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8:45 pm
		Just writing to say that I’m done with my English
exam studying. Good-night, dear Self. I hope that I’ll
pass my exams.
Tuesday, January 22th
1:15 pm
		Just got home from school. Good news: I aced my
English and Driver Ed’s exams with a 96. I couldn’t
believe it myself! Neither could Ms. Town(my English
teacher) and Coach Wilson(coach of the football
team/my Driver Ed’s teacher). I’ll check my email now
after I get some food in my stomach.
2:00 pm
		Checked my emails on AOL and Yahoo! Syaoran, Tomoyo,
and Meilin had sent about 30 emails each(90
altogether). Whew! That’s something to choke on.
And---to top it off---all of the emails were sent
today. Today, of all days! I need to lay down.
However, I remembered to tell my friends about Ruki,
Rika, Gary, and company. I even sent private emails to
Syaoran about Ryan, saying that we’re just friends,
and I won’t do anything behind his back that’ll
endanger our relationship. He told me that he met a
Chinese-Japanese girl named Kiki Monako, who moved
right next door to the Li family in Hong Kong. He
mentioned that she also knows that he’s already
taken---in relationships, that is. So, she don’t have
to worry about it. Uh oh! *sweatdrops* Matsufubu has
just came in. Better close this up before he reads it!
I don’t want him to see what I wrote about him! Ja
3:02 pm
		Ryan is over here now, in the den downstairs. He
came over because he just had a fight with his
stepfather. I’m not sure what it’s about, but he’s
pretty upset about it. I gotta go downstairs and
soothe him before he explodes or something.
4:00 pm
		Ryan had just left the house, and I’m pretty pissed
off right now, dear Self. I can’t write in here
because Ryan snap at me. Can’t get into details about
it,though. Maybe I’ll write about it later. 
Friday, January 25th
1:25 pm
		Here’s a list of the exams that I took this week,
along with the grades on them:
		Wednesday-Gym(97) & Trig(93)
		Thursday-Biology(92) &Spanish(85)
I took the History one this morning, and my History
teacher called to tell me my exam grade. Did I mention
that today’s the last day of the first sesmester, and
that I’ll get my report card on the 5th. Can’t wait to
see my grades. Gomen that I haven’t wrote in here Wed.
and Thurs. I was SSOOO busy studying for the exams.
Well, at least I don’t have school Monday---student
holiday slash teacher work day. Hooray! *jumps in the
air and does a split in the air* Good thing I’m a
cheerleader. Speaking of cheerleading, I’m now the
co-captain of the cheerleader. Thanks to me, the CA
team has won the state championship in L.A. Oh! How
cool is that?!?! I lead an American cheerleader squad
to the State Championship. This is something to tell
my Tokyo family! Ahem! Back to Ryan coming to the
house Tuesday...*flashback time again, kiddies!*
	I went downstairs to the den, and saw Ryan watching
Knights of Ramune on TV. Well, actually, he wasn’t
watching it; his eyes was somewhere else. The
conversation went something like this:
Me: Is there something wrong with you, Ryan?
Ryan: No, Sakura. I’m fine.
Me: sure? Because you know that I’m here for
you if---
Ryan(snaps):Shut up, Sakura! I told you I’m fine!!
Just leave me alone!
Ryan: Sakura! I’m...I’m sor...
Me(yelling, with tears flowing down my face):All I
wanted to do was see if I can help you with your
problem. You didn’t have to snap at me! Goddammit!
*calms down* Get out now, Ryan.
Ryan: Sakura, I..
Me: Get out, get out, GET OUT!! Leave, or I’ll call
the police and have you arrested!
	As he was leaving the house, he turn to me and said,
“Sakura, I’m sorry. Listen, meet me at the library off
the corner of Main and Broad tommorow, okay?”
	I could tell that I hurt Ryan because he didn’t look
in my eyes when he asked me to meet him tomorrow. I
just I hurt myself, too, because I don’t usually snap
at people. I decided to meet him the next day. Maybe
we can forgive each other or something. 
