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Dimensional Distortion: Dark Shadow

The Transfer

After Commander Gordon asked them if they were ready to meet there new commander, something astonishing happened. Everything started glowing a bright white, every thing including Commander Gordon. What was happening? When the light stopped they saw that they were in a black room with a window. Sam noticed that he wasn’t 17 anymore, instead he was back to the regular old chubby self. “What the heck just happened?” said Seth. Then a door opened, a man walked out. “Welcome to the real thing, nice to have our first shipment of soldiers that have gone through training,” said the man, “I know this might be a shock but just remain calm.” “You mean to tell me that what we went through was nothing more than training, that what I did was easy to all you people here?” said Sam. “That’s right, no one has been through the training yet but we started it because we were getting too many people that weren’t very good. We’re not like the people you met in the training. We know everything about the dimensions but the tyrant that is destroying the dimensions remains true. All we have is 250 members of DT, well now 253. Let me take you to your real quarters.” Christine didn’t say anything because she was too shy. When they stepped out of the room, Sam noticed that everything was the exact same as when he was in the old space station. When they finally got to their quarters, it too was the same. The man left and they each lay down on their beds. “Man, what a trip. Wouldn’t you say Seth?” said Sam. “We’ve come so far, and it was just training.” said Seth. “All that and more to go, wow. What do you think will happen next, Sam?” said Christine. “Hmm...I don’t know, but why are you asking me?” “Sam, if you haven’t figured it out by now, we look to you as a leader.” said Christine. “Yeah that’s true.” added in Seth. “Wow guys, thanks but there’s something you have to remember. We are not in the old DT and that means I’m not the best, your going to probably have a new leader since there are Expert ranking people here, I’m only Pro.” said Sam. Sam tilted his head down and closed his eyes. Christine looked over at him and then had a sad face. They went to sleep because they were still tired from the battle. The next day, a teenage boy came into the room. “Wake up, ya’ll. It’s time to go to work, Seth come with me. We need to give you a metallic arm.” They got up and dressed, of course Christine dressed up in the back room. When they were through, they headed out to the Medical Chaff to drop off Seth, Christine and Sam went out to the command deck where they met their new commander. “Welcome back, did you have a nice rest?” said the commander, “You can call me Com. Redward. I hope you like this place ‘cause it’s about to get harder, everything you did in the training was not real so it was a lot easier. Here you will work harder, sleep less, and eat little. The only way imaginable that you’re going to get a break is if the mission calls for it. Now I know your thinking “this guy is nuts if he is going to make me do all this for nothing” well your’re wrong. If you stay with us and help us fight against the tyrant, then you will be rewarded by a 3-year trip to the dimension of your choice. Do you understand this?” Sam looked at Christine and she looked back. This is going to be a tuff adventure. “So, where do we start?” said Sam with anticipation. “Hmm...well you could start by going down to the training rooms. As you can already tell your not as fit as you were in the training, are you?” said Commander Redward with a laugh in his voice. “Hey, what do you-” Sam tried to finish the rest of his sentence when Christine stomped on his foot. That didn’t hurt Sam, but it got his attention. “Smart girl, at least she has some respect. I’ll let you off for that remark but just for this once. If you ever do something like that again you can say hello to the wide world of pain from my fists, clear?” assured Commander Redward. “Yes sir.” said Sam with his head down in shame. This guy isn’t as lenient as Commander Gordan...what am I thinking, this is not the same...I’m going to have to work harder, thought Sam in his mind. “Good, now go.” said Commander Redward. Sam and Christine walked out of the room and into the hallway. “Geez, that guys got some serious social problems.” said Sam. “You shouldn’t be that way; this is not like the training.” advised Christine. “Oh come on, I thought you would be on my side about this.” said Sam looking directly into Christine’s face. They stopped. “Look, your going to have to grow up and start respecting people and act more maturely. You’re getting no where with that kind of attitude.” said Christine with a serious look on his face. “WELL GOSH!!!” said Sam as he walked ahead real fast. Christine sighed and then walked towards the training rooms. When she got there she couldn’t believe her eyes. It was way different from the simulation stations back at where she had started. There were dozens of rooms where people were fighting things, kinda like virtual reality but you could see your opponents. They were marked off in numbers. Christine looked at them and saw that the highest number was 25. She also saw that there was a big ring that was marked off by glass in the middle of the room. It looked a lot like an ice hockey ring but instead of ice there was white concrete of some sort. It looked like some fighting ring that could be altered by technology.  The entire training room was about 600x400 yards, it was quite big. She then came to notice that Sam was in one of the training rooms marked as 4. “And the next person up.....what? Well it looks like we have a new guy!” said the man announcing the stats of training as Christine walked up to the stands. Come to find out they train by fighting people from other dimensions, not working out or studying. Christine sat down by two guys at the front of the stands. “Well, when did this guy come in?” said one of the men. “Oh that’s Sam. Me, him and another one of my friends just came in from the training. The two men looked over at her. “What, this guy has never trained here before, not even in the lower ranks?! WOW this is going to be interesting!!!” the man said. Christine looked at Sam worried. “Ready....BEGIN!” said the ref. Sam was up against a blue ant-drone off of Jet Force Gemini. All Sam had was a pistol. It started out! The drone charged at Sam with extreme force, firing blasts and hitting him in the shoulder and then the chest. “It’s over! Sam, you loose.” said the ref. Everyone in the stands began to laugh hysterically. “How could you loose against a blue ant-drone! Face it kid, YOU SUCK!!!” said one girl in the stands. Christine was the only one who didn’t find this funny. She looked worriedly at Sam and when he seen her he got mad and ran out of the place. He ran to his quarters with Christine close behind him. “Why do you keep following me?! Leave me alone!” said Sam annoyed. “Hey you can face it, you’ll never get rid of me!” said Christine in a sassy voice. Sam finally got to his quarters and flopped down on his bed. “Sam, just tell me what’s wrong, maybe I can help?” offered Christine. “I can’t do it! I just can’t do it! I’m so used to being the leader and now I get stuck here with no respect and I’m already a laughing stalk. I think I should find a way to get back home...” said Sam explaining how he felt about the whole situation. Seth walked through the door with his metallic arm.  “Hey guys, what’s up?” he said. Sam looked up at Seth.  “Seth, we might as well leave, there is no way in hell we are going to make it!” said Sam angrily. “Sam don’t say that! We just need to start off slow then go forward!” advised Christine. “Why, what’s wrong?” asked Seth worried. Sam looked at Seth. “Its...its nothing, don’t worry about it.” responded Sam. “Now let’s go back to the training hall, and improve on what we can, alright?” said Christine with consideration. Sam nodded his head and got up off the bed. “Well I guess I should stop whining and get to work.” said Sam.


