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Chapter 8:

“I love you he whispered in her ear. Kitana blushed lightly.
  “I love you too Sesshomaru-sama”, she replied hugging him tightly. The two lovers embraced eachother.  

Inuyasha had happened to see what had just taken place and it made him feel even worse. He didn’t mean to have Kitana hurt herself. He had only wanted to come to her rescue but he saw that if he would have succeeded to take her from Sesshomaru it would just have caused her more pain. He turned to leave just before Kitana spotted him.  

“Inuyasha...”, she called him. He turned toward her and tried his best to smile. She returned his smile.  

“Inuyasha thanks for trying to rescue me”,she said smiling brightly, “You make a good rescuer”. Inuyasha couldn’t stand it. He broke down in tears right in front of Sesshomaru but didn’t care. He almost hurt one of his best friends. She was like family to him.  

“I’m sorry I hurt you”, he cried holding her hand in his, “Forgive me. I'm so sorry.” Kitana rubbed his head softy. She felt bad for him.
  “It’s OK I’m fine really. Don’t cry Inuyasha”, she pleaded. The young hanyou wiped his eyes and smiled. Kitana returned his smile.
  “So tell me Inuyasha? Since when did you and Kagome become a couple?”, she replied teasing him.
  Sesshomaru chuckled to himself. His mate was the strongest that ever lived. Even stronger then him. Inuyasha’s cheeks burned a bright red.
  “Well… hummm…”, was all Inuyasha could say.
“It seems that you ARE growing up little brother”, Sesshomaru replied teasingly. Perhaps it’s a family curse Sesshomaru thought. His father, his brother and now him, they each fell in love with a human. It must be fate thought the young lord.  

“Me and Kagome come as no surprise I’m sure. What I’m interested is how you and my brother came to be”, Inuyasha said looking at the moon on Kitana’s forehead, “Don’t tell me… you two had sex?!”
Kitana blushed a crimson red.  

“That’s none of your's”, she replied still blushing.
  “Come on. I know you did. What? You didn’t think I noticed the crescent moon on your forehead?”, the young hanyou replied teasingly.
  “INUYASHA!!!”, Kitana screamed embarrassed. A burst of pain moving up her side. She winched in pain.
  “Didn’t I tell you not to move?”, Sesshomaru questioned already knowing the answer. Kitana cracked a half smile.
  “Sorry”, she replied adjusting herself on the sleeping. Kagome walked inside with Rin in her arms.
  “You have a visitor Kitana”, Kagome said letting Rin down. The little girl ran to Kitana’s side and hugged her tightly. Tears soaked Kitana’s bandages.
  “Rin don’t cry honey. Look, I’m fine. See?”, she replied soothing Rin. Rin smiled up at Kitana.  

“Rin love Kitana-sama”, she cried happily. Kitana felt happiness consume her very being. She was surrounded by the ones she loved so much. Each of them holding a special place in her heart. Suddenly Kitana felt a cold drift sending shivers up her spine. She watched as Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed into a deadly glare.  

“Naraku”, he spoke coldly to his little brother. Inuyasha nodded his head and stepped outside the tent.Kitana looked into her mate’s eyes. He didn’t look happy. Something about this Naraku person seemed to enrage him. Sesshomaru looked at Kitana. Miruko, Sango, Shippou, and Kirara had already made their way into the tent to warn the others.  

“Kitana I want you to stay in here with Kagome and Rin. Use your power to put up a shield around the tent”, he spoke calmly.
  “But Sesshomaru, I don’t know how. My power is unexpected. I don’t have full control over them yet”, she told him.
  “You can do it”, he urged her before he walked out the tent to face Naraku. Kitana listened as she heard  

Sesshomaru, Inuyasha, Miruko, and Sango attack Naraku. It sound like they were winning. One by one each warrior was left wounded until Sesshomaru was left standing. “No Sesshomaru!”, Kitana screamed worried about the safety of her love. “Kitana we have to get out of here!”, Kagome shouted helping her best friend up. Rin followed the two teenage girls out the back side of the tent.  

“You can’t have her”, Sesshomaru stated calmly as he hit the ground.
  “I think you don’t have a choice Lord Sesshomaru. Your love for her as weakened you so. You have fallen. I win”, Naraku replied coldly heading for the tent.  

Kitana could feel Sesshomaru slipping far from her through the link. She had to back… for him. She told Kagome to go on because she was going back for Sesshomaru. Kagome protested that Naraku was to powerful for the both of them but Kitana insisted. She watched as Kagome and Rin ran in another direction.  

“Time to test how great my power is”, Kitana told herself walking toward the battleground.  

