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The Dimensional Distortion Trilogy


Dimensional Distortion Part I


"What!? I got a 69 in History? Just great." said Sam. Sam is a 14-year-old teenager who lives in Pollock, TX, USA. He just got his report card and is about to go home, from school. "Well it looks like your busted." said Sam's best friend, Seth. "Just great! Can anything go right at least one day?!" exclaimed Sam. Then the bell rang. "Class is dismissed." said Mr. Harrison, his Science teacher. Sam gathered up his things and head out the door to his locker. He looked down at the note that the office gave him saying that his mom had to run a few errands and to ride the bus home Well at least I'll get to have about 2 hours of freedom! thought Sam. After he put his stuff in his locker, he headed out to the busses and soon was home. When he got home, he kicked back and watched some of his favorite anime shows on cartoon network. His Mom called  him and told him that she would be late and his father had a meeting that night at work. Here by myself until 7:00 P.M., I better get on the Computer  while I still can.

Dimensional Travel

Hmm, let's see here, I've beaten a lot of these games. Maybe I should try out this new one; I sounds pretty cool. Sam reaches for the mouse to go back a folder on his computer; he's playing zsnes. He double-clicks on a game called DT: Dimensional Travelers. When the game comes on there is no company logo like Capcom or Square. It says press start on the title screen so he does so. The content reads: You have been chosen to become a member of DT. Fill out an application and we will send you to your awaited station. It sounds kinda of catchy, but so far it's alright. He then filled out the application: Name: Samuel Drysdale Age:14 Height:5'8" Weight: 215 lbs. Build: Muscular, yet overweight. Hobbies: Playing video games and watching Anime. After he was finished he thought why did they ask such weird questions? He then pressed start. The screen went blank and it said “shipping you to your station” out loud on the speakers. "This seems strange;  I've never heard such high resolution SFXs before. What's going on?" said Sam out loud. Suddenly, he felt a slight tingle on he wrist. Then something strange happened. The image that the monitor was displaying began to show a color; it was like a whirlpool purple and black. The tingle on his wrist began to spread through out his entire body! He felt a violent pull of gravity from the monitor. He stood up out of his chair and backed up a few feet. The force of gravity from the monitor became greater! "WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE!!!" yelled Sam. Then the gravity became so intense, it started to pull him towards it. The vortex of spinning purple and black enlarged off the screen covering about 9 feet tall and 6 feet wide. Sam's eyes widened. "I...can't...hold...myself...back..." desperately said Sam. You could then see wind as it carried papers and debree into the vortex. The force became so great that it sucked Sam up like a vacuum. "Ahhhh!" yelled Sam  in desperation.  While in the vortex, all he could see is that purple and black swirls. He was being thrown in all directions. Then he saw a light at the far end of this whole thing. He noticed that he was being drawn towards it. Then he fainted. When he woke up he found himself in strange ship in outer space, so to speak. Like a space station off of star wars or something. He noticed that everything was in anime just like those shows that he watched like Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon. He got up on his feet to find himself even in anime. Then a woman that looked about 19, walked up to him and said "Looks like you had a rough trip."

Welcome to DT: Dimensional Travelers!

"Wha-what is going on here?" said Sam. "What do you mean?" said the women. "Huh? Thi-this is really weird. I know! This is all a just a big dream right?" said Sam. "No this is real."  said the woman. "Well then if it is, then who are you?" said Sam. "My name is Jeania Katsuyoshi but my friends call me Jean. Hmm... Ohhh, I see. You’re that new recruit. Come this way; my, and your, commander will explain everything." said Jean. Jean lead him towards a door that opened right as soon as you walk close to it. When she opened the door there was a row of large electronic equipment and monitors the size of a screen at a theater. There were men and women working diligently. There was a tall, middle-aged man giving orders to one of the men. "Commander Gordan, here is the new recruit." said Jean. "Ah, yes! Welcome aboard." said Com. Gordan. "Could you please tell me what is going on?" said Sam. "Well, you have been assigned to help us in our struggle against a tyrant." "WHAT?" "You see, we are gathering up different people from your dimension to help us. You filled out the application and that told us you wanted to join." said Com. Gordan. "So this is all a big fight against an unknown enemy? I get it, but that doesn't explain why the fact that you need someone likes me! Do I look like a mercenary?" "That's not the case, we need your knowledge of the 5000 dimensions to help us stop this insanity" "Well, I don't think I know anything about these dimensions." "Actually, you do. The 5000 dimensions that are under attack are all linked to your dimension. As an example, you watch an anime show like Dragon Ball Z, that is a dimension. We check your memory of anything you might know before we select a person. You seemed all right, but you’re only a "beginner" rank as in knowing things." "Well, thanks. I think I understand this." "You will assist a partner, or if you decide, we can load data into your physiologic functions and you can train and fight yourself." "Now that sounds pretty cool." "Your partner will be Jean." "Her?" Sam looks at Jean; she closes her eyes and smiles ^_^. "Jean, you two go down to the cafeteria and get something to eat. You all should get to know each other better because you're are going to be working together for quite a while." "Yes, Sir. Come on Sam; traveling through dimensions can make you pretty hungry." "Ok." "Oh and by the way, welcome to DT!" said Com. Gordan.

