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By Luz Lopez

To: Takaishi Takeru
From: Yagami Hikari

Dear Takeru,
          Ever since I had set my eyes on you, I realized tht you'll the man of my dreams, my precious soulmate, my Tenshi of Kibou.  Now many years has passed, and even though we're not married, I still love you with all my heart.  As a matter of fact, I told my son all about you, and how I used to flirt with you to make Motomiya Daisuke jealous.  I made him swear never to tell anyone but your son that. Anyways, I had wrote "Forever Young" for you in honor of our everlasting love for each other.  I really hope you like the poem, Takeru.  It means a lot to me. Never forget about me, Tenshi of Kibou!  My spirit will always be with you.  Please write back soon!


-Your Tenshi of Hikari,
                            Yagami Hikari

Now here's Takeru's response...:

To: Yagami Hikari
From: Takaishi Takeru

Dear Hikari,     

I got your letter, along with the poem, and I LUV it!!! Thanx! I know exactly how you feel about me, because I have the exact same feelings for you, too. Hikari, my precious Tenshi of Hikari, I told my son (I called him Chibi Takeru) about you, too.  It's too bad we're not married and having kids together, because I can imagine having a daughter with my hair and your beautiful eyes, or a son with your hair and my innocent, blue eyes.  In return for "Forever Young", I have written "Our Beginning" just for you.  I hope you love it.  As Yamato's only little brother(even though I look better than him, and everyone agrees with me), I am making a life-time pact: ------I, Takeru Takaishi, hereby promised to you, my Tenshi, Hikari Yagami, that I will always love you with all heart, body, and soul. Even in bad times, I'll think of you.  I make this pact 'til death do us part.------