	The next day, Ryan nodded at me during school, but
didn’t say anything. Ruki and Rika---just like Tomoyo
and Meilin---notice it, but didn’t say anything about
it. They understand what’s going on(I went next door
yesterday and told them all about it.)
	After school, I roller bladed all the way over to the
library. Ryan was already there, leaning against the
door. I went up to him and said, “Ryan---”
	He put his fingers against my lips to keep me from
saying another word. Then he said, “Sakura, come
inside with me. I want to talk to you.”
We went inside and headed straight for the tables at
the back of the library. I sat down in one chair and
Ryan just stood there in front of me.
	“Sakura, I’m really sorry that I snap at you
yesterday. See, I had a fight with my stepfather. He
told me that I have to do what he tells me to do, and
I yelled, “Shut up! You’re not my real father, so stop
telling me what to do!” We started shouting curse
words at each other, and my mom came in. She was
cooking dinner, and she heard us yelling, so she went
in to see what was going on. My stepfather yells, “You
raised one son-a-of-bitch for a son, you stupid
bitch!!” My mom starts crying, and all these feelings
of hate that I had for my stepfather were all tangled
up inside of me. I started to see red, and I left the
house. I ran to your house because Gary was at his
girlfriend’s house, and I didn’t want to talk to him
about it.”
	Then Ryan looked into my eyes and said, “Sakura,
please help me. I don’t know what to do now. I only
said those things to him because---well, because I
missed my own dad. I barely see him. I love my
stepfather as much as I hate him.”
	His eyes tells me that he’s having trouble at home,
and that I should help him.
“Ryan, sit down next to me,” I said in a soothing
voice. He sat down next to me and looked down at his
hands, blushing.
“Ryan, listen to me,” I said, gently putting his hands
in mine.
	“Ryan, it’s very simple. Just go aplogize to your
stepfather. I’m sure he didn’t mean it when he cursed
at you. I’m also sure that he’ll forgive you for
telling him all those things. Talk to him and your
mother about your feelings about the divorce. Maybe
they can work something out.”
	Ryan looked at me for just a moment before he gave me
a hug. I think he was crying but just didn’t want me
to see it. He understands now that he has to talk with
his family.
“Thank you, Sakura. I knew I can count on you,” Ryan
said softly.
“You’re welcome,” I replied quietly.
“Well, I gotta go home. I hope you forgive me,
“I already forgave you.”
	Ryan was at the door when all of a sudden, he seem to
changed his mind and came back to the table.
“I forgot to ask you if you’ll like to come with me to
a Chinese-style party at Gary’s house next Friday
night,” he said.
“Oh, Ryan!” I exclaimed. “I love to!”
	He gave me a relieved glance before he left the
library. Now that I’m all alone in the
library---besides two other people and the librarians,
that is---I can go and see if Syaoran, Meilin and
Tomoyo are online, so I can chat with them in the
Japanese Anime chat room. I was relieved that all
three of them was online, so I asked them to come chat
with me in the chat room. I chatted with them and gave
them all the updates and stuff. Then I searched for
some Japanese MP3s. I founded some that I liked, such
as “Bumble Bee” by Bambee and “MIRAKURU BODI ni
Goyoujin” from Knights of Ramune. It’s a pretty good
song with a fast beat. So fast that you can actually
dance to it. Then again...most of the Japanese songs
that I listen are good to dance to.
	I left the library at 5 to go back home and eat
dinner. After dinner, I called Syaoran and Tomoyo
long-distance, checking up with them. The same, with
only a few news: Meilin’s engaged to Lee! Wha--?!?!?!
Now that’s something to really choke on! *gags* I
mean, I know that Syaoran broke off his *ahem*
engagement with Meilin because he feels that she’s
only his cousin, not his lover or anything, and
because he loves me. But still! I could never imagine
that Meilin will get engaged again, especially to
another Chinese boy. Whew! I need to sit down for
awhile! *sits down* Well, at least she’s fine, along
with the rest of the gang. 