Now that all has been explained, Sam decided to do a lot of working out. He ran in a weight increased room at two times earth’s natural gravity. Sam picked up a bottle of water to drink and used a rag soaked with sweat to wipe his forehead. He had just finished his running for the day. “Don’t you think your going a little too hard?” said Christine worriedly. “If  I must run two miles a day to get in shape, then I will.” responded Sam. “Well it’s a good thing that I’m just a strategist, I don’t think I could survive being an SODT (Special Ops Dimensional Traveler).” commented Seth. “Well the reason why I am is because I can get special benefits.” Sam told Seth. They began to walk out of the training room and into the hallway. “Like what?” said Seth. “He gets to go to other dimensions by himself to take care of them. Just him by himself! I say it’s nuts.” said Christine. “Oh come on. There’s nothing like “dbz” or anything. Just dimensions that the Commander thinks that don’t need to be handled by DTE’s (Dimensional Travelers rank: Expert) so instead DTP’s (Dimensional Travelers rank: Pro) can go there to take care of the problem.”, explained Sam, “I would go to a dimension that doesn’t have very tough enemies and deal with them. Most of everyone thinks that this is just a waste of time and yet I ask a question, why forget the little things? For all we know there could be a base on one of these weak dimensions. What have you decided to do, Christine?” said Sam. “I’m going to be a Nurse and help others as a White Mage. I’ll still train and stuff so if something comes up I can help other people by healing them.” “Wow, sounds like a pretty cool job.” said Seth. They stopped in front of the cafeteria and walked in and sat down at a table. “Hmm...I understand where you are coming from, Sam. How come you have such great determination to run two miles a day?” said Seth. “Well it isn’t exactly just me doing this. I got some medication that is supposed to help me mentally watch my diet and work out. In about a month I’ll be just as in shape as I was in the Training.” said Sam. “Wow, cool. Well what do ya’ll want to eat?” asked Christine. “I want a cheeseburger, a large order of fries, and a medium Dr. Pepper.” said Seth. “Hmm...just get me a fruit salad and a bottle of water.” said Sam. Seth looked over at Sam ô_o? “all right, I think I’ll have the same.” said Christine. “Ahhh... shove it. I’ll get the same as ya’ll, I think I could loose a few pounds as well.” said Seth. Sam and Christine laughed. They ate their meal.

