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The Destiny Within

“Sam….. Sam….”

Voices rang into the distance. Beyond the vast shadow of darkness. Deep beneath the belly of the dream. The voice sounded.

“Sam….you are needed…”

Opening his eyes, Sam looked forward to see a strange figure. One that almost was identical to his own.

“You have awakened, now I can explain to you…”

Gasping for a sudden breath air, he noticed he was in a blue aura type space where he hovered. “Who, who are you!”

“That is what I want to explain to you.”, he said as he tilted his head and slightly smiled. “You are filled with questions….you wonder what your purpose is.”

Sam gulped and gritted his fist, mouth open. He couldn’t figure out what was going on but he still responded. “Yes, that’s true.”

“You wonder of your ability to transform? You wonder why things are falling down around you?” The man shifted his right hand around and then laid it flat into the air; his hands being opened.

Sam’s heart thudded without restraint. His mind raced, hope and fear clouded his mind. “Yes….I do…”

“A long time ago when the universe was driven beyond chaos by war and brutality, there lived a race of Reptearians on a planet called Reptear deep within the DBZ dimension. Many countless contradictions between the different races of Reptearians were uprising. There are three different races, Sueda, Duessia, and Arouscia. Duessia were mostly common and were known for there defensive like build. They looked like blue, large turtles with spikes running all the way down their shell and stood 6 feet tall. This race was more formidable as workers so they mostly derived deep beneath the planet mining for minerals such as iron and natural gas. The most valuable and known for material that came from Reptear was Sizic, which was used to as armored alloy on ships and vehicles. The Sueda were stationed at many places around Reptear, but not very common. They were short beings with a reptile type bodies yet more sophisticated and stood upright like humans; their skin was a faint purple and gray. The Sueda were the brains of Reptear. Mostly politicians and strategist's for war. They congregated the law of Reptear posing as the lawmakers, law interpreters, and law enforcers. They managed the money and shipments of Sizic to other buyer’s across the galaxy. Arouscia were different than the others. They were very, very rare and said to have only 100 bread per year. They were born with human bodies which showed outcast to the other Reptearians but every seven years they at sometime transform there selves into a reptile like creature. The process is very painful which causes a moment of unconsciousness. First their spinal cord rips out of their neck and connects to the brain in an “x” formation. Then slowly their body becomes more reptiles like; there skin turns a reddish-black. They grow a tail and two arms burst out of their sides. Their top sets of hands have the ability to extend three sharp bones that comes out of the wrist. This race was more of the army of Reptear. Even though they only transformed when their age was a multiple of seven, they still had massive strength and abilities. Even though everyone had their own position they were all great fighters. The Duessia were on more of a defensive level, the Sueda were good for their speed, and the Arouscia had their offense. One particular thing that the Reptearians possessed was the ability to use energy. They could use the large amounts of energy in their body and force it down, giving them the ability to levitate. They could use more energy in this process causing the to fly and being able to fly made there race superior to most races. Not only could they use this energy to fly but to compress it into energy waves. They could gather energy in the palms of their hands and release it with tremendous power. They could even destroy a planet if they gathered enough energy but it might destroy themselves having to gather too much.”

“Now let us go back, to the beginning.” The man closed his right hand into a fist and the entire room exploded with a bright radiant white light. Sam shielded his eyes and growled silently.

