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The Landing

"Ok, we're right outside of earth and we should land near Lindblum on the mist continent." said Ryu. Ryu and the others were in the Arwing flying towards earth. Then Ryu noticed something, there was a large space station to his right. "Hey Seph, hit the Either drive switch. We need to go into a cloak so we don't start a star battle right when we get there." Seph flipped the Either drive switch that was in the back, this will allow you to be invisible to radar detection. They speeded past the big station and headed towards earth. Then they began to enter the atmosphere. "Ya値l buckle down, this isn't a joy ride." said Ryu looking straight ahead. The Arwing began to enflame because of the debree. Miyu and Seph strapped themselves tight. The Arwing was shaking like an old school bus rocking after it hit a small and then big bump at anytime. The clouds cleared and you could see the mist continent. Ryu switched on the landing gear. At this time the only thing you could hear is the sound of the whistling wind and the landing gear that was opening. The Arwing stopped burning, and didn't rock back and forth, just a slight turn from side to side every now and then. Then a flashing red light appeared on near the vid screen. "Looks like we're getting a transmission." reacted Ryu. He pressed the red flashing switch and a face of a middle-aged man with a pointy white beard showed up. "I am Regent Cid, please identify yourself." said Cid. "My name is Ryu, I've been sent here, with two other people to help out." "Very well. I give you access to our hanger." Then the vid went blank. "Alright, looks like Cid is still here." said Ryu. "I don't believe this! We might even get to meet Eiko and the others! I can't wait!" joyfully said Miyu. "Who is that?" said Seph. "What, you never heard of her?" said Miyu in amazement. "No" "Hey Miyu, I don't think he's played FF9 so he shouldn't know much about it, don't worry Seph. This is our first time too." said Ryu. By this time you could already see Lindblum. Ryu slowed the ship down. Miyu looked through the window. "Wow, it's bigger than I had imagined. Look! There's the theater district!" said Miyu. Ryu steered the craft through the city and landed in the docking bay of the castle. When he pressed the airlock release button and belt release button, they got out where Regent Cid was there to greet them. Eiko was there to, she was a teenager now. "Hello there, nice to have you come." said Cid. "Nice to be of service to you." replied Ryu. Miyu was to shy to speak, of course I don't blame her, she has always wanted to meet these people. "Hmm...Eiko why don't you show Ryu's guests the city? Ryu and I have some business to discuss." advised Cid. "Ok father,", said Eiko and then turned and looked at Miyu and Seph, "come on, you'll love Lindblum!" "I would love to go with you and see Lindblum too!" said Miyu happily. Seph looked at Ryu worried. Ryu looked back and nodded. Then Seph looked at Eiko. "Ok, I'll come too." said Seph. They hurried off to the taxies. "Ok Ryu, tell me how ya値l are going to help." said Cid. "For one thing, how can I trust you?" said Ryu. "Ha ha ha ha ha! How can you trust me? That's a good question. That's something I should be asking you." said Cid with a serious look on his face. "Ahhhh!!!" Ryu heard a scream from Miyu. He turned to see guards standing at the stairs, they had taken Miyu and Seph. "What's going on here?!" said Ryu. "How did you get past the Sayins detectors if your not one of them? Besides you look just like one of them, just no tail. You're a spy. You just wait, I'm not too heartless. I'll give you a chance to prove yourself." "How?" "Come with me." The guards took Miyu and Seph away and Eiko ran up to Cid. "What are you going to do with him?" said Eiko. "I'm going to see if he's telling the truth." replied Cid. He walked toward the elevator and then went inside, so did Ryu and Eiko. "I don't get this, how could you not believe us?" said Ryu. "Shut your mouth, spy!" said Eiko. When they got to the top, they went to the part of the castle where the telescope was except it had a wide open area on top of the castle. Cid walked out and Eiko stood by the rail. A guard with a bag tied up at the end came. "Prove to me that your not a Sayin by killing a Sayin." said Cid. The guard unfolded the bag and a little girl fell out. She was a little black haired girl with a tail and rags as clothes. She was dirty as if she had been in a dungeon a very long time. She was crying, a little crying Sayin girl. The guard backed away. Ryu walked towards the girl. The little girl looked at him blinking and sniffling. Ryu turned and looked at Cid in anger. "I can't believe you, even if this is the enemy no decent person would do such a thing." said Ryu with hatred in his voice. He looked back down at the little Sayin and picked her up and held her in his arms. "Fine then, if we can't have peace I'll do this on my on." said Ryu. Then he looked back at the girl. "Everything's going to be alright, I promise." softly said Ryu. Cid turned around. "I don't believe this!" he said lowly,"How could a Sayin care so much? Is he really a Sayin or is he bluffing it?" Cid turned back around. "Very good performance but I'm not impressed."said Cid. "What?!" said Ryu. "You may have not killed her, and even though a Sayin would kill thier own comrades, I'm not convinced. Guards, take him away." said Cid. "Father! You know that a Sayin would have already escaped by now and destroyed the city. Plus he didn't even kill the girl!." said Eiko. Cid looked at Eiko. "Hmm....Maybe your right. Fine, guards leave him be." said Cid, "I'm sorry Ryu, I meant you no agony. We just needed to know. That girl is just an illusion." said Cid. "Huh?" said Ryu. He looked at the girl and then she faded. "Well do you trust me now?" said Ryu putting his arms down. "Yes, yes I do." said Cid. "Where are my friends?" "There in the guest room, we knew that they weren't Sayins."said Eiko. "How could you tell?"said Ryu. "Well we knew that the girl wasn't because she had naturally blonde hair and the boy was way too chubby. We thought you were because all Sayins are have black hair and muscles bulging out." explained Eiko. They went back down the elevator and to the guest room. "Ryu, you池e ok!" said Miyu with her arms wide open. She ran over and hugged him tight. Ryu stood there with his eyes wide open and then fiddled his arms up and down like he didn't now what to do and then patted her on the back with this expression ^_^ '. "So are ya値l ready to discuss plans on the attack of the Sayin fleet?" said Cid. "Attack on the Sayin fleet?" said Ryu puzzled. "Yes, Zidane will be leading us. I don't know how good you are but I would like to see you fight." said Cid.

