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Dimensional Undertaking

By: Samthegamepro

Estrus concentrated her brain waves toward the deep confinements of her suit. There, she examined her target. There was a bounty out for a certain person, and being the most eligible bounty hunter across an almost infinite amount of dimensions, she was determined to track him down and destroy. Estrus, a cold and emotionless being condemned to live in her suit and reacting to most situations as a robot, disguises her human feelings. During this epic battle for survival, who shall remain the victor? Or could it be that neither side wins. But anger prevails.

The far depths of space, a vastness of great superiority. Home to many things, and to a certain dimension, the home of a freedom fighting organization.

A man, thinking bluntly, sighed at his bore some job. He lifted his hands up and placed them on the back of his head as he stretched out his feet with a heavy sigh. With his eyes nearly covered in tiredness, he blinked, trying to read a monitor that revealed problems or unauthorized actions to other dimensions. He turned his head to look over at the clock on the wall, waiting for his shift to be over. The man felt quite claustrophobic sitting in such a tight room. Just his comfortable, rotational chair, and several other high-tech computers and display posts. The dense darkness of the room was only struck away by the light of the monitors. He bit his lower lip, and fluttered his eyes trying to stay awake yet slowly his eyes shut to invoke a restful nap. Moments passed as his mouth would open and close as he breathed. Suddenly, an alarm went off with a flashing red light. He sprung from his seat in the unexpected scare and looked around fast, his lungs breathing hard. As he looked upon the flashing red monitor, his surprise from before was even greater. Quickly, he picked up his intercom that was a direct dispatch to Commander Redward. “Commander, we have a code 3-16!”

The entire space facility was on alert. Men at arms began boarding ships and prepping dimensional vortexes for departure. Medics, engineers, and pilots gathered their equipment. Commander Redward walked out to the docking bay; giving a word of advice as he made his way to the end. He was a tall, plain looking middle aged man; highly sophisticated and disciplined well. “All right men, this is a code 3-16, a person or group that is unidentified to any dimension we have discovered so far. Whether or not this is part of Placid Shadow’s army, we are to still be on full alert. Keep it clean, keep it tight. Don’t venture anywhere else but the target. Now, is everything clear?” The commander stopped at his last words and turned around, his hands behind his back. The soldiers responded loudly, “Yes sir!” Redward nodded and the men boarded the drop ships; about 40 soldiers in all.

Back in the dormitory, there was a single man that was gifted with a great power getting ready. Ryu Denjŕ was his name, the finest soldier Dt had to offer. He was putting on his regular, casual fighting suit when Christine, his partner, said, “Hey Ryu. Don’t try to get yourself killed out there.” Ryu smiled and then replied, “Ah heck, you know me. Unpredictable.” He tightened his bandana. “Lieutenant, contact every scout and make sure their Either drives are running just to make sure.” said Commander Redward, giving out orders from the main control room, “They better be cloaked.” He walked over to a window and viewed the grand army; he was proud of it. There, in the twinkling light of the stars behold many ships. Most of them were used for observation, some for an emergency team. The ships were equipped with high-powered laser turrets and even shields. Everything an army could ask for in taking over any person or thing that may stand in its way.

Ryu walked in, showing off his radiant figure. “So Red, what do we have here.” he asked crossing his arms as he looked out the large window. “Remember your rank, soldier. You may be the highest ranking fighter we have, but I will not tolerate disrespect.” noted Redward in a serious tone. Ryu lifted his right arm and patted his wrist on Redward’s shoulder once. “Lighten up there.” he responded. “Why can’t I line him out like Christine can?” thought the commander.

“Sir, all ships are in position. Waiting for your single to open the dimensional vortexes.” said one of the workers on the advanced computers. “Begin at once.” he responded. The worker transmitted the clearance for dimensional travel. With a flip of the switch, dozens of dimensional rips appeared all around in front of the ships. Soon they entered them and were gone. “Ok, looks like it’s my turn. Any new nifty gadgets for me?” The commander shook his head. Ryu shrugged his shoulders and lifted his arm. On his wrist was a pdd, portable dimensional distorter. He set in the coordinates and opened an dimensional vortex, and entered it.

Purple and black swirls of empty forever unchanging patterns. Such a thing that could drive a person to madness…Yet, what lies on the other end is what is more overwhelming.

After the nauseating ride through the unknown swirl of purple and black, Ryu was at the site.

Shadows... the dancing plight of a killer’s mind....

Teeming cesspools surround and suffocate, trapping her within the confines of a misty purple and black haze- a dark, consuming, downward spiral that echoed the convictions of her life. It was something she never truly escaped, though she often physically stepped in and out of such portals- newly transported to another undertaking.... another promised accomplishment for the pay. Her psyche, however, was endlessly entrenched in this apathetic swirl of power struggles.... Such was the life of a bounty hunter... a killer... and she dared not question such now, in the coming situation.....

