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Outlaw Star 3


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Chapter 3

The sun had set over an hour ago and Kagome was growing worried. “Where could she be?”, Kagome questioned. “Don’t worry I’m sure she’s fine”, Sango assured her. “I hope you’re right”, Kagome replied. Inuyasha opened the door to Kaede’s hut with Miruko trailing behind him. Kagome rose to her feet quickly and her heart skipped a beat as she noticed that Kitana wasn’t with them. “Where is she?”, she questioned Inuyasha. “We couldn’t find her. She’s not in the village. Kagome was afraid he would say that. “We’ve got to find her”, she said beginning to panic. “We will. I promise”, Inuyasha said placing a hand on her shoulder. Kagome, Inuyasha, and the rest of the group walked outside. Inuyasha sniffed the air picking up a very faint scent of Kitana. “I’ve got her scent but it’s faint. She must be miles from the village by now”, he told everyone. “Well let’s get going before you lose it”, Miruko advised. Kagome climbed onto Inuyasha’s back while Shippou, Sango, and Miruko rode on Kirara’s back. The group headed into the direction Inuyasha smelled Kitana’s scent. Kagome was very worried about her friend. She had never been so scared in her life. She was afraid Kitana would be in great danger and she had no idea how right she was.

The warm sunlight warmed Kitana’s face. She opened her eyes slowly. She could see Sesshomaru in the corner leaning against a tree. Why had he taken her with him she wondered. What did he want with her? “So you’re awake?”, he said staring at her. Kitana could feel herself blushing as she looked back at him. She couldn’t help it. Even though he was cruel he was also very handsome. She turned away so she wouldn’t have look at him anymore. “What exactly did you think you were doing battling that youkai?”, he questioned, “You’re just a weak human. He could have killed you”. Kitana held her head down. She knew he was right but did he really have to call her a weak human. It was just cruel but then again Kitana came to find that Sesshomaru had a very cruel nature. “If you don’t like me so much then why did you help me?”, she asked sharply. Sesshomaru raised his eyebrow. Did this human have any idea who she was speaking to. Most likely not by the way she was talking to him like they were equals. He was not equal to her he thought. She’s just a human. Sesshomaru stood and walked over to Kitana. “For someone who is in terrible danger you sure do have a sharp tongue”, he replied staring at her coldly. What exactly did her mean by terrible danger Kitana thought. Was he going to hurt her? “What do you want with me?”, she asked the young lord. Sesshomaru looked at her. He couldn’t answer that himself so how could he possibly tell her? Besides he didn’t have to answer to her anyway. “You’re just a human. I don’t have to answer to you”, he replied sharply. What’s with the weak human thing Kitana thought. She remained quite. Sesshomaru looked at her for a long time before he walked away. Kitana stood up and brushed herself off. What is it about this human Sesshomaru thought. He should have hit her for her ignorance, but he didn’t. He couldn’t? Sesshomaru couldn’t understand why he was feeling this way. He shouldn’t feel like this. Not for a human. Could he?

“Excuse me?”, Kitana spoke breaking his train of thoughts. “What is it?”, he asked coldly. Kitana shivered. The coldness in his voice could freeze fire. “I don’t mean to bother you but where exactly are you taking me?” she questioned the young youkai. “I’m taking you to my home”, he replied nonchalantly. Kitana’s face flushed a bright red. He was taking her to his house?! She had never been to a guy’s house before let alone a youkai’s. Sesshomaru raised his eyebrow. Why was she blushing he thought. He only had said where he was taking her. “Humans”, he mumbled under his breath. “Let’s go human”, Sesshomaru replied as he started to walk. Kitana had no choice but to follow him and she did. She watched him quietly. Why was he so mean Kitana thought. She hadn’t done anything to him. Sesshomaru noticed how quiet the girl was being. What was with her he wondered. “Human, why are you so quiet?”, he asked. Kitana glanced up at him. Why would he care she thought. “I… umm… nothing”, she replied. Sesshomaru used his power to tap into the girl’s mind. He could feel a great sadness coming from her but in the mist of it all there was a great warmth. He reached deeper into her mind to touch it. It was such a consuming feeling. He could feel himself being consumed by it. What was this the young youkai thought. He quickly left her mind.

