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Rin cheerfully led Kitana through the palace. She showed Kitana all of her favorite hiding places in the palace and where her room was. Rin’s room was brightly colored in light pink, yellow, and blue. Cute little pictures were hung on the wall. Pictures Rin had drawn no doubt. “Today is Sesshomaru-sama’s birthday!!!”, Rin told Kitana excitedly. “Will Kitana-sama help Rin make cake for Sesshomaru?”, she asked pulling playfully on Kitana’s skirt. She’s such a sweet little girl Kitana thought. I’ve never seen anyone so cute before. I wonder what happened to her parents?  

“Of course I’ll help you”, Kitana replied smiling down at Rin. “So let’s get started on that cake”. Rin nodded in agreement and led Kitana down the hallway to the kitchen. The kitchen was huge. It looked as if it had never been used before.  

“Alright let’s see. We need some flour, eggs. Milk, and water”, Kitana said. Rin ran to the cabinet and took some eggs and milk out. “Rin where is the flour?”, Kitana asked.  

“The flowers are outside in the garden”, Rin replied giggling. Kitana couldn’t help but laugh. She was such an adorable little thing Kitana thought. Kitana searched the cabinets until she finally found some flour.  

“Alright we have everything we need now let’s get to work”, Kitana told Rin. She nodded her head excitedly. Rin really liked Kitana. She was so nice and reminded her of her own mother. The way she smiled and talked to her was that of a mother’s voice. Rin had missed the company of a mother figure in her life. She was glad her Sesshomaru-sama had brought Kitana back with him.  

A couple of hours later the cake was completed. Flour was everywhere. Earlier when the two girls were making the cake they got into a flour war. Kitana laughed as she looked down at a flour covered Rin. “I think we ought to clean up, huh Rin?”, Kitana asked smiling. Rin shook her head no.  

“The others will come and clean up the mess”, she replied smiling. Kitana looked at Rin.  

“What others Rin?”, she questioned bending down to pick her up. Rin smiled brightly.  

“The servants”, she said.  

“I see”, Kitana replied. She didn’t think Sesshomaru had servants. She hadn’t seen any ever since she arrived at the palace. Oh well she thought as she shrugged her shoulders.  

Dinner had arrived quicker then Kitana had excepted. She and Rin entered the dinning room. Sesshomaru was already seated at the head of the table. His eyes followed her as she seemed to glide across the floor like an angel. She is an angel he thought to himself.  

Kitana took a seat to right of him and Rin sat to the left. Kitana sniffed the air. She could smell all different kinds of food in the air. Each one smelled tasty. It had been awhile since she had a decent meal. She quickly said a prayer and dove in. She tried her best to be as neat and proper as she could but everything was so good. Kitana glanced up from her plate and saw Rin eating with her hands. Kitana laughed. Rin was such a cute little girl. So innocent she thought. Rin smiled with food still in her mouth. She looked at Kitana excitedly. Kitana nodded her head. It was time to get the cake. “Sesshomaru-sama close his eyes”, Rin said getting up out of seat. Kitana watched as the youkai lord did as she said. Kitana followed Rin out of the dinning room and into the kitchen.  

“Ready Rin?”, she asked. Rin shook her in anticipation.  

The girls reentered the room holding the cake and their present for Sesshomaru. They sat it right in front of him. “OK Sesshomaru-sama can open them now”, Rin said excitedly. He looked down and saw a cake which read “HAPPY BIRTHDAY SESSHOMARU-SAMA” on it and a neatly wrapped gift.  

No one had ever given Sesshomaru a birthday gift before. He felt an overwhelming joy as he glanced back at the two girls. His girls. He neatly began to unwrap the present to reveal a drawing by Rin. It had a picture of her holding hands with Kitana. Both girls wore big smiles on their faces. He noticed Jaken was the one with the big bug like eyes. To his amusement Sesshomaru noticed that Rin’s drawing of him had no emotion on his face. She knew rather too well he thought. He turned around to the anxiously awaiting girls.  

"It's very beautiful Rin”, he replied in a soft father like voice. Rin smiled happily. “Try cake! Try cake!”, she shouted excited “Kitana-sama made it.” Sesshomaru raised in eyebrow.  

“You cook?”, he questioned Kitana.  

“Humm… a little… yes”, she replied. Sesshomaru cut a piece of cake and tried it. Was pretty good. He nodded his head in approvable. Kitana smiled. It was a good thing she took home ec back home she thought.  

