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A Search for Love

By: Angel


Summary: Love sometimes can take on a life of its own… That’s what 17 year old Kitana Joli is about to find out when she follows her best friend, Kagome into a well. Kag/Inu Mir/San Sess/Self fic (Lemon scenes coming soon)


Chapter 1:

Kagome crawled through the Bowler Easter’s well back to her time. The winter wind ripped through the wind sending shivers up Kagome’s spine. “Wow, winter’s here already?”, she replied running toward the house. “Mom, I’m home!”, Kagome shouted up the stairs. “Welcome home dear. How was your trip?”, Kagome’s mother asked. “Same as always… hunting for jewel shards, almost being eaten alive by a monster. The usual,” Kagome replied. “Well that’s nice dear. Oh, I almost forgot your brother and grandfather went Christmas shopping and Kitana called today.” “She did?! I’ve got to call her!”, Kagome ran upstairs to her room and picked up the phone. She dialed her best friend’s number as the phone began to ring.

The phone rang loudly throughout the house. Kitana dropped the Christmas ornament on the couch and quickly ran to the phone. “Hello?” “Kitana, it’s me, Kagome.” Kitana’s face lit up with happiness. “Kagome, I was beginning to worry about you. You haven’t been in school for over a week now. What’s up?” Kagome smiled to herself. Kitana was ALWAYS worried about her. They were practically sisters and Kitana being the oldest looked out for Kagome. “I’m sorry Kitana I’ve... umm… been sick. But I’m all better now.” “Good, and just in time for Christmas. So what exactly ARE you doing this Christmas?”, Kitana asked. “Well I’m not sure…” I might not even be here for Christmas Kagome thought to herself. “Kagome, are you still there?” “Oh yeah, sorry bout that. To be honest I’m not sure, but whatever it is you know that you’re invited” Kitana smiled brightly over the phone. “Thanks Kagome.” “No prob. What are best friends for? Kitana you wouldn’t mind coming right now would you?”, Kagome questioned hoping her friend would say yes. “Of course not. It’s always fun over your house. I’ll there in the few minutes”, and with that the two best friends hung up. Kagome yelled downstairs to her mom, “Mom, Kitana is on her way to the house!” “Alright Kagome”, her mother replied.

The wind howled through the night sky. Snow rained down on Kitana’s car. This snowstorm is getting pretty bad, thought Kitana as she drove down the rode. Meanwhile back at Kagome’s house, she looked out her window. “Mom do you think Kitana will be alright driving through this snowstorm?”, Kagome questioned worried. “She’ll be fine Kagome. Kitana is a good driver. She’ll be here before you know it”, her mother reassured her. Just then there was a knock at the door. Kagome rushed to the door and quickly opened it. “Hey Kagome” came Kitana’s voice. The two best friends hugged eachother happy to see one another. “Hi Mom”, Kitana replied to Kagome’s mother. Over the years as the two grew up together Kitana had come to call Kagome’s mother hers. After all before the accident Kagome’s mother and father were close friends with Kitana’s parents. “Hello dear”, she greeted Kitana with a hug. Kitana slipped off her shoes and put her coat in the closet. Kagome and Kitana ran upstairs toward her room. “So any new gossip going around school?”, Kagome asked excitedly. “Well rumors have it that Misu and Kiumo are a couple now”, Kitana replied. “What?! That’s impossible… Isn’t Misu still going out with that American exchange student Frankie?”, Kagome asked. “Yep, and Kiumo found out, and they got into this huge fight over Misu. Kiumo really showed Frankie.” Kagome laughed, “I can’t believe that Kiumo would even go out with Misu. Everyone knows she’s a hoe”, Kitana replied. “That’s so true”, Kagome replied still laughing. The two girls talked for hours until it was 8 o’clock. Kagome realized that she had only come back home to get some more things to take back with her to the Feudal Japan Era. She had told Inuyasha to wait for her by the well. She could just imagine how mad he would be when she got back. “Oh well”, Kagome thought, “He deserves it”. Kagome really didn’t want Kitana to leave, but she had to get back to the well. Kagome made up a story and convinced Kitana to leave. As much as Kagome hated lying to her friend she couldn’t very well tell her is was going to jump in the Bowler's Easter well which would send her to the past where she fights evil monsters. Kagome sweatdropped just thinking about it. “Bye Kitana”, Kagome waved as Kitana closed the door to her car. Kagome closed the door and headed for the well.

Kitana drove her car a few feet from Kagome’s house and got out. She headed toward the house. Kitana giggled to herself. “Kagome, Kagome… When will you learn that I can tell when your lying AND planning something”, Kitana thought to herself. I can’t wait to see the look on her face when I jump out and surprise her. Kitana looked in the distance to see the shrine and a figure heading for it. That must be Kagome Kitana thought as she began to pick up the pace. She slowly crept toward the shrine.