The Sayins were taking over planets and were on their way to Reptear. The problem was what to do when the Sayins arrived or possibly come up with a negotiation. The Suedas’ were stating that they go to a safer place in case if the Sayins destroy their planet. Many of the Arouscias’ wanted to stay and fight. The Duesias’ didn’t know what to do so they were neutral which caused conflict. A meeting was being held at the capital building of Reptear. Officials from the Sueda, Duessia, and the Arouscia attended. The first comment started with the Dictator, Cold of the Sueda. “Thank you gentlemen and all for attending this meeting. As you have all been aware of there is a crisis on our hands. Recent news has been reported to us that a fleet of “Sayins” are approaching our planet. We are assuming the target is our large deposit of Sizic. I will now give your attention to the Speaker of the Senate of the Sueda.” After Cold was finished, the Speaker of the Senate stood up. “There is little we know about the Sayins and what we do is that there are potentially dangerous. There is no telling what kind of threat these things are putting us up against. If we are to think wisely we should evacuate this planet, thus transferring to another planet that is more out of range.” Without being called on, an angry official of the Arouscia stood up to comment his accusation. “This is madness! The only thing that we have is our Sizic, without it then we will have nothing left and the entire reputation of the Reptearians’ race will wither away into nothingness! All of our business will turn to chaos! We will never be able to afford any types of luxuries or improvements!” The Speaker of the Senate looked on with straight yet calm eyes; showing signs that he was not intimidated by this sudden act of interruption. “That will be enough of you, wait until your turn is at hand then you shall be able to speak.” said the Dictator. The Arouscia sat back down. “Now if there are any further comments from the Sueda please continue.” asked the Dictator. The Speaker of the Senate shook his head and sat back down. “All right, now the speaking official of the Arouscia, it is your turn.” That same Arouscia that had made the rude outburst earlier stood up. “As I was saying, we can’t leave because of our lack of better judgment. We mustn't think of only the quickest and easiest way out. If we were to fight these Sayins we could win, but we have to fight together. The Arouscia might not be able to do it by ourselves. At this time we all need to unite and take forth the true nature of the Reptearians.” After he had said that, he sat down. “Duessia, do you have anything to say?” The speaking official of the Duessia shook his head making a motion of no comment. “Now we are going to go into a one comment at a time procedure towards all groups. Sueda, go first.” The Speaker of the Senate stayed in his seat but still made his comments. “I believe the Arouscia are not thinking of the best interests of the other races. They aren’t even fully Reptearians, let alone capable of carrying out decisions that’s far beyond their power.” Then the speaking official of the Arouscia rose again and slammed his fist down on the table in front of him in anger. “How dare you insult the Arouscia! All you Sueda are is cowards! First you think of the best interests of yourselves and twist around as the best decision for everyone. Then you insult us!” The Speaker of the Senate smiles and says, “Well, well, I wouldn’t want you to embarrass your self in front the highest-ranking officials of the Reptearian race.” This made him very angry; he gritted his teeth and sat back down. The Speaker of the Senate spoke again, “Now we need to know something for sure. The Duessia have remained neutral but if you had to choose, what would you do?” An old speaking official for the Duessia spoke, his voice very low and pale, “We the Duessia have been accustomed to this planet. We have worked at the very essence of Reptear mining and producing Sizic and other materials. If we came to a decision... we would stay and fight rather than run away.” This put a lot of pressure on the Sueda, the Dictator spoke, “I believe I have come to a decision. I shall discuss it with the Sueda and come up with a final solution.” At this time the Sueda all gathered into a room to discuss this plan that the Dictator came up with. The Duessia and the Arouscia waited patiently for 15 minutes. The Sueda came back into the meeting room. The Dictator took his seat and then began. “The Sueda have reached an agreement. We have decided to evacuate all Sueda not under their on free will. Any others are welcome to come but the fact remains that no Sueda shall stay.” The speaking official of the Arouscia stood up once again furious as ever. “But we need to stay together! We can win this if only we try! What will you do if we win? Do you think that your going to have a very good reputation when you return?” The Dictator stood up and said, “No, will shall never return to Reptear. I have made my decision, and that is what is going to happen.”

After the meeting ended, Rajin, who was the speaking official of the Arouscia, came home after the long debate. Upon his arrival his wife greeted him with a kiss and a hug; his wife is Arouscia. “I missed you, how did things turn out?” she said. “Not very good, come on. I’ll explain inside.” They stepped inside the house and Rajin sat down at the dinner table. Carla, his wife, brought a kettle of coffee and two cups. She poured them some coffee. “So, how did it go?” she asked. He paused for a moment starring at the floor and then finally spoke. “The Sueda have ordered a complete evacuation. All the Sueda are leaving, and anyone else who wants to come.” “Oh my!” “Yeah but it gets a little better. The Duessia have decided to help us fight along side against the Sayins.” “Well that’s a better relief.” “Oh and I’ll tell you! That cocky Speaker of the Senate Freeza is getting to be a real-” Rajin stopped before he was about to swear because he saw his son walk into the dinning room with them. When he saw Rajin he ran up to him screaming, “Daddy, daddy!”. Rajin picked up the young Arouscia into his lap. “How are you doing Repu?” asked Rajin. “I’m just fine. Mom told me you were going out of town and I thought it was going to take longer until you cam back home.” Then Carla told Rajin. “You know his 7th birthday is coming up in 4 days.” Rajin looked at Carla with his eyes wide open. “Yeah, yeah! I know what I want for my birthday too!” said little Repu. Rajin looked down at Repu’s face. “Hey, maybe you should go play with your toys, mommy and I have to talk.” “Ok!” Young Repu got off his daddy’s lap and ran into his room. “His 7th birthday is this close...” said Rajin aloud. “Oh honey there is so many things happening, sometimes I’m afraid that these Sayins are going to be to powerful and that we would have to give up our Repu...” said Rajin. “Don’t talk like that!” demanded Carla. “Times like this I don’t know what to think.” said Rajin taking a sip of his cup of coffee. “Did you ready the pod?” asked Rajin. “Yes, I did.” replied Carla.

