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Sakura's Diary

By: Luz Lopez
January 20th, 2002
1:50 pm
Dear Diary,
	¡Konnichiwa, tomodachi! For anyone not familiar with
Japanese, that means ¡Good afternoon, friend!  This
will be my first diary entry ever---not really. I read
diaries my whole life, and I saw how “good” people
keep diaries, so I decided to keep a diary and write
all about my yume(dreams),kibou(hopes), etc.. Well,
here I am, studying for my exams that starts on
Tuesday. I’m also listening to “Hiru No Tsuki” by
Akino Arai. I LUV that song! It always put me to
sleep, like a lullably. Ra, ra, ra(la, la, la). Even
though I’m sort of studying for my English exam, my
mind’s not on studying right now. I think it’s because
I miss Syaoran and Tomoyo so much. *sigh* Oops!
*sweatdrops* I forgot to mention that I’m a foreign
exchange student in America---in sunny California, to
be more precise. Even though I enjoy the sunny beaches
and down-to-earth people, I missed my friends back in
Tokyo and Hong Kong. You’re probably wondering how did
I became an exchange student? Well...
	It all started last year, shortly before school was
let out for the summer. Syaoran, Meilin, Tomoyo, and I
were meeting at my house, making plans about spending
the summer together....
	Oops! The phone’s ringing! I hope it’s either Tomoyo
or Syaoran! I’ll write out the rest of the story
later. Ja ne!
2:30 pm
	I was right! Syaoran called from Hong Kong. He was
wondering how I was, and updated me with some new
Meilin has a boyfriend now, Lee Wong, who’s visiting
Hong Kong because his father lives there(he’s an
international businessman), and his mother lives in
Tokyo---right near me, just a few blocks away. Syaoran
also said that he misses me, and that he can’t wait
for me to go back to Tokyo. He was thinking of going
back to Tokyo the same time that I am, so he can meet
up with me once I get off the plane. He’s so sweet!!!
I can’t believe it! I’m going to cry! *a teardrop
falls into the diary*  **sniffs**  I realize that I
miss Syaoran SOOO MUCH, too! Maybe I can ask him,
Tomoyo, and Meilin to come and visit me in
California---perhaps during spring break or something.
That would really be cool. Hey! The phone’s ringing
again!! Wonder who that could??
3:15 pm
	That was Tomoyo on the phone. She called to say that
Syaoran had just called her, and that she misses me.
*sniffs* What good friends I have!!  I missed her,
too. I also miss Touyo, Yukito, and my dad. I wonder
what they are doing right now. Knowing my dad, he’s
probably at work, and Touyo and Yukito are probably
either hanging out with Naka or at work. maybe I can
send them a poster of California girls with bikinis or
a postcard or something. LOL. Just thinking about that
brought a smile to my face, since I know that Yukito
loves Touyo. I just hope that they’re not homosexuals
or bisexuals or something. *shudders* Just thinking
that brings a chill down my spine. Oh, man! The
phone’s ringing AGAIN!! Wondering who could that
3:40 pm
	That was just Ryan on the phone. He just called me to
see if I can go with our friends to see a movie
tonight at 6:15. I know that I don’t have anything to
do tonight anyway, so I said yes. Gotta go change into
different clothes for tonight(I’m wearing a hot-pink
sweatshirt and blue jeans with white socks). I know! I
can wear my pink jeans capris with a yellow
long-sleeved Chinese-style shirt, my white sneakers
with no socks, and beads in my hair. Gotta go get
ready for my “friendly outing.” Ja ne!
January 21th, 2002
11:30 am
	I have just got up from bed. I slept late because I
went out with some of my new friends, including Gary,
Ashley, Ruki & Rika(they’re twins), and Ryan. We went
to the movies and saw “Ali” with Will Smith in it.
Then we went to a party at Ryan’s house. It was very
nice, and Ryan was nice toward me. I think he has a
crush on me! *blushes* I did told him that I have a
boyfriend who’s staying in Hong Kong for a
while---Syaoran Li---though,  and he understand that.
