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Dimensional Distortion: Wrath of the Evil

Vacation... Interrupted?

“Well, this is nice.” said Sam as he yawned. He was laying down on a beach towel. “Ahh... yep, this is great.” responded Christine relaxed. They were taking their three year long vacation at the wonderful, scarcely populated beaches of the DBZ dimension. They were laying down on their beach towels watching the beautiful ocean waves sway back and forth and feeling the soft, cool summer breeze past by. They had a rough time on their other adventures, and now with Dark Shadow defeated, they could finally kick back and relax on their personal beach resort. Sam was dressed in  greenish-brown shorts and a Hawaiian shirt with sun shades over his eyes. Christine was had on her red short-shorts and a green blouse with sun shades over her eyes. Sam smiled and said, “Man, this sure does rock! You know, being able to let loose without worrying about our orders. Don’t ya think?” “Of course. This is the best thing I’ve ever done! It’s not very often kids... oops, I mean... ADULTS get to do something like this. Sorry, I keep forgetting.” Yep, it’s true. Unfortunately, during the time of messing with Dark Shadow and the defeat, they had to wait 4 years to get their vacation. They had to do a lot of paper work and a bunch of tests that wouldn’t allow them to take a leave. All the tests were to see if they had some how been infected by Dark Shadow while during their arrival to what was then known as Dimension #5,000. They turned out negative, and were not infected. Sam sat up and opened up the cooler chest that was in the middle of the two beach towels. As he searched through the ice, he found a root beer. He then popped the lid off and guzzled it down. “Ahh... that tasted good.” Sam took a breath and let out a silent burp under his mouth.  Christine giggled at the sight of his manly rudeness. Sam smiled and laughed ^_^. Then next to the cooler, a small cell phone was ringing. Another cool gadget DT made, a cellular phone that could communicate through other dimensions, and no roaming long-distance charges! He picked it up and answered. “Hello, Sam speaking.” “Sam, there seems to be a problem.” said a young male voice. “All right, what is it. Hey, wait, don’t make me leave! I’m on vacation!” “It’s something important... it’s about your home dimension.” “What are you talking about?!” “Sam... terrorists have attacked what you know as the Worlds Trade Center in New York City, USA. Sources indicate that they were influenced by Dark Shadow.” “Wha... what? How many were killed?” “The count is in the thousands and an estimated total of 5,600 deaths so far.” Sam dropped the phone on the ground. Christine put her right hand over her mouth.

Back at Headquarters

Immediately after Sam heard about his home dimension being under attack, he opened a dimensional vortex and got back to DT. Christine went along with him and they went to see Commander Redward. “What in the world is going on here?!”, exclaimed Sam, “How could Dark Shadow be attacking us? Seth killed him 4 years ago by sacrificing himself. Is your history foggy?!” Commander Redward was looking at some things on his desk when he then turned and looked at Sam who was standing by Christine. He paused for a moment and then spoke, “Dark Shadow, is still alive. He didn’t die in the explosion that Seth used. He’s on Dimension #1, your dimension, and he is ready to destroy everything in his anger.” Sam walked over to him. “How did he survive?” “We think when Seth used the bomb, Dark Shadow opened up a dimensional vortex and slipped away before he was destroyed.” Sam had a flash back about then entire incident. He remembered how Seth was on the ground, and said his last words and then sealed Sam and Christine out of that dimension so they wouldn’t come back to help him. “How can we defeat him?” asked Christine, breaking the silence. “Well I only have one guess,” Commander Redward looks over at Sam, “It looks like Repu is the only one who can destroy Dark Shadow.” Sam looked up at him. “Yeah, it seems like the only way.” “We have researched the tactics of Dark Shadow and it looks like he’s doing the Gygas strategy.” Sam looked at him puzzled. “What do you mean by that?” “Well don’t you ever remember playing Earthbound? In it had a monster who could corrupt the minds of others and turn them around and do as he wants them to; like puppets.” “Oh, Gygas. The one Ness, Paula, Jeff, and Poo defeated...” “That’s right.” Sam started walking out of the room. “Where are you going?” said Commander Redward standing up. Sam stopped and looked back at him. “I’m going to take care of this, but first I need to get back in shape. I’m sorry, I wont be able to fight Dark Shadow for a month.” “I see, but you must hurry. The people need you.” “Yeah, yeah I know.” Sam looked at Christine, then walked out’ she followed. “So, how do you plan to train?” Sam and Christine walked on further, heading for the training hall. “ “Well I’m going to train in the weight enhanced room, go on a few missions, and maybe if he wants to, I’ll train with Blake.” They got to the training room. “I was thinking, I haven't been helping much. I want to train too, I want to help.” They stop in front of the training booth. “Hmm... I think I know of a way you could help.” They then walked on until they go to the weight enhanced room; Sam got in it. “Just hang on, I need about a weeks worth of training, then I can help you.” said Sam before he shut the door. He then walked over to the console and set the weight intensity at 350. Before he pressed start, he transformed into Repu.

