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Submissions are a very imporrtant part of this page! I am willing to accept almost anything to add to this site. If there is something you think this sites needs and you can help, send it on in. This may be more difficult compared to other sites because I have a Mac. IF YOU WANT TO SUBMIT ANYTHING YOU MUST READ THESE RULES!
  • For any pictures please send only GIF or JPEG files and send them as an attachment. Any PSD files, Paint files(like bitmap files) or anything else like that can't be read by my computer.
  • For any music/video/sound files, once again send as an attachment. .rm files or other realplayer files are best to send, but not neccecary. Please no MP3s or Mpegs.
  • *IMPORTANT* Any text files must be sent as TEXT. (you know, the old copy and paster...) because Word/Works etc can not be read by my computer.
  • Tell me your name (don't worry, doesn't have to be real), if you would like your e-mail address along with your submission, your web site if you have one, and any comments.
  • E-mail to