After that, Rajin got up that morning and went to the Sizic plant to announce to the public what was going to happen. Upon his arrival, he found out from his Duessia friend, Lingtai, that the Sueda had already departed and that the first wave of Sayins were going to be there shortly. Rajin announced to everyone what the situation was, at the end of his speech he asked “If anyone wants to help us in our fight to beat the Sayins, please come forward.” Only two Duessias came forward, one was Lingtai. All the rest of them walked away and prepared for devastation. Even though this seemed impossible, Rajin still got his two troops ready. When the Sayins finally arrived, Rajin and the others were amazed on how week they were! Just a simple blast and they were dead! Rajin began to think... how did these weaklings conquer all those planets? More and more fleets of the Sayins came, and more and more of them died by the hands of Rajin, Lingtai, and the other Duessia, until one Sayin arrived.

Rajin walked up as the two Duessias stayed back. “Well, you must have some courage facing us alone, single warrior.” spoke Rajin. This Sayin seemed different than the rest; he seemed to have green hair and jewelry on his body. “You have defeated countless numbers of my people... you shall pay for this!” said the Sayin. “Well they wouldn’t have died if it weren’t for your kind trying to take over our planet! Us Reptearians now realize that we are potentially the strongest warriors in the universe. One Sayin won’t be a problem.” said Lingtai. “Perfect, your arrogance gives me an advantage.” said the Sayin finishing with a smile. “Just like we told the rest of the Sayins, it’s ok to turn back. It would be wise to leave; I don’t really enjoy all the killing. Most of us don’t like the violence either, except for the damned Sueda, they pleasure it! So I’m going to ask you again, please leave so we don’t have to have another victim.” The Sayin bursted out laughing. “You call yourselves the strongest warriors in the universe and you can’t even bear killing?!” said the Sayin still laughing. “I’ve heard enough, die Sayin!” yelled Lingtai. He ran out at the Sayin with full force and reared back his fist slamming it upon the Sayin’s face. This cause the Sayin to fly backwards. “The fool!” said Lingtai in disgust. Suddenly the Sayin stopped in mid air. Rajin and the others looked at him in shock. The Sayin began laughing hysterically. “Just to let you know before you die! My name is Broli, and that’s the last thing you’ll ever hear of me!” Then Broli charged up and a golden flare went around his body. His muscles bulged as the ground shook. Then his hair turned gold and eyes’ turned blue. He charged at the Duessia and then fired a blast directly through him. It went straight through him, and he died. Rajin and Lingtai looked down at him in shock. Right then Rajin shouted to Lingtai, “Hurry, go back to my wife and tell her it’s time!” Right as soon as Lingtai heard this he flew off as fast as he could. “Where’s your friend going?” said Broli with a smirk. “Don’t worry about him, your fight is with me!” said Rajin with his eyes in hate. “Very well then but unless if your anything better than that other idiot then you just as dead.” said Broli. “I see you’ve undergone a transformation. It’s very impressive, but there’s something about Arouscia Reptearians that you need to learn about. Every 7 years an Arouscia has the ability to transform into an incredibly powerful being with top-notch capabilities.” explained Rajin. “That’s very nice and all but what does this have to do with me.” said Broli trying to make fun of Rajin. “Well just so happen, I’m 35 years old.” said Rajin in a smile. “Well, well, well. Congratulations.” said Broli laughing. Rajin starred at Broli then gave out a powerful cry of pain. Out of his neck bursted his spinal cord which split in two and connected to his head in an X. Broli’s face suddenly turned from joke to serious. Rajin bursted two arms out of his lower side and his body took the form of a reptile like creature. “Now I will fight you.” said Rajin. As soon as he said that charged at each other in a blur of kicks and punches. The battle raged on.

