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It is nighttime in the feudal era. The full moon and the stars are out. The lake glows from the moonlight. It is quiet---for a few minutes. The tranquil silence ended when a frightened scream broke out.
A teenage girl runs out of the trees, panting. Her violet eyes displays fear, and her auburn hair flies behind her as she ran. The girl looks behind her every few seconds, thinking, I must protect myself. She was running away from something. Or rather, someone.
The girl was wearing a blue yukata with cherry blossoms and lilies, a yellow obi, knee-length pants underneath the yukata, and sandals. A few minutes ago, it was neat. Now, parts of the yukata is ripped, and there's dark blood stains on the yukata sleeve. The girl was stabbed in the shulder, and the blood continues to flow out of her body.
The girl tries to get away from the shadow lurking behind her.
I must get away from him, she thought with determination. No matter what, I cannot let him take my heart!
"Come back here!" the shadow shouts.
"No!" the girl shouts back. "Leave me alone!"
The girl runs toward a cherry blossom tree by the lake. She was about three feet from the tree when she suddenly collapsed. To her horror, she had twisted her ankle without realizing it. As she attempts to get up, she thoughts, I can't stop here. Not now!
Unfornutely, her legs refused to obey. She collapse again.
Unable to get up, the girl begins to half crawl, half drag herself to the tree.
I...must...go on, the girl thought as she go through the pain and agony. I can't...let him---
The girl groans softly from her wound, which has gotten worse. Then, she passed out, her right arm stretched out as if reaching for the tree.
The shadow comes into view. It was a teenage boy, with long, silver hair tied back in a high ponytail, and blue eyes. He was wearing a white long-sleeve kimono with blue baggy pants underneath, and a red belt. The boy carries a sword on his right side, and he has a cross-shaped scar on his left eye. He walks over the unconscious girl, his eyes showing no emotion, glowing an eerily yellow.
"Dear little sister," he said, kneeling down to the ground. "You know you shouldn't run away from your destiny."
He looks over her, tsking. Then he broke out into an evil smile.
"Do it!" a male voice called out. "Kill her!"
Raising his sword high in the air, the boy shouts gleefully, "Die, little sister!" as he brings the sword down.
"NO!!!" the boy howls.
The sword went into the earth, just 5 inches from the girl's face. The boy releases the sword. His eyes return to its normal color, and itÕs filled with tears of sympathy.
"What are you doing?!?!" the voice shriek. "Kill her while you have the chance!"
"No, Father!" the boy replied. "I can't."
"And why not?" the voice demanded.
"Because," the boy said. "I love her. She is my sister."
The voice growl under his breath.
"Besides, what's the point of killing her?" the boy asked.
"Reishin, I've told you a million times," the voice said. "She's not evil. She's a rare one, that she is. Besides, she has the Kibou no Tama in her body. I need that for my resurrection."
"But---why me?" Reishin asked.
The voice sighed.
"Your mother was a miko, Reishin. In fact, your sister looks just like her. Unfornutely, your mother died shortly after you two were born. At the time, I didn't know that her soul was placed in the tama. It wasn't until Meika display such extraordinary powers that it hits me. That Meika's heart is the key.Ó
"The key to your resurrection?!?!" Reishin exclaims.
"Yes," the voice replied. "The Kibou no Tama is inside her heart." "Well, I wonÕt let you kill her, Father," Reishin said with determination.
"Of course," the voice said quietly.
I will not kill Meika. YOU'LL do it for ME, the voice thought evilly.
Reishin picked Meika up into his arms. As he looked down at her innocent face, he thought, IÕm sorry, imouto-chan. I hope you'll forgive me for this.
Reishin jumps up into the tree, up to the second-to-highest branch. He gently place Meika on the branch, setting her head up on her right shoulder.
"No matter what, imouto, I will end this---curse of mine," Reishin vows, narrowing his eyes.
Reishin leans toward his sister, and kiss her on her forehead.
"A butterfly kiss for you," he said, touching her forehead.
Reishin place his right index finger in front of his chest, extending it upward with his thumg on his chest, and a beam of blue light comes out. The light loops around the girl, as if it was a blanket, protecting her.
"Goodbye, imouto-san," Reishin said sadly, bowing his head.
He jumps down the tree, and runs away from the lake.
As he ran, thoughts flow through his head.
I cannot let oto-san take over me.
I must be strong.
For Meika's sake.

Back at the lake, the wind blows gently as Meika continues to sleep peacefully.