. Miaka and the other Seishi had already arrived and waited for Angel to appear.

I phased right in front of Nakago, “Let us began”, I said forming my light blue energy sword. “Let’s”, Nakago replied forming a sword much like mine. We began the battle. Sparks flew in every direction as our swords met. I felt the heat generating from Nakago’s sword. I threw an energy blast but he dodged it easily. “You’ve become slow”, he replied. “Look behind you”, I said pointing behind him. As he turned around a large dark blue energy ball shoot at him. He flew 15 feet from where he had been standing. Before he hit the ground Nakago pitched a blast at me. It was to powerful I flew across the ground. Blood leaked from my side but I stood back up. The others watched in horror. “Angel!!!”, Nuriko yelled. I smiled at him to let him know I was fine. He sighed with relief. Nakago had gotten up already. I felt the heat from his sword pierce my skin on my arm. I jumped away quickly. I hit the ground screaming in pain. Nakago formed a huge energy ball. He fed much of his energy into it that if somehow I survived it I could defeat him easily. I panicked. I didn’t know what to do. I heard a voice call my name. “Angel. I’ll always be with you”, Hotohori’s voice whispered in my ear. I felt his spirit enter my body feeding my body energy. My eyes glowed brightly blinding Nakago for just in few seconds. In those few moments 10 light hawk wings formed around me. Nakago fired his blasts but the power of the light hawk wings protected me. I jumped away. Nakago and I charged at each other. Everything happened within the blink of an eye.

We both stood. Silence passed like hours until Nakago spoke. “Looks like you’ve won”, he replied as he fell to the ground. His body disappeared as a gust of wind carried it away. I bowed my head in silence to show respect to Nakago. “Why is she doing that? Nakago was evil”, Miaka whispered. “Because a true warrior honors all those who have died by their hand. She is truly a great warrior”, Mitsukake replied. I felt Hotohori’s spirit leave me. I turned and faced the others. Nuriko ran to me with his arms open. He wrapped me in his arms. I put my arms around him. Tasuki was the next to give me a hug. Than Miaka and Tamahome. I hugged everyone and apologized for my actions. “It’s not your fault”, Miaka said, “I was mine. I shouldn’t have done what I did. I’m sorry”. We hugged and cried together. Suddenly I felt Hotohori’s presence near. “Angel”, a voice called me. I turned around to see Hotohori standing on top of a hill. Tears formed in my eyes. I didn’t hold them back. I broke out into a run. It seemed like years passed by before I reached Hotohori’s waiting arms. I sobbed on his shoulder as he held me. I felt his own tears softly land on my neck. He lifted my head so that we looked into each other’s eyes. “I love you”, he said smiling with tears of joy in his eyes. I love you too”, I replied before we kissed passionately. “Awww”, Miaka said in the background while wrapped in Tamahome”s arms. They were so touched that they too kissed. After a few minutes the other seishi got their chance to welcome Hotohori back.

We all headed back to the palace. Using my powers I restored all the damage done to Konan. I sat on Hotohori’s lap as we stared out the window. “This will all be yours one day, all of Konan”, he said looking at me with love in his eyes. “What do you mean that it will be mine?”, I asked confused. “When we get married you will be the Empress of Konan”, Hotohori replied smiling slyly. “And who said that I wanted to marry you?”, I asked teasingly. Hotohori laughed. “You’ll be make a great empress and a wonderful wife”, he replied smiling at me. “Ummm, before I become a empress don’t you think we should go on a vacation?”, I asked. “To where?”, Hotohori replied turning his gaze to me again. “Well I was thinking that you could come visit my world. I know that you would love it there”, I said. Hotohori smiled. “A vacation would be nice”, Hotohori sighed with relief.

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