Ryan has the same dark brown hair as Syaoran.  Which
reminds me... Oh! That’s right! I have to tell you,
dear Self, the rest of the story of I became a foreign
exchange student----right after I eat some brunch.
12:15 pm
	Well, I’m back from eating my brunch---apple cinnamon
muffins, orange juice, and some banana pancakes.’re probably thinking, “That’s not brunch!!
That’s just breakfast!” Well, I fool you, dear Self. I
also had a turkey sandwitch with a little bit of mayo
on it. Anyway, as I was saying from
yesterday...*having a flashback*
	Syaoran, Meilin, Tomoyo and I were meeting at my
house one day,making plans to spend our summer
vacation together, when my dad came in, waving a
letter around. It was addressed to me c/o Mr. Kinomoto
from the Foreign Exchange Student Association of
Japan(FESAJ). It said that I was chosen to be a
foreign exchange stduent in California. Why, I don’t
know.  I was shocked at first, because I didn’t know
that I was chosen to do that job. The others were
shocked,too, especially Syaoran. Syaoran and I had
secretly confined to ourselves that we was going to
spend the summer together so we will feel more
comfortable with each other. I’ll have to move to
California on June 24th, stay there for the whole
school year, and come back next summer, according to
my dad. Now here’s something that I have to say: If I
was some other girl, I could have jump up for joy,
saying that I’ll love to go to California. But---since
I’m not like that, I haven’t jump up for joy. The
thought of not seeing my friends and my Syaoran for
the next year was too much to bear for me. 
I shouted, “I don’t want to go! I WANNA stay here!”
and ran up to my room. I closed the door and jumped up
onto my bed, crying and sobbing. 
After a while, there was a knock on my door.
“Who is it?” I said.
“It’s me, Syaoran! Can I come in, Sakura-chan?”
“Jai!” I said.
 Syaoran then came in, and shut the door behind him. I
couldn’t even bear to look at him because chances are,
if I looked up at him, it’ll make me cry even harder.
So I kept my head buried in my pillow with Kero-chan
sleeping next to me. I heard the door locked, which
meant that Syaoran was going to talk to me without any
distractions from anyone. Syaoran walked over to my
side of the bed and sat down next to me. 
“Sakura-chan? What’s wrong? You want to tell me about
it?” When I heard him said that, it made me realize
that my outbrust had really worry my family and
friends. I felt ashamed that I embarrassed myself in
front of everyone, so I cried even harder. 
“Sakura-chan, look at me,” Syaoran said. I still
couldn’t look at him, so he lift my head up gently so
I can look up at him.
“Sakura, don’t worry. I’ll still love you even if
you’re in California. You’re going there to represent
us. Us, Sakura-chan. Don’t worry your pretty head
about me. I’m going back to Hong Kong, anyway, with
Meilin to visit my family. They missed me so much, and
I want to see them. I’m going to stay there until next
summer. I have forgot to tell you because I got a call
from them this morning. In the meantime, you can still
call me from California. I’m not leaving until June
24th anyway, so we can see each other for some more
time before I leave. I’m not going to change, and I’m
hoping that you won’t, either. No matter the distance,
I’ll always love you, Sakura-chan, with all my heart,
body, and soul. Don’t forget that.”
When I looked up into Syaoran’s eyes, I realize that
he was sincere about that. He was right. Maybe this
“trip” to California can strengthen our relationship.
Besides, I can always visit him and Tokyo during any
breaks that I have in California, like winter break or
“Li-kun, I love you, too,” I managed to choked out.
Li gently wiped my tears away. Then we look into each
other’s eyes for a moment before we kissed. It was a
beautiful moment, and I wish that a moment like this
could last forever. Of course, Touyo has to ruin that
moment by knocking on my door, shouting, “Hey, you
kids! Come downstairs now! It’s time for dinner!”
Syaoran and I looked at each other and laughed
together, because we were kissing for so long, we
forgot that there was anyone else around.
“Well, I feel better now. Arrigato, Li-kun.”
“No problem, Kura-chan,” Syaoran replied. I forgot how
much I love it when he calls me Kura-chan. 
