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Friends never part...

Ryu gathered all his things, a duffel bag with some gear, medical supplies, and an extra set of clothes. He strapped on his DT uniform and slipped on his boots. He picked up a tooth brush and began brushing his teeth. After he was through with that, Ryu picked up a picture that was on the left side of the sink. It was a picture of Seth, Christine, and himself. He smiled at it and put it down. “I’m really going to miss them...” he put his duffel bag on over his shoulder and started to walk out of the door. He turned around to flip off the light switch when he saw Christine still asleep. He smiled at her and turned off the light. He then walked very quietly in the hallway. Everyone in DT was asleep, including the Commander. He walked to the docking bay, and pulled out his security card. “Please insert your Identification Card” said the computer. Ryu flipped the card through the slot. “Access Denied” Ryu looked at it funny. He flipped the card through it again. “Access Denied, you are not authorized to go beyond this sector. Please report to your quarters” “Ahh, go to hell.” said Ryu. He held out his hand and blasted the controls. The door opened but an alarm went off. Ryu dashed out to the docking bay. He saw the Arwing there, the one he flew in the Training. He hopped into it and started to flip the controls to turn it on. Then he heard on a speaker. “Ryu, you are in direct violation of security protocol. Leave there at once.” said Commander Redward on loud speaker. Ryu ignored him and flew the ship out of the station. He opened a dimensional vortex and flew through it.

When the dimensional travel was over, he was flying right outside of earth. He threw the engines to after-burn and headed for eastern Japan. When he set out the landing gear, he came closer to the ground until he landed. He was in Tokyo. He got out of the Arwing and locked it up. He also pulled out the little gadget that makes a Clow Cla sound to set the security alarm on. He walked through out the city until he finally got to a the training base. It was being held hostage by Sepheroth, from FF7. What the heck is he doing here? Thought Ryu in his mind. He listened in on the conversation. “all right people keep it moving, keep it moving!” said a man. “I want these prisoners taken to the west side facility. We’re going to put them all there so we can kill them with an explosion of C-4’s.” said Sepheroth. There were DT members with hand cuffs walking into the building. Ryu knew he couldn’t let this happen. He walked around the facility some more, being careful not to be spotted. He also noticed that they had some advanced weapons. They were heavily armed with Jet Force Gemini’s weapons. Tri-Rocket launchers, Homing Missiles, Sniper Rifles, Cluster Bombs, Plasma Shotguns, the works. With that kind of arsenal, it would be pretty hard for Ryu alone to take them out. All right, this is the game plan. There are five snipers on the northwest tower, if I can take them out I should be able to gain access to the west facility. Inside they will probably be equipped with machine guns so I better keep my guard up. Ryu quickly, but skillfully, ran towards the northwest tower. He took out some binoculars and looked up at the guards. This would be tough to hit. He held out his finger and fired five shots and each one hit the guards. Well I guess it was a lucky shot... He climbed up to the top of the steep wall to the other side, he could see hundreds and hundreds of Skedars lined up in military style. It looked like they were going to prepare for a war and there were going to use this base to do it with. “Dang, they’re secure of the friggin Alamo! This place is fortified down.” said Ryu quietly out loud to himself. He head down the ladder and when he got to the bottom, there were two men. “Hey! What are you doing? Get back up there!” said man number one. “Wait a sec. He’s not one of us!” said man number two. Ryu got down to the bottom and raised his hands. Maybe if I stick along I can get some answers. The two men took him to the rest of the group. “Hey, General Sepheroth. We found this guy trying to escape.” said man number one. Sepheroth looked at him and then tilted his head upwards never taking his eyes off of Ryu. “Take him to the prison cell.” “But General, Boss said for us to...” “YOU WILL TAKE ORDERS FROM ME, IS THAT CLEAR?!?!” “Yes sir.” They took Ryu to the prison cell in the northern part of the base. About 10 minutes later, Sepheroth came through the door and shut it. Standing up grinning, and pacing back and forth around the jail doors. “Well, you thought you could escape didn’t you? Didn’t you know what was going to happen if you tried to escape? Surely you not stubborn enough to get yourself killed that easily.” Ryu didn’t respond, he just sat there looking at him. “Hmm... well looks like we have a shy one. Tell me, how does it feel?” said Sepheroth as he stood still. Ryu looked at him strangely. “What do you mean?” he finally said. “Oh, you don’t know? Allow me to enlighten you. I was once the friend of a fool who only thought of himself.” “Well, this guy sounds like a real ass hole.” Sepheroth begins to laugh. “Ah ha ha ha, well my friend, in case your too thick to figure it out, I’m that poor, defenseless, fat, weak boy named Seth!” “WHAT, NO WAY!!!” “Really, is it that hard to understand?” “How... why...” “Oh it’s simple really, when I was traveling to that mission in FF7 dimension, I stumbled upon some, let us say, “power” that made me invincible. I was just care freeing along being my old scared self when the Evil took over me. Such a glorious day it was. Ahh... I treasure that time.” “You sicken me.” “I would watch that tongue if I were you. It might begin to be too much for you to handle. Besides, now that I have you, you will be taken over by the Evil and we shall rule together.” “So, you really think that this is the end? Do you think I am some weak poor bastard who’s not going down without a fight, WELL DO YOU!!! CAUSE I’M NOT!!!” With that Ryu stood up and fired a blast at the jail door and blew it open. He ran at Sepheroth with a fist out in anger. Sepheroth dodged it and came around and smacked him in the stomach. Ryu fell to the ground rendered helpless. “Ha ha ha, I’m not that weak boy you met a long time ago. You will find out that soon enough.” This made Ryu angry. He then flared up and blew through the roof. As he was up in the air, he spotted his Arwing. He pressed a few buttons on his watch and the Arwing started up. Right when he was about to call it to him, two gigantic fireballs were coming from the left to right. “Oh crap!” said Ryu aloud. He flew up in the air and the fireballs slammed into each other. Sepheroth came after Ryu in the air. Ryu was dodging Sepheroth’s punches and kicks but not for long, he got socked right in the face. When Sepheroth did that, Ryu held back his arms and then through them forward. He had used Flash which blinded Sepheroth. Taking this to Ryu’s advantage, he made the Arwing come pick him up and then he left off into the horizon to open a dimensional vortex. “Well... this isn’t the end” said Sepheroth to himself aloud.