Three weeks had passed.  Sam had started to show signs of increased muscle mass and fat decrease. His daily routine of running two miles in two times earth’s natural gravity, was changed to five miles a day in twenty times earth’s natural gravity! This seems almost impossible but it was true. You may think in your mind that no one could be able to do such a feat, but Sam was given medication not to increase his strength but to make him able to “have” great strength. In other words, it increased his capacity of muscle growth. He began to train in simulation rooms, he decided to take a very powerful means of attack, Martial Arts. His power slowly but steadily increased. Another week passed, he was now ready to go help another dimension.

During that month, Seth began to take the same medication as Sam did so he could loose weight and become stronger. Only thing was that he didn’t go in the weight enhanced room. He ran two miles a day just like Sam and lost a lot of weight. Next he had to gain some muscle mass. He decided to choose the attack method of Swords Art so he became a Knight so to speak. He wasn’t exactly a “knight” but he wielded a sword. During his training in Sword Arts, he learned some magic. He used a heavy sword when he spared so his upper body strength would increase. Being a strategist, he still fought only he was more brains than power.

Also during that month, Christine trained really hard to become a Nurse. She took some classes in health so that she could know how to help the injured. After that was over, she decided to become a White Mage. She studied really hard so that she could get her magic just right. Soon she could revive an unconscious person. She could cast Cure, Revive, and Sleep. She didn’t have to take medication to become all strong because she wasn’t a soldier; besides the fact that she wasn’t overweight like Sam and Seth. She was appointed by the Commander as the best DTP White Mage. Later she took some training in black magic for self-defense purposes.

Now that technical crud is through with, we can get to the main story. Sam was assigned to go the “Digimon” dimension, Christine stayed where she was, and Seth was called to go to the “Final Fantasy IV” dimension.

Sam’s Adventure

Sam’s name was first was changed to Ryu Dejà. He was sitting on a stool under a tent. He then heard a voice in the background. “Well this is strange. Why would it be snowing in the middle of summer?” said a tall, teenage boy’s voice. “Hey, why don’t we go say hi to that kid in the tent; I think his name is Ryu.” said a soft, but firm girl’s voice. “Oh, ok.” said another boy’s voice. Ryu looked up as 7 children walked into the tent.  It was Joe, Tai, Sora, Mimi, Izzy, T.K., and Matt. “Hey, nice to meet you...” said Tai. “Ryu, Ryu Dejà.” said Ryu. “Cool. We have to go, camp is closing up because it’s snowing.” said Tai. “All right, let’s go.” said Ryu. He stood up and started to walk out the door. The others followed. “What is with that guy?” whispered Mimi to Sora. “Be polite! I’m sure he’ll open up after a while, he’s just probably shy.” When they got outside they noticed a rainbow colored light in the sky. “Heh... guys look. It’s an Aurora Borealis.” responded Ryu. “He’s right! Why would it be showing here?” said Izzy. Suddenly, you know the story, light’s flash down and hit the ground and those little digivices float up. Everyone gets one except for Ryu. Then the portal thing to the digiworld opens and everyone gets sucked in. When they become conscious they all find that they have a digimon, except Ryu doesn’t. They all meet up together. “Wow I don’t believe this!” said Matt. “Hey Ryu, where’s your digimon?” said T.K. Ryu just made a puzzled face and shook his head as he raised his shoulder. “I didn’t get a gizmo like ya’ll did either.” said Ryu. “That’s strange.” said Tai.