“So nice of you to join us Kitana”, Naraku replied looking at her hungrily. Kitana stared at the youkai coldly. She would pull his heart out for hurting her Sesshomaru that was if he had one.  

“Enough with your talk. Fight me!”, she shouted back with all the courage she could muster. Naraku laughed. “You are no match for me but if you insist my dear.” Naraku lugged at Kitana with full force. Using her swords Kitana managed to dodge his moves so far but he had wounded her side. Naraku had finally brought she young girl to her knees.  

“You weren't that bad but still you lost and now you belong to me”, he replied slowly walking toward her. She tried her best to strike him with her swords but it was no use. Naraku picked up Kitana in his arms and disappeared without a trace.  

Kitana awoke in a dim lit room. Black silky sheets were the only thing that covered her naked body. She could feel fear build up inside her. What if he tried to rape her?!   “Glad to see your awake”, Naraku said stepping out of the shadows, “You know what I want so let’s to both ourselves a favor and come quietly. Kitana spat at Naraku.  

“I would never dishonor myself like that nor would a betray Sesshomaru. Besides Sesshomaru is more than man then you could ever be”, she replied coldly. If Naraku thought she would come quietly he had another thing coming to him. Kitana bit Naraku as he reached out for her. Naraku slapped Kitana across the face. Pain burned the left side if her cheek but she wouldn’t let the tears come. She wouldn’t give him the pleasure of seeing her cry.  

“We’ll just see if he can do it better then I”, he told her removing the sheets. Naraku gazed at her body hungrily.  

“Perfect in every way”, he said getting ontop of her. Kitana tried her best to fight him off but he was much more stronger then her. She kicked and screamed with what little energy she had left. She tried her best to void temptation as his hands searched every part of her body. Naraku had already undressed himself, his erection pressed into Kitana’s inner thigh. He rubbed against her leg sending a wave a pleasure through him. He bent his head down and popped one of Kitana’s breast into his mouth savoring her flavor. He started to suckle her softly then he bit her swollen nipple as hard as he could. Kitana screamed in pain. Blood surfaced to the skin and Naraku licked it away.  

She tasted good and he wanted more. Naraku jammed his manhood into Kitana’s opening. She screamed from pain and from pleasure all at once. Naraku began to pump in out, slamming his manhood into Kitana.  

She tried her best to avoid the feeling rising between her legs. Her body screamed for him to continue but her heart wouldn’t let her body get the best of her. Pain, pleasure, and betrayal all mixed together filled Kitana as she climaxed with Naraku. His hot seed rushing into her filling her up. She couldn’t help herself.    

She cursed her body for being so easily persuaded. How could she ever go back to Sesshomaru now. She had betrayed him. Tears streamed down her face as Naraku released his hold on her and left her there alone in the cold, dark room. Kitana cried herself to sleep dreaming only of Sesshomaru and how he would react when he found out. Her dreams turned to nightmares as Naraku entered her thoughts.  

“Sesshomaru!!!”, she cried aloud, “I’m sorry.”


Chapter 9:


Sesshomaru had heard Kitana’s cries for help hours ago. He went off alone to find her. He didn’t have time for Inuyasha and the rest of the group to slow him down. He had left a note for them to find. The youkai lord jumped into the air and landed on a nearby tree. He sniffed the air for Kitana’s scent. Her scent was fading rapidly.
Naraku is smarter then I thought. He’s using a spell to block Kitana’s scent.  

Sesshomaru whipped through the air following the scent. He could tell she was miles away from him. Sesshomaru feared he was to late little did he know how right he was.  

Inuyasha had went off to find Kagome. She had ran off somewhere. “KAGOME”, he yelled into the wind. His yellow eyes filled with concern and fear. Inuyasha heard Kagome’s quite cries off in the distance. The hanyou sat down next to the crying girl and put a gentle arm around her.
Not this again Inuyasha thought.
“Kagome don’t cry. We’ll get Kitana back. We found her once and we can find her again”, he assured her. Kagome looked into Inuyasha’s softened yellow eyes. She could tell he was worried about her. He had that same look in his eyes everytime she was in danger.  

“I know”, she said softly, “Thanks Inuyasha.” Kagome prepared herself to say sit because Inuyasha ALWAYS had a way of ruining moments like this, when it was just the two of them. The hanyou looked into her chocolate brown eyes and smiled. He was glad he could cheer Kagome up, but he didn’t like the way she looked at him. Those big brown eyes staring deeply into his. It was almost as if she could see to the very depths of his soul. Did that mean that she could also see so much he loved her?  