When Ryu got back to the docking bay, he was greeted by a rude awakening from Commander Redward. “What the heck were you thinking!” “I was getting some information, some you might actually thank me for.” “ goes against rules but if you tell me the information, I won’t court martial you.” “Eh, very well.” Commander Redward leaded them to his personal office. “All right, tell me everything you know.” “Well, I first planned to be gone for a few months undercover as a prisoner but let’s just say things didn’t work out.  I ran into Seth, who is now Sepheroth.” “He has taken on his form? That’s not very good...” “That’s only half of it. He said something about an Evil took over him and gave him invincible power... and by experience.... he wasn’t bluffing. He’s going to set an explosion off and kill all of the prisoners. I came back here because I knew I  couldn’t take him and whatever else he may have had.” “Hmm.... I’m going to send three Dates out there to take care of this situation.” “Sir, couldn’t I go with them, after all he is my friend...” “Ha, you will do no such thing. Are you forgetting that you weren’t even supposed to go in the first place? You should be thankful enough that I didn’t court martial you!” “But sir! He’s my friend and I want to beat him, not anyone else. I want find out if there is a way to bring him back...” “Hmm... all right.” Ryu looked up really surprised. “You really mean it?” Commander looked at him grinning evilly. “Yes, if you complete all 25 training simulations!” “BUT THAT’S IMPOSSIBLE!!! There’s no way I can complete all 25 in just 2 hours!” “You better figure something out because the only way your going is if your a DE when they leave to take care of him. Now quit wasting your time and get to those training simulations.” Ryu just gritted his teeth and walked out of his office. He went back to his quarters to see if Christine was there, and she wasn’t. “Hmm... I wonder where Christine is?” said Ryu to himself. He changed his clothes and got into his fighting uniform; it was his favorite one. It had tender, white cloth pants and shirt, a black leathered belt, red gloves, and a red bandana he wore on his head. After he got everything on, he headed out to the training room.

