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Dark Shadow’s Strong Army

Sam was dropped off on at night on rocky terrain on Dimension #4,496. On a planet named Silous, red-dirt mountains covered the horizon. Beyond there was a construction site where it appeared to be an enemy base. Sam jumped off down from the mountain, unaware of what lied ahead. As soon as he got on the bottom, he had a close encounter with his first battle of the evening. He had landed right next to a bluish red creature with massive legs but fairly small arms. It had a big nose and eyes were cold black. The creature gave out a powerful yell and pulled out it’s big blaster cannon. Sam jumped back as 3 others appeared from the shadows. With the 2 moons full, it gave off enough light to know what he was doing. They began firing at him. Sam jumped to the right then faded. He appeared right behind one of them and kicked his head, breaking his neck. Then he jumped up in the air flying towards the construction site. He threw back a powerful energy blast that engulfed the other creatures and disintegrated them. He continued flying towards his destination. While up in the air, he noticed several other of those creatures ahead guarding the entrance to the base. Sam gritted his teeth and continued to fly forward. He landed down by the entrance. These ones had bigger looking guns that connected to there arms; there were 6 of them. They began firing charged particle cannon shots at him. Sam quickly dodged 3 blasts, and flew fast ahead to one of them right of the entrance and punched it in the stomach. Sam had punched hard but it had no effect on the creature. Sam then jumped back as the ignorant creatures fired at him. Since they missed him, it hit the one Sam had jumped back from and killed him. As Sam jumped back he fired a viper at that cut two of them in half. Due to firing at these, the 3 remaining creatures fired at him and 3 of the shots hit Sam; Sam fell to the ground. The creatures walked over to him. Sam slowly got up and growled; they began fired at him again. Angry, Sam flew up into the air and started firing multiple blasts at the 3 creatures, destroying them. Sam landed on the ground and then blasted the door open to the entrance. An alarm started to ring, and dozens  of those creatures were alert and firing at him as he entered. Sam flew straight forwards, trying his hardest to dodge there shots. There was a big dome, as if this place was a small arena. Sam got in the middle of this arena and put up a strong shield. All the creatures were firing at him consecutively. Trying his hardest while holding up the shield that was fading, he charged up both of his hands, a Super Viper. With a loud yell he let the shield go and then fired on his right arm a large viper about twenty yards long and wiped out several dozen creatures. He did this again with his left, thus destroying more. More and more of those creatures entering the area, firing at him with full force. It looked like a war... 100 to 1. Sam was getting fired at from left to right, and his health was fading. He then threw back his arms and started to power up with a white flare around his body. After doing so, he flew to his northwest position and wiped out several creatures by punching their heads off. He turned around and got shot again, this time it left a terrible gash in his leg. In a scream of pain, he flew at his attacker. He kicked him in the side, slicing him in half. He then got shot twice, once in the right arm and then right below the pelvis; he was getting beat. He decided there was only thing left to do... Repu. He then flew high in the center of the arena. He closed his eyes and was about to transform when he sensed Broli, also known as Blake, enter the arena. He was SSJ2 and was wasting these things like flies. Sam flew down a few yards away from him and then started fighting off the creatures. Soon, they were fighting back to back; during this momentary time, they said a few words. “Blake! Why are you here!” said Sam punching one creature in the arm. “I finally convinced Dictator Raden Monsue to let me come.” said Blake finishing off another creature with a blast. “Fighting together just like old times, ay Blake?” said Sam waiting for the next creature to come after him. “Yep, and these guys here are Saibamen.” said Broli stopping, also waiting for another to come. “What?!” said Sam turning his head back but remaining the front of his body opposite of Broli’s.  “They’ve been gene spliced with some of the greatest fighters.” he responded. “All right! This makes it a little more interesting! How bout’ we lighten things up a bit? What do ya say?” “Sure, it’s fine with me!” “All right, let’s rock this place!” Sam then immediately transformed into Repu. He extended his blades and flew out stabbing one Saibamen then spun around and got another, then jumped up and slashed another’s head off. Broli fired a blast at one, then ran at another punching threw his stomach, then elbowed a Saibamen’s head off. They both were wasting them left and right. Finally they ended it with a big bang. They both got back to back and charged up, making a nuclear explosion. All of the darn Saibamen were wasted. They ran together to the next room, this one was different. It had a lot of trees and grass everywhere. Repu stopped after he entered near Broli. “What’s with this place?” said Repu. “I don’t know but stay alert.” said Broli slightly moving his head towards Repu. “Right” said Repu nodding his head and getting in fighter’s stance. All you could hear were cricket noises. Repu still in fighter’s stance was quickly moving his eyes, scanning the area; so was Broli. Suddenly they herd a sound in the bushes. Stepped out was a person recognized as Super 17. “Welcome.”, he said, “You seem to have stumbled upon Lord Shadow’s army.” “Yeah, I think that would be right.” said Repu cocky like. “Great, you’re right on time.” “Right on time for what! Did you know we were coming here!” demanded Repu. “You alone were supposed to come, the other one wasn’t supposed to. Yet it makes no difference. Now if you will excuse me, I must tend to more important matters such as plotting how to destroy your miserable excuse for a home dimension.” “Hey get back here you bastard!” yelled Broli. As Super 17 walked off into the darkness he stopped. Two strange figures appeared out of the darkness next to him. “Oh and one last thing, my name is Shade. None the less it doesn’t matter much for you because you want be around long enough to discover me as supreme ruler of all 5,000 dimensions, HA HA HA HA!” Shade disappeared into the darkness as the two shadows took form.