“Human why are you so sad?”, Sesshomaru questioned. Kitana looked up at him surprised. “It’s just that I’ve never been away from home so long and Kagome. I know she’s worried. I don’t like to know that she’s sad because of me”, she replied. “Then why in the mist of all that do you still remain happy? And what is that warm feeling inside you?”, he questioned stopping infront of her. Kitana starred into Sesshomaru’s eyes. She could feel herself blushing. Sesshomaru smiled to himself. She’s actually cute when she blushes he thought. “You must be talking about… about love”, she replied her face getting redder. So that’s what love feels like the young youkai thought to himself. It was a nice feeling to have. Sesshomaru had forgotten what it felt like to love. Maybe this human could teach him how he thought. “Teach me to love”, he told Kitana. By now her face was a deep shade of red. “I…I… I could try”, Kitana replied snatching her gaze away from Sesshomaru’s eyes. “What’s your name human?”, Sesshomaru asked. “Kitana”, she replied softly. “Kitana I am Sesshomaru. Lord of the West Lands”, he told her. ‘Lord Sesshomaru?! He’s some kind of king?!’ she thought. Well he did look the part she thought looking at what he was wearing. And what did that half moon on his forehead stand for? Kitana thought.


Sesshomaru wondered why Kitana kept staring at him. Was there something wrong? He didn’t like it when she looked at him like that. It was as if she were searching for something inside him. Something that was buried along time ago. She continue to gaze at him until finally she turned away. Maybe she had found what she was looking for in the youkai’s motionless face. “Come, let’s go”, Sesshomaru spoke turning away from her. Kitana had felt something when she had looked into his eyes. It wasn’t safe to say that she could possible be falling for him. Could she? No, of course she thought to herself. She quickly disregarded the whole thing and followed Sesshomaru.

Inuyasha was loosing Kitana’s scent fast. The wind was blowing it in all kinds of directions making it hard for him to follow, but it was still there. He didn’t want to make Kagome worry anymore then she already was so he kept to himself. “Do you think she’s dead?”, Miruko asked. “Of course not! Don’t say such things. It will only make it harder on Kagome”, Sango protested. “You’re right. Sorry”, Miruko replied, “I’ll make it up to you”, he replied giving Sango’s butt a tight squeeze. “You bastard!!!”, she screamed knocking him out cold. Kagome hadn’t noticed all the commotion that was going on. She was much to worried about Kitana. What if we never find her she thought to herself. Tears began to find their way to her eyes. She couldn’t bear to lose her best friend. Kitana was like a sister to her. Inuyasha heard Kagome began to cry. “Hey Sango why don’t you and Miruko stay here and take a break. I’ll be back”, Inuyasha replied walking away from the group with Kagome still on his back. He sat her down on the moss -covered ground. “Kagome don’t cry”, he said but she only cried louder.

Inuyasha began to panic. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t like seeing Kagome cry, not like this. He took her by the arm and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned her head on his chest allowing him to comfort her. Her tears soaked his red shirt. “Don’t worry Kagome. We’ll find Kitana”, Inuyasha replied smoothing her black hair out of her face. She looked up at Inuyasha. He had never been this nice to her before. She felt her cheeks turning a bright red. Not from crying but from embarrassment. Inuyasha slowly lifted her head upward and planted a soft kiss on her lips. At first Kagome wasn’t sure what was going on. Is he kissing me? she thought. No way can this be happening. Inspite all the questions running through her mind she closed her eyes and leaned into the kiss. This surprised Inuyasha but he was glad she didn’t smack him for kissing her in the first place. The two stayed like that for a few more moments then pulled apart. Inuyasha kept Kagome in his warm embrace not letting her go and she didn’t want him to either.


Chapter 4

,p>The sun was beginning to set and Kitana was tired from walking such a great distance. It had been five days she had been traveling with Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru noticed how she began to slow down so he decided that they would set up camp. The night was dark, but not lonely, Sesshomaru thought glancing over at Kitana as she sat down by a tree.


