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The Parents

*Caution: Spoilers*

One day Mikiís parents brought out the best tea set and sat her down to tell her some unexpected news. While on a vacation in Hawaii, they had met another couple and had each fallen in love with the other couple. The two couples had decided to exchange partners. They seemed so happy to announce this news, but as one would imagine, Miki was not too fond of this idea. What would other people think? And who would she live with? Her parents had already talked it over with their families and their families supported them. As to where she would live, that problem was also easily solved. They would buy one big house for them all to live in.

Miki thought this was the craziest idea she had ever heard of before in her life, and refused to go along. When she met Yuu, she tried to get him on her side, but he didnít seem to care at all, as long as the parents were happy. Finally, Miki relented. The big new family moved into one big house and 6 months later (it is illegal for women to remarry for 6 months after a divorce in Japan, there is no time limit for men) the marriage was legal. The kids got to keep their last names so there would be no confusion.

The parents generally are a pretty collective group. They are all very well meaning people, but seemingly oblivious to anything going on between Miki and Yuu. Rumi does warn Miki not to fall in love with Yuu when they first move into their new home, so perhaps she is not completely naive. In general though, the parents are a very fun loving, jovial bunch, and really do care a lot for their children.

Jin- Mikiís Father. Was married to Rumi, but is now married to Chiyako. Jin works as a Banker.

Rumi- Mikiís Mother. Was married to Jin, but is now married to Youji. Rumi works as a cosmetics maker.

Chiyako- Yuuís Mother. Was married to Youji, but is now married to Jin. Chyako works as a brewer (kinda random huh?)

Youji- Yuuís Father. Was married to Chiyako, but is now married to Rumi. Youji works as a businessman

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