Kagome opened the shrine door and checked around to see if anyone was around. No one in sight Kagome jumped into the well just as she did Kitana jumped out and watched as Kagome fell into the well. “Kagome!!!”, Kitana shouted. No response. Kitana ran up to the well and looked inside. No Kagome. Where could she have gone? A bright light shinned from deep inside the well. Kitana peered into the well. What is that? She thought. “Well here goes nothing”, Kitana replied jumping into the well. Kitana hit the bottom of the well. She looked up and saw the sunlight shinning through the well. What the hell is going on? Kitana thought, “When I left it was still snowing now the sun’s out?” She heard voices. She listened closely. It sounded like Kagome talking to…. some guy?

“You’re late!”, Inuyasha yelled as Kagome stood by the well. “I had to take care of something. You don’t have to yell like that!”, Kagome yelled back. “She’s right Inuyasha. There’s no need to yell at Kagome-sama like that”, Miroku replied. “Who are you to tell me what to do!”, Inuyasha replied. “Honestly Inuyasha”, Sango said rolling her eyes. “Kagome you’re back!”, Shippou replied excitedly. The little fox demon jumped into the girl’s arms. “Welcome back”, Sango replied. Kagome smiled warmly. Suddenly Miroku felt someone grab his shirt. “Sango if you wanted me to take my shirt off all you had to do was ask”, he replied slyly groping her butt. “HENATI!!!”she yelled smacking him in the face. There was a tug at his shirt again. “What is that?”, he thought. Just then Inuyasha ran over to the well where Miroku had been standing and looked inside. “Kagome looks like SOMEBODY followed you into the well”, Inuyasha replied looking down at Kitana. “What?”, Kagome said walking over to the well. She looked inside to find… Kitana?! “Kitana?!” Kagome replied. “Hummm… Surprise?”


Chapter 2:

“Hummm… Surprise?!,” Kitana replied looking up at Kagome and her strange looking friend. Inuyasha helped Kitana out of the well. “I tried to climb out by pulling on someone’s shirt, but I kept slipping”, Kitana replied to Kagome. Miroku looked Kitana up and down. “She’s beautiful”, he thought himself, “Plus she’s got an ass on her”. “Humm Kagome what exactly is this place?”, Kitana asked staring at Inuyasha. “Well… humm… Do you remember when we studied about the Feudal Japan Era in history? Well this is it’, Kagome said. Kitana stared at her in disbelief. Just then Kitana felt a hand grab her butt. “Ahhhh!”, she yelled as she turned around and punched Miroku in the face. “I like her”, Sango replied placing a hand on Kitana’s shoulder. Kitana smiled brightly at Sango. She seemed pretty nice. Sango returned the smile with one of her own. “Sango this is my best friend Kitana”, Kagome said introducing the two girls. “Kitana that’s Inuyasha in the red and that’s Miruko on the ground”, Kagome pointed. “Oh, I’m so sorry about that Miruko”, Kitana replied helping him up. “You DON’T have to be nice to HIM”, Sango whispered to Kitana, “He’s a pervert”. “Oh, I see”, Kitana replied. “O.K enough talking we have to go and find the rest of the jewel shards!”, Inuyasha yelled over the chattering girls. “You really don’t have to yell like that”, Kitana replied. Inuyasha growled under his breath. Wow. Kagome was impressed. Usually Inuyasha ALWAYS had something smart to say, but this time he kept his BIG MOUTH closed. I wonder why? Kagome thought. Kitana looked down has she felt a pull at her skirt. “Well hello there cutie”, she replied to Shippou. “Oh how could I forget. Kitana that’s Shippo”, Kagome said introducing the two. Kitana picked up Shippo in her arms and hugged him. “Awe, he’s so cute”, she replied. Shippo purred lightly as Kitana scratched behind his ear. “Come on, We better head for the village”, Inuyasha said walking off. “Hey Inuyasha wait up. You just cant leave us here!”, Kagome shouted angrily. I wonder why those two are always yelling at eachother? Kitana thought. “Maybe Kagome likes him,” she said to herself. “Oh well”, she sighed as she followed everyone toward the village.

It had been hours since they left the well and Kitana was getting tired of walking. The sun was beginning to set as well. “Are we almost there?”, Kitana questioned Inuyasha. “Yes”, he replied. The group walked over a hill and in the distance Kitana could see a small village. She began to run down the hill toward the little town. “Hey, wait up girl!”, Inuyasha yelled but Kitana was already inside the village. The people gazed at the new stranger Kagome and her friends had brought with them. Kagome and Sango took Kitana to meet Kaede. The old woman seemed to enjoy Kitana’s company. “You have such a good natured spirit”, Kaede told Kitana, “You could be a great priestess”, she replied. “Thank you grandma”, Kitana replied. When Kitana first saw Kaede she reminded her of her grandmother thus Kitana began to call Kaede grandma. Kaede had no arguments against it. In fact she very well would not mind being called Grandma since she never had a chance to be called that. When Kikyo died Kaede felt no need to give birth to any children. She had not the heart to. She enjoyed the comfort Kitana provided her by calling her grandma. “So will ye be traveling with Kagome and Inuyasha?”, Kaede asked Kitana. “Of course. I can’t just leave my lil sister here”, Kitana smiling at Kagome. “I see. Well ye will need some weapons to protect thyself”, the old woman replied pulling out a sword box. She handed it to Kitana and she opened it. It contained two magnificent swords. “They’re beautiful”, she replied. “They belonged to a great warrior named Kitana as well. Perhaps they will be of some use to thee. That is if ye can learn to wield the power of the swords”, Kaede said, “Some say that these swords poses a great power if given to the chosen one”. “Really? Cool”, Kitana replied excitedly. “I wanna get started right away”, she said running out the room. “I wonder where she’s going?”, Sango asked. “Don’t worry she’ll be back”, Kagome replied assumingly. She knew Kitana could take care of herself even here in the past.