Ryu’s Hardest Fight

When Ryu got to the training room, he headed straight for the check-in booth. “Pardon me, is there a way I can skip all of the training simulations and go straight to the 25th one?” The women at the booth just stared at him. “Oh come on miss, please! I’ll do anything!” Then the women thought to her self, and then got an idea. “Alright kid, you can go straight to simulation 25...” “Really?! Thanks! He he-he he he!” While Ryu was walking off the women came up with the “if” again. Ryu fell on the ground. “If you fight in the arena, we have been needing some people to come, but if you don’t win you’ll have to start from the first.” “Geez”, said Ryu as he walked to the arena, “can anybody just do me a favor? I hope who I fight wont be too hard.” Ryu walked to the arena entrance, then a man said, “Hurry up! They’re waiting! Get out there!” Ryu rushed through the entrance of the door and came into the arena. Only thing that seemed strange was that it was all dark and had no light. The door shut behind him and locked. “Huh, hey! What’s going on?” said Ryu aloud. The man who shut the door started to giggle a little bit. “I feel sorry for that guy! Man, how did Commander Redward know this was going to happen? This guy is going to be humiliated! Fighting a DTE! Whew!” Ryu started to take a step forward, then light rushed to the arena! There were people everywhere cheering and hollering! A cold chill ran down Ryu’s spine. “What the heck, I guess this is worth it...” Then on loud speaker from the announcer said,     “We have a young man named Ryu, DTP rank! And the DTE rank, strong, stout, undefeated, undisputed champion of martial arts......BROLI!!!!! Let’s give it up for these two!!!” Ryu looked ahead as Broli walked out into the ring; Ryu saw that and walked out as well. “You got to be kidding me! BROLI?!?!!? That guy is way too strong! He’s the best DTE in the whole dang place!!!” said Ryu aloud to himself. “Alright! We will ask all of you to remain calm and to have your defense shields at max. This one might get a little out of control, and we would like to honor our wonderful Commander who has arranged this spectacular match!” “Why you dirty mean...” “The winner of this match will go to help on the mission to save our comrades in there time of need. It is hard to celebrate at a time like this but it wont be safe enough to open a dimensional vortex until an hour due to offenses by our enemies. Whoever wins will be chosen as the best fighter of DT! Now it seems strange...why let a DTP fight the best fighter in the arena? If he is strong enough, then why not rank him DTE? Let’s ask the commander!” The announcer gives the mike to Commander Redward. “Heh, you’ll see why I’ve chosen this match.” “Well that should brings some words of confidence. Ladies and gentlemen! LET’S YOU READY TO RUMMMM-BAAAAAAALLLLL! ! Let’s begin, are you ready? FIGHT!”