Time passes on, they get all the way to where they are ready to fight Devimon. They are on the boat. “Hey Ryu, are you sure that you want to come? It might be dangerous.” said Tai. “Don’t worry about me, I’ll keep a safe distance.” said Ryu. “You know Tai has a point, it would just be wise to go back with Leomon.” said Sora. “Ahh... fine, if you really want me to I will.” said Ryu. Everyone responded with a “whew” “What, you didn’t think I was smart enough to stay out of this mess?” said Ryu. Everyone laughed. When they got to the mountain thing, everyone got out of the boat except for Ryu. Leomon took him back. They headed up the mountain. When they got there they met Devimon; he was a big huge dark angel looking thing. “Ha, do you think a pathetic display of weakness can defeat me? I am invincible!!!” said Devimon. They all launched a full front assault, yet failed. This is where the problem happened. Remember when Patomon digivolved to Angemon? Well Devimon killed Patomon and he turned into a Digiegg. That is a big problem. “They said the smallest would defeat me, I have proved them wrong! There is nothing that can stop me! No one can defeat me!” shouted Devimon. “NO! We can’t be defeated by this jerk. I guess it is really the end...” said Tai with his head down. Devimon continued to laugh that was until his laughter was interrupted by 3 missiles heading straight for his neck. “HA HA HA HA-huh?” BAM!!! All three hit him. “What, where did that come from!!!’’ said Devimon. “Eh heh heh. Hey Devimon, over here!” “What?!” said Devimon. The 7 kids looked up to see Ryu floating in the air with a Tri-Rocket Launcher from Jet Force Gemini in his hand. “Who are you?” said Devimon. “Heh... you’ll soon find out!” said Ryu. He dropped his gun and made a plasma sword in his hand. He flew right towards him and then threw it at him. Devimon dodged it. “Hmm... he’s stronger than he’s supposed to be.” said Ryu to himself out loud. He then flew back and stood where Tai was. “What’s going on here Ryu? How can you do all that stuff?” said Tai. “I’ll tell you when I’m finished.... RUN!” Devimon's tremendous fist head down towards them. Tai ran but Ryu stayed. When Devimon’s fist came it hit Ryu, but Ryu stood there holding his fist up. Then Ryu fades...He appears behind Devimon. Devimon turns around to see a big radiant light coming from Ryu. Ryu was charging up for an energy blast! “Ka, Men, So, Ka, Men” “What’s going on, what is this light, what is this energy!” “SAAA!!!!” Ryu fired a Kamenso Kamensa blast at him; it was about 20 feet wide. It went straight threw Devimon and he then started to delete. “Hmph.” went Ryu. Ryu landed down next to the group who were standing there, shocked and speechless. “Hey I know ya’ll are wondering what’s going on.” Ryu starts to walk towards them but they back up. “Oh, it’s ok I’m not going to hurt you or anything.” said Ryu. “What... are... you?” said Tai. “Hey, lighten up. Let me explain everything.” Ryu then told them everything, about DT and where he was from. “Wow, it’s so overwhelming to actually know these things.” said Matt. “Hey, there are still more problems arousing, I just looked at my readings and found a problem. I can’t tell you what it is because it would alter the future. If you begin to despair thinking that there is no hope left... then just remember that I’ll be right there by ya’ll’s side. I’ll give you a clue though. I’ll come when 2 angels fire arrows at their loved ones. Better remember that.” said Ryu. He then opened a dimensional vortex. “We’ll miss you Ryu! Come back soon!” they all said together. Ryu nodded and entered the vortex.

“We can’t hold him off! Wargreymon is too weak!” shouted Tai. “Metalgarurumon can’t go on either!” said Matt. “Ok Ryu, now would be a good time to start showing up! Where is he?” said Tai. Venommiotismon was tearing up Wargreymon and Metalgarurumon. Just like Devimon, Venommiotismon was more powerful than he should be. Tai looked up at the sky, he didn’t see Ryu. He then looked down in despair... Then he saw a familiar sight, a bright light. An energy ball was heading right towards Venommiotismon! “Huh, what is this?!” said Venommiotismon. When the energy ball hit him, it made a big nuclear type explosion. Tai looked back up at the sky and saw Ryu panting for breath with his arm out. “YEAH!!! HE DID IT!!!” said Tai jumping up in the air. Ryu landed down next to Tai and his parents. “Like I said, when you look in despair, that’s the time I’ll be there.” said Ryu. “Mom, Dad! I want you to meet Ryu.” said Tai. “I don’t believe what all has happened... thank you. I here you were the one responsible for that big explosion that destroyed that monster. Thank you!” said Tai’s mom. She then gave Ryu a big hug ^_^. Ryu was kinda puzzled looking *-* but he hugged back. “Thank you, whoever you are.” said Tai’s dad. He then shook his hand. All of the others came. “Ryu you did it!” said T.K. “All right, you came through!” said Sora. “Oh so this is the Ryu I heard about, thanks for everything.” said Kari. “Hey, you started to scare me for a minute. I didn’t think you were going to show up!” said Joe. “Perfect timing if I say so myself.” said Izzy.  “Oh Ryu... I was so scared that something would happen... thank you... thank you for everything.” said Mimi. “Hey, you lived up to your words, thanks man.” said Matt. Ryu looked at all of them and then turned his head. “What’s wrong?” said Tai. Tai walked over closer to him and found that he was crying. Tai kind of backed up a bit. Ryu then turned around. “I’m sorry, it’s just I’m so thankful to have such good friends. Thank you guys! I’ll come back to visit soon, but I must go now.” said Ryu drying his eyes. “Is there going to be another problem? said Tai. “None that I know of so far. Don’t worry, just go on and live your life.” said Ryu. And with that he opened a vortex and right before he entered, “Hey Ryu, we’ll miss you...” said Tai. Ryu smiled and saluted them. Then walked through the vortex.