You Hungry?

Is this really happening?  Sam is walking with Jean to the cafeteria. Everything looks like it is a sci-fi movie. Could I be dreaming? Sam and Jean get to the cafeteria. "Let's eat." pleasantly said Jean as if she were starving. "All right, what do ya’ll eat here?" said Sam with his eyes squinted in anticipation. "Oh we eat normal things here; don't worry. I bet your thinking that we eat squid guts or something." said Jean in a giggle. "Whew" said Sam in relief. They sat down at a booth. It was strange how the room he was in also resembled a restraunt in his dimension. It looked a lot like Outback Steakhouse with the bar and everything yet with the of the exception western style. Jean handed Sam a menu. Hmm...Wow! This place has a lot of  items. Wait a sec. It has meals from just about every restraunt I've been to. Sirloin steak, caviar, quesadias, egg roles and rice, boudan, seafood platter, big mac! Well I think I'll get a slice of pepperoni pizza since I'm not all too hungry. "Ok I'm ready to order." said Sam. "What are you getting?" said Jean. "Just a slice of pepperoni pizza." said Sam "That's what I ordered too." said Jean. "Huh? No one came over to take your order." said Sam puzzled. "Just say your order in this intercom." said Jean. Sam picked up the intercom and placed his order. After about 30 secs, the order of pizza appeared right in front of them. "Well they sure know how to serve you quick." said Sam. After they got through eating, Jean took him to their quarters. "This is my bed and this one is yours." said Jean. "So, what do we do now?" said Sam. "Our mission doesn't start until tomorrow. We are going to the DBZ dimension." said Jean. Sam's eyes widened. "Uhh... don't you think your hitting it big for my first time?!" said Sam. "Why what's wrong?" said Jean. "Do you even know what that dimension is about?"said Sam. "No, nobody does. It is the first one we heard about; when we checked your memory we noticed a link to Dimension #635 and to you that's Dragon Ball Z." said Jean. Sam sat down on his bed as if had been living here for a long time. "This is not good. DBZ is a Dimension that has really, really strong people. I don't think ya’ll could take em' on let alone you by yourself. Hmm... there might be a way. How do I load data into me?" "We have to first analyze the dimension so we can take techniques and attacks and power." "I think I should be the only one to get this data of this dimension." "Alright but I'll have to ask the commander." Then they laid in thier own beds and went to sleep. The next day, they woke up and a messenger was sent from the commander. The man said that it was time for them to go. They got their stuff together and headed to the room where Sam had met the commander. When they got there, the commander wished them good luck and they opened a vortex just like the one Sam was sucked into; they went into it.

First Mission (and some more)

"So here we are, in DBZ land; just great." said Sam. "It won't take long to analyze the data and we will go back." said Jean,"Where are we at?" "This looks a lot like the field that Buu and Vegeta were fighting on." said Sam. "Hmm...To these indications, there has been a sudden explosion about 500 yards from here." said Jean. "What?! Oh no! We have to get out of here quick!" yelled Sam. Then all of a sudden they heard somebody's voice. "How did you get out here; this place is dangerous!" said a man. "That voice could it be...Piccilo?" said Sam. Sam and Jean looked up and sure enough it was Piccilo flying in the air and landing down beside them. "No way...Is that really you, Piccilo?" said Sam. Piccilo looks shocked. "How did you know my name?!" said Piccilo. "It's a long story, but are Majin Buu and Vegeta going to fight yet are have they already?" said Sam. "Yes they are and they're headed this way; come on run!" Buu and Vegeta are fighting in a big blur of punches and kicks. "Ahh! Jean we better get out of here before we get killed!" said Sam. "Right. I have enough information; let's go." Then she holds out her wrist; she has a strange glove on it. Then she pressed a few buttons and a vortex appeared. They jumped through it and then they were back to the station. "Excellent work you two." said the commander, "We got some excellent information and are loading the data in the simulation stations." "Simulation stations?" said Sam in suspicion. "It's where we take the analyzed data and turn into a simulation to where we can train." explained Jean. "Cool" said Sam. "Do you want to come and help us?" said Jean. "Sounds nice" That was thier first of many missions. The first time Sam had ever trained was, of course, Dragonball Z training. He started out as saying he would be the one to train hard and beat Majin Buu but to an embarrassing show he did not succeed.

