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Miki Koishikawa-
Blood Type: A
Description:A fairly stereotypical teenage girl, and our protagonist. Miki is very friendly and talkative. Miki and Yuuís parents switched partners and all live in the same house. Miki plays in her schoolís tennis club, and is very talented. Mikiís best friend is Meiko Akizuki. In Junior High, Miki had a huge crush on her friend Ginta. Miki built up enough courage to tell Ginta how she felt. She wrote him a note, and put it in some comic books in his bag. Unfortunately for Miki, those comic books didnít belong to Ginta, they belonged to a friend of his. When his friend took back the comic books, he read the note aloud to Ginta and his friends. They asked Ginta if he liked her but he responded no, even though he did. Miki happened to be out side the door and heard him say that. Ginta cut his hair in apology, but the two did not speak for a year and a half. Now Miki likes Yuu, her stepbrother. The series is mostly about Miki and Yuuís relationship.

Yuu Matsuura-
Blood Type: B
Description: The quiet, mysterious boy, who is now Mikiís stepbrother. Yuu didnít seem to be as traumatized by the partner exchange as Miki was. Yuu keeps to himself a lot and doesnít talk much about himself at all. Miki realized that after knowing him for a year she didnít even know what he was interested in. He is interested in architecture and works for a clothing store. Yuu can be very sweet when he wants to be, but generally he just makes fun of Miki. Yuu was the one who initiated the relationship between he and Miki, by kissing her after a tragic accident with a basketball. Before Miki, it seems as though Yuu never had a crush on any girl before. Many girls had asked him out, but the only one who succeeded was Arimi. Arimi made a bargain with him that if they went out for 3 months, he could break up with her if he didnít like her. He agreed, and after 3 months he broke up with her telling her that he couldnít see her as any more than a friend. For going out with Arimi, Yuu developed a rivalry with Rokutanda, because of his obsession with Arimi. Yuu is an excellent tennis player, but does not officially play for the schoolís tennis club.

Meiko Akisuki-
Blood Type: A
Description Meiko is one of my favorite characters. She is very quiet and thoughtful. Mikiís parents donít get along very well, but refuse to get a divorce because of money issues and appearances. She is very caring towards her friends feelings and always helps Miki with her problems. Meiko writes for the schoolís literary magazine and loves to read. Meiko is very attractive, but swears she will never marry after seeing her parents relationship. Her favorite place to be is the public library at their school (I still havenít figured out why there is a public library in their school). The library houses all sorts of old books, but no one ever goes in there. Meiko found this to be an excellent place to meet Nachan. Meiko was in love with Mr. Namura (aka Nachan) a teacher at their school. They would meet in secret, usually in the library. The school found out about their relationship when someone saw Meiko going to Nachanís house once after her parents had been fighting. Nachan quit his job and moved Hiroshima. Meiko tried to go with him, but he would not allow her.

Ginta Suou-
Blood Type: O
Description Ginta has been Mikiís best guy friend since middle school, but he also has a huge crush on her. Miki once left him a note in middle school to tell him that she liked him, but the note was accidentally read in front of all Gintaís friends and Ginta denied liking Miki, even though he did. Ginta cut his hair to apologize, but the two did not speak for a year and a half. Finally, one day Ginta just began talking to Miki again, and the two became good friends again, but Ginta still liked Miki. He did not get up the courage to tell Miki how he felt until he realized that Yuu and Miki were falling for one another. For a while (like three books?) Miki held Ginta and Yuu in suspense on which she would choose, but obviously she chooses Yuu. Ginta and Miki are still good friends, and he begins to fall for Arimi.

Arimi Suzuki-
Bloodtype: O
DescriptionArimi was Yuuís first girlfriend. Yuu had always turned down girls that asked him out, but Arimi told him that if he didnít want to go out with her after three months, that he could break up with her. The relationship seemed to be going well, but after the three months Yuu broke up with her and told her that he could not see her as anything but a friend. One day she bumps into Yuu and Miki at an amusement park. After that she is constantly trying to win his affection, but he treats her as nothing but a friend. She and Ginta team up to try and win back their loves. The pretend to be going out, to make Yuu and Miki jealous. Their scheme fails, but they do end up falling for each other... Arimi is very pretty and popular with the boys. Rokutanda constantly follows her around trying to get her to like him, but only manages in annoying her. She has a fan club of boys who also follow her around (and scare off Rokutanda).

ShiníIchi Namura
Blood type: A
Description A teacher at Touryo High who goes by the nickname Nachan. He is very popular with his students. He and Meiko are dating in the first three books until their relationship is found out by neighbors who see Meiko going to Nachanís house after an argument with her parents. He realizes that he must end their relationship, and goes to Hiroshima to help his fatherís real estate business.

Tsutoma Rokutanda
Blood type: B
DescriptionRokutanda is in love with Arimi, unfortunately for him, Arimi will not give him the time of day. Rokutanda is always chasing her around, but only causes to annoy her and everyone else. Rokutanda is generally in the manga for comedic purposes, although his character is said to be more developed in the anime. Rokutanda is Gintaís cousin. He plays tennis (like most of the characters in these books). But that's about all we really know about Rokutanda.

Satoshi Miwa Horoscope:Sagittarius
Blood type: AB
DescriptionMiwa, the pretty boy Student Body President, becomes best friends with Yuu when he discovers that Yuu may actually be his brother. After reading an old letter from his grandmother to his father, Yuu believes that Youji is not his biological father. Miwa had read journal entries that his mother had written about his father having an affair with Chiyako, and all the pieces seemed to fit. It turned out that they are not brothers, but they still remain good friends. Before Yuu tells anyone that he believes that he and Miwa are brothers, rumors go around that they are in a homosexual relationship, which gets Miki a little nervous. Miwa is also cousins with Suzu, the young, famous model. Miwa has romantic interests in Meiko, but she does not show much interest back.

Suzu Sakuma
Suzu is a dreamy, young, new model who is seen on magazine covers and stars in commercials. Rumi convinces Yuu to co-star in a perfume commercial with Suzu, and Miki gets a little jealous and worried that Yuu might fall for her. After the affair with the commercial, Miwa, Suzuís cousin, asks Yuu to tutor Suzu. Suzu does not fall for him, but she does decide that Miki is wrong for Yuu, and that he would be better off with Meiko, and does a fair amount of meddling in their lives to try and get the two together.

Kei Tsuchiya
Co-Worker of Mikiís at Bobsonís Ice Cream. Kei is a piano virtuoso, who quit playing because of the burdens he was forced to deal with, because of his talent. He has quit school and moved away from home. Kei develops a crush on Miki, and Miki likes him, but only as a friend. He finally decides to go back home, and to school to become a better person so that Miki will fall in love with him.

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