Kitana lifted her head to look at the stars. You could see so many of them. It sure wasn’t like that in the city. You could barely see any she thought, enjoying the view. She hadn't noticed that Sesshomaru had been staring at her for the past few moments until she felt like she was being watched. She looked over to see two yellow eyes watching her. That look… The way he looked at her sent shivers up her spine. She wondered why he often looked at her like that. She couldn’t tell because his face remained motionless at all times. And yet deep down she felt as though he kind of liked her. “What?! Now where did that come from? He doesn’t like me. Does he?”, she whispered. Sesshomaru picked up every word she had said. Like her? A human? That’s the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard he thought to himself. But the youkai lord knew deep down that she was beginning to grow on him. After he tapped into her mind he felt as though a piece of him was lift behind and a piece of her was put in him. Was that possible? In all of Sesshomaru’s silence Kitana thought she could almost hear his thoughts. They came in soft whispers. It’s like she could feel him inside her. But how? Sesshomaru looked over at her. The dead silence was too much for him to take. Although he enjoyed it for awhile it now made him uncomfortable. “So human tell me about this love you feel”, he more likely commanded her. Kitana looked over at him. She was hoping he had forgotten about the whole teaching him to love thing. Oh well she thought at least he was talking to her. “Well there’s so many things about love. I wouldn’t know where to start”, she replied. Sesshomaru could tell she was trying to make things difficult. “Well then tell how do you know when you’re in love”, he told her. Kitana sighed deeply. This was going to harder then she thought it would. Teaching a cold hearted youkai how to love wasn’t exactly what she planned do with her time she was spending here in the past. “Well you always have that person on your mind. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to forget about them. Even when you’re thinking about someone or something else somehow your thoughts just seem to find their way to that very same person,” she said, “ Also when you close your eyes at night you can see them in your dreams or you hear the wind whisper their name.” Sesshomaru kept eye contact with her as she continued. She spoke with such feeling as if she were telling him she loved him. Her words sounded so passionate as the wind carried them through the air to his sensitive ears.


Kitana talked on about love. She could hear the softness and passion in her voice. She then noticed that everything she had said was what she felt deep inside for him. She began to blush slightly. She couldn’t believe she was feeling this way. Since when did she even start to like him like this? Maybe it was because she was able to talk to him so freely about what she felt and he actually seemed interested in what she had to say. She noticed that the young youkai hadn’t taken his eyes off of her since she began speaking. He gave her that same look. She couldn’t help but blush.

There she goes blushing again Sesshomaru thought. This whole time they’ve been together he always finds himself staring at her. Was he beginning to feel something for her? Everything she had told him about love was exactly what he felt. From can’t getting out her out of his mind to staring at her constantly. She was a sight to look at though, he admitted. She was beautiful and had been nice to him. She’d shown him compassion and kindness that no other human would. (Well not unless you count little Rin ^_^) He wondered how she was doing. Rin was the most important thing in the youkai’s life. She was his world even if he wouldn’t admit to it but he loved the little girl very much. Sesshomaru wondered how she would react when she saw Kitana. Most likely consider her a new playmate to play games with. She was such an innocent child.


“Jaken when is Sesshomaru-sama coming back?”, she asked tugging on the little toad’s robes. “Lord Sesshomaru will be back soon, now go play and leave me alone”, he replied walking away. “Jaken wait for Rin”, the little child said chasing after the small youkai down the hallways of the palace.


The midnight wind ripped through the cold night. Kitana snuggled closer to the tree she was sleeping by to keep warm but it was useless. The cold wind blew over her body causing her to shiver. Now she would never be able to get to sleep with the cold wind keeping her up all night. She wished she would have at least brought a blanket with her. Just then she felt something warm come close to her. Kitana looked up only to be staring into Sesshomaru’s eyes. They seemed to have an alluring glow at night. He removed his outer robe and wrapped it gently around her shivering body. He sat extremely close to her as well.