Training a bit

Ryu was in the Theater district and with Tantulus gang, where he was judged on how good he was. Blank, Marcus, and Cinna were there. "Ok let's see what you got." said Blank. "Are you guy's sure about this?" said Ryu. "Ahh come on, you aren't that good." said Cinna. "Just fight us." said Marcus. "Ok, but I'm warning you." said Ryu. Cinna charged at him with full force and reared back his hammer. He slammed down at Ryu as hard as he could and Ryu just stepped out of the way. This made Cinna mad. He swung his hammer at him again but Ryu just stepped out of the way, again. "Aren't you going to fight?!" yelled Cinna. He swung again and this time Ryu caught the hammer, then he punched him in the stomach. Blank looked at Marcus. "He's pretty strong." said Marcus. "Hmm....ok your strong enough. Just tell us what you want to do." said Blank. "Heh..heh. Well, that will be up to Regent Cid." said Ryu. They went back to the castle to talk to Cid.


"Ok now you try it." said Vivi. Miyu went to the black mage village to meet Vivi and the others. Seph was there too. Miyu was learning how to do spells from Vivi. "Ok I'll try." said Miyu. Miyu closed her eyes and concentrated. Then she opened them. She looked at the wooden log in front of her. She held out her hands and used Fire on it. The log bursted into flames. "Yay! I did it!" said Miyu jumping up and down. Freya was also there with her husband. "You hold the spear like this." she explained to Seph,"Now jump as high as you can and face the spear down and then you got it perfect." "I hope those feather boots you gave me help me jump high." said Seph. He jumped high into the air and slashed down on a log, splitting it in half. Then he turned to another one and swiped it in one sweep. He turned the spear backwards and hit another log in a surprise jab. "Excellent, you'll make a good Dragoon!" said Freya's husband.