I’ll write later. Ja ne!
Saturday, January 26th
2:15 pm
		Listening to “Crawling” by Linkin Park. I forgot to
mention that Ruki and Rika had gotten me to listen to
groups such as Linkin Park, ‘NSYNC and Outkast. This
song is really something!! Maybe I can get Syaoran to
listen---or least send him a Linkin Park CD for him to
listen. It would be really cool if he translated it
into Chinese. The song has just gone off, and now I’m
listening to “No More Drama” by Mary J. Blige. A kool
song to listen to, besides “Run Away” and “In The End”
by Linkin Park. 
	The real reason why I’m writing in this diary right
now is because estoy aburrida---that means “I’m bored”
in español. There’s nothing to watch on TV; all that’s
on is soap operas and cooking shows *yawns*, Ruki and
Rika are not at home, and Ryan’s visiting his dad in
New York. I will say, however, that I had accomplished
something: Ryan. He talked to his family and now they
pay attention to him. Ryan’s pretty sensitive about
the whole thing, you know. To tell the truth, I don’t
blame him one bit. I cried when Yukito told me that he
doesn’t love me the way that I love him, and that I
should look for another person to love with all my
heart. It really broke my heart when he said that,
even though later I realized that I liked Yukito like
a brother or something. Syaoran was there the whole
time for me. He listened to me as I told him what
Yukito said and cried on Li’s shoulder. He comforted
me and stuff. Well, he does that all the time when I’m
upset about something. 
	Well, what do you know, dear Self? I’m not bored
anymore! *lol* At least I’m thinking about Li, Meilin,
Tomoyo and the rest of the crew. Hey! The phone’s
ringing! Wonder who it is?
3:15 pm
		Ryan was on the phone, telling me that he’s having a
good time with his dad, and that he’ll be back in San
Diego Monday. Good. I can’t wait to see his sea-green
eyes again. *giggle* Great! The phone’s ringing
AGAIN!!! I wonder with my little ears who could that
3:45 pm
		That was Syaoran and Tomoyo on the phone just now.
They called on a three-way phone, ‘cuz Tomoyo called
Syaoran first, and then they called me. Nothing’s
happening in the far East. Just the same thing’s
happening except...Meilin and Lee are officially going
steady, and Kiki and Syaoran are sort of going
out---even though it’s temporary. Good thing. I’m
kinda doing the same thing with Ryan.
5:00 pm
		Listening to “Rock Show” by Blink 182. Matsufubu
came in, and asked me for some advice on how to get
the “right” girl. *giggles* Just the thought of it
makes me want to laugh. I gave him some advice,
including the old “send her flowers and candy” line.
*laughs really hard* Oh! *falls out of chair* Ahem!
Gomen for that, people. *gets back into chair* I just
can’t help myself. I’m not evil like most people
think. It’s pretty old-fashioned advice that I gave
Matsufubu-kun, except for the “give her a call” and
“invite her to the movies or a party or something. The
problem is, Matt’s shy on stuff like that. Looks like
I would have to boost his confidence on girls---with
some help from Ryan and Gary. 
9:15 pm
		I’m watching the videotapes of me that Tomoyo had
taken when I was capturing the cards. I had to admit
that she’s good at taking the pics. Maybe when she
goes to college, she’s probably going to major in
either fashion designing, photography, or choir. Oh,
what am I saying?!?! Back to the videotapes. I’m
thinking about making a scrapbook out of the pics by
putting them on the laptop and taking the still forms
of the pics of me and Syaoran, along with Meilin.
Aww...the good old memories. Taking a nice stroll down
the corner of Memory Lane and Flashback Street. The
last tape has just gone off, the one of me and Syaoran
in the school play. I was playing a princess of one
country, and Syaoran plays the prince of another
country. Originally, another boy was supposed to play
the prince, but he broke his arm. Of course, that was
the time when the...oh god! I’m doing that thing
again---the flashback time thing. I’ll do it either
tomorrow or some other time. Ja ne!