After everyone had enjoyed a piece of cake and finished dinner they went their separate ways. Sesshomaru went off down the hallway and Kitana took Rin to the bath house to wash up before she went to bed. At the bath house she washed Rin up and did her hair in a cute little ponytail. When she was finished Kitana figured she mind as well take a well deserved bath as well. Rin was sent on her way as she went to go find Sesshomaru and left Kitana to enjoy her bath.  

Kitana relaxed in the marble bath tub. It was almost as big as a pool. The warm water helped relax her tense muscles. This gave her some time think about today’s events. (The kiss of course! ^_^) Just thinking about it sent shivers up her spine. She couldn’t seem to get him out of her mind. By this time she admitted to herself that she loved him. That kiss proved it. But what made him kiss her? Was he just caught in the moment or did he really love her? The way he kissed her. He must love her Kitana thought. Maybe if she told him how she felt then maybe he’ll tell her how he feels about her. Kitana was consumed by her thoughts she didn’t notice the door to the bath house open.  

Sesshomaru gently pushed open the door as steam streamed. He could smell Kitana’s scent inside the steamed room. He couldn’t spend another moment without her. He needed to be by her side. Sesshomaru had never felt this way about anyone. Love was so new to him but he knew one thing. And that he loved Kitana. Sesshomaru began to approach to edge of the pool. She hadn’t even noticed that he was standing behind her. She was so beautiful he thought. He could easy see her naked body through the crystal clear water. “Kitana”, he called her softly. She slowly turned her head around to see a half naked Sesshomaru standing over her. All he had on was a white towel wrapped around his waist. His long white hair tied in a loose ponytail.  

When did he get here she thought but thoughts were pushed aside when she noticed that she was still in the tub... naked. Her cheeks burned a bright red. She couldn’t cover herself up so she sank lower into the pool.  

Sesshomaru noticed this. He had forgotten how shy she was. He could tell she was uncomfortable. The young lord removed the towel he had around his waist revealing that he was indeed a man in all aspects. He slowly worked his way into the pool next to Kitana.  

Kitana turned her head away from Sesshomaru. Her cheeks burned bright red with embarrassment. She couldn’t believe what he was doing. Had he lost his mind?!  

Sesshomaru edged closer to Kitana wrapping his arms around her. He felt her trying to pull away but she was no match for him. Using a bit of his strength Sesshomaru pulled Kitana closer… bare skin against bare skin. Kitana could feel Sesshomaru’s muscular chest against her back. Sesshomaru pulled her closer so that his erection pressed firmly against her ass. Kitana eyes went wide. Sesshomaru could feel her body freeze. “Don’t be so tense”, he whispered nuzzling her neck sending shivers up her spine. Sesshomaru felt her shiver in his embrace. “Today is my birthday and do you know what I want more than anything?”, he asked Kitana, his breath blowing lightly on her ear. Kitana tried to speak but couldn’t get the words out. She was swimming in a world of ecstasy at the time. She shook her head no. “I want you,” he replied just above a whisper.  

Kitana’s brain went into overdrive. Sesshomaru, Lord of the West Lands wanted her?! She couldn’t think clearly. Everything seemed to be in a misty haze. For a long time now she wanted him. Now he had confessed that he wanted her as well. Her brain screamed to run away but her body cried for her to stay with him. She couldn’t just reject him now. She wanted him as well.  

Sesshomaru felt Kitana loosen up a little more in his grasp.
“Be my mate Kitana”, he whispered, “Be mine.”
Kitana didn’t know what to say. It took awhile for her brain to process what he was saying. Be his? She couldn’t deny that she wanted to but it was all so sudden. Was she even ready for such a serious relationship? So many questions raced through her mind but all she could think about was Sesshomaru. “Sesshomaru I wouldn’t want anything more then to be by your side, but I’m from a different time. I couldn’t say yes then have to leave you and Rin”, she replied.  

“It’s a simple yes or no,” he told her. Kitana sighed deeply.
  “Yes, but…”, she was cut off by Sesshomaru putting a finger to her lips.
  “That’s all I need. If you have to leave then I will wait. I will for your time to come and then I will find you”, Sesshomaru replied softly turning her around. She was so beautiful. Sesshomaru gently rubbed her breast squeezing her hard nipple between his fingers. Kitana gasp loudly. She had never felt like this before… this burning desire. Using his free hand Sesshomaru groped her butt. His lips found their way to hers. He licked her lips gently. Kitana bit at his bottom lip.
The tigress in her was beginning to come out he thought to himself.  