The Fight against the Sayins

Everyone went to the castle in Lindblum to discuss the attack plans. Lots of familiar faces where there. Zidane was there, he was leading the attack. Ryu, Miyu, and Seph were in the briefing room along with Zidane, Eiko, and Princess Garnet. "We have two objectives making it simple to understand, but the only problem is that this battle is not going to be easy." said Cid. "The Sayin fleet has no airships which puts us at an advantage. Zidane, Miyu, Eiko, Garnet, and Seph will be the main part of the ground unit. Miyu, your main job is to protect Eiko and Garnet as they use there summoning power. Seph, you must make sure there is no interference while Zidane tries to distract the firepower coming from the Sayins. We have 3,000 troops of men willing to lay down there lives to fight the Sayins." "But Cid, don't you know how powerful the Sayins are?" said Ryu. "Yes we do, and the only reason we haven't been completely destroyed is because of our planet痴 guardian summon, the one Eiko posses called Madeen. It is powerful enough to weaken the Sayins, but not completely." explained Cid. "This is the main goal, we need to distract the more powerful Sayins and destroy there space station, if it's knocked out then they won't ever be able to have there power restored." "Now how exactly are we going to destroy there space station?" asked Zidane. Cid looks over at Ryu. "That's where Ryu comes in. He will fly in his Arwing and destroy it. This shouldn't be to hard, should it Ryu?" "Oh, not at all." replied Ryu. After Cid explained everything they got ready to fight. Seph got the best armor and weapons that Lindblum had to offer, and Miyu was doing a little practice with her spells. When they all got ready, they went out to the valley were there was the entire Sayin fleet was all in a big row. "Uhh....Miyu...." said Seph. "Yes, what is it?" said Miyu worried. "I'm a tad bit scared. What if we get killed?" said Seph as he was truly scared. "Don't worry, when Ryu gets through with that ship he's coming down here to help. You must have already guessed that he is as strong as the Sayins, maybe even stronger so cheer up!" said Miyu trying to raise Seph's spirit. Then the battle began. It started off as Miyu using a powerful Blizzara spell to keep the Sayins back long enough for Eiko to use Madeen. "I call upon Madeen, come forth and show our enemies the true power of Terra Homing!" said Eiko as she summoned Madeen. "I call upon Behomot, come forth and show our enemies the true power of Mega Flare!" said Garnet as she summoned Behomot. With these two summons you would think it would be a piece of cake. Behomot flew high up in the air and began shooting fireballs at the Sayins. The Sayins didn't not like this and did not hesitate to retaliate. Many of them held back there arms. Miyu saw what this was and knew immediately what to do. "Garnet, hurry! Cast Shell!!!" screamed out Miyu. She did so and the Sayins fired big blasts at them like the "kamahamaha wave". She had used Shell but it wasn't holding out. She couldn't hold it much longer. Then Zidane and Seph charged after the Sayins that were firing. Zidane managed to distract them long enough to let Garnet gather strength. They wouldn't dare fight them because the Sayins would kill them with ease. Then it was Eiko's turn. Madeen wrapped about 1/3 of the Sayins in a holy ball and imploded them, this didn't kill them but made them very paralyzed. "We got to take them by storm. Seph, stick with me, we got to hold them off." Zidane told Seph. Things were looking grim.

Ryu jumped into the Arwing, signaling to Cid that he was ready to go and in a deep breath he knew, it was time. Ryu blasted off in the Arwing towards space. When he started to get outside the atmosphere he leaned back and hit the either drive switch. Now cloaked he sped up. When he got closer to the ship he noticed a docking bay wide open. The ship looked completely empty. He boarded the docking bay and then turned off the either drive. He released the airlock and got out into the ship. Ok, that was too this a trap? How could it be if they didn't know I was coming. Ryu ran down a passage way and into the main hall. He got to the command deck. Then a Sayin had spotted him! "Hey! Your supposed to be with the ground fleet." he said. Ryu was facing head first towards the Sayin so he didn't know if he had a tail or not. "I am?" responded Ryu, "Well there has been a slight change in schedule." "What are you talking about?" reacted the Sayin. Ryu then pushed his hand really fast, so fast you couldn't see it coming, and fired a blast at the Sayin, disincarnating him. Ryu walked over to the controls. I had better find out where the self destruction button is....I can't just go around the ship finding other Sayins, cause next time....I bet they won't have their guard down. WHERE IS THE DARN THING?! Ryu looked all over for it and finally found it. He pressed the button and then he heard a voice come up. "Self destruction in T minus 2 minutes. "Hmm....WHOA!!! I GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!!" said Ryu just noticing. He ran down the main hall and to the passage he was at in the first place. Oh geez... Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...!!!! Ryu got into the Arwing and then flew out of the docking bay. Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...Oh geez...!!!! When he got about 900 yards away from it and the countdown was 3....2.....1....0.....uhhh.....I said 0......hello.....oh yeah that's not supposed to happen, my bad. Then like all cool Anime shows, the Arwing falls back. Ryu looks at the ship that didn't blow up. "Oh great, my luck just now decides to fade?!" said Ryu. "Attention intruder, surrender now and will make sure we kill you quickly." said a transmission. "What?!?!?!?" screamed out Ryu. "Oh geez....oh geez....oh geez. Computer! Fire up the main particle cannon." said Ryu. "Main particle cannon online." responded the computer. I hope this works!!! "Fire at will at the big-humongous-ship-thingy-that-I-didn't-blow-up-deal!!!" said Ryu desperately. The particle cannon fired at the ship and completely destroyed it. Ryu headed back to earth thinking he had done himself great. Then he thought why didn't I just do that in the first place?