Kitana could feel his body heat radiating off of him. She welcomed the heat thankful he had come and sat so close to her. She tried to place her head on the ground but it was freezing cold. She slowly turned her body around so that her head was faced toward Sesshomaru. Kitana gazed up at him.  

He was resting his head against the tree with his eyes closed but she knew he was wide awake. She lifted her head and gently placed it on Sesshomaru’s lap. He sure is warm she thought to herself. I hope he doesn’t get mad.  

Sesshomaru opened one of his eyes and saw Kitana resting on his lap. He didn’t mind infact he welcomed her. Her body was warm and very comforting. He couldn’t help but smile to himself. She looked so peaceful when she was asleep he thought. But she was even more beautiful when she was awake. There had been many times that the young youkai had looked over her body features. She was a well framed young woman. Her breast were round and stile. They fit her just right and her butt was well rounded as well. Her warm, soft light brown skin and long silky dark brown hair which she always were out. Her eyes were a warm brown that seemed to sparkle with happiness. She also had a tight, flat stomach, a tiny waste, but wide hips.  

She was a perfect mate… for him. He had never seen such beauty. In all this of traveling with her Sesshomaru never even looked at her in this way. Did he? Who was he fooling. He had been attracted to ever since he laid eyes on her. The young youkai had to face the facts. He slowly put his arm around her body moving her closer to him. The youkai lord then closed his eyes and fell into a light but peaceful slumber.

Meanwhile Kagome and the others camped miles away from Sesshomaru and Kitana. Everyone had noticed that Inuyasha and Kagome had seemed to grow a little closer. “I wonder what happened?”, Miruko whispered to Sango. She shook her had in agreement. She too wanted to know what had happened that had brought the two so close together. Well there was no time to wonder about the two, everyone had to get some sleep before they started back on their search for their missing friend.  

“Inuyasha, do you think she’s o.k?”, Kagome asked leaning on his shoulder. He slid his arm around her.  

“I know she is. Kitana is a strong- willed person. She’s out there somewhere waiting for us to find her. And we will”, he assured Kagome giving her a tight squeeze. Kagome never knew how comforting Inuyasha could be. He seemed so confident that they would find Kitana. The black haired teen sighed heavily and rested her head on Inuyasha’s shoulder. “Kitana”, she whispered softly, “Please be OK”. Kagome had no idea that Kitana was actually in good hands. Kitana woke up from a peaceful dream. As she came back to reality she felt an arm wrapped around her body. It was Sesshomaru. She moved closer into him leaning against his muscular chest. She was heaven right now. Kitana hoped he wouldn’t wake up anytime soon. But she was disappointed when she felt him stir.

“You’re awake already?”, he questioned looking down at her.  

“Yep. I always wake up in the middle of the night. It’s a bad habit”, she replied making herself comfortable on the youkai’s lap. He seemed to not mind. Infact he didn’t. Kitana was glad she could find comfort in Sesshomaru. He was all she had right now but she didn’t mind. She was growing very close to him in the time they spent together traveling. Kitana was actually glad that the youkai from the forest attacked her or howelse would she have ever met Sesshomaru. In her heart she knew that she was falling for him but she wouldn’t tell him. Not yet. It wasn’t the right time or place. The two had been traveling for five days now and Kitana began to wonder whether they were lost or not.
“Hummm… Sesshomaru”, Kitana called him.
Sesshomaru smiled. He loved the way she said his name. So soft and full of passion.
“Yes, Kitana”, he replied.  

Kitana’s heart skipped a beat. That was first time he called her by her name and not human or wench but Kitana. And the way he said it. He had such a sultry voice when he said her name.
Sesshomaru noticed that when he called her name her heart skipped a beat.  

“Hummm… I was wondering. When exactly are we going to get to your home?”, she asked looking him in the eyes. He had almost forgotten what she had asked him. He was caught up in her eyes. “Soon. Do not worry yourself”, he told her. She nodded her head. Kitana leaned her head down on Sesshomaru’s lap. “Good night Sesshomaru”, she whispered knowing he heard her. Sesshomaru put his arm around her again.  

“Good night Kitana”, he said softly in her ear. It sent shivers up her spine. She regained composure and fell back asleep.  