Getting Back in Shape

Repu was punching and kicking, training himself to be faster and stronger. He then began to do push ups, sit ups, and he got on his hands in a hand stand and was going down and up in a vigorous workout. He increased the weight intensity to 500. Repu could barely stand. He still trained in this condition throughout the week. He finally came out and went to see Christine, he had turned back into himself. “Hey Christine, what’s up?” “Oh hi Sam, I’m just fine.” “Do you still want to train and help?” “I would love to!” Christine went to the back and got dressed in her training clothes in a frenzy, excited to go train; Sam turned around really quick facing the opposite direction. When she was ready, she walked out. “All right, are you ready to go?” asked Sam. “Yes, I’m ready ^_^!” “Ok let’s go.” They walked down to the training room and entered. “Ok, first I want to see how strong you are.” said Sam. “Ok.” responded Christine. Sam handed her a metal ball. She looked at it, wondering what the heck it was for. “Squeeze as hard as you can.” She nodded and squeezed down as hard as she could. “Hmm... that’s pretty good.” said Sam, “Wait right here.” He took the metal ball from her, reading the small monitor on it that said “1.6”. He put the metal ball on a holder on the weight enhancer consul. Right then, the floor suddenly begin to drag Christine to the floor. “Ehh... ahh... this is different.” said Christine with her teeth gritted. “Don’t worry, it wont take long for you to get used to the gravity.” “All right, what do I do next?” “I have set up a schedule. As your body progresses the weight will become more and more intensified. I’m going to show you how to exercise and what to eat.” “All right, I think I’m ready.” Sam showed her what exercises to use, fitting her with a fitness plan set for 2 weeks. He also told her what to eat. Now with everything in tact, he was about to shut the door to the weight enhanced room when he said “Hey when your through, I’m going to teach you something that might save your life.” Christine just smiled and Sam gave her a thumbs up. He then shut the door and sealed it. As he walked away, Commander Redward was waiting at the training hall entrance. “Are you ready, Sam?” he said. With a serious look on his face, Sam responded “Yes, let’s go.”

DTM at It’s Best

With the plan to keep Christine confined under her on free will, Sam took advantage of this. What he was going to do next was beyond impossible, only a true DTM could pass the test that was laid before him; it was his destiny. He would be traveling to the deep corners of the Sumo-Cluster Dimensions, also known as Dimension #4,490-5,000. These were the heavily fortified enemy home dimensions. The plan was to destroy there supplies and men, therefore making it impossible to develop an army. To make it simpler, if Dark Shadow was left without an army and didn’t have anymore supplies, he wouldn’t be able to attack Dimension #1 (Sam’s home dimension) with full force. The only thing left would be to defeat Dark Shadow once and for all, which is bad, because so far no one has found a weakness; this poses a great threat. Sam must go alone so he can prevent detection much easier. Neither Blake or Commander Redward liked this, but it was a direct order from high command’s Dictator Raden Monsue. Now, with the orders set in place, Sam/code name: Ryu, was ready to greet Dark Shadow’s army with arms wide open... for destruction that is.

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