As the creatures finally took their figure, Repu and Broli stood in fear; it was a ghastly sight. These horrific things had a face similar to a ghost. They had a large set of needle sharp teeth and stood with their tongues out; their arms were sagged down and almost touched the ground. They would sway back and forth. Their hands were nothing but claws that could cut metal like a slice of cheese; their skin was black and they were very short.

Repu and Broli waited for a moment but the creatures remained starring at them. “Let’s just get this over with.”, said Repu. They both charged at one, Repu going for the left and Broli for the one on the right. Repu arrived first to swing out his deadly blades diagonally. As soon as he swung, the creature disappeared. Not having enough time to sense the monster, it appeared behind him and swung it’s claws upon his back. It struck him and with a gasp of pain Repu jumped forward and fell to the ground on his knees. Broli saw his friend in trouble and quickly changed his target. He came around behind it to settle the score with a punch through the stomach but the being jumped into the air. Broli looked up and charged a blast into his left hand, yet before he could release the energy upon the creature, the other one came behind him and stuck his five claws into Broli’s left leg. Broli’s eyes widened and the energy forming in his hand faded. The creature then stuck his other hand’s set of claws into Broli’s left arm. Thinking quickly and trying to ignore the pain, he moved his waist to the left and grabbed the creature’s right arm and pulled it out of his left arm. With all his rage, he pulled the creature out of his threw the creature across the field.