Sesshomaru slid his tongue into her mouth. He suddenly gasped into her mouth as he felt her hand stroke his manhood. Sesshomaru broke the kiss and clamped his mouth down on her erected nipple as she continued to stroke him. He had had enough. He needed to be inside her now but the bath house was no place to please his mate. “Let’s take this to my room”, he told her. Kitana nodded in agreement and got up out of the pool. Sesshomaru followed her out. Both lovers wrapped a towel around their naked bodies and headed for the youkai’s room.  

Sesshomaru quickly opened the door and pulled Kitana inside. He carried her to his bed and sat her down gently. He ripped off her towel with his claws and allowed his own to fall to the ground. Sesshomaru gazed at his mate. He knew she was innocent so he would be gentle with her… this time. He stared down at her. She saw the look of hunger in his eyes. Sesshomaru got on top of Kitana, his erection pressing firmly into her already wet entrance. He could smell her sweet aroma. Sesshomaru knew she was in heat. He gently pressed inside of her opening easing his way in slowly, trying his best not to cause her any pain. Kitana gasped as Sesshomaru pressed deeper inside her. He paused when he reached her hymen. “This might hurt a bit”, he told her. She nodded her head and braced herself. His manhood pressed against the hymen until it broke lose. A single tear found its way down Kitana’s cheek. Sesshomaru quickly brushed it away. He then began to move deeper inside of her. Now Sesshomaru had completely filled Kitana. He began to move in slow gentle movements.  

As Kitana adjusted to this new feeling she began to move with Sesshomaru’s movements. He pumped harder into her as she moaned with pleasure. Sessshomaru took one of her breast to his mouth sending her over the edge. He playfully messaged to other with his hand then witched, giving each one the same attention. The youkai could tell she was about to come soon.
Just a few more times he thought to himself.  

Kitana gasped. She could feel it coming. “Sess… Sesshomaru!!!”, she screamed as she reached her climax, but it wasn’t over yet. Sesshomaru pumped harder and faster into Kitana. He could feel himself on the brink of climaxing. A wave of pleasure rushed over him as his hot seed released into her. Sesshomaru landed on top of his mate. He could hear her heart beating loudly.  

Sesshomaru slid off of Kitana. She leaned on her mate’s chest while he wrapped his arms around her. She was on her way to sleep when Sesshomaru whispered in her ear. “I love you”, he whispered softly. For the first time the youkai was truly happy. He meant what he said as well. He did love her.  

Kitana had already fell into a deep sleep and didn’t hear him but a smile crept onto her face. She was happy for the first time in a long time. As Kitana slept in her lover’s arms a    


The sun shone through Sesshomaru’s balcony window. He had woke up hours ago but wouldn’t leave Kitana alone. He turned over to his right to look at his lover. She had her back turned to him. He could her heart beating gently. Last night events slowly played in the youkai’s mind. A smile found its way to his lips. Other then Rin, Kitana was the only human could make him truly smile.  

Even though she was half asleep Kitana could hear Sesshomaru’s thoughts. He was waiting for her to wake up. She slowly opened her eyes and faced her mate.  

“Good morning my love”, he replied kissing her forehead. Kitana smiled. She loved it when he was affectionate with her.  

“Good morning”, she replied yawning.  

Sesshomaru had noticed the blue moon that appeared on her forehead when he kissed her. Now she was marked. She carried his sign and would also carry his future children. Kitana would be his soulmate for life. Kitana giggled lightly.  

“So I’m yours for life now, huh”, she smirked. Kitana read each of his thoughts clearly. She rubbed the blue moon on her forehead.  

Sesshomaru looked at her amazed. How did she know he was thinking that. Then it hit him. When they mated last night it must have created a link between them. Sesshomaru opened his part of the link and suddenly was overcome with Kitana’s thoughts. They were as clear as the daytime was from night. A devilish smile crept onto the youkai’s face when Kitana sent a preview of last night through the link.  

“How about an encore of last night”, she smiled slyly.  

Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. Since when was she THIS open. Last night must have had a great effect on his mate or perhaps it was because of the link. Whatever it was the youkai liked it.  

“I think that sounds like an excellent idea”, he smirked getting on top of Kitana and kissing her softly.  

Meanwhile Inuyasha, Kagome, and the rest of the gang weren’t far from Sesshomaru’s palace. Inuyasha had been thrown off track by a youkai spell. It was slowing them greatly. The group stopped to take a break. Inuyasha took Kagome by the hand and led her off to the woods while Kirara and Shippou ran off to play leaving Miruko and Sango alone.  