Broli and Ryu got in fighters stance. Ryu thought to himself about what method of attack he should energy blast or a punch/kick combination? Ryu didn’t know, but one thing knew; he had better attack before Broli did. He ran at full speed towards Broli. Broli smiled and reared back his fist. Instead of ramming Broli, Ryu pulled a really cool stunt! He jumped up and then slide on the ground, under Broli’s fist, then jumped up while he was behind Broli, and kicked him in the back, causing Broli to fly head first into the ground. Ryu landed on his feet, and Broli stood up with anger. In an instant, Broli punched Ryu in the jaw, making spit fly from his face. Another hard cold punch to the other side of the jaw came and brought Ryu crashing down to the ground. Ryu got to his knees, and started to growl. Then Broli kicked him in the rib cage knocking him flying over to the edge of the arena, and with a loud bam he hit the wall. Ryu stood up quickly panting for breath. He jumped back up sort of dusting himself off. Broli still stayed all the way on the other side of the arena from were Ryu had kicked him. “Alright, how about I give him a little more than he’s worth?” said Ryu out loud. Right then, Ryu quickly put his arms up in a cross. Wind and energy started vibrating from him. Having a really serious look on his face, he threw down his arms as he flared. Charging up his energy, with a white colored energy flowing from outwards. The ground began to shake, and dust  was flying in all directions away from him. As he powered up, he made this powerful yell “errrAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” Broli looked at him with a grin instead of a smile. Slowly, Ryu’s voice became lower and then finally silent. The energy flaring around him began to fade and the dust flying stopped. With Ryu’s former muscles bulged out more than when he came showed an intimidating display of strength and power. Looking up at Broli with a serious face, he said “Now, are you ready to fight?” Music begins to play heavily!!! Ryu flies up into the air and stops at midway. Ryu throws back his right arm and a yellow glow radiates from the side of his hand. He throws it outwards in Broli’s direction and a yellow viper shaped blast flies towards him. Right as the viper gets to Broli, he fades. “What? Where did he go?” said Ryu. He looked all over the arena, up and down. “Where could he be?” Just then, Broli appears behind him and karate chops him in the shoulder. Ryu gasps for pain and flies forward real fast and turns around. Ryu went for a kick to his neck, then Broli blocked and Broli went for a punch at Ryu and then Ryu went for a punch at Broli and Broli blocked it. Then they went into that scene where they are in a bunch of kicks and punches all in a blur. After a while, Ryu flies back. “KA MEN SO KA MEN SA!” Ryu fires a Kamenso Kamensa attack at Broli. Broli holds out his hand smiling; he just blocked the blast with his hand. Just then, Ryu was 20 feet behind him and started using scatter shot. He fired about 10 or so small energy blasts at him and then Broli charged at him with angry. Ryu faded and appeared right behind him and used a Viper attack on him, making Broli fall all the way down to the ground. When Broli got to the ground, he tried to get up quickly until Ryu upper-cutted him high into the air, then faded. Appeared back up in the air, and kicked his stomach making him crash all the way back down. Right before hitting the ground, Broli caught himself. “Enough foolishness! Do you want to see my true power?” yelled Broli. Just like when Ryu powered up, so did Broli except this time it made a severe earthquake. Broli began to yell as well, with a golden flare around his body. Right then, his hair turned a gold color, his muscle’s bulged out tremendously! The size of his deltoids, biceps, triceps, the whole works was at least 3 feet wide, and no  kidding! Ryu starred at Broli, making that sound of fear. “Ah..ah..uhh.ahh” Then Ryu gritted his teeth and flew right down to him, as he flared up. With a loud yell he started to pummel Broli with kicks and punches all over his body, yet Broli didn’t even flitch. None of Ryu’s attacks even made a single bruise on him. Standing back shocked, he got an angry face. “Alright, it’s time to use that move I learned from Crono!” Ryu held his hands in the air, and then started to float upwards. A large massive dome of electricity compressed waves filled the entire arena. It engulfed Broli as well as the himself and the arena. People were shielding their eyes because it was so bright. Then the dome of waves flew upwards like an explosion. It was an explosion of upwards electricity. Finally,  the light died down to were it was through. Ryu in the air panting for breath. “Well, that looked like a pretty good assault.” He looked at the crowd as they were in amazement. “Ah he he, I guess this fight is over. That was really close!” As Ryu was starting to celebrate over his victory, he looked down at where the dust was starting to clear from where Broli had been attacked. Then Ryu looked in shock as Broli was just standing there, still having the golden flare around him without one single scratch. “NO WAY!!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!” With Ryu’s arms down and mouth open, he stared at the golden flare of Broli. Ryu then became really angry and yelled out as he flared up! He flew down and landed on his feet. Then he started to fire Vipers one after the other getting faster and faster. Broli began to walk towards him. “NOO!” screamed out Ryu. He then started firing 5 Vipers per second, then 10, and then 20! The dust cleared and Broli was still walking towards him. Ryu reared back his arms and put them together. “Ka...Men...So....Ka...Men...SA!!!” Broli was one foot away from him when Ryu used Kamenso Kamensa! The dust cleared again, and Broli still stand there, uncut, unbruised, and not hurt in any way. Broli uper-cutted him in the jaw which sent him flying into the air and dropping him to the ground several meters away.   This guy was way to strong for him. “Why you...darn it...” “What’s wrong kid? Am I too much for you?” “Err...Broli is too strong, not even ssj2 Goku could beat him on the series...I’m out of luck.” Ryu was panting for breath when Broli walked up. Right then he knew it couldn’t be could he win? “Eh he heh ha ha ha!” laughed Broli standing right in front of Ryu. “No, I refuse to give up! I wont loose! I WONT LOOSE!!!” Right when Ryu said that, Broli grabbed him and threw him into the air. “ahhh....” moaned Ryu. This is it, I can’t can I? I should just give up... With Ryu’s expression looking in despair...he reached into that deep heavy thought...he remembered Christine and Seth. His best friends...what would they do? Would they want him to give up? It looked like the wise thing to do. He remembered all the times he had helped them before, how he had once saved them in from Vegeta, and how he killed Jean, also one of his best friends. He thought of everyone. Christine, Seth, Commander Gordon, Cid, Eiko, Zidane, Garnet, Cinna, Marcus, Blank, all the men who fought to beat the Sayins, Jean, and finally himself...“I WONT LOOSE, I’LL NEVER GIVE UP! THIS IS FOR SETH, FOR CHRISTINE, FOR ALL MY FRIENDS, AND MOST OF ALL...THIS IS FOR MYSELF!!!” Ryu stopped in midair, and then the back of his neck began to hurt. Then his spinal cord came out of his neck and ripped in half, connecting to his brain in an X figure. He slowly turned a blackish red color; lava color. Two arms bursted out of his lower side. He turned into that familiar reptile like creature named, Repu. With a red flare around Repu, he starred at Broli with a serious face. Broli looked shocked but only for an instant. Electricity was flying from both Broli and Repu because of their immense power. Broli fly head first at Repu. Slowly, kinda like the Matrix, Repu moved out of his way to the side. He kicked his feet forward and his arms out, and came over to Broli to punch him in the face, then Broli dodged him and went for his side. Repu pushed his hands off his own upper set of hands off of his punch as he spun around in a spiral. Broli then punched him in the stomach making Repu fly backwards. Right as Repu was about 20 feet back, he reared back his arm and fired a single blast at Broli. Broli did a back flip and dodged the blast. Ok, now the Matrix thing is over. Broli and Repu dashed over to each other and started back into that blur of punches and kicks. That lasted for about 5 minutes when Repu swung out his tail and grabbed Broli’s body. Then Repu braced Broli’s body tightly to where he couldn’t get out. Broli cried out. “Ahhh-ehhAHHH” “Just give up, I’m not going to let you win.” said Repu with his deep, low, serious but human type voice. Broli refused to give up so Repu extended his tail around to where Broli was facing him upside down. Repu smiled and then started pounding him in the face with all four of his arms. This went on and people in their seats started to worry...if Broli didn’t give up, then would he die? For 15 long, hurtful minutes, Repu pummeled him in the face and finally stopped. Broli was panting really hard with blood running from his nose. His face looked beaten up so badly, you couldn’t even tell it was Broli. “Do you give up? Come on, you should.” advised Repu. “No...I refuse. I will not be beaten by the likes of you!” yelled Broli. He then broke free of Repu’s grasp and flew high up into the air. Repu just looked at him and smiled. Broli looked down panting and held out his open hands. A large energy ball came crashing down to Repu, the ball was about as big as Freeza’s blast when he tried to kill Trunks. Repu caught the blast with his four arms and fought to hold it up. After a little while, Repu began to spoke. “Ka men so ka men sa!” he fired back a Kamenso Kamensa blast back and it engulfed Broli’s blast and then Broli! When the dust cleared, Broli was in a blocked formation. He came out of it and starred down at Repu. “AHHHH-eh...huh?” Broli was about to come after Repu when he found out he couldn’t move! He fought with all his might but he couldn’t move from where he was, high in the air. Repu was holding him up there with his mind! “What, no!” screamed Broli. “Ah ha ha ha! Do you give up?” “Never!” “Oh well, I warned you.” Then after that, Repu held out his four arms and made energy come from each of them. The balls of energy coming from each hand became larger and larger until they were about 10 feet wide . He lifted all the energy beams into the air and set them north, south, east and west of Broli. Broli looked around at the energy balls. “What, what?” said Broli. With Repu’s arms out he then threw them together. All of the energy balls came towards Broli and high speeds. “NOOOOOOO-” screamed Broli before he was cut off by a person who said “Stop!” Repu stopped the energy balls when they were 3 feet from him. Repu looked around at the crowd and saw Christine in the stands. “Ryu stop! Don’t kill him! You’ve won!” yelled Christine. “Yes, yes! You win! Please don’t!” said Broli. Repu looked at Christine and then at Broli. He moved the energy balls up closer. Broli closed his eyes, and then Repu made the energy balls fade. Repu allowed Broli to lower back to the ground. Repu walked over to Broli and helped him up. “You did a really good job back there, I was impressed!” said Repu. “Thanks, but it looks like I’ll need to train some more.” convinced Broli.