After he did that he trained hard on another dimension for 3 years and even made his mark in Super Metroid!!!

"Oh my god..." said Commander Gordan in amazement. "We, we, we did it!!! We finally beat him!" "Did you hear that Sam? You beat him!" said Jean. Over the intercom there could be a Sam's voice heard,"Yep, and I couldn't have done without ya Jean." Then everybody in the command station began too cheer and finally everyone knew that Sam had beaten one of the unknown tyrant's henchmen. This was a good thing (maybe not too you!:P). Since 3 years have pasted, a lot of changes happened. The command station got a new form of technology to transport large things like space ships into vortexes. (also I got rid of the thing that everyone sounded so lame and hardly knew anything!) Sam was 17 years old. (and not overweight anymore! in fact he looks a lot like Ryu off of street fighter now!) A bunch of other people came and joined up, namingly a boy that Sam knew well. It was Seth from his school.  "Uhh...what's going on here?" said Seth. Sam walks into the chamber were he had once been we he first came. "Ha ha ha, boy. Seth, what's up?" said Sam in a happy tone to see his old bud. "What? Wh-who are you?" said Seth very puzzled. "What, you don't remember me? It's Sam from school! I know I've changed a bit but its me." "I don't believe this. Sam is that really you?" "What do you think?" "What do I think? I think this is all a big dream!" Silence then broke as Sam looked at Seth, then he bursted out laughing. "Ah ha ha ha ha! That's what I thought at first too, but it’s all real. Hope you enjoy it." "Just tell me what happened." "Well you've been transported from your dimension to this one." "Well then what explains why everything is in cartoon?" "That's just how this dimension is." "How come your older" "Ehh...that's because I've been here for 3 years. Time kinda stands still in other dimensions I guess. Anymore questions?" "Just one." "Yes" "What do I do?" "I'm not...sure." Jean walks into the room. "So did you tell him what its all about?" said Jean. "Pretty much." Sam replied. "I think he'd make an excellent spotter, don't you agree?" asked Sam. Jean examines Seth. "I do think so indeed." she replied.

Project "Starfox"

"Ok, let's see here...we got 7 bogies from the left side." said Seth. They were running a simulation on "starfox", a project to make a ship that can fight with excessive speed, shields, lasers, and with a dimensional distorter built inside it.  If they were able to do this it would be much easier to get around to other dimensions. Sam was the one to do this. Seth was back at the station aiding Sam. "All right, thanks Seth. I think I'm starting to get the hang of these controls." said Sam. Sam steered his craft around in the wide vastness of outer space as he charged forward at the ships. "You'll need to take'em down with one shot too succede ‘cause your lasers have to charge. Make a blast at them in the center and you'll get them all at once, but first you'll have to make sure there're in a alignment, and that's the tricky part, I don't see how you can." advised Seth. "Gotcha" notified Sam.  Ok let's see here, said Sam in his mind, if I can get them to stay in one spot long enough, I can shoot them....but there's seven....that's impossible for anyone to do and Com. Gordon ordered them to be actual simulations so I can "actually" screw up and it's all over. "Hey, Seth." said Sam. "Yes?" "If I were to hit the rear gauge and knock them out of the row would they scatter or come after me in a straight row?" "Umm....if you were to do that it would most likely scatter them, there's about a 16% chance that they would come after you in a row." "Looks like I have no choice." "Wait! You can't do that, you'll get killed! If you think there's no way we can call it off until you get more training!" said Seth shouting at the transistor. Sam did not reply, instead he flew forward right past the enemies. As quick as he could he hit the rear gauge (the rear gauge causes a magnetic wave too push metallic ships away). Then you could hear a heart beat...(bump-bump...bump-bump)...they had scattered but...(bump-bump...bump-bump)... Sam was scared for his life...(bump-bump...bump-bump)...everything is like that show called Matrix where everything is real, real slow...(bump-bump...bump-bump)...if he didn't fire at the right time they would fire at him consecutively...(bump-bump...bump-bump)...they got in a small alignment, it was now or never...(bump-bump...bump bump)............and...........BAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIGHT ON TARGET!!!!!!!! "Wooo, now dat...dat was close." said Sam as a comedian would say off of a movie. "Sam." calmly said Seth like Sam had done something wrong. "Yep" said Sam as he looked at his gears and turned a few nobs. "You....are crazy." said Seth with full meaning. "Ya I know." said Sam like he didn't care. "BUT YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A PILOT!!!! YA! WHA-HOO!!! WAY TO GO!!!" screamed out Seth. "Heh..heh." giggled Sam, " I had better get back. I'm sure Com. Gordon will be pretty happy when finds out about this." said Sam. Sam flips a few switches and a vortex appears. He speeds towards it, jumping the engines into after burn. He goes through it and ends up in the station's dock (were you dock your ship, as in "space ship" for those to dumb to figure it out! -_-' ).  When he gets there, he takes his helmet off and carries it as he sees Jean walking towards him. "Hey, Jean." said Sam with enthusiasm. "Hey, Sam. I saw how you did...and you were great. There is someone here to see you. Go talk to Com. Gordon." said Jean looking down as if something bad had happened. "What's wrong Jean?" said Sam concerned with his eye's squinted. "Go talk to Com. Gordon." she replied looking up at Sam. Sam decided not pester her because he knew something was wrong. What could it be....did I do something wrong when I was training....what's this all about? Sam walked towards the command station were the Commander was. He went inside to see Com. Gordon there with a 14 year-old-looking girl with blonde hair.  "Yes sir Commander? You wanted to see me?" said Sam with respect. "I would like you to meet someone very important, she has the best knowledge in rpg specialing, which is perfect for our upcoming "final fantasy" mission." said the Commander. "Well welcome aboard...uhh..." said Sam. "Christene, my name is Christene." she replied. Sam stood there shocked.