Kitana ran through the village in search of Inuyasha. She knew they were somewhere around here. “Inuyasha!”, Kitana called out hoping he would hear her. Inuyasha very well could hear her. “What do you want?”, he questioned the girl standing before him. “Oh good, there you are. I need your help”, Kitana replied gasping for air. “You want MY help? For what?”, he questioned. “Well Kaede gave me these two swords and told me I need to learn how to use them so I was wondering if you would teach me”, she said all in one breath. “Well it’s about time somebody started to notice my powers. Alright I’ll teach you, BUT you have to be willing to train day and night, through rain and snow. No matter what,” he told her. Kitana shook her head yes in excitement and she and Inuyasha headed off toward the forest to begin her training.

At first Kitana could barely hold the two swords but after a couple of minutes she got the hang of it. Inuyasha thought her how to position herself when being attacked and some moves to use when fighting. It didn’t take Kitana long to learn it all. Wow, she’s a fast learner Inuyasha thought to himself as he watched Kitana practice. She wasn’t bad at it either. It’s like she was made for those swords. She was good enough to even fight in a battle. Soon the sun began to set. “We better be heading back”, Inuyasha advised. “You go ahead. I wanna practice just a little longer”, Kitana replied. She’s pretty determined Inuyasha thought, and with that he left Kitana in peace. The sun was just about to set in a few minutes and Kitana was growing tired but she kept pushing herself. She really wanted to be able to help her friends and fight by their side when the time came for battle. As Kitana turned around to head back to Kaede’s hut a demon jumped out of the trees and tried to attack her. She dogged most of its moves. It shot a small spear-like arrow at her which nipped her in the arm just a little. If she hadn’t moved it would have done much more then that. “Stand still you stupid human!”, the demon yelled. Kitana ignored its request as she drove one of her swords into its leg. Kitana smiled happily. She actually hit him. She backed up before he could hit her with his large claws.

Above them Sesshomaru-sama watched as the two battled. He had been watching Kitana for the longest time since she had been out in the woods with Inuyasha. He had planned to attack Inuyasha while he was teaching Kitana but his plans changed when Kitana caught his eye. There was something about her that intrigued him. As he watched her train with Inuyasha he noticed how quickly she had learned all the moves Inuyasha had taught her in one day of training. Sesshomaru watched as the battle raged on. He noticed that she hadn’t called for help yet. What is she doing? He asked himself.

Kitana swayed back and forth. She felt light headed. “My poison is beginning to take affect on you. You humans are such weak forms of life”, he smiled at her. Kitana. The demon began to approach her. Kitana took off through the woods running father and farther away from the village. The tree branches whipped at her face and arms leaving small sensitive bruises. Sesshomaru took to the skies and followed her as did the demon who was after her. She felt herself slowing down until she tripped and flew to the ground. “Now human you die”, the demon replied raising its claws in the air. Just then another demon appeared ripping the other into pieces. The mysterious demon had long white hair and yellow eyes. Kitana glanced up to be face to face with the Lord of the West Lands… Sesshomaru. She slowly stood to her feet. “Who are you?”, she asked wanting to know who had just saved her life. “It doesn’t matter who I am. What does matter is that you take up your sword and fight. Kitana looked at Sesshomaru in confusion. Why would he want to fight her after he just saved her life. But there was no point in arguing. Kitana picked up her sword and attacked Sesshomaru. Stupid wench Sesshomaru thought. She could never defeat him. Sesshomaru caught her hand in mid air. Their faces were inches away from eachother. Kitana looked into the stranger’s eyes. They were yellow? Her cheeks began to burn a light red. Why was he staring at her like that she thought. The poison began to take its toll on Kitana as she felt herself slipping into a deep sleep. She slowly closed her eyes only remembering Sesshomaru’s face before she past out. Sesshomaru held her in his arms as they flew through the night sky. He hadn’t known why he decided to bring her with him and not leave her to die in the forest. He glanced down at her. She was still unconscious. Sesshomaru had to admit that she was beautiful but none the less she was still a human and Sesshomaru despised all humans. But there was something different about her. He could feel it. For now he wouldn’t trouble himself with his thoughts. Those he could sort out later. He landed in a clearing of the forest and set Kitana down by a tree and sat down next to her. Sesshomaru glanced down at her again. Stupid human he thought. She was worthless so why did he bring her with him. Was it because he just wanted some company? Sesshomaru quickly shook that thought from his head. He didn’t need anyone. Especially a good for nothing human.

The Lord of the West Lands rested his head against a tree. For now he had other important things to worry about.

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