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Another World

"A fox hanyou," Inu Yasha said to himself, his eyes wander off.
I wonder, is she alone like I am? he thought, looking at Meika.
Meika notice Inu Yasha and blushes slightly. "You still didn't answer my question," Meika told Myoga. "How do you know me?"

Meanwhile, Miroku woke up. He sits up and rub the bump on his head, groaning in pain.
"What happened, Sango-chan?" he asks.
"You fainted," she replied. Then she gives him a hug.
"I hope you're feeling better."
SLAP! She slaps him in the face with her hand.
"What was that for?" Miroku asks, rubbing his cheek.
"You know what it's for," Sango said with fire in her eyes.
"Well, how was I supposed to know she was a demon?"
"She's not a full youkai. She's a hanyou, like Inu Yasha."
Miroku looks at Sango. "How do you know?"
"While you were out cold, I overheard Myoga telling Inu Yasha and Kagome that Meika's a hanyou."
Well, that makes things even MORE interesting, Miroku thought. Miroku, Sango and Kirara walks to the group and sat down.

"Well, I heard that there's another jewel out there. The Kibou no Tama," Myoga said.
"The Kibou no Tama?" Kagome asked.
"Yes. Long ago, there was a miko who created the Kibou no Tama. It was said that she created it by a lake. A lake with a cherry blossom tree growing nearby."
"A---cherry blossom tree?" Shippo asks.
"Yes," Myoga replied.
Everybody looks at Shippo. "Why do you ask?" Kagome asks.
Shippo leans toward Myoga. "What's so special about the lake and the tree?"
"Well," Myoga said, "according to legend, the tama was created by seven elements."
"Seven elements?" Sango asks.
"Yes. The spirits of hi (fire), mizu (water), rai (lightning), kaze (wind), tsuchi (earth), yami (darkness) and hikari (light)."
"Spirits?" Kagome asked.
"I know it's a little complicated, but she used the energy of those seven elements."
"Interesting," Miroku remarked.
"Anyway, the cherry blossom tree is said to have collected the spirits where the miko was standing, and form them into a tama. The Kibou no Tama."
"So what's so special about this tama?" Inu Yasha asks.
"It is said that this tama is not like the Shikon no Tama."
"How's that?" Shippo asks.
"You know how the Shikon no Tama can be pure or not, depending on the person who has it? Well, the Kibou no Tama can only be used by a pure-hearted person."
"A person with a pure heart?" Sango asks.
"Hai." Myoga nods.
Meika thinks for a minute in silence.
I wonder... she thought.
Meika close her eyes, and her emblem glows blue. The wind begins to blow slowly. At first, Inu Yasha and the rest didn't notice Meika. Then, they found themselves surrounded by flying leaves.
"Not again!" Inu Yasha shouts.
Shippo turns to Meika. "It's Meika-san!" he cries. Shippo shakes Meika, trying to wake her up.
"Meika. MEIKA-SAN!!!!"


In a black world, Meika wakes up, floating naked.
Where am I? she thought. A minute ago, I was with Shippo and the group. Now---
"Meika..." a whisper cried out.
Meika turns around and sees a person hiding in the darkness. "Who--who are you?" she asked, shivering from the cold.
"Meika-chan, it's me," the person replied.
As the figure comes into view, Meika gasps, and her eyes widen with tears. "Reishin!"
Reishin smiles at his sister. He is also naked, and have a pair of angel wings. "Meika, it's has been awhile," he said, opening his arms. Meika runs into his arms, crying and burying her face in his chest.
"Onni-san, where were you? Why wasn't you with me?" Meika asks.
"Shhh....." Reishin said, stroking her hair and drying her tears. "It's okay now, Meika-chan."
Meika looks up into Reishin's eyes and sees the sympathy in them. She nods her head, and hugs Reishin back.
As Reishin and Meika hug each other, the wings wrapped around both of them, the darkness evaporated. Surrounding the twin siblings is flowers and a beautiful waterfall. Not only that, but Meika and Reishin have their clothes back on.
Meika looks up and notice the change in scenery. "Where are we, onni-san?" she asks.
"We're in another world," Reishin replied. "The kind of world we dreamed of."
"Where we'll be together again. Where we don't have to run away again."
"I like that." Meika closes her eyes and inhale the sweet air. A breeze blows through, making their hair fly behind them as flower petals surround them in a tornado.
"Meika," Reishin said, looking at her. "Do you remember okaa-san?"
Meika shook her head. "Not really," she replied, looking down in shame.
"Don't be embarrassed. You were too little then."
Reishin hugs Meika tigher. "To tell you the truth, we were running away so much, I almost forgot Mother myself."
"At least," she replied. "you remember parts of her."
Meika sits down on the ground with her knees up to her chest. "Reishin," she said, "will you tell me about okka-san?"
"Sure," he replied, sitting down next to her. He puts his arm around her and pulls her over toward him. Meika rests her head on his shoulder, and falls asleep with a content sigh as she listen to her brother.
"Our mother was a miko. A very powerful one at that. She believed in peace and tranquility. She's created a jewel, the Kibou no Tama, by the lake, our birthplace. It is said that a person with a pure heart can use it for good deeds. Unfornutely, okaa-san died when we were little. You may not remember this, but we were taken in by a couple who wanted children so badly, and yet they couldn't bear any. We stayed there for awhile. That was when oto-san came, seeking us out. Or rather, you. He claims that you have the Tama in your body, and he wants it, so I tried my best to protect you. We ran away because we didn't want to endanger our loved ones, so we went to the lake and stayed there. You know the rest, I assume.
Meika wakes up and look at Reishin. He looks back at her.
"You look just like okaa-san," he said. "She was the most beautiful woman I've ever known, and you're getting there."
Reishin moves Meika's bangs upward and kiss her forehead.
"I hope you didn't forget my special butterfly kiss," he said, touching it, then release her bangs. Reishin hugs Meika, and looks toward the sky.
Okaa-san, please protect Meika-san from oto-sama, he thought. Reishin's body begins to turn to blue sparkles. He takes one last at Meika, then says, "Goodbye, imouto-san. Until we meet again," as he floats into the sky.
Meika watch in sadness as Reishin's hand slips away from her's. "Wait! Onni-san! Come back!" Meika cried. She was too late. Reishin disappear, and the sparkles flies away.
Meika stares up into the sky for a moment. Suddenly, she hears a voice.
Meika gasps as she realized that it was Shippo, calling to her.
"Meika! Wake up, please!"
The flowers and waterfall melted away, and was replaced by the blackness she's fallen into. Meika looks around for a way to get out.
If ONLY I knew where I am, she thought to herself.
A flash of light shines behind Meika. She turns around and see a ball of light floating.
What's that? she thought as she walks over to the ball, her eyes glowing pink. She touch the light, and the darkness disappear.