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A Strange Day In the Life of Me

Part I

By: Anonymity Nemo

One day, I was walking down the street. Suddenly, I saw Cloud (from FF7) having a heated argument with Tenchi. Cloud was brandishing his huge-ass sword, and Tenchi started to draw the Tenchi sword. Then, Sakura came swooping down on her fly card, and asked me if I had seen Kerochan. I looked at her confusedly, and said no. Then, Cell threw a Kamehameha wave at me. I dodged out of the way, and Tuxedo Mask ran out of a nearby building, and threw a rose at Cell, knocking him to the ground. Just before Tenchi and Cloud started fighting, Himemiya and Utena walked onto the scene, and Utena challenged them both to duels (just because Cloud and Tenchi were acting like fools.) Then Himemiya saw Kerochan, and the duels had to be postponed because Himemiya started to play with him. Then Cloud started hitting on Tuxedo Mask, which really depressed me. Why do all the cute ones have to be gay? Tenchi saw Cell start to get up, and since he already had his sword out, he started to attack Cell. He went into Jurai Attack Mode ( I don’t know what it’s actually called, but you know how people from Jurai get those black things on the sides of their faces when they are going to fight?). The Light Hawk Wings appeared in front of Tenchi. He looked ready to fight. He started screaming and charged at Cell. Ash came walking down the street, and asked Sakura where the nearest pokémon gym is. She gave him a weird look, and went over to where Himemiya and Kerochan were to make sure the Guardian Beast was OK. Then Hawkmon flew in from somewhere and Ash thought he was a pokémon and decided to capture him. As he was getting ready to throw the pokéball at Hawkmon, Yolei ran out of nowhere and started trying to pick up Ash. Ash was utterly confused, but he decided that Yolei must also be a Pokémon. Yolei got mad when Ash threw a pokéball at her, so she decided to hit on Chang Wufei instead. He continually asked her if she was doing the right thing, and looked for an opportunity to get away from her. You know how antisocial Wufei can get. Then it started to rain. I walked over to a nearby building and stood under the awning because I had forgotten my umbrella. Cloud started muttering about voices in his head. Tenchi complained that the Light Hawk Wings don’t protect against rain. Sakura mumbled something about a rain card. Cell laughed and said he was more powerful than anything and started attacking the clouds. Tuxedo Mask said he was lucky he was wearing his top hat, and started laughing. I think Tuxedo Mask thought he made a joke or something. Himemiya started smiling and said that the roses needed some rain. Utena grumbled about dueling in a downpour. Kerochan flew over to a tree and sat down so he wouldn’t get soaked. Ash sat under the tree with Kerochan and asked Kerochan if he was a pokémon. Kerochan said, "No, I’m not a pokémon, whatever that is. I am the Guardian Beast of the Seal of Clow." Ash gave him a confused look, and decided not to try to capture Kerochan because Kerochan was acting so weird. Hawkmon flew under this tree too, because it was the only tree around, and he didn’t want to scare any people in the buildings by just walking in. Yolei joined Hawkmon under the tree because she didn’t want to leave him alone with the stuffed animal and that crazy kid that threw a ball at her. Wufei went into his Gundam because it got him out of the rain, and it prevented any further conversation attempts with him from occurring. Upon discovering that Yolei was in fact not a pokémon, Ash decided that she must be a pokémon trainer. He challenged her to a pokémon battle. She asked if pokémon was some sort of martial art, and then said that Cody would probably be better at that than her, so he should ask Cody instead. Ash decided to talk to Pikachu instead, because Pikachu made more sense to him than any of the people around. Pikachu said "pikapik" and climbed the tree in search of some fruit.

Part deux