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Dark Shadow’s Final Bout

Right as soon as Ryu arrived there were people already in position. The soldiers had RCP-120’s and K7-Avengers in there hands firing at the enemy. It was an assault of Skedar! Ryu looked over at Broli, “We need to save the prisoners while they are distracted!” said Broli. Ryu nodded and they flared up and flew off. They flew across the now desolate city of Tokyo. It seemed the place had been bombed because of the buildings were some standing and were caved in. Ryu flew close behind Broli until they came to the base. Right as soon as they got there Ryu pointed out the location of the prison. They flew close to it, Ryu looked around for anyone coming and blasted open the wall. Hundreds of injured men stayed there in bandages. “Ryu, go get Christine!” said Broli. Ryu nodded and then faded. He reappeared back at the battle sight. He grabbed Christine who said “Hey!” right before he faded back and reappeared at the prison. “They are hurt pretty badly, they need your help.” Ryu told Christine. He landed down and set her next to the blasted wall. She was ready to tend to them. “all right just give me 30 minutes and I can have them ready for departure.” said Christine. “all right, we’ll go back and help the others. Call us if you need some help!” said Ryu. Ryu and Broli head back to the site where the Skedars were fighting. “Leave this to me.” said Broli. “Sure ok.” said Ryu with a smile. Broli held back his arms and threw them forward causing a massive energy blast to hit the Skedars. Few survived. “Not bad, not bad.” said Ryu.


“Eh heh heh heh, this looks interesting. The sheep away from there shepherd? This looks like a good chance.” said Sepheroth with a laugh. He was standing right outside of the base watching Christine healing everyone. “all right, next. Come on! We have to hurry!” said Christine healing people with Curaga as fast as she could. Suddenly she was grabbed by the mouth...

Something hit Ryu like a hammer to the head as his mind just had a bad premonition. “Hey, Broli. Let’s go back and check on Christine.” “all right.” They flew back to the prison to find Christine not there. “Where is she, does anybody know?!” yelled Ryu. One injured man with a bandage on his arm pointed up at this large dam with a lake on the other side. At the top of the dam was Sepheroth with Christine. Broli and Ryu automatically flew up there to them. “Err... Sepheroth! Let her go!” yelled Ryu. “I think I wont, come and get me if you want to ever see Christine again! By the way here’s a little treat for you!” grimly said Sepheroth. Then all of the Z fighters(Goku, Teen Trunks, Gohan, Piccilo, and Vegeta) were waiting at the wrecked city. A dimensional vortex opened up and Sepheroth flew in it. “Ryu, save Christine! I’ll take care of this bunch!” said Broli. “Are you sure?” asked Ryu. “JUST GO!!!” yelled Broli. Ryu looked at him desperate and then he looked down with his eyes shut. He opened them and flew into the vortex. “All right, I’ll power up stronger than I ever have before. I’ll have to, to defeat these guys.” said Broli. Broli began to float in the air to do his power up process when lighting started to flash...