‘Let’s go before Touyo eats all the food,” I said. I
woke Kero up, and we ran downstairs with Kero-chan
ahead of us. My father, Tomoyo, Meilin, Touyo, and
Yukito stared at us when we enter the dining room.
Yukito must have came to our house while I was in my
room because he was sitting next to Touyo, as usual. 
“Sakura-ko, are you all right, honey?” my father
“Jai, I’m fine. Well, I’m hungry. Let’s chow down!”
Our dinner of dim sum was really delicious. After
dinner, Touyo and Yukito drove me and my friends out
for ice cream. Li and I rode with Touyo in one car,
and Meilin and Tomoyo rode with Yukito in another car.
We came up to the ice cream place, and went inside. I
ordered strawberry ice cream, Syaoran and Meilin
ordered chocolate, Tomoyo ordered cookies-and-creme,
and Touyo and Yukito ordered vanilla. They sat in one
brooth, while the four or us sat at another brooth. I
sat next to Tomoyo and Meilin sat next to Syaoran. We
ate our ice cream cones while talking about---well,
anything other than our summer plans. Syaoran stared
at me with a sympathic look the whole time. Meilin and
Tomoyo must had noticed the look the whole time,
because at some points, they got up to go to the rest
rooms and to get some more ice cream. After they left
for the seventh time to go to the rest room, Syaoran
put his hands in mine, and stared into my eyes. His
eyes actually burned into mine, and I started
“Kura-chan, don’t forget what I said earlier in your
“I won’t forget, Li-kun. I promise with all my heart.”
At that point, Meilin and Tomoyo came back, and Touyo
and Yukito said, “Let’s go. Meilin, Syaoran, and
Tomoyo have to go home now,so we have to drop them
We drop them off in silence. Well, actually, Syaoran
got out last at his house. He looked at me for a
second, then nodded at me. I think he really wanted to
give me a quick kiss, but restraint himself because
Meilin, Tomoyo, Touyo and Yukito was around. Instead,
he gave my hand a squeeze, then went inside. We came
back home, then Yukito left. At that point, it was
midnight, so I went to bed for the night.  Over the
next few days, I spent more time with Meilin, Tomoyo
and Syaoran. We went to parties, the movies, the mall
to shop(Li went to the video game section to play
Final Fantasy X), you name it. We even took pics of
each other so we won’t forget each other. Before I
knew it, it was June 24th. Nothing much happened that
day. I was already packed with clothes and memories of
me with my friends. Li got to the airport the same
time that I did, so we get to have our last good-bye
together. When it was time for me to go, Li gave me a
big hug and kiss me gently on my lips.
“Good-bye, my Sakura. I’ll call and write you.”
“Good-bye, my Li. I’ll write and call you, too!”
“Hey, Sakura! I---I got something for you to keep.” He
shyly gave me a box with something in it.
“What is it, Li? Is it a---” He put his fingers up to
my lips.
“Don’t open it until you get settled in CA,’’ he
whispered quietly into my ear. “It’s for you to
remember me by. Until we see each other again.”
 At that moment, it was time for me to board my plane
to America. I looked at Syaoran for the last time,
then pick up my stuff and went aboard. 
The flight was very boring. It took four hours to get
to California(actually, I was so bored and I fell
asleep a few times that I lost track time). When I got
to San Diego, my dad’s American friend, Mr. Smith, was
there with his wife and 13-year-old son, Matthew(I
called him “Matsufubu”) to greet me. We drove from the
airport to the Smiths’s home in the suburbs. I
unpacked, then took a nap. 
At 6:00 pm, I woke up went downstairs for dinner with
my CA family. We had baked orange chicken marinated
with lemon juice, green beans, mashed potatoes, and
rolls. For dessert, we had cherry pie with vanilla ice
cream on top. After dinner, I played UNO with Matthew.