Catching up with old friends

"I don't believe it." said Sam as him and Christene walked to there quarters. "What?" said Christene. "You don't know me?" said Sam with his eye's wide open. "I don't think so." said Christene puzzled. I don't believe this....she doesn't even now me....oh's been 3 years and I v'e grown a lot....besides she's never seen me before. "Well, Christene, this might come as a shock but...", they stopped, "I'm Sam, you know, samthegamepro? I....uhh....managed to pull it off but in a different way then I had expected." explained Sam. She stood there shocked. Sam began to scratch his head and smiled and closed his eye's going "heh..heh" ^_^. "No way..." said Christene. "Well...uhh....*gulp*'s true." said Sam. "I don't believe it! I finally get to meet you!" said Christene with a smile. They began to walk again. They talked until they got to thier quarters where Seth and Jean were. Now there was four beds instead of two. "So Sam, who's this?" said Seth. "Seth I would like you to meet an old friend of mine, her name is Christene." said Sam. "Nice to meet you." said Christene. "Nice to meet you to." replied Seth. .......Seth whispers over to Sam........Sam looks at Seth. "Back off." he told him in a kidding way.  Seth puts his hands in the air and backs away. Christene begins to giggle a bit. "Heh....ok let's get some rest. Tomorrow we can see how good you are." Sam said to Christene. She nodded and everyone got in bed.

".....why Sam....why did this have to I'll never get to go on that trip with you...." softly said Jean.

Big, big mission

When they woke up they got a message to go to the command station. Sam, Seth, Christene, and Jean headed out there. When they got there, the commander greeted them and told them to sit down in a chair. "Ok people, we have a new objective, the enemy that we are trying to get has a base in one of the dimensions. We know which one it is and we are going to send you all out there, except for Jean, she'll stay here. This is a tough mission but I think ya’ll can do it. Sam, I'm holding you responsible for the safety of Seth and Christene. You have gone through excessive training so I think your ready to take a higher command. You're the leader of this mission. I must stay here because the enemy would suspect me and as well as Jean. I can't help you by transmission so your going to have to stick to instinct on where to go. You will first get in the Arwing that you have been flying these past few months and take Seth and Christene with you. Then go to the designated dimension, that will be in the ships memory. When you get there you will notice that it is very familiar because you know it as "Final Fantasy 9". Things have changed a bit. It's about 5 years in the future since you remember playing it. Everything will be advanced, much like that show you keep watching called "star wars". You have to go undercover as Ryu and destroy the main base. Seth's name will be changed to Seph and Christene's name will be changed to Miyu. You will get more information when you arrive so good luck." said Com. Gordon. They went to the Arwing at the dock. "Ok, are yall ready to have our first big mission?" said Ryu happily. "Yep, I always wanted to do this!" said Seph. "So what do you think Miyu?" asked Ryu. "Well, as long as you protect me I'm ok." "Alright then, let's go!" Ryu gets in the cockpit and Seph and Miyu get in the back two seats. "All systems are go." said Com. Gordon on the transmission. "May you come back alive and prove your worth." said an unknown voice. "Wait what was that?" said Sam puzzled. A vortex appeared and the ship went through it. The start of an adventure....but who was that person?

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