Broli limped over to Repu to see how much he was injured. “Repu, are you ok?”, he said. Broli observed his back which had five crevices about one inch deep each. Broli’s face turned from worried to scared. “Oh no, that’s way to deep...” Repu was still on his knees and gritting his teeth. “We have to get you back. You’ve taken too much damage.” Broli pulled out his PDD (Portable Dimensional Distorter). He began to set in the co-ordinance when he saw the two creatures several yards in front of him. Watching them closely he continued. Right before he was about to press the final button, one of them jumped over and grabbed it. It agilely got back to the other one. It looked at the PDD moving it’s head back and forth examining it. Broli’s eyes widened; he didn’t know what to do. The creature looked at him, then crushed it with his hands. With a loud yell, Broli screamed “NO!”. He held out his hand and lifted the being with the force of his mind. He lifted him slightly into the air; his arm’s veins shot out. With a fierce look, Broli sent a powerful shockwave at it. When it reached the creature, it’s body exploded and it’s remains disintegrated. After seeing this, the other being ran off into the woods. Broli limped back over to Repu; he was laying on the ground. “Repu, Repu!”, yelled Broli. He bared the pain and ran over to him. Repu rolled over and said, “No... I’m not dead...”. Broli sighed as he looked around. He turned back to Repu. “Well what are we going to do? We are both injured and we can’t go on much more. And we don’t have any way of getting out of here.” Repu got sat up, putting his hands on the ground to hold himself up. “Don’t worry... too much. I’ll be all right. Just give me a few minutes.” said Repu. “What are you talking about?” “My body automatically heals over time.” “Since when? I never knew you could do that.” “Neither did I until after our fight 4 years ago. The only problem is, the bigger the wound the longer it takes.” “So that’s why I could never hurt you much... you would be healed!” Repu tried to stand up holding back the pain. “Heh, I can only be healed while I’m in Repu’s form.” They suddenly stopped talking and heard scampering footsteps coming from all around. Dozens of the nasty beings from before emerged from the bushes and trees. “Holy shit... where did they come from!” silently said Broli.

“I don’t know, but I haven’t fully recovered. You don’t look so good as well.” commented Repu. Three of the creatures jumped out at them, there claws shimmering. Repu quickly formed an energy shield around the both of them. The creatures slashed at the shield, weakening it at every blow. “Crap, I can’t hold this up much longer...” desperately said Repu. “Hang in there!” encouraged Broli. The beings continued bashing at the shield into it started to diminish. Repu gritted his teeth trying with all his might to keep the shield up yet it was not enough. The shield faded and one of the beings lashed out at Repu. He held up his arms to block the creature’s vicious claws and closed his eyes but after a moment he opened his eyes to see half of the creatures body fall in front of him.

“What happened?” asked Repu. “I don’t know but it seemed like a blue stray of light just slashed through him.” responded Broli. Then a figure of a tall man with a light saber appeared within the midst of the trees. It jumped fast, so fast you could only see a blue stream of light. He sliced one in half and then turned around and cut another. Two of the creatures jumped in the air after him but he jumped as well. He gave a powerful yell as he slashed left then right. He fell back to the ground on his knees smiling. When the beings came to the ground they turned around very angry. As they tried to take a step the fell into pieces. The man was wearing typical clothes; he wore a white shirt and a brown and white blocked unbuttoned shirt over it. He had on simple blue shorts and his hair was short to a bur; he also had glasses on. Broli and Repu’s mouth opened and there eyes widened. The agile worrier then threw his saber at a far off tree. He came around dodging all the creatures and yanked his saber from the tree. As he did this he sliced two of them into the wind. Five of them gathered around him. He looked to his left then his right and then starred forward. Amazingly fast as though time had stopped, a blue streak rushed past. It went south west, north east, west, south east and north making a star figure and a sound of that went “kwehshing”; the beings fell dead. The man walked away and sheathed his light saber. Another one of the creatures jumped up silently behind him to swing a deadly blow. He quickly grabbed his saber and sliced the creature in half and turned around. His right foot out and saber to his back, he stood in a fighter’s pose. The being fell to the ground as only half. He stood up and sheathed his saber. He spun it around in his hand and then put it back in the holster on his belt. He walked over to Broli and Repu and greeted himself by saying, “Hello, my name is Jon.”