I won 12 of the 16 games that we’ve played. I took a
shower, then settled down in my teddy bear pajamas.  I
daydreamed in the den with the TV on. In a nanosecond,
I remember Li’s gift. I went to my room, located the
gift, and came back to the den. I opened it, and when
I saw what he gave me, I started to cry softly. He
gave me a pink-and-white teddy bear that he made
himself---with a little help from Tomoyo, because I
notice right away that the bear is wearing a costume
that Tomoyo had made for me when I was capturing Clow
cards---with some pics of him, Tomoyo, Meilin, and
Kero-chan together. Matsufubu had heard me crying
because he was in the next room, and he ran into the
“What’s wrong, Sakura? Are you all right?” he asked.
“Yes, I’m fine. I just miss my boyfriend, friends, and
family, that’s all, Matsufubu. Thank you for being
Matsufubu came over to the sofa, sat next to me, and
gave me a hug, saying, “Don’t worry, Sakura. You’ll be
back in Tokyo in no time. In the meantime, relax.”
Somehow, his soothing voice and manner had put me to
sleep. He carried me and my teddy up to my room, put
me in the bed, and put the blanket over me.
Even though I was exhausted, I managed to hear a “Good
night, Sakura. I’m glad that you’ll here, in the same
house as me. I’m the only child, and I always wanted
someone to talk to, other than my parents. I’m also
glad that you’re kind. Maybe with your help, I can get
a decent girlfriend.” 
*chuckle* I could never imagine that Matsufubu had
girl trouble, but then again...from my point of view,
Syaoran had girl trouble at first when he moved to
Tokyo. Oh, well. *sigh* My hand hurts from writing all
this, and it’s already 1:40. I’ll write later. Ja ne!
5:00 pm
	I just woke up from a nap. With all this studying
going on, I barely had time to take a nap. As I was
saying before...*flashback time again*
	Two days after I got here, I made new friends. I was
outside in the yard, playing with Matthew’s dog Rover
when I heard two girls’ voices from the other side of
the fence. I went up to the fence, and I saw two
identical faces looking back at me. I was so
surprised, I fell down on the ground.
“Oh, we’re very sorry,” one of them said. “We didn’t
know that a girl lives there.”
“That’s okay,” I said. “My name’s Sakura Kinomoto, by
the way.”
The two girls appeared from the other side of the
fence. They look like twins, except one of them have
long blonde hair with blue eyes, and the other one has
short blonde hair with green eyes.
“Are you guys identical twins?” I asked.
“Yes,” the long-haired one said. “It’s just that I
look like our mother, and my twin sister takes after
our father. By the way, my name is Ruki. Ruki Madison.
This is my sister, Rika.”
“Those are very pretty names you got,” I said. “I’m a
foreign exchange student from Tokyo. I’m staying here
until next summer.”
“What does your first name means, Sakura?” Rika asked.
“Cherry blossoms.”
“Oh!” Rika sighed. “It suits you very well.”
I didn’t see what’s the point of it,but on the other
hand, I didn’t want to ask. So instead I asked, “Would
you guys like to hang out with me? I got here 2 days
“Of course!” Ruki and Rika agreed in union. “Would you
like for us to take you on a tour?”
“Jai!” I shouted.
“Lucky for me, I’m taking Japanese II,” Ruki said.
“Rika’s taking Spanish II. She’s very good at it, I
must add.”
“Well, I always wanted to learn Spanish myself,” I
said. “From where I’m from, Spanish wasn’t taught;
just Japanese for Chinese students, French, German,
and Latin. Rika-chan, can you teach me Spanish?”
“¡Claro qué sí!” she replied in Spanish. “Of course!”
The Madison twins took me exploring in San Diego. It
started at a mall and ended at a ice cream shop. I
enjoyed the tour, and told them so myself. At the ice
cream shop, we hang out with Ruki and Rika’s friends.