After they had shaken hands, Repu went to see Commander Redward where Christine was waiting. “I...I...can’t believe it!” said Commander Redward astonished. “You have some explaining to do.” said Repu with his serious look. “You are now appointed as a DTE. Thank you for your efforts! I wanted to see if it was real or not, if you could transform into that creature.” “What I would like to know is how I had the ability to do this, I know your hiding something. Now what is it!” “There is nothing to hide! Watch how you speak to your superiors! Get set up, your going to the dimension to take care of Sepheroth by yourself.” “Very well, but when I get back, you and I are going to have a little chat.” Commander Redward gulped. “I want to come to, please let me!” said Christine. “Alright, come on. Get your gear ready.” admitted Repu. “Hey, I didn’t give her permission to...” “She’s going, is that understood!” “Oh...ok.” Suddenly, Broli walked in. “I would like to come as well.” he said. Repu looked over at Broli shocked. “Fine, ok, OK!” said Commander Redward getting frustrated. “Alright, we could use your help.” said Repu. “Alright, I’m going to tell high command, this should be a good run for DT. If we have the two best fighters teaming up we will surely beat Sepheroth. Heck, we could even beat the entire enemy force!” said Commander Redward. “Why don’t we just come up with a name for this enemy?” asked Repu. “Hmm...high command always calls them Dark Shadow, but I don’t know why.” “Ok, let’s just call them Dark Shadow.” said Christine. “Alright, let’s get prepared. Broli, meet us at the command deck in 10 minutes.” said Repu. “Alright, I’ll get my things together.”