Back at Rajin’s house, Lingtai was their telling Carla it was time. “Carla, its time. Rajin believes there is no hope, we can’t defeat this one Sayin, he has transformed and is powerful beyond reason.” “I guess this is it...” said Carla. Little Repu walked in the room. “What’s wrong mom?” asked Repu worried. “Come with me son.” Carla told Repu. As they walked to the back, Carla looked back at Lingtai. He nodded and then flew off to go back and help Rajin. Carla took Repu all the way to the back where she had a pod. “Now Repu I want you to get in here.” “How come mom?” “Repu just do as I say.” Repu minded his mother and got into the pod. Just before she shut the door Repu asked “What’s going on mom?” Carla looked back at her son with her eyes watering. “Repu, you must listen to me. You are our only hope; we planned this in case if the Sayins posed a great threat. The pod that your in will keep you alive for the long trip you are about to take, it will take you many years to get to Earth but you will not age. We couldn’t even send an adult because we didn’t have enough time to make a bigger pod. I’m so sorry Repu!” Carla hugged her son’s neck as tears fell from her eyes. Repu didn’t cry instead he looked at her and said, “Don’t worry mom, I’m going to get big and strong and one day I’ll come back and beat up those Sayins! Just wait and see!” Carla smiled. “You make me so proud.” Repu leaned back and fastened a seat belt that was in the pod. “I’m ready mom.” said Repu with a serious look on his face. Carla closed her eyes as she pulled down the latch and air locked the door. She went over to some controls and pressed a few buttons. Then the pod started to rise and take off.

Meanwhile back at the fight, Lingtai arrived to find Rajin loosing bad. Rajin was on the ground bruised and cut. “Rajin, are you-” Lingtai’s words were cut off by a powerful energy blast that engulfed him. “No.... Lingtai....” said Rajin struggling to breathe. “Ha Ha Ha! This is too much! All right I’m sick of seeing you stagger around like a wounded animal.” said Broli. He picked up a remote and pressed a few buttons. His space pod flew up above the planet. “I’ll be seeing you!” said Broli. He flew up to his ship. He charged up massively. “This is the end... Repu, my son. Don’t fail! DEFEAT THE SAYINS!!!!” yelled Rajin. Broli released the energy and blew up the entire planet. Off in the distance went Repu in that single space pod. Broli quickly got in his and flew off past the distance.

Dozens of years later, Repu awoke on the planet Earth. He was still seven and hadn’t aged on his journey. Repu walked out onto the planet. “Wow, this place is huge. I wonder if there are any people?” Ryu was in an open valley as he walked off into the sunset.

The bright light returned and they were back. “Oh my god…what’s going on!” exclaimed Sam.

“You are a reincarnation of Repu. Far back, when Placid Shadow first attacked. When he gave a Saiyin more power then what it was capable of. But with all darkness there comes the light. You are that light, the one that has been chosen. You are Ryu Denjà, the Arouscia Reptearian.”, the man said it with such a vibrate voice.

“Who is Placid Shadow and how come I have transformed into a Reptearian when my age wasn’t a multiple of seven? How am I reincarnated??” asked Sam in suspicion.

“Placid Shadow, as you call Dark Shadow, is his real name. You can transform at any time you want because when Repu was reincarnated into your body, he had undergone some alterations. You and Repu almost share the same mind. When you are Repu, your emotions change. You still keep control of your body yet Repu still acts upon instinct.”

“Who are you…” asked Sam, his voice in despair because of all the trauma.

“I am but a messenger, sent to explain your true destiny. In fact, if you must know…I am what is left of Rajin’s spirit.” Sam gasped and the man smiled. “Goodbye, Sam. May your tasks set before you be guided by your good judgment. Take care of my son.”

With that, the man faded away into the aura. And Sam was left there to himself to ponder on his thoughts. “I am Repu, I am Ryu Denjà. I’m not Samuel Drysdale? Why not? He used my body, like a parasite? No…I mustn’t think this way. This is the path that destiny chose for me. I am Repu, I AM RYU DENJA!!!!!!”

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