Repu looked over to him and so did Broli. “Who are you?”, asked Broli. Jon came and kneeled on the ground, putting his chin on his knee. He let out a sigh and then responded. “I’m what’s left of the scouting mission that took place here 7 years ago...”, he said looking at the dirt. “A scouting mission?”, asked Repu, shaking off the pain of his injury that was now fully healed. “Yes... and it was because of those blasted creatures, they are taught to destroy any communications available.” he answered. “Nasty little things aren’t they.” commented Broli sitting down on the dirt with his damaged leg out on the dirt. Repu decided to join everyone else by sitting on the ground as well. “How did you manage to survive this long?”, asked Broli in amusement. “Well there were 6 in all, that was my team. We were wiped out by those Saibamen you destroyed. Our group wasn’t very powerful because this was just a scouting mission. We had no idea that the enemy base would be here. All of my team was destroyed except for me, I’m the only survivor. I managed with the supplies I had to make a refuge far off in the desert. There I found fertile soil and planted some vegetables. I also found an oasis where I could get my water. For 8 years I’ve stayed here, carrying only my saber and the clothes on my back. I scanned the base once a week and seen remarkable things. Some things that I need to report to Commander Raden Monsue.” “Commander Raden Monsue? But he’s the dictator.” interrupted Repu. “Wow, a lot more has changed than I thought. So, do you have any ideas on how to get out of here?” Jon looked at Broli and then at Repu. Broli shook his head and looked away. “Well this is wonderful.... nobody? They got both of your PDD’s?” Repu looked away and sighed. “Oh well, I guess I have more company now.” Silence broke out until Repu finally spoke. “Well I’ll tell you one thing, if we did have a way out of here I wouldn’t hesitate to blow this son of a bitch planet to pre-tty hell.” “I second that.”, agreed Broli. Jon looked at Repu then to Broli. “Blow up the planet? Did you manage to find a tunnel to the planet’s core to set off explosives?” asked Jon puzzled. Repu looked at him weirdly. “Hey come on, I don’t understand what your talking about.”, said Jon. “Well we gather energy... and release it on the planet... and it blows up... that simple...”, explained Repu. Jon now was even more confused. Repu looked at him and then gave out a small laugh. “Ha ha, don’t worry. You’ve got much to learn since being away for 8 years.” Broli ripped a piece of his shirt off and rapped it around his leg. They waited there for hours just carrying on mutual conversations. They were tired as the night turned to dawn. They each sat themselves down near a tree. Broli leaned against it and adjusted the clothe on his wound. Jon was laying at the stump snoring away; his mouth opening wide and then closing. Ryu, now back to his original form to rest, stayed up to think. Reaching back to the far distance past he brought out some old memories to place upon his racing mind.

It was him and Seth; Sam had invited over Seth to play video games and such. Seth was unloading his pack to bring out his Dreamcast. Sam had smiled in an egotistical way, as he knew he would beat Seth at his game, Capcom Vs. Marvel 2. They set up the games system, hooking it up to the VCR and into the T.V. They turned it on and after viewing the short intro, they set it on multiplayer. They chose there characters precisely, but at the head of all the characters Sam put Ryu; his favorite. They battled it out in the flashing effects and turbo speed with illustrious combos. They fought it out and now two of Sam’s alleys were defeated and Seth had only suffered one of his character’s loss. “Ha ha ha, yes. I am the best at this game. You have to admit it. YOU SUCK!” humbly said Seth. Sam had turned and looked at him, and then thought in his mind the failure of losing. The last character he had, Ryu. Sam gritted his teeth and fired off his special. Seth retaliated with a block that caused little damage; he smirked and chuckled. With Sam’s anger almost at his peak, he fired a combo that he didn’t even know how to do. First his character ran forward, uppercuted his, spun in a kick-like helicopter, and then fired a mega Hyrouken. This defeated Seth’s character; Seth commented, “Pish-ya. Luck.”. Then Sam used the same move again and it defeated his second character. “There is no way! That is impossible.” laughed out Seth in astonishment. “Yeah well I guess that bragging got to you, ay Seth?”, added Sam. They both laughed as the vision faded.

Ryu wiped a soft tear of moisture from his cheek. Thinking back in his mind, it had seemed unreal. First his best friend, then his worst enemy…then his death that he had committed in vain? Impossible…was the word that ran inside his mind. He tightened his fist in anger. Why did this have to happen? Why did he have to be the one to defeat Dark Shadow? Too many burdens had been placed upon his destiny. Gritting his teeth, he finally fell asleep.

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