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Chapter Eleven: Welcome Back Angel (Vacation Time)


The sun was sitting over Konan. Suzaku’s seishi prepared for their long awaited and well deserved vacation to Angel and Miaka’s world. Angel sat in a chair watching Hotohori pack his clothes.

“You sure are packing a lot of stuff”, I said looking at Hotohori’s five full suit cases. “And there’s two more that I have to finish packing”, he replied breathing deeply. “You pack more things than I do when I go on vacation. We’re only gonna be there for only a month or two”, I said. “Well I thought that I’d pack more clothing because I know for a fact that as soon as we arrive you’d want to stay longer. So I’m packing clothes for a year or two”, Hotohori replied teasingly. “You know me all to well”, I said laughing. I heard Hotohori laugh as well. Just than I felt my father’s presence enter the room. Suzaku appeared in front of me. “Good evening dad”, I replied getting up out of the chair to hug him. “It’s good to see you find peace finally. I’m sure Hotohori will take good care of my little girl”, Suzaku said looking at Hotohori. Hotohori’s cheeks turned a light shade red. “Yes, of course”, Hotohori replied stuttering. “I hope the wedding will be soon. I’m looking forward to seeing my grandchildren. Now it was my turn to turn red. “Dad”, I replied, “Your just like mom, always embarrassing me”. Suzaku and Hotohori laughed. “It’s not funny Hotohori”, I said as my face grew a deeper shade of red. “So dad how is everything with you and mom? Any chance of you two getting back together?”, I asked looking at him “Perhaps, your mother and I are getting along better than we ever did even when we were married”, he said as a matter of fact. “Well I will leave you two to enjoy your time together”, Suzaku replied winking his eye. He disappeared with a blink of an eye. “I never knew he had such a good sense of humor”, Hotohori said walking up behind me. “Hey that’s dad for ya”, I replied smiling, “Well we better get going. Hotohori closed the door behind him. I knocked on Miaka and Tamahome’s door. “Let’s move it love birds,” I shouted. “O.K we’re ready”, Miaka said opening the door and walking out. The other seishi met us in the middle of the hallway. “O.K mom, you can open the portal”, I said to Washu through our mental link. “O.K Hon”, Washu replied. A big black hole appeared in front of us. “Let’s go”, I said holding Hotohori”s hand as we walked through the portal. In just minutes we arrived in Washu’s lab. “Welcome back sweetie”, Washu said with tears of joy appearing in her eyes. “MOM!!!”, I screamed happily. I ran to her with my arms open wide. We met in a bone crushing hug. “I missed you so much”, I cried. “I missed you too. I’m so proud of you”, she replied wiping her tears away, “So introduce me to your friends”, Washu said. “O.K. The little boy is Chiriko and the one muscle guy standing next to him is Mitsukake. The guy with orange hair is Tasuki, Nuriko has the longest purple hair, Chichiri is the one smiling and Tamahome, who is hands off cause he belongs to Miaka is the one standing next to her”, I replied in one breath. “And so this must be the Emperor of Konan, Hotohori. I’ve heard lots of good things about you Hotohori. You take care of my little girl”, Washu said smiling up at him. “I will do my very best Miss Washu”, Hotohori said smiling back at her, “And I must say you are looking very well to be 4000 years old”. “I like him”, Washu said as her smile widen. “Alright I think it’s time you all met the rest of our family”, Washu said leading us out the lab. “Did you explain to everyone why I was gone so long?”, I asked Washu. “Yes, but I didn’t tell them you were coming”, she replied opening the door. I saw Ryoko laying under Tenchi’s arm while she and Ayeka talked, NICE TO EACH OTHER. “Am I missing something?”, I asked Washu. “While you were gone Tenchi confessed his love to Ryoko and her and Ayeka became friends”, Washu replied back. “Hey you guys”, I said walking over to the couch. “ANGEL”, Ryoko shouted phasing over to me. She tackled me to the ground in a bear hug. “I missed you soooo much lil sis”, she replied rubbing my hair. We tossed and turned, wrestling each other like little kids. When we were finished Tenchi gave me a hug. “We missed you very much”, Ayeka said putting her arms around me. “I missed you all too”, I replied. As Washu introduced Tenchi, Ryoko, and Ayeka to my new found friends Sasami ran into the room. “Angel!!!”, she shouted jumping into my arms. “Hey Sasami”, I replied hugging her tightly. She asked me which one of the guys was my boyfriend. I pointed to Hotohori. “He’s really cute”, Sasami replied giggling. “Who’s the little boy?”, she asked blushing. “Why don’t you ask him his name”, I said pushing over toward Chiriko. I watched as the two blushed. I smiled, they reminded me of Hotohori and I. Kyone and Myhoshi walked into the house. I introduced everyone to Miaka, Hotohori and the others. After a few minutes everyone were talking and laughing. I told everyone about my battle with Nakago. Myhoshi went and broke out the Karaoke. Before they called on me to sing I phased onto the roof. “Trying to sneak off?”, Hotohori said sitting next to me. “Hey look who’s talking?”, I said teasingly. We both laughed. I felt Hotohori move closer and put his arm around me. “This place is very peaceful”, he replied looking out at the starry sky. “Yeah, it is beautiful”, I said snuggling under his arm. Hotohori turned his gaze toward me and smiled. My heart melted inside. He looked so cute when he made that smile. I felt my cheeks burn red from blushing. Hotohori began to laugh. I turned around to face him. We stared into each other’s eyes for a moments before Hotohori’s lips found their way to mine. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to him. “I love you”, he whispered in my ear softly breaking the kiss. “I love you too”, I whispered back before I kissed him again. As we kissed a shooting star passed over us, “Make a wish”

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