The morning sun shinned down on Sesshomaru and Kitana. The youkai lord opened his eyes. It was time to get going. He shook Kitana gently. She opened her eyes. “Time to go already?”, she asked. Sesshomaru shook his head yes and helped her get up. Kitana handed Sesshomaru back his robe and dusted herself off. As soon as they got to his home she’ll take a long, well-deserved bath. The two began to walk. They climbed over grass covered hills and rocky mountains. It was two hours later that Sesshomaru stopped. “We’re here”, he told her. Kitana looked around. She didn’t see anything.  

“Hummm… Sesshomaru I don’t see anything”, she replied. He looked at her.  

“Wait”, he told her. Kitana did as she was told. A large palace began to appear infront of them. It was beautiful. Kitana had never seen anything like it. There were alluring flowers everywhere. Their sweet fragrance filled Kitana’s nose. “Wow, it’s beautiful”, she replied taking a step forward but before she could move another inch Sesshomaru took her by her arm and pulled her in close to him. He didn’t know what exactly he was doing but it felt right. He wrapped his arms around Kitana in a warm embrace.  

What is he doing she thought to herself. Had he lost his mind or something but all thoughts were quickly erased from her mind as Sesshomaru pulled her in for a kiss. His lips were soft and smooth against her own.

Sesshomaru loved the way her lips felt against his. They were soft and warm just like he expected. She tasted good. He felt a sudden urge to have more of her. He wanted more… he needed more. He felt her warm breath tickle the top of his lip. He slid his tongue across her lips begging to have entrance. This sent shivers up her shine as he held her in his arms. Slowly Kitana began to part her lips and the first chance he got Sesshomaru slipped his tongue into her mouth. He tasted her sweet saliva savoring its sweet taste. He found her tongue and the two engaged in a tongue war neither one caring who lost or who won. Sesshomaru broke the kiss. He had to or else he would take things a little far. He knew that today was his mating season.
“Today of all days”, he thought to himself.  

Kitana gasped for air the moment he pulled away. She had never experienced a kiss like that before. It was all so new to her for she was an innocent soul. Sesshomaru lifted her face so that their eyes locked. He bent over to her ear. His breath blowing lightly on it. “I, Sesshomaru promise to protect you. Whenever you need me I will be there. I will protect you from all harms even if it puts my life in danger”, he whispered softly in her ear.  

He had made her promise?! Kitana was speechless. No man had ever made any promise like that to her but she believed Sesshomaru and knew he would keep his promise. Kitana nodded her head but before she could respond a little green toad interrupted her.  

“Lord Sesshomaru you’re back”, Jaken replied happily. He stopped short when he noticed Sesshomaru was holding a human in his arms?! “Lord Sesshomaru what is going on?”, Jaken asked concerned. Sesshomaru looked calmly at Jaken. He didn’t have to explain his relationship with Kitana. “Jaken I’d like for you to meet Kitana”, he told the short youkai.  

“I see. Hel.. hell…o”, Jaken replied. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Lord Sesshomaru with a human?!  

“Where is Rin?” Sesshomaru asked.  

Kitana remembered Sesshomaru telling her about a little human girl he takes care of. Kitana couldn’t wait to meet her. “Sesshomaru-sama!”, the little girl yelled excitedly. She ran by his side and playfully tugged on his robes. “Rin missed Sesshomaru-sama. Why was he gone for so long?”, she questioned. Sesshomaru looked down at Rin. She smiled brightly. Kitana watched as his eyes softened to a more fatherly tone as he told Rin of his travelings. Then when he mentioned Kitana, Rin looked to see her standing next to Sesshomaru.  

“Hello Rin. I’m Kitana”, she smiled warmly. Rin smiled back. She’s such an adorable little girl Kitana thought.
  “Rin glad to have new playmate. Kitana-sama play with Rin?”, she asked excitedly.
  “You bet ya”, Kitana replied back. Rin took Kitana by the hand and began to lead her toward the house.
  “Kitana-sama will have lots of fun Rin”, the energetic girl replied. Sesshomaru followed behind them into the palace.

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