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Transformations of the mind.... fatally out-look bound....

Ryu was furious, and still had the mind of a beast. He starred at Estrus with his eyes full of hatred and reeking vengeance. He snarled as he took a step forward, ducking his body down. He then started circling her and Estrus kept him in her view. Slowly he would step to the side and have his body tucked down. He was ready to strike at any moment. He started picking up his pace, running around her at an incredible speed. He snarled and growled at the sight of her. After moments of circling around her he turned his body to the right to attack her with his vicious claws. He gave out a roar as he slashed out at her face. She quickly dashed to the side dodging this attack and came around with her blades to strike him in the head. Ryu quickly used his lower left arm and grabbed her leg, tripping her to the ground. He dragged out in front of him and threw her several feet in front of him.

He stomped moving his shoulders back and forth as he walked over to Estrus who was getting up quickly. Ryu showed his teeth as he growled; two large rolls of teeth that could cut through steel. Estrus got to her feet and charged at him. Ryu stopped and waited for her, holding out all of his arms. Right as Estrus came near him she dropped to the ground rolling underneath his left arm and quickly standing behind his back. Ryu made a roaring sound of confusion. Estrus grabbed his tail and started spinning him around in the air. Around and around he went as he growled out in anger. She finally let go seeing him fly into the air; she smirked. Ryu was flown into the high into the air and it looked like the end for him until he caught himself and floated in mid-air; yes, he could fly.

Ryu hanged in the air, breathing heavily. He slowly turned around to face Estrus. His shoulders moved up and down as he breathed. His face was ever so fearful that it sent a shiver down Estrusís spine. He took a break from his heavy breathing and started to snicker. His snicker then turned into a laugh, and then a roar. He finally stopped and electricity started conducting on different parts of his body. Wind started flowing from him as the grass rushed past. A red flare formed around his body as he the electricity violently scattered here and there. He held out his upper arms and the blades that had struck out before seeped back into his flesh. He gave one final glorious roar and in a ray of light he quickly appeared in front of Estrus.

He agilely thrusted his lower right arm into her stomach. Shaking it off she came around to him and punched him in the face causing him to fly several feet back. He caught himself again, and ran at her. She cam around with a right kick but he ducked down and swung out his right kick into her leg causing her to fall to the ground. Ryu stepped back as she roll kicked her self to stand up. She ran at him with her blade ready to strike his face. She through down her right arm towards his face but Ryu with his hands caught her punch. She neared her blade closer and closer to his face; Ryu snarled. She came around with her left arm but then he caught it with his lower two arms. Ryu desperately tried to hold back Estrusís blades that were nearing him. Her anger and emotion increased her strength so it made it difficult for Ryu to hold his her deadly power back. A droplets of sweat drifted down Ryuís face. He gritted his teeth wondering how much longer he could hold on. He summoned deep within himself his immense strength. With a loud roar he through her arms off to the side. While her arms were out and were not in to block, he reared back his massive right arm and knocked a blow to her chest that caused her to fly backwards and fall onto the ground. It left a dent in her mecha armor. Ryu stood there, waiting for her to get up.

Injuries... shakable and inspiring in times of fury...

... The world swam for a moment in her eyesí view, contorted and illusionary- as smears upon reality, blurred colors and twisted shapes, always were to one who had just been violently knocked to the ground, hard head impacting upon compact ground with a hollow thud that seemed to resonate in her ears a moment or so more than it should have. Thus, the woman shook her head slightly, coughing at the amount of dust she was forced to breathe in- a heaving breath meant to calm her aching system and clear her sight as she dazedly attempted to stand in defense, glassy green peering out into the ever-more clarified world and metallic limbs ever-so-softly shaking, the tension building with her every dislike of the situation.... her every anger at the slow destruction of the remainder of her being.... her armor...

Thus, Estrus grimaced- an expression of disgust growing slowly over her formerly calm resolve, creating wrinkles in her now dusty, somewhat tanned skin and allowing the slits of her eyes to look dark- her whole being no longer under control in this almost demonic transformation that was none but natural- a mere human manifestation brought to its extremes; she grimaced and she readied herself once more- prepared to assault this abominable creature before her, full of wrath and fury- the same that was exuded by his being- shown in the fiery of his eyes and the glistening of his scales, dusty and bloodied.... and heard in the raucous, reptilian cry that escaped his throat as she began her next movement- this time towards him, a rapid-paced feint from side to side that left Ryu continuously attentive and confused at her motives.

The bounty hunter merely rushed onward, side to side- dashing, stopping, turning- but always forward.... It was this very display of agility that frustrated the raptor-like being beyond no end, for his massive form could not quite keep up with such speedy maneuvering. Therefore, at his peak of patience, he let out a tremendous roar, razor mouth open toward the sky and claws clenched tightly, before coiling his whole body inward in a similar motion- prepared to lash out. Unexpectedly, it was neither tooth nor claw that did so, but tail, the lengthy limb whipping out as his entire body turned- putting a great lot of momentum into the motion. Estrus, however, was deterred little, for she merely carried out another slight but extremely specific flick of her wrist, this time extending a longer, almost sword-like companion-blade from the wrist area of the mecha on her right arm.