Later after Ryu entered the dimensional vortex, he came out in a place that seemed totally dark. There was nothing in sight except for a dark path that led to a door. Nothing but space was around him, the only thing visible was the walkway and the door. When he got to the door, he opened it and to his surprise he found Christine on top of a column tucked tight under a force field. Right next to that was Sepheroth sitting in a chair. Still nothing remained except the path, chair, and platform which Christine was placed upon. “Well, thank you so ever much for joining us. I’m so glad you are here to see my sudden rise of power.” remarked Sepheroth. “No! Ryu don’t listen to him! Leave!” screamed out Christine. “Silence woman, you bore me.” said Sepheroth as he lifted his hand and she went into a deep sleep. Ryu starred at Sepheroth and started to walk down the long, narrow path. “You know it would be advised to just stay put and watch the show. I promise there will be need for popcorn.” said Sepheroth. Ryu said nothing yet still walked down the path looking at Sepheroth with a serious look on his face. “Hmm.... uhh... well, I am going to provide the entertainment. How would you like that?” Suddenly, two demon-like creatures appeared out of nowhere and flew at Ryu. Ryu just kept walking. The demons got closer to him and then Ryu held up his hand. The demons exploded. Sepheroth then had a scared look on his face and said “Well, do you think you can beat me! I-am-invincible!” He held out his hand and fired a blast at Ryu. Ryu just kept walking not noticing that he had been fired upon for it hadn’t even hurt him. “Oh, so you think your tough? You little momma’s boy! I have seen babies stronger than you!” Ryu kept on walking with that serious “I can kick your ass” look. Finally he stopped in front of Sepheroth. “Well, fine! I’ll just take Christine’s life! HA! Let’s see what you can do about that!” cockily said Sepheroth. “Go to hell you son of a bitch.” silently said Ryu as he held out his hand and fired upon Sepheroth. This made Sepheroth very angry. He dashed out at Ryu and swung his fist but Ryu caught it. Sepheroth had that scared look on his face again. Then Ryu flared up in a red flare. He then immediately transformed into Repu. Sepheroth’s face became even more scared. Repu still holding on to Sepheroth’s arm, threw him back making him land on the floor 30 feet away. “All right, let’s get you out of there Christine.” said Repu out loud to himself. Sepheroth got up with fury. He unsheathed his massive sword and ran at Repu yelling. He hammered down the sword as hard as he could towards Repu. Repu moved out of the way making the sword hit the floor and extended his blades from his wrist stabbing Sepheroth through the stomach. Repu picked him up and threw him back where he was. Sepheroth was rendered unconscious. Repu disabled the force field and grabbed Christine down and put her on his back. As he walked out he then realized that he had no way of getting back to his former dimension. “Shoot...” he said to himself. He put Christine back down on the chair. Repu sighed trying to think of what to do. Then he heard a voice coming from Sepheroth, it was deep, deep, and not human. Like some sort of evil low voice. “REPU, I MUST HAVE REPU.” said the voice coming from Sepheroth. “Oh now what do you want?! SHUT UP.” said Repu. Then a radiant white light came from Sepheroth and his eyes started glowing red. Repu then was more serious. A figure came out of Sepheroth, like a soul or ghost or something. It said again, “I MUST HAVE REPU.” Finally it took on a form and to Repu’s utmost surprise, it was the form of imperfect Cell. Repu starred at him with his mouth open. He didn’t know what to think! He didn’t know what to say! He was petrified with fear! Imperfect Cell was Ryu’s worst fear. “No! It’s just an illusion!” shouted Repu. He then began to fire blasts at it with all four arms. It hardly did anything to him, it cut off his arm but he immediately regenerated it back on. “No way!” The figure walked closer to him and then passed him up. Going behind the chair, it entered a weird place that light sprung from. It looked like a pod in the middle and tubes all connected to it. “Sa...Sa..Sam...” Repu heard a voice. He ran back and it was Seth back to his old self. “Sam, you must listen to me...” “What happened?!” “Sam, listen. That....thing....has a power that is beyond comprehension. You must leave. There is....AHHHhhh....there is one way it can be defeated.” Seth held out his hand, he had a portable dimensional distorter. “I still have this thing from when I went on with my mission. Now, you must take Christine with you and get out of here.” “What about you?” “Ahh...don’t worry about me.” Not knowing what to say he picked up Christine. “Ok, your coming to Seth, don’t think you wont!” said Repu in a smile. “Ahh...yes, Sam you are a true friend. I’ll never forget you. I always wondered in my mind, what if I could be like that? What if I could live one day as the best friend I know.” Suddenly, a dimensional vortex appeared. Repu was then starting to be sucked in by the massive force; Christine was sucked in immediately. Seth had created the new prototype dimensional vortex that sucked people in like a black hole unless they had the portable dimensional distorter. Repu fought back the suction of the vortex. “No! Seth! Don’t try to be a hero! Come with us!” yelled Repu holding himself back. “Tell Christine I love her and for your...take care.” said Seth as he smiled and waved. Repu was sucked into the vortex screaming “NO!” the whole time. When the dimensional vortex disappeared, Seth used the portable dimensional distorter to lock this dimension to where it would never be accessible again. Then that form of Cell came back. “YOU HAVE HELPED THEM ESCAPE. I WAS GOING TO TAKE HIS BODY AND USE IT FOR MY OWN. HOW DARE YOU TAKE THAT POWER AWAY FROM ME.” Seth looked up at the creature. “Well you know what? I don’t really give an apparent fuck.” Seth held out his metallic arm which was fixed with a nuclear bomb. “Roast in hell, bitch!” Seth pressed a button on his arm and closed his eyes. Beep....beep....beep....beeeeeeeeeee-. The entire place completely blew up and right before it did, Seth thought in his mind. “You were a good friend, Sam. I’ll never forget you...”

Ending ceremony...

Two days after the defeat of Dark Shadow, things were looking peaceful. Christine and Sam were just getting ready for their three year vacation. Sam looked at his packed bag, and then looked at Christine. “It’s time. Let’s go.” With a sad look on Christine’s face, she nodded and walked out the door. On her left was Blake, he had taken his real form to attend the ceremony. Ryu walked out as well. They headed for the command deck. When they finally got there, everyone in DT was lined up. Commander Redward and the people of high command, General Halbrock and Dictator Radin Manosue. They all saluted as they saw a coffin. On the coffin set a brass plate that read, “To the brave soul who died saving us all. May there be remembrance in honor and respect for he who should go beyond the call of duty, the one worthy of approval.” After reading that, Christine bursted into tears on Sam’s shoulder. Blake just stood there with his head down, tears rolling down his face. Sam still standing there looking at the brass plate held back his tears. Everyone saluted the coffin and then shipped through a dimensional vortex. After that silence broke between everyone. Sam stood up to announce a  speech. “Seth... was a very good friend of mine, as well as Blake and Christine. He meant so many great things. You see Seth is much more than a hero, he’s a leader. One who is willing to give his life to save so many wonderful things. If it were my chose, I would have down it myself...” “And so would I.” said Christine sniffling and drying her tears. “So would I, too.” said Blake. “Yes, and just like that brass plate said... may we remember him in honor and respect.” Sam stepped down and took Christine back to their room. When they got there Christine couldn’t stop crying. “I knew he was still good, but no one would listen to me! If only I had tried harder...” “No, don’t blame yourself. Thanks to Seth, we have all been saved. So dry those purty little eyes of yours. Let’s go on our vacation.” Christine smiled back up at Sam. Sam gently closed his eyes and kissed Christine on the lips. She looked at him, then hugged him. “Thank you Sam. You have done so much for us.” “And so have you Christine... so have you...”

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