“I can’t believe those two”, Sango said aloud. Miruko shook his head in amusement.  

“I bet you they have no idea we know what they’ve been doing when they sneak off together. I never knew Inuyasha had it in him”, the monk replied laughing, “Besides that gives us some time to spend alone”, he replied slyly moving closer toward Sango. She blushed lightly.  

“I told you we can’t do THAT here. What if the others find out?”, she asked gently pushing him away.  

“Then they just find out. I don’t care anymore. I want the whole world to know we’re in love. Besides it’s been awhile since we… well you know”, he smiled proceeding to move closer to Sango.  

Her blush got deeper. “I know. Well I guess you’re right. Maybe just this once o.k?”, she said pulling the black haired monk in for a kiss.  

Just as the two were about to engage in love making Inuyasha and Kagome walked into the clearing.  

“I knew I smelled someone in heat”, Inuyasha said laughing as he looked at Sango wrapped in Miruko’s grasp. “Inuyasha do you mind? We were just getting started”, Miruko replied angrily. Sango slapped Miruko upside his head.  

“MIRUKO!!!” she screamed from embarrassment. The young monk began to whine.  

“You promised no more hitting”, he cried rubbing his sore head. Everyone laughed until Shippuo and Kirara ran up to them panting.  

“We… we’ve found… Sesshomaru’s palace”, Shippuo said out of breath. Kagome’s heart skipped a beat.  

“Shippuo take me”, she replied with a serious tone. The little fox nodded his head and led Kagome in the direction where he had spotted the palace.  

“Hey Kagome wait up!!!”, Inuyasha yelled as everyone ran to catch up with her.  

Sesshomaru kissed Kitana lightly. He had enjoyed their little rendezvous and was ready to began the new day with his mate by his side. Kitana watched as her lover’s ears twitched.  

“What is it?” she asked concerned. He didn’t even glance her way.  

“Get dressed. We have company,” he told her getting out of bed and dressing himself quickly.  

“SESSHOMARU!!! Come out here and face me!”, Inuyasha screamed outside the youkai’s bedroom window.  

Sesshomaru appeared right in front of them with Kitana by his side. All was quiet. Inuyasha pulled out the tessaiga and charged at Sesshomaru forgetting that Kitana was standing right by him. The youkai lord lugged in front of Kitana protecting her from Inuyasha’s blow with his claws. He moved his little brother away from Kitana as she watched the battle progress.
Kagome had wondered why her friend hadn't run toward them yet.  

“Kitana run! Come over here with us!” she shouted over to her friend. Kitana didn’t even look her way. She was to worried about Sesshomaru. What if he got hurt? She wouldn’t be able to live with herself knowing that it was her fault that the love of her life got hurt.  

Everyone watched as the battle pressed on. Inuyasha had wounded Sesshomaru’s side and in return Inuyasha’s arm the injured. Kitana’s brown eyes followed their every move. She noticed that they had moved toward the balance.  

“Sesshomaru-sama!!!”, Rin shouted from the balance.  

Kitana watched in slow motion as Inuyasha’s sword hit the balance with full force. Kitana hadn’t known what had happened but her body was in much pain. She could feel her body being crushed by something heavy then she heard Sesshomaru call her name. She tried to keep her eyes open but she couldn’t.  

“Kitana. Kiatana,” she heard a soft voice say her name. It sounded very familiar. It was Sesshomaru. She opened her eyes slowly only to be looking into a pair of worried yellow eyes. Kitana tried to move but pain surged through her whole body.  

“Don’t move”, Sesshomaru told her as he wrapped her wounds. Kitana tried to remember what happened.  

“Rin! Where’s Rin?!, she shouted remembering what happened, “Is she alright?!” Sesshomaru shook his yes but he seemed a little more concerned about her right now as he finished wrapping her wounds.  

“Rin is fine thanks to you. You saved her life. If wasn’t for your powers you could have…”, he didn’t finish. A tear slid down Sesshomau’s cheek and landed on Kitana’s forehead where the crescent moon was.  

Kitana had never seen him cry before. It scared her. She reached up and cupped his cheek with her hand and smiled warmly.  

Sesshomaru bent down and kissed her soft lips with all his heart. He could have lost her today. He didn’t even want to think about life without her.  

“I love you”, he whispered into her ear.

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