When Sam got back home, he had spent 2 months in the digimon dimension. He walked up to the command deck were the Commander was. When he got there he was giving a bunch of people orders. “Commander Redward, I have completed the task that you have placed upon me, waiting for further orders, sir!” said Sam in military style. “At ease. We seem to have a problem.” said Com. Redward. “What is the problem sir?” asked Ryu. “It’s Seth, the enemy has captured him and he’s been turned against us. They know everything about us, right now I see things looking very grim.” said Com. Redward. Sam stood there shocked finding out his best friend was now his worst enemy.

What’s going on?!

“Sam!” said Christine as she ran to him. Sam looked over at her. “Sam, there has been a terrible error. They say Seth has turned on us!” said Christine with sadness in her voice. Sam just looked down. “There’s nothing we can do about it; Seth is now our enemy.” explained Sam. Christine looked shocked. She backed up and put her hand over her mouth. Then she turned around and walked away. Sam looked up, he knew inside that nothing could bring back Seth, he had been turned against them, but he wanted to believe that it was possible. He turned to Commander Redward. “Is there a chance that we can bring Seth back over to our side?” remorsefully asked Sam. “No, there isn’t. Now that he has been condemned by the tyrant it is not possible.” said Com. Redward never looking up as he worked, and then he turned and looked at Sam. “Look, you make friends and you loose them. It’s what it’s all about. You have progressed a lot since you first came here. Now you have even learned to be a soldier. The masculine skills that you have achieved has been unseen in other people’s eyes. Soon, your rank will improve to Expert and maybe even Master. I didn’t want to tell you this until you were ready, but now is a good time. When you were in the Training, when you transformed into that creature, we had nothing to do with it.” “What?!” said Sam puzzled. “We noticed that when this happened you had become very strong, even stronger than most DTE’s. If you haven‘t found out already, there are no DTM‘s, only DTE‘s. When you transformed you became as powerful as a DTM ” “Wait a darn second, how did I turn into this creature?” “That remains unexplainable.” “Hey, you say there has never been a DTM before, then why is there a rank?” “That rank was made long ago, when DT first started to rise. We knew that at one time there would be someone that would pass Expert so we made it just in case. A DTM is no joke. The power you would have would be unimaginable. When you defeated Vegeta, we knew you were the one, the one to make it to DTM. Most people around here think that you’re just a big fake, maybe there was a glitch in the power unit to make you stronger but that’s wrong. We checked over the simulation until it was perfect, the only way it could have been changed was if there was a hacker with direct access.” Commander Redward was about to explain more when a man came up. “Commander! DBZ’s dimension is being under attack! There going straight for our training base located at 40x160 degrees on the continental map.” “All right, we hold our grounds, let them advance and we’ll pick them up by surprise! Make sure all the SODT’s are ready. Sam, your going undercover as Ryu again except this time that is your official name. We shall never notify you as Sam again, understood?” “Yes sir, I understand.” “All right, now go and get ready. Were going to show them not to mess with DT!” After Commander said that, Ryu went to his quarters. When he got there, Christine was there. She was laying on the bed crying. “What’s wrong, Christine?” “I can’t take it! Seth was our best friend, we went through a lot together, all of us. I’m not willing to give up on our friendship.” “Christine, the war has risen greater than it ever has before and we need your help. You’re a Red mage, you know black magic and white magic. There are only 30 people who can do that. It would benefit us all greatly.” “I know but I just don’t know what I would do if I had to face up against Seth. I don’t want to!” “Christine please! I’m not going to make you... but...” Christine looked up at Ryu. “Come on now, dry those purty little eyes of yours.” Christine smiled at him and wiped away her tears.

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