Inuyasha then did something Kagome didn’t expect. He kissed her. The hanyou’s eyes were shut tight. He was prepared for her to slap him at any given moment but she didn’t. Instead Kagome leaned into the kiss causing both of them to fall to the grass covered ground. Kagome could feel Inuyasha’s clawed hands make their way under her shirt groping her breasts. He explored her every curve with his hands slowly making his way down south. Kagome grasped as she felt the hanyou’s hands gently message her flower. She had never felt something like this before. Kagome’s hands found their way to Inuyasha’s pants as she pulled at the knot. Inuyasha smiled to himself as he watched Kagome struggle with the knot. “Let me help you with that”, he replied unbuckling the knot. Kagome shot her hands into his pants and pulled out his manhood.
Kami he’s huge she thought.
She rubbed the head gently making Inuyasha growl with passion. He took one her breast into his mouth savoring her taste. Inuyasha couldn’t stand it anymore. He needed to be inside of her. Using his claws he tore at Kagome’s revealing school outfit shredding it along with her bra and underwear into pieces. With one quick thrust Inuyasha was buried deep inside Kagome. He could feel her tense underneath of him.
“I’m sorry if I hurt you Kagome”, he replied nuzzling her neck sending her over the edge. Inuyasha moved slowly in and out of Kagome. Her loud moans encouraged him to move quicker and he did.
Kagome could feel her muscles clamp down on Inuyasha as she climaxed.She closed her eyes blinded by the bright lights shinning in her eyes. Inuyasha came shortly with one more thrust and a loud growl. His hot seed rushing into her mixing with her warmth. Inuyasha’s ears twitched slightly.
“What is it?”, Kagome asked concerned quickly putting on Inuyasha’s outer robe.
“Sesshomaru is gone. I think he went off to find Kitana ”, he replied. The two lovers quickly got dressed and headed off in the direction Sesshomaru had gone in.
Kitana awoke chained to a wall that looked like part of a throne room. She could sense Naraku nearby. His slim figure emerged from the shadows.
“Glad to see you’re awake my dear”, he replied reaching for her face. He cupped her cheek in the palm of his hand and moved in for a kiss. Kitana tried to move away but his grasp on her tightened.
“Still resisting I see. That will be fixed soon. But before that we have company on the way so I must prepare for them”, he said walking away leaving Kitana alone in the dim lit room. Sesshomaru had easily defeated the guards Naraku had placed around the castle. Kitana scent had gotten stronger and he could now hear some her thoughts. She was in much pain. Sesshomaru’s eyes narrowed. He would slowly and painfully kill Naraku if he had done anything to his mate. Sesshomaru bust through the bricked wall. He looked around the dim lit room. He could sense Kitana inside.
“KITANA”, he called her hoping she would answer back.


Chapter 10:

It had been almost three years since that fateful day Sesshomaru fell in love. He was happily married now to the woman he loved with all of his heart. Kitana was sitting between Sesshomaru’s legs under a cherry blossom tree. The cherry blossoms falling down all around them as the spring wind carried them off into the garden.
“So did you ever imagine that you would be here with me?”, Kitana asked teasingly. Sesshomaru smiled down at her nuzzling her neck lightly.
“I would not have it any other way. I am truly happy. What about you? Are you happy?”, he asked purring lightly. Kitana giggled lightly.
“I am the happiest woman alive. Why wouldn’t I be? Besides WE ARE married”, she replied sighing happily.
Sesshomaru’s ear twitched slightly.
“Here come the newly weds”, Kitana stated as Inuyasha and a pregnant Kagome walked over the hill.
“Little brother, it’s good to see you again. And Kagome, you look lovely”, Sesshomaru replied greeting his family.
“Don’t lie Sesshomaru-sama, Kagome is a big as a wale”, Kitana teased rubbing Kagome’s swollen tummy,
“ So when are you due?”
“Not for a couple of months”, Kagome smiled looking at Inuyasha. The young hanyou blushed lightly. Everyone began to laugh.
“Oh, I can’t wait!”, Kitana said excitedly, “I’m gonna be a aunt! This is so exciting!”, she replied happy.
Kagome smiled brightly gently rubbing her tummy.
“Mom, Shomiko is bothering me again”, a 13-year old Rin complained. A two year old little boy with bright yellow eyes and long sliver hair came running into Kitana’s waiting arms. “Mommy it wasn’t me!”, he stated as his mother picked him up.
“Now Shomiko, what did I tell you about picking with your sister?”, Kitana replied in a motherly voice.  

Sesshomaru watched in content as he watched his wife and children, and the rest of his family head back toward the castle.  

“The search is over”, he replied contently.

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