This weapon, unlike the former, was neither scalloped or serrated. Instead, it was a fine honed, double-bladed straight edge that included a convenient blood-groove at the base, where it met armor instead of guard and arm instead of hilt. This extension to the weapon- a limb of purpose in this instance- raised into the air mightily, a small whistle following the smooth metalís ascent in the airy atmosphere. This very action was mimicked in the rush of the tail and the echo of the beastís last roar, but as each reached the end in their separate paths, they combined and impacted, only one victor to be allowed in such a clash. That victor became the artificial extension of their bodies- the blade, and it struck true and firm, slicing deeply into the scaly flesh only to continue on. There was a flash of red- a stream to the ground- and a scream of pain before all was done, and as the dust calmed and the noise died, Estrus was left to see the results of her gory work.

The extra limb of Ryu was not entirely severed, but hanging loosely upon its base by gouts of muscle and strips of flesh, dragging upon the blood-strained ground as the strange creature attempted to move, his sense of balance somewhat askew from both pain and the change in anatomy. He had been foolish, he knew, but it was hard to think and ponder over such false actions when influenced so harshly by the physical consequences- the haunting sensations of loss and suffering that were very equal to the previous feelings of the assassin when facing the loss of her suits control center- her control center. So she stood, observing his suffering without a sense of remorse or compassion. It had been his choice to go this far, and she would take him further soon enough, she knew. So he stood, entrenched in the throbbing grief and gore of their last encounters, wishing for revenge. So they stood, each lost in their own thoughts and feelings and plans for the future..... and a horrible future it would be, indeed.

Utter loss... unforgettable and devastating to mind and body....

Ryu moved slowly around to face her. He gritted his teeth and the muscles on his cheeks fidgeted. He kept his head down looking at the ground. Estrus was waiting for his move. His face came up quickly and direct with hers; he starred at her with sadness in his face. With his lower right arm, he reached back and grabbed his tail. With his eyes closed and his veins bulging, he ripped the remaining part of his tail from his body. He opened his eyes and held the tail up to Estrus. Still looking at her he threw the tail onto the ground. He pulled back his jaw muscles, showing his teeth in a slight growl. His pride was torn as much as his tail.

Ryu stepped backwards a couple of steps and stopped; he put his legs apart. He picked up his shaking arms and released the blades from his wrists. A tear dropped from his face as he threw down his arms. A red flare surrounded him and his loud roar echoed. A shock wave released from him, sending a wave of brown dirt crumbling away from him. The wind blew from him violently. Estrus held herself down with the help of her heavy mecha armor. The grass went with the upheaval of ground that was heading away from Ryu. Estrus leaped over the shock wave of dirt that flew under her. Lightening started to scatter all around him as his roar continued. His veins were pumping full with blood; his muscles swelled to the point that they looked as though they would burst. His sharp pointed reptile eyes starred at Estrus; his rock hard, lava-like skin shimmered with the red flare. The crevices in his skin flashed red as his body softened. Ripples of began to vibrate on his skin. His roar slowly diminished and the planetís ground calmed. The lightening cleared and the red flare surrounding his body faded. Ryu had finished, and was ready to reek his vengeance.

He moved his large, bulky arm towards the ground and fired a blast. A hole appeared after the dust settled. Estrus wondered in her mind what he was trying to do. Immediately he dissolved into a liquid like substance; also known as magma. The magma fell into the hole and completely went under the ground. Estrus, now even more aware then ever, noticed this action and got into a defense position. She waited for 3 minutes scanning the ground. Then, she heard and felt a slight rumble at her feet. Suddenly, Ryu busted from the ground and took his shape back. He grabbed her back with all four arms. He held her down to where Estrus couldnít do anything. Ryuís chest opened as the magma surrounded her suit. He waited, as moments passed, for her to melt into his body. After a while he finally realized that her suit must be able to withstand high temperatures. He absorbed the magma back into his flesh. As soon as she was free, Estrus swung around with her blade. She sliced through his rib cage then through his neck. Ryu just stood there as the ripple in his neck and body merged back together; Ryu shook his head.

Estrus jumped back in spite of what had happened. Ryu held out his upper arms and concentrated on his blades. The blades edges began to get smaller, and smaller with each instant. Soon they were now no thicker than molecule. He ran at her with incredible speed and grabbed her. Then he threw her into the air. He flew up next to her and started slashing left and right. It was just a ray of red light gleaming with a bright radiance. When he was through, he watched her fall back to the ground. He held out his arm and caught her with his mind, letting her set onto the ground easily. Once she stepped foot onto the surface he let go of his mind. He dropped and landed onto the ground. His body stiffened as he hardened. Smiling, he flew at her with his elbow out. Noticing this, her heart pumped fast. He got closer and closer to her and right as he was about to smash her with his elbow, she spun around and kick him in the back. This caused him to fly out towards the ground and skid and flip onto the ground until he came to a stop. Feeling good about herself, Estrus lowered her leg to the ground, but something felt different. She felt lighter on her right side where she had kicked him. She looked down to see her leg was not covered in her powerful mecha armor and saw small pieces of metal on the ground. It had shattered from kicking Ryu and suffering all the cuts from his blades. Her entire mecha armor was the same, it had tiny little slits that she could barely see. Ryu got back up with his lower right arm twisted back. He had broke it when he hit the ground due to the tremendous impact.

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