So, holding this bitter knowledge within her being, she could do naught but continue on with the former choices of her life.... She could only walk further into the deceptive smog that would carry her forth to her next mission... her next victim.... It would only be a little more crimson and scarlet staining her hands... her sterilized, metallic armaments.... her very soul, should she have anything more profound than the encasements about her and the determination within her.... and even she wondered if that could be so... if she could ever be more than the pawn she had become, enshrouded in the pains of freelance servitude.

Light... the revelation of a new beginning....

Therefore, as the swirling shadows about her began to recede, the assassin for hire merely narrowed her sharp, green eyes, put her mental blocks and cool thinking into play, and stepped out into the recently existing rays of an unfamiliar terrain. And as she stepped forth, one armored foot after the other thudding into the firm surface below, the bounty hunter still held within her the belief that the shadows now resided within her mind.... still controlling the path she traversed... and this path was toward an unusual man- her target....

... Internal sensors locked onto the stranger, analyzing him methodically, as did her calculating eyes in the silence that stretched on between them, seemingly to last forever in the tumultuous turmoil of those about to risk their lives in a shallow, heartless battle. However, the man blinked, she breathed, and the moment ended, a sardonic look crossing her features whilst she moved into a defensive stance, legs placed out firmly and muscles coiled tightly, ready to spring out and strike in a moments notice, for the light revealed her new undertaking, the shadows demanded she act on it, and the darkness.... the darkness grew about and within them both, for it was the threat of failure... of death.....

Darkness... the peril of an unfurling demise....

Ryu looked on suspiciously for he had never seen such a figure. Squinting his eyes, he formed in his mind an effective way to attack. He loosens up his stance, showing that he is not overwhelmed by his opponent’s sight but still in his mind remains cautious. Still standing there as moments begin to fade away, he still wonders what to do next.

Concentrating his attention to her in every aspect and calculating the strategic measures that he was about to carry out, he swiftly holds up his right hand to his face. He closes his eyes to concentrate for his upcoming feat. He takes a deep breath and then releases. He grits his teeth as he dashes head-onward to his challenging warrior without hesitation. Nearing closer and closer to her, he takes another deep breath. Right when he is about to reach her, he jumps up and falls to the ground, causing himself to dash.

He had predicted she would lunge out a punch, but, to his disadvantage, she didn’t. Nonetheless, Ryu still had another technique to use just in case this situation were to happen. As he dashed past her, she quickly turned around to face him. He was still sliding at a fast speed. She noticed this as a chance to attack, so she did so. She ran out at him ready to lodge her right fist into his body when he suddenly disappeared. She stopped as he did and turned around. Ryu was behind her and quickly shot out a high left kick towards her shoulder but she held up her arm blocking this upcoming attack. She was predicting all his moves but still, Ryu was not overwhelmed by his opponents tremendous speed and strength.

Calculations... the reasoning of an analytical intelligence...

Glowing, green characters of mathematical importance, systems diagnostics and performance evaluations, and statistical results from the opponents actions- all mechanical in nature... all connected to her human psyche, and sometimes she was left to wonder if she controlled the metal and wires about her or if they controlled her. It was an ongoing questioning that she was required to deny- that she forcefully pushed back into the deepest reaches of her mind, allowing herself to only focus on her target.... her goal..... the left foot of her adversary knocking into her left, lower arm as she canceled out his attack.

Through the metallic alloy of her armor, she could barely even feel this contact, a mere vibration fading in short moments. However, she could tell the force of the impact, the velocity of the motion, and what the most likely course of action he would next take would be. Thus, understanding all of this in that short moment, yet still not feeling anything remotely emotional about the developing battle, she rapidly raised her right leg forward and up, only to send it backward just as quickly toward the stranger’s abdominal area. It was a rapid motion, yes, and calculated fully, but nonetheless, the kick only narrowly succeeded...

Her rather large, armor-clad foot made a thudding sound as it settled upon his more supple surface in quick time, though it was not quite soon enough, for he had somehow anticipated or instinctually felt that she would tactically respond in a similar fashion. His feet had just begun to faint further left when his balance was negatively affected, and though he tried his best, he faltered to the ground, rolling ever-so-slightly, turning up dust particles in his wake, before swiftly rebounding to his feet, each once more planted firmly into the ground, and it was this very motion that allowed him to escape her next attack...

It was just another failed attempt to neutralize her adversary, and yet, it was so much more, for she was unused to failing... unused to succumbing to the flaws of the system. Whereas she could understand the scientific nature of things with the mecha about her, she could no longer understand the instinctual or emotional states of the battlefield. She could strategies and analyze all she liked, but there was no thrill or fear to guide her actions... only numbers and facts- logic fed into her brain. The physical bulk slowed her down somewhat, yes, but the real hindrance was in the cold, apathetic objectivity... but she pushed the questioning away again, sealing her own fate.... And she waited.

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