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The Digimon Karaoke!

Oh, the agony!

These are the lyrics from that classic Digimon season 1 episode when they are trying to wake Shogunmon!

"Mimi's Karaoke"

I wanna sing a song
A song to bring Shogunmon around-u-ound
When he hears my voice
I hope he likes the sound
He has to listen
Listen to my sincere heart
I've learned that friends are friends even when their apart
I've asked my friends to forgive me from the bottom of the heart
If it's my choice his eyes will open wide
And the Gekomon will be cheering
cheering with pride....

"Tai's Karaoke"

I'm gonna sing a song A song that will wake you up I'm gonna belt it out Shogunmon it's time to get up! Hey!!, Wake up!!!!

"Joe's Karaoke"

I'm attempting to sing a song, a song that will awaken you and aid all the Gekomon who are loyal to you, your word and the idea of your being in charge. I'm attempting to sing a song, a song that will awaken you aid all the Gekomon.

"Agumon and Gomamon's Karaoke"

*Agumon: I prove a song to you! A tune from now until June! And when you hear us sing you'll call us singing baboooons! *Agumon and Gomamon: We just wanna wake you up!! *Agumon: So don't close your ears! Or you can sleep for years!!