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A Strange Day In the Life of Me

Part Deux

By: Anonymity Nemo

Pikachu found a yummy looking apple, and started nibbling. I looked around and realized it had stopped raining. Looks like Cell was stronger than the rainclouds. The clouds obliterated, Cell flew to the ground to enjoy the sunshine. Everyone looked so happy that it had stopped raining, so I suggested we put aside our differences and have a picnic. Everyone agreed on one condition; that they could each bring their favorite food. This settled, we each went our separate ways in search of our favorite picnic foods. Cloud made some hoagies. Tenchi made a salad because it was easy, and he had a lot of carrots in his pack, with no Ryoh-Ohki around to eat them. Sakura made dumplings, using her father's recipe. Cell made a really complicated looking stir fry. Tuxedo Mask made pudding. Himemiya made curry and shaved ice. Utena made pink lemonade. Kerochan made more pudding, because he knew one batch wouldn't be enough with him around. Ash pulled out pokémon food from his pack, because he didn't know how to cook. Hawkmon and Yolei brought lots of candy and junk food from Yolei's parents' store. Wufei made rice balls. Pikachu simply gathered more yummy apples from the tree where he had previously found the first one. I made peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwiches. Also, I brought milk, because nothing else tastes quite right with pb&j. So, armed with checkered blankets and baskets full of yummy food, we made our way to the park. We found a perfect place. There were a few good shade trees, but also sunny places for people who wanted to work on their tans. There was a hill nearby for rolling down, a fun pastime at any picnic. And there was not an anthill to be seen. Spreading out the blanket, we laid out the food on it. Ash yelled, "DIG IN!!!!!!!" Everyone started to eat, except Wufei, who said he would take the first watch against ants. Tenchi finally persuaded Wufei to eat by telling him he would put a protective seal around the picnic blanket to keep out ants. Everyone gave him weird looks except Wufei who grudgingly agreed to sit down and enjoy the food. Tenchi, true to his word, summoned the Light Hawk Wings around the picnic area. As we all know, these are impenetrable. Himemiya's curry smelled really good, but I wasn't about to try it. Apparently neither were Himemiya or Utena. Sakura, seeing that Tenchi obviously had magical powers, went over and asked him if he was descended from Clow Reed. He said no, and explained how he was descended from Jurai's royal family. Kerochan flew over to Hawkmon and asked him what he was. Hawkmon said that he was a digimon. When asked what a digimon was, Hawkmon replied that a digimon was a digital monster from the digital world. Kerochan then said, "So basically you are a video game character come to life. I love video games." Hawkmon seemed kind of offended, but he let it go. Cloud was trying to hit on Tuxedo Mask again, as was Yolei. Tuxedo Mask seemed somewhat uncomfortable, so I rescued him by inviting him to the other side of the picnic blanket to try Sakura's dumplings. Tuxedo Mask thoroughly enjoyed the dumplings. Then I offered him a pb&j sandwich and some milk. He thanked me, and would have offered me some of his pudding, but Kerochan had already eaten it all. Yolei and Cloud, now that Tuxedo Mask wasn't around to hit on, started to talk. Cloud told Yolei about his adventures as a member of Soldier First Class. Yolei told Cloud about the digidestined, and how they fought the Digimon Emperor, who eventually became good and joined their side, who was also as hot as Tuxedo Mask. Cloud said, "Wow, as cute as Tuxedo Mask, huh? Can you introduce me some time?" Yolei, who we all know has a thing for Ken, said, "Uh Maybe some other time, but I don't know where he is right now," and thought to herself," I gotta keep this Cloud guy away from Ken, or he might steal Ken away from me." Trying to make small talk, I said to Tuxedo Mask," So Darion, how are things with you and the Sailor Scouts?" Looking flustered and more than a little confused, he shouted," HEY!!!! HOW DID YOU KNOW MY NAME?!?" I replied, "Oh, sorry. 'm not supposed to know your secret identity, am I? Well, let me explain. Where I come from, the lives of you and the Sailor Scouts are chronicled on a TV show." Tuxedo Mask was rather disconcerted by this news. "So millions of people all over the world know who I am? What am I gonna do now?" I told him, while smirking slightly, "Don't worry about it, Tuxedo Mask, no one from your world knows who you are, except the Sailor Scouts. Didn't you know that we are all from different dimensions? So relax, and enjoy the picnic." As Tuxedo Mask settled down to do just that, I walked away, pleased that I had solved that crisis. Suddenly, I found myself inside a little round ball. I started muttering some not-too-nice words and tried to find my way out. Ash really has got to learn what is and what isn't a pokémon. Then I hear Ash exclaim, "YES!!! I CAUGHT..... hey, what did I catch anyway? Pokéball, GO!!!" Finally, I was out of that darn pokéball. I screamed at Ash, "I am NOT a POKÉMON!!!!!!" Calming down a little, I told him that there are no pokémon here except Pikachu and any other pokémon he might have with him. Then, Sephiroth came out of nowhere and said," I am the Almighty Sephiroth! HAHAHA!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!" Then hedisappeared. Cloud started muttering to himself about needing a number and giving the Black Materia to Sephiroth. I pulled out a piece of paper and a pen, and wrote down the number 83. Then I folded up the piece of paper and gave it to Cloud. He visibly brightened and stopped muttering to himself. He taped the piece of paper to his arm, and proudly showed it off to all the people at the picnic. Then a rain cloud appeared, and we decided to go somewhere where we wouldn't get soaked. We headed for the mall. .

Part I