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Shippo and Kirara are in another world. They're standing in a field of wild flowers which is by a lake. Shippo and Kirara take in their surroudings with awe.
"Where are we?" Shippo asked. Kirara look up at Shippo and purrs. Shippo bends down and pat her.
"Don't worry, Kirara," Shippo said, stroking behind her ears. "I'll take care of you."
"Shippo..." a voice whispered.
"Huh?" Shippo said, looking around. Kirara heard the voice, too: her ears moved, and her tail is swinging around.
"Please help me."
"Wh-who are you?"
A breeze blows, blowing flower petals in the air. Through the petals, Shippo makes out a silhouette standing by the lake, their hair blowing in the wind. Shippo and Kirara runs up to the silhouette.
"Ho-how do you know my name?" Shippo asked the silhouette, panting.
The silhouette turns around slowly.
It's a girl, Shippo thought.
The silhouette is covered by beams of light around her body, and her eyes glows a bright pink. The only thing that stands out is her birthmark, which is four blue dots shaped in a diamond, on her forehead.
"How do you know my name?" Shippo repeated.
The silhouette reaches out and touches Shippo's cheek. When she touch it, her emblem started to glow. She then leans over to Shippo's ear.
"I can't tell you how I know your name," the silhouette said. "However, I need your help."
She stands up, folding her hands in front of her.
"What kind of help?" Shippo asks.
"I need you to run to the lake," she replied.
"What lake?"
"Remember the clearing where you gather sticks?"
"Well, near the clearing is a lake. A cherry blossom tree is standing next to it. On the tree you’ll find me. I need you to wake me up." The silhouette starts to fade away.
"Wait! Why do you need my help?" Shippo asks.
"You'll know soon enough."
The silhouette vanish among some cherry blossom petals.


Shippo and Kirara close their eyes. When they open them, they found themselves back in reality. Kagome hugs Shippo, and Sango hugs Kirara.
"Where were you guys?" Inu Yasha asks.
"Yeah, it was almost like you guys were in the Twilight Zone," Kagome adds.
"Huh?" the group look at Kagome as if she was crazy.
Kagome blushes and lower her head. "Never mind."
How could I FORGET? Kagome thought. This is the feudal era. They don't even know days of the week, much less movies.
Shippo stands up.
"That's it!" he exclaims, putting his right fist in his left hand.
"What are you talking about?" Inu Yasha asks.
"I must go." Shippo takes off running into the woods with Kirara. Everybody look at each other, then runs after Shippo and Kirara.
As Shippo ran, he thought, Don't worry. I'm coming.
"Hey!" Inu Yasha shouts, catching up to them. By that time, the group has arrive at the lake.
"What's going on, Shippo?" Inu Yasha asks hotly. "Why did you and Kirara take off like that?"
Shippo didn't answer him. He was looking at the cherry blossom tree that overlook the lake.
"She's up there," he mumbles.
Inu Yasha looks up at the tree, then down at Shippo. "Who's up there?"
"The girl," Shippo replied. "The girl who called out to me and Kirara."
"Wait a minute. She called Kirara too! Why?"
"I don't know, Inu Yasha. However, she told me that she needs my help."
"With what?"
"I guess I'll know soon enough.".
Inu Yasha and the group looks in the tree. "I don't see anything," Miroku said.
"Me, either," Sango said, shielding her eyes from the sunlight.
"Wait!" Shippo exclaims. "I see something up there." Shippo points to the next-to-highest branch in the tree.
"I see it, too," Kagome said.
"All right, Shippo. Lead the way," Inu Yasha said. Shippo nods his head in agreement.
"Kirara, go with Shippo and Inu Yasha," Sango said.
Shippo Kirara and Inu Yasha jumps up into the tree. Miroku, Kagome and Sango watches them.
"I wonder if there is anything up there," Sango said.
"And if so, why would she needs Shippo's help," Miroku adds.
Good question, Kagome thought. Not only that, but what does she wants with Shippo AND Kirara.

Inu Yasha, Shippo and Kirara reaches the next-to-highest branch, where they see a figure wrapped in beams of light. As they approached the silhouette, the figure comes out to be a girl. A teenage girl with long auburn hair, which is flapping gently in the wind. The girl's wearing a blue yukata with cherry blossoms and lilies and sandals. Her bangs flies in the wind, displaying a mark.
"Huh?" Shippo said, getting closer to the girl. He fingers the outline of the marks and gasps out loud.
That's the girl, he thought.
"Well?" Inu Yasha said, bringing Shippo back to reality. "Is this her? The girl that needs your help?"
Shippo looks up at Inu Yasha. "Yes, it's her."
Inu Yasha examines the unconscious girl, studying her. "How can you be sure?" he asks.
"You notice the mark on her forehead?"
"Well, Kirara and I was in another world. We were standing in a field of wild flowers. We met a girl standing by a lake."
"So what does that have to do with anything, Shippo?"
"I'm getting to that," Shippo replied. "The girl had four dots in a diamond shape on her forehead."
"This girl right here has the exact same mark."
Inu Yasha considers this point. He kneels down on one knee, looking at the girl. Shippo gets down on to his knees.
"Well, did she say how you'll supposed to help her?" Inu Yasha asks.
"She said something about waking her up."
Inu Yasha looks at Shippo. "And just how are you going to do it?"
"Well..." Shippo begins. "Wait!"
Shippo thinks back to his meeting with the girl.
When she touched me, he thought, her mark glowed. I wonder...
Shippo slides closer to the girl, his index finger stretched out. As he does this, his eyes started to glow blue.
"What the hell?!?! What are you doing?" Inu Yasha asks.
Shippo turns to Inu Yasha in his trance state. "I'm going to wake her up."
Kirara purrs her agreement. Inu Yasha looks at her. To his shock, her eyes were glowing blue, too.
What's going on? Inu Yasha thought, narrowing his eyes.
Shippo touch the mark on the girl's forehead. When his finger his her emblem, his eyes return to normal. He then retract his finger. They waited.
Nothing happened.
"Nothin's happening," Inu Yasha said sarcastically.
"I was so sure..." Shippo said with a disappointed look.
"What's going on up there?" Kagome called up.
"Nothing," Inu Yasha called back.
"Did you find anything?"
"Yeah, we found a unconscious girl, tied to the tree."
"Huh?" Kagome and Sango look at each other. Miroku raises an eyebrow.
"I told you that nothing will happen," Inu Yasha said smugly.
"But---I was so sure..." Shippo said sadly.
"Well, we can't do anything about it, so we might as well leave."
"All right."
Inu Yasha and Shippo jumps down. Kirara walks over the girl, sniffing her, then she jumps down. The girl's eyes open, glowing pink.