They introduced me to some of them. One of their male
friends took a real interest in me. He’s 14-years-old
with clear, sea-green eyes and dark brown hair. Ruki
told me that his name is Ryan Tyler. He moved to San
Diego from New York City when he was 10.  He lives
with his mother and stepfather now because his parents
are divorced. I felt a pang in my heart when I heard that, since my
own mother died when I was 3. I know that a divorce is
different from a parent’s death, but STILL!! Here’s
one fact that a divorce and death of a parent have in
common: the absence of a parent is the same,
regardless of the fact that you’ve never seen that
parent. Oh, god! I’m getting carried away again! Gomen
ne! *blank face*
	Anyway, as I was saying, Ryan looked at me with a
look that clearly says: “Hello.” in a shy-boy way. Now
honestly, just the thought of it brought a grin to my
face, along with a blush. *giggles*
 	After the Madisons and I left the ice cream shop,
Ryan suddenly “pop up” in front of me, like a
jack-in-the-box, with a shy “H-h-hi, Sakura. How are
you? Would y-yo-you like to go out with me sometime?”
What a nice guy. I didn’t expect Californians to be
nice and down-to-earth. Well, not at the time, anyway.
I didn’t say, “Jai.” right away. I barely know him.
Besides, I want to go back “home” and call Syaoran and
Tomoyo. So instead, I asked Ryan, “Would you like to
come to the Smiths with me?” He said, “Yeah”. Lemme
take a note that Ryan was blushing the whole time when
he came up to me. He’s alot like Syaoran---nice, same
hair color and style, same usage of blushing *lol*,
etc. Aww... how kawaii. *sigh*  It was almost the same
for everyday, from the summer to school. Just hanging
out with my friends, calling my friends and family
back in Tokyo and Hong Kong, you name it. 
	When school started, it was a blast! The teachers
were nice,I met a lot of new kids, including a friend
of Ryan’s named Gary Smith(he’s African-American), and
we eat lunch outside on the grass. How cool is
that?!?! There’s was a lot of studying involved,
though, but at least they’re not hard---the subjects,
that is. I signed up for Gym *makes a digusted face*,
English, American History, Biology, Intro to Spanish,
Adv. Alegbra/Trig, Driver Ed’s and Study Hall. Did I
mention that I teach Japanese to the students that
like Anime as much as me? No, I guess not. Well,
anyway, in addition to speaking my native language in
a class, I’m also learning a different language:
Spanish. I couldn’t believe who was in the class that
I taught; among the students were Ruki, Ryan, a friend
of Ruki’s named Ashley Stevens, and Gary. I couldn’t
believe it! Apparently, they had a Japanese I teacher,
but she retired, and there was no one else left to
teach Japanese. Well, at least I see them everyday for
5th period. During Study Hall, I always send emails
and cards to Syaoran and company, telling them about
CA and stuff. I even paid them a visit during Winter
Break (12/17-12/29). Of course, it was a BLAST to see
my friends and family again. Good news: I tried my
“limited” Spanish on them, and they love my Spanish
accent *ahem*  I mean the way I pronounced words in
español, like Hola, Adios, Amigo/a, Te quiero, etc. I
had to come back to San Diego, though, because I
promised Ryan, Gary, Ruki and Rika that I’ll spend my
New Year’s with them. My friends and family was very
understanding about it(that brought tears to my eyes).
*cries softly*  I left with a “kiss from a rose on the
grave”(a passionate kiss from Syaoran, in other
words). The New Year’s time was short yet sort of
sweet---for me and Ryan, that is. He kissed me on the
cheek, and I blushed in front of him. 
	He says, “Did you know that you look even cuter than
usual when you blush?” Oh, my god! I’m surprised I
haven’t say “I love you, Ryan!” Then again...if I
have, that would ruin my relationship with Syaoran for
sure. On the 2nd of January, we went back to school
for only one day, because it snowed on the 3rd and
4th. Went back to school on the 7th, even though we
still had snow on the ground. The school days back was
unusually short, even for my CA friends and me. I
guess it was because the hard part of studying at the
beginning of the school year was over, and now we’re
awaiting for the easy part of just “breezing” through
the classes. That should be simple, except when we
have exams again the third week to last before school
lets out, and then I go back to Japan and to my
Syaoran and he come back to Tokyo and me. *sighs
		Now, dear Self, I have brought you up to date. Now
it’s 7:20 pm. Time for me to eat dinner. Ja ne!

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