Broli unmasked

Repu had turned back into his original form while he packed some things to get ready. “Hey, Christine. What exactly are you going to do when we arrive?” Christine put a DY357-LX Magnum in her pack. “I’m going to heal all the people who have been injured. They are going to need my help.” she responded. Just then Broli came through the door. “Huh, what brings you here?” asked Ryu. “I have come to talk. You see, my real name is Blake. I haven’t said anything to you because I didn’t know for sure until I talked to Commander Redward.” said Broli. “What? Your really Blake? As in, Blake Heath?!” asked Ryu. “Yes, it’s me.” “How did you get so strong? Well I mean, how were you able to take Broli’s form?” “It happened long ago when I was becoming more and more powerful. I was appointed by high command and was asked if I wanted to take on Broli’s form. I accepted and you see me now. I really hate this jewelry stuff but I have to ware it! Darn...” Ryu laughed. “Heh, well at least you get to be Broli. Let’s hang out for a while. I would like you to meet Christine.” Christine was being her shy old self. “Come on, don’t be shy. This is one of my friends, Blake!” Christine sat up and walked over to Broli. They greeted. They went on and had a lot of talks of how they had went through the training and how Blake had gotten such a high spot in DT. After a while they got called to the command deck.

“Alright, there has a been a slight change in orders. 50 members of DT will accompany you to help. Ryu, you assume duty as captain and Broli assumes duty as a protector. You’ll need to make sure all the men are safely guided back here so we can tend to them. Christine, you will be there to heal anyone too injured to walk and help the wounded who will be fighting. Are there any questions?” said Commander Redward. Everyone remained silent. “Ok, godspeed your way.” Commander Redward saluted them and opened the dimensional vortex. All 50 soldiers went inside and so did Christine and Broli. Just before Ryu left, he looked at the commander and said, “If we don’t make it back out, don’t send in reinforcements.” Commander Redward looked down and nodded for he knew it was true. Ryu walked through the dimensional vortex and then it disappeared. “I hope you make it back, Ryu...” said Commander Redward with sadness.

Ending ceremony...

Two days after the defeat of Dark Shadow, things were looking peaceful. Christine and Sam were just getting ready for their three year vacation. Sam looked at his packed bag, and then looked at Christine. “It’s time. Let’s go.” With a sad look on Christine’s face, she nodded and walked out the door. On her left was Blake, he had taken his real form to attend the ceremony. Ryu walked out as well. They headed for the command deck. When they finally got there, everyone in DT was lined up. Commander Redward and the people of high command, General Halbrock and Dictator Radin Manosue. They all saluted as they saw a coffin. On the coffin set a brass plate that read, “To the brave soul who died saving us all. May there be remeberance in honor and respect for he who should go beyond the call of duty, the one worthy of approval.” After reading that, Christine bursted into tears on Sam’s shoulder. Blake just stood there with his head down, tears rolling down his face. Sam still standing there looking at the brass plate held back his tears. Everyone saluted the coffin and then shipped through a dimensional vortex. After that silence broke between everyone. Sam stood up to announce a  speech. “Seth...was a very good friend of mine, as well as Blake and Christine. He meant so many great things. You see Seth is much more than a hero, he’s a leader. One who is willing to give his life to save so many wonderful things. If it were my chose, I would have down it myself...” “And so would I.” said Christine sniffling and drying her tears. “So would I, too.” said Blake. “Yes, and just like that brass plate said...may we remember him in honor and respect.” Sam stepped down and took Christine back to their room. When they got there Christine couldn’t stop crying. “I knew he was still good, but no one would listen to me! If only I had tried harder...” “No, don’t blame yourself. Thanks to Seth, we have all been saved. So dry those purty little eyes of yours. Let’s go on our vacation.” Christine smiled back up at Sam. Sam gently closed his eyes and kissed Christine on the lips. She looked at him, then hugged him. “Thank you Sam. You have done so much for us.” “And so have you have you...”

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