Back down on earth, things were really looking down. The Sayins had already abolished about 2,500 of the soldiers. "Oh no...I...I've got to do something! There has to be someway I can help!" said Miyu. With only 500 soldiers left, no Sayins were killed. In all, Miyu had counted 100 Sayins fighting and 2 that weren't. She looked very close at the 2 that weren't fighting and noticed that one of them was Napa!!! The dreadedly powerful Sayin that had reeked total chaos in the world of Dragon Ball Z, butfurther on down the line he was killed because he was to weak. Miyu knew that even a person as strong as he was would surely bring down the entire Lindblum army, or what's left of it anyway. By now, 250 soldiers remained. It was impossible, no one and nothing could save their weary fate. Then a miracle happened. Garnet, Eiko, and Zidane tranced! This played as a big advantage. "All of us together now, on my mark!" said Trance Zidane. Garnet, Eiko, and Zidane got in a triangle formation with Zidane in front. Garnet and Eiko began to glow. They used all there energy and transfered it to Zidane. "This is it! NO ONE CAN SURVIVE THE POWER OF ULTIMA!!!" With that Zidane used Ultima on the Sayins and guess what happened? All 100 of them were destroyed! Yay! It was over! We can all go home! Wa hoo! Yipee! Who's tha man?! Aww what then, what then?!?! OHH-wait a sec, what about Napa and that other Sayin?! Oh no! What could they do? Zidane's energy was drained big time because of the Ultima attack that almost killed him. Miyu saw that the other Sayin told Napa something and the Sayin left. Napa remained. He began to walk toward the others. "No...we can't even move...." said Garnet. Miyu and Seth were the only ones left along with 3,000 soldiers either dead or wounded. He began to walk closer, and closer. Seph was standing right by Miyu. "Now what are we going to do?" said Seph. "Seph...I...I...don't know...I don't know what's going to happen from here." said Miyu. Seph hugged her tightly because he was scared and who wouldn't be? Finally he got there. Napa was standing right in front of them. "Well well well, I see you managed to destroy our entire Sayin army, I commend you!" said Napa. "Damn you. How could ya値l do something like this, what for? What did these innocent people do to you?" said Miyu, angry. "Well since your about to die, I guess it won't really matter. The reason why we are is because of our boss, we were hired by him to gain power from this dimension. We need all the power we can get to fight the DTE's." said Napa, "Ok, to your victory I'll make this quick. Good night, have pleasant dreams!" Napa held out his hand to them...Miyu closed her eyes...this was it...this was the end. Seph began to sob and then Miyu eye's started to water. Napa's hand began to glow. Miyu opened her eyes, looking at the bright, radiant glow and then turned her head. Then....Napa....threw the blast at her and Seph....then....oh then....and perfect timing too....RYU SHOWED UP AND HIT THE BLAST INTO THE GROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Napa looked startled. "So Seph, Miyu. Did you miss me?" said Ryu laughing a little. "What? Err... you little punk!" said Napa. Then Napa charged at him holding out his arm. Ryu's face went from laughing to serious in an instant. BAM! Ryu punched Napa in the stomach, then did an old fashioned Toss 'n' Spike. He upper cutted him to the air, faded and then reappeared behind Napa and put both of his hands in a fist and pounded him to the ground leaving a big crater. "Napa, when you choose to mess with somebody, make an extra special assurance that it's not-*punch*-my-*punch*-friends-*punch*!" said Ryu punching him as he talked with the last three words, "Hmph." Napa was laying on the ground, dead. Ryu walked over to Miyu and Seph were Seph let go of Miyu real quick. "Dang, Ryu! I never new you were that strong." said Seph. Ryu's eyes widened. "Yeah, I didn't know either until I started practicing. Heck, I even learned how to fly! Heh...heh." said Ryu laughing. "Ryu." said Miyu in a faint voice. Ryu stopped laughing,"Huh?" "You did it, you saved us!" said Miyu. She stood up and hugged him tightly. Ryu hugged back this time. Seph stood up and smiled, limping on his hurt leg. Miyu was also hurt from a nasty cut on her arm. "Come on Miyu, Ryu. Let's go home." said Seph. "I agree on that." said Miyu. "all right, this was one heck of an adventure....I wish it would have lasted longer but all dreams come to an end sometime don't they?" said Ryu. The walked off into the distance as the sun set.

The Final Battle with the Prince of Sayins

As Miyu, Seph and Ryu walked off in the sunset, something very bad happened. "Why you insolent fools! How could this have happened? How did you defeat Napa?!" said a very angry yet familiar deep-toned middle aged voice. They turned around to see that Vegeta, the other Sayin that was with Napa. Seph looked in terror. "Don't worry Miyu, Seph. I'll make sure nothing happens to ya値l." said Ryu without taking his angry eyes off of Vegeta. Vegeta is very strong, much stronger than Napa. Vegeta held out his hand and blasted Seph's left arm off. Seph screamed out in pain. "No Seph!!!" screamed Ryu. "What's wrong? Weaklings deserve to die! HAHAHAHA!!!" responded Vegeta. Miyu looked at Seph and then at Vegeta furiously. She leaped out at him and used a powerful Firaga spell on him. "Ahhh! You damned wench!" said Vegeta. He threw her to the ground. This made Ryu very angry. He leaped out at him and started to punch him repeatly with full force. It was working to, Vegeta got a big surprise out of it and wiped that silly grinned off and slapped it down with desperation.*punch* *punch* *KICK* Vegeta flew away a bit. "Impossible." said Vegeta throwing up blood. "What's wrong Vegeta? Never met somebody who beat you before?" said Ryu holding back laughter. "Oh so you think you've won? Not quite." said Vegeta in a real smart alike tone. Then the trouble started. Vegeta turned SSJ2. Ryu tried to fight him then but it never affected him. Vegeta punched him right in the stomach and then in the face, Ryu flew back and fell to the ground. He couldn't get up. Vegeta walked towards him. Ryu knew this was it, nobody and I meen nobody could save him now. Then a Dimensional Vortex opened up and Jean came out! She jumped on Vegeta's back and started to jab some sort of needle into his neck. Of course, when Vegeta felt the pain of the needle strike into his neck he threw her up into the air....and then....blasted her.....our beloved Jean died that day. "Stubborn women. Didn't she know what she was dealing with?" said Vegeta, yet now he sounded a lot more pleasnent instead of being all evil. "Oh well. Now where was I?!" said Vegeta, ok screw that idea it would be stupid anyways, his voice turns back to normal. Ryu stood up. "!!!!!!!!" screamed out Ryu. Then he felt some pressure coming from the back of his neck. Then his spinal cord ripped out. Vegeta's face went completely to that phase where he goes "ahh hau hah ahha" in other words scared. Ryu's spinal cord then ripped in two and connected to his head in an X. His skin began to get reddish black, like lava color. Two arms bursted out of his lower sides making have 4 arms. He grew a tail and his face molded into a reptilian form. His mucles bulgged out as he grew. His scremaing voice slowly going from human to reptile and when it was all down, he looked a lot like a Velosorapter off of the movie Jurassic Park but with 4 arms and lava colored skin. "What....are you?" said Vegeta. Ryu didn't respond, instead he walked towards. Vegeta grinned and blinked his eyes. He fired a blast attack at him and when the dust cleared, Ryu was still walking towards him with an evil glare. Vegeta was startled. Ryu got right next to Vegeta, about a foot away. Then, Ryu punched him in the stomach. Vegeta spitted out. Then Ryu gritted his teeth and yelled "ERRRAHHH" and then three blades came out of Vegeta's back. Vegeta stepped back. Ryu turned around and then walked towards his friends. "Where....where do you.....think....your going." said Vegeta holding his stomach as he staggered towards him. "Hey get back here you---BOOM!" Vegeta tried to finish his sentence when he was exploded by Ryu but Ryu never had turned around. When Ryu got to his friends he turned back to normal. "Ryu, what just happened there?" said Miyu. "Remember what I told you about that dream? It's real, but don't worry about it let's go." said Ryu smiling as his clothes sputtered in the wind. Miyu nodded.


When Sam, Christene, and Seth got back to there home dimension back on the space station, Commander Gordon had a bit of a surprise in stored for them. "Congratulations, you did great on that mission. I'm sorry you had to suffer losing Jean but there's something have to tell you. This is all not real. None of it. It's just a training session that we have perfected. Do you think ya値l were the best of the best? Well not yet for that matter. You see there are 5 ranks. Begginer, Novice, Pro, Expert, and Master. This is kinda of like a basic training session to get lower level people to become better. You are all now Pro's. The first of many to go through this training." said Comander Gordon. "You mean that none of this is real, that there is much harder things up ahead?" said Sam. "Yes there is, and you are going to it. You will get to meet the real people who are behind DT, we were just computer